Mercedes’ GT5 Seasonal Event Leaderboards to be Reset

September 16th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

If you’ve taken a look at the Mercedes’ Live Race Seasonal Event, you’ve probably noticed that many players atop the leaderboards scored their times by exploiting “shortcuts” around the track.

This has been a significant topic of discussion in our forums, and Polyphony Digital has announced they will, thankfully, be addressing these issues in an update coming next Thursday, September 22nd. The update will adjust the “driveable areas” of the Top Gear Test Track, reset the leaderboards, and extend the duration of the Seasonal Event.

According to another announcement, the game’s online service will be offline while these changes are applied, between 3:00AM and 4:00AM, British Summer Time on the 22nd. Thanks to Vaughn for the early tip!

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  1. Sep. 19, 9:00am

    The update will not change anything.
    People fail to see that the cut only gives you 0.3/0.5 of a second so people who are on top now will be on top again after the update.

    • Sep. 19, 9:05am

      Also another example is the Vettel challenge Monza – everyone who has golded it has cut the 2nd chicane…but why doesn’t everyone has Monza golded then?
      To sum it up – just because there is a cut doesn’t mean it’ll give you gold/put you on top of the leaderboard straight away so, in my oppinion, people who are crying about the TGTT challenge cut are people who are having really hard time even bronzing the challenge.
      GTP_DHolland cut so what, is he a cheat? Are you out of your mind?
      Jealous pricks.

  2. Sep. 18, 10:57pm

    I found the short cut. When u come through the tires the first time instead of going through the curve u take a hard right and go strait down twords the hammerhead.

  3. Sep. 18, 7:55pm

    Thanks PD. Now add standing starts to TGTT.

  4. Sep. 18, 10:06am

    how is it every 1 on here is that stupid that they brand dc a cheat for cutting corners on his warmup lap and cooldown laps. he was trying to save the tyres for his flying lap, r u that stupid the guys that r moaning about this? so what if we would get invalid next lap on the game, thats just the rules set, dc STILL KEPT TO THE TRACK on his flying lap so what r all u gion on about?

  5. Sep. 18, 7:31am

    I would like to see a time limit built in to play this type of seasonal event. Say 30 minutes. Once you’ve ran this event for the limited time, you would not be able to make any more attempts.

  6. Sep. 17, 10:41pm
    C.A. Williams

    Well I totally agree I had a 1:15.8 lap but I went a bit wide exiting Chicago must have tapped a cone but it’s ridiculous some of the boundaries they have set also make the cones optional but don’t penalizie them please just go throw and fix all your tracks in the game PD tired of being able to cut one corner cuz of too high entry speed and then have a penalty for going on the grass cuz my finger slipped on the analog stick

  7. Sep. 17, 9:41pm

    i couldn’t even begin to figure the track layout out.

  8. Sep. 17, 9:38pm

    i just wanted my gold is all..I hope i don’t lose my gold trophy

  9. Sep. 17, 7:23pm

    1st place is a Canadian right? Figures!!! Ha! Lol. ;)

    • Sep. 18, 3:00am

      in the american region yes but the times over there are alot slower than europe

    • Sep. 18, 12:17pm


  10. Sep. 17, 11:50am

    I remember one guy who qualified 1st round of US GT Academy.
    He hit the wall hard at the end and it still counted. He was 93 I think.

    Yeah cheaters are killing the game. I stopped playing BF Bad Company 2 just because of cheaters. Trust me no excuses.

    Game Dev’s, as much time they put in game developing they also need to do something about cheating.

    • Sep. 17, 1:15pm
      Robot Shlomo

      People are always going to find a way to circumvent the rules. You can make it difficult for them, but they’ll find a way. And “gamers” especially will make sure they find a loophole they can exploit.

      My thing is when the cheaters complain when the loopholes are closed, that they should be able to play the game “they way I want to”. Oh really now?

  11. Sep. 17, 8:34am
    Killer Tiller

    There was shortcuts?? Every time I tried to use a little of the rumble strip anywhere on the track my lap was ruined. Had to be one of the most annoying events for me, I got sick of restarting haha

  12. Sep. 17, 5:18am

    Don’t PD ever learn, this has happend several times now. I feel sorry for the racers that put in legit times only for them to be wiped. Thumbs down for the cheaters too!!

    • Sep. 17, 8:31am
      Killer Tiller

      Hey pappa, how’s your boy lasse going?? Lol. Been a while since I’ve been on the zone.

    • Sep. 20, 10:06pm
      Nissan Lover

      This is really a slap in the face for me.
      I’m stuck with a controller,
      But I worked to the point where i can’t get and more time shaved.And I noticed how the hell they managed to cut it without your time being disqualified.

      And i made a good 1’17’703 or somewhere.
      Gdmn it

  13. Sep. 17, 12:51am

    Now this will be a fair race,i watched #1’s replay and saw that he shortcut the second sector so i tried it and suprisingly i got #4.i don’t like cheating so good thing gt5 reset the rankings

  14. Sep. 17, 12:41am

    I think this is a good idea , a fix on the second chicane at Monza would be welcome too.

    Will they give us a GT5 update ( 1.13 ) ? Or is that something simple they can just alter at their end of things?

    • Sep. 17, 12:42am

      Disregard…. I re-read the OP :D

  15. Sep. 17, 12:37am

    some idiots dont realize that the top 10 laps are saved and anyone can load their ghost lap and it shows that they cut Chicago (the right turn at the tires). i posted a 1:18.065 without cheating which was exactly 1 second behind 250th so i felt good about that.

  16. Sep. 16, 11:22pm

    I´ve seen people cheating in Monza as well. In the second chicane area, they cut the second corner going straight. But still, I rather have all the tracks limits removed so I know I´m doing things right, instead of feeling “patronized” by the game´s limits.

    • Sep. 17, 1:13pm
      Robot Shlomo

      It’s not being patronized. It’s making sure everyone is playing by the same rules, and playing fairly.

  17. Sep. 16, 9:38pm

    Damn cheaters, again ruining the game experience for the rest of us… they should be banned… :S

  18. Sep. 16, 6:23pm
    Robot Shlomo

    I was saying to myself last night, that there was no way anyone could drive the Top Gear Test Track in 1:14 in an SLS.

  19. Sep. 16, 5:47pm

    Right on. I thought it was fishy that they were slamming Coulthards time. I am curious if the prizes will also be reset?

  20. Sep. 16, 4:05pm

    i wish they would make the AI drivers drive over the yellow markings before and after the third tunnel at trial mountain. it’s where the dark driving line is rendered so its frustrating that they don’t as if you do it makes you feel like you’re cheating. also if they did you could be about six cars abreast which would make exiting the corners a mad scramble :)

    • Sep. 17, 3:17am

      totally unrelated, and huh?

  21. Sep. 16, 3:07pm

    It wont make the slightest bit of difference. EDDSKILL was the last ‘alien’ to cut the corner and can still do low 14’s using all the corner. Who the hell would’ve cared a damn if he’d have been the only one that was doing it right ? People are only interested in the negative stuff not the positive stuff.

    What’s the point ? I hope there’s a prize to make it worth it.

    • Sep. 17, 4:15am

      But that’s not the ponint is it. Of course those who are currently top will be top again after the fix, but at least this time it will be done in the way that the game intended. Just because you find an exploit in the game doesn’t mean that you should use it. The attitude of justifying cheating en masse just because some other driver cheated has to stop.

    • Sep. 17, 1:37pm

      Exactly, cutting Chicago makes some 0.2 seconds it isn’t like 3 seconds and if someone can’t make it into first 250 they won’t be able to again.

    • Sep. 18, 10:15am

      if u know your gonna be near the top, and are good enough to get there, why then record a time that just shows u as cheatin git who will follow any studid kid that finds a shortcut in the game. like shumy takin out hill, just cause your best u don’t need to cheat to win! if u do u just get remembered for that.

  22. Sep. 16, 2:29pm

    I thought some players were cheating!

  23. Sep. 16, 2:19pm

    Remove the damn cones at the exit of chicago!! Stiggy often stays left coming out (which is clearly faster) so why is it coned off?

    • Sep. 18, 11:00pm

      I agree 100%. Forza 4 is gonna have TGTT and the cones r set so much farther out on that corner.

  24. Sep. 16, 2:18pm

    So the invisable walls are going to be moved closer to the track edge, just great!! Tjheyre not annoying enough as it is!

    • Sep. 16, 6:03pm

      I don’t think its the invisible barrier, its the areas of disqualification, like in the license tests when you go off course and get disqualified. But I agree, they should remove the invisible barrier all together.

    • Sep. 17, 3:15am

      agreed 8)

    • Sep. 17, 11:36am

      Why don’t they just put a wall? Invisible barriers are non-existent, thus the words invisible barrier. If it was me, I’d put an electric fence and them damn’ beaners – wait, what we were talking about again?

  25. Sep. 16, 2:17pm

    The only way this stop is if Kaz stop hearing the gamers of GT5 and hear the drivers of GT5 this sim would be slot better.

    • Sep. 16, 2:47pm

      Nicely put Zuel, I can’t stand finding a lobby full of gamers that have no racing etiquette. Go and play NFS! GT5 would be better without them clogging up the drivers bandwidth. I worked at getting my gold for this event with no cheating.

    • Sep. 16, 3:23pm

      Amen to that! I hate it when players online aren’t penalized for cutting across the grass and ramming you off the road, especially on the Nurburgring courses.

      ziG got it right too. Go play NFS where you’re rewarded for that kind of racing etiquette, or lack of that is.

    • Sep. 16, 7:14pm

      sadly people don’t do this , the online lobby’s have “honor codes” no ramming etc, for example motorstorm, no one raps etc , but nope! you come to gt5 and every one wants to play demolition derby =/

    • Sep. 17, 11:33am

      I think cars should explode and people die in GT5. That way, no one wants to crash; there, problem solved!

    • Sep. 17, 11:31am

      The cones would’ve been flying there.

    • Sep. 18, 10:02am

      realy. 2.59, on his first lap, the warmup lap, and you call dc a cheat for taking his warmup lap. god, u guys r so fckin stupid. i watched it live and yes he did cut some corners, on his frickin warmup laps and cool down laps, mongo’s

  26. Sep. 16, 1:54pm

    Yea, is nice to know that Coulthard cut corners. you can see it! Do it please! We cant cut as he did! Try it please.

    • Sep. 17, 3:14am

      yeah its been noted that we can’t take the same lines due to the penalty system (cones).

    • Sep. 18, 10:10am

      those were his warmup laps and cooldow ones, so who cares! lap didn’t count like rules say

  27. Sep. 16, 1:53pm

    the ammount of time these people must waste to find these exploits, I haven’t even managed to gold it. I think they need to relax some areas of the track while closing the exploits, also fix it so you don’t have to restart if you ruin one lap. Shame I’ll hopefully be playing F1 2011 by the time GT5 is back online

  28. Sep. 16, 1:52pm

    Speaking of fixing shortcuts, I really wish they’d allow you to drive along the slippery section on the follow-through corner. It’s allowed in real-life, so why not in the game? >_<

    • Sep. 18, 2:39am

      YES, someone agrees. This has annoyed me so much, you watch the “star in a reasonably priced car” an they go over the red and White so jeremy clarkson says “it’s ok because it’s slippery on there”

    • Sep. 18, 10:09am

      lets u do it if u follow rules, 2 wheels clearly on the track.

  29. Sep. 16, 1:52pm

    @Jon64: i agree with you, but what bothers me more is that the guys a pd build a technological masterpiece and cant get track limits right. i mean, come on – even i can develop a system for this.

    • Sep. 17, 3:13am

      i’m not disagreeing with you, except for your last sentence. i’d prefer a much improved penalty system. flags (ie, black for deliberate short cuts, drive throughs for multiple avoidable incidents, etc.) shouldn’t get penalised for slightly going wide, loosing time and still getting penalised for putting a wheel on the grass.

  30. Sep. 16, 1:51pm

    you gotta admit that sounds far fetched given the right drive for sarcasm.

  31. Sep. 16, 1:51pm

    The seasonal events with time trial races seem to be the way in which PD find and fix Penalty systems in GT5. I hope they take a look at Circuit de la sarthe next.

  32. Sep. 16, 1:50pm

    Good. I can’t stand the cheating bs. I just don’t understand it. What do people get out of being faster because they drove through a wall or whatever they do?

    • Sep. 16, 5:58pm

      Because they want to be famous for being number 1. Its easier to cheat to get #1 than to play fair.

    • Sep. 16, 9:15pm

      its called schumacher syndrome :)

    • Sep. 17, 11:41am

      This is why I didn’t even attempt to even try to do the event. Seriously, why bring a wheelchair to a 100m dash, why bring a pistol to an RPG match, why bring a tricycle to the Tour De France?

    • Sep. 18, 5:37am

      oi, dont hate on Michel

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