GT5/Honda Times Square Event: Pictures, Videos, & Impressions

Gran Turismo 5 160 September 23, 2010 by

A few videos and impressions are rolling in from the Honda CR-Z promo event in Times Square today, but the GT5 demo on display is a little underwhelming. With that said, RavenFox of NeoGAF did catch a glimpse of High Speed Ring in the rain in the course selection menu – though it wasn’t actually raining when his race began.

Hey guys just so you know Honda is holding a special event at Times Square NY on street lvl and guess what game is there? Yup GT5 using the 3D setup on 5 race pods. Something caught my eye on one of the pods just before the race started. It was drizzling rain on the track menu screen but it did not rain in the race. Before I sat down to play one of the host told me this is one of many builds. This one did have tire marks though. AI is damn impressive and fights you all the way.

Ok I was completely off since I glimpsed the track. It was High Speed ring that showed the rain on the menu screen. If I had more time I could have recorded this in 720p on my Captivate and uploaded it.

UPDATE: According to user Indibisible in the comments below, Autumn Ring (along with a wide array of other circuits) has been included in this demo. If anyone at the event (which runs until 6PM) could confirm this with a video of the track selection screen, it would be much appreciated! (It looks like Autumn Ring may be visible in this picture – compare with the actual track map here.)

Thanks to Dave and Lexx for the pictures and videos!

See even more photos here.

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