GT5/PS3 Bundle for Europe, PS3 Slim Faceplate for AUS

For those of you in Europe waiting to pick up a PlayStation 3 until you can actually play Gran Turismo 5, you may want to take notice of the new PS3 (320GB)/GT5:CE bundle that’s hitting web retailers in Europe. You can grab it for £284.99 at Amazon in the UK, which represents a savings of £44.99 – considerably less than what you’d pay if you purchased the console (£269.99) and the game (£59.99) separately.

Our friends down under also have a neat and apparently official accessory available to them via – a handsome Gran Turismo 5 “face plate” for your PS3 Slim console, featuring the logo, artwork, and Kazunori Yamauchi’s signature. No word on when or if this will be available to those of us above the equator. Thanks to all who sent this in!

UPDATE: The PS3 face plate may be available in the United States via GameStop, though it’s appearance is unconfirmed (thanks, SuperShouden).

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  1. Woggster

    The face-plate looks pretty cool, i think they’ll probably have a few different face-plates to choose depending on where you live.

  2. nunocardoso

    PS3 and gt5
    thats an amazing thing
    i just thing that the PS3 is too expensive.
    it needs to be on 250 euros. then i will buy it, when i got money :D

    1. Ferrari

      seeing as how the ps3 can do so much i think its a perfect price
      the xbox on the other hand is overpriced… just like most of Microsoft’s products

  3. Berlino Bear

    Does anyone know if this is coming bundled with the game, a wheel and a voucher for 10 hours of a divorce lawyers time?

  4. occasionalracer

    It’s unfortunate they’re not releasing the bundle with a different console color like the Japanese bundle in blue. Besides the savings it’s a boring bundle. But the faceplate is pretty hot… how are those applied? Is it a hard piece of plastic that clips on or does it get pasted on for good?

  5. GranTurismoer

    Ordered this only five minutes after reading this news, I was waiting for a bundle deal.

    Only I never intended to ever buy the collecter’s edition as I thought £60 was too steep, but this deal was too good to pass up, thanks for the heads up Jordan.

  6. Liam

    Lol It Is pathetic that the UK Isn’t classed as being in EU when the EU get the good stuff, but when EU get’s some crappy stuff, we get included aswell!

  7. ihateslim

    so the real gt fans ( like me :lol: ) who gets a ps3 when it came out(fat) just to buy and play gt hd concept or gt5 prologue, those are the real gt fans because they get it in the minimum time possible. But because we are more fans we CANT have a face plate

  8. gsw92

    How come I’ve never heard anyone mention the fact that the UK, according to Sony doesn’t come under the EU? We get the release date of November 5th!?
    Arguably the UK plays more GT than any other European nation, yet we get it last?

    1. Paulo

      Well why don’t you cry about it. (joking) Don’t worry man, it’s only a few days later, be happy it’s not a few weeks!

    2. SVT Cobra GT

      We arent crying! Were just pi**ed off that we get it later when Europe gets it eariler! WHY??? Where did sony say it was the 5th?

    3. gsw92

      That’s exactly it, they never did make a song and dance about it for us, but you try and find an online retailer that says a different release date other than Nov 5th for UK and you will fail.
      I’m not crying, it makes no sense that Ireland get it 2 days earlier, but they’re even further from mainland Europe, shipping is no excuse, they just want to see how much of a pushover the UK are so they can hike the price up even more!

    4. SVT Cobra GT

      It makes me sick that sony have done this! It’s disgraceful! whats the point of releasing it later? I can understand if we were like Iceland, quite far from the mainland but were not! As you said Irelands further than us! The kid inside me is prepared to book a flight over to Dublin on the 3rd to go and buy a copy! If this 5th release date does become more apparent I will lose nearly all respect for Sony!

  9. GT'ireland

    as i pre-orderd the game months ago id be pretty miffed if the bundle came out before the release date as i dont think it would be fair that someone can get it that hasnt paid for it and waited,not complaining but it would be a kick to the onion sack.

  10. rik

    hmmm looks good, anyone else thinking of buying another ps3, just incase theirs lets got on the big day, imagine how bad that would be….:(

  11. Ferrari

    USA never gets any of these coool special edition PS3’s….

    Japan always gets all kinda cool ones like the ceramic white PS3
    and now Europes got GT5
    what does US have? 320 gig that’s available everywhere?…

  12. Maxiboy

    This is almost incentive for me to ditch my release day 40gb for a slim… ide been planning to, but didnt want to for our $500-$600 for a slim after ide bought a wheelstandpro and DFGT.

  13. Marky264

    A nice AU Exclusive Face Plate! Getting my mum to order it for me and post it to me here in the UK :) And I’ll be getting that new GT5 Bundle as my Phat PS3 Died yesterday :( Sad times…

  14. Nick09

    Now if they make fat PS3 faceplates I just might consider dissembling my PS3. Though I would not want to brick my original 60GB. Though the Slim’s faceplate looks like it snaps on.

    1. Mango

      I had a fat PS3. I actually had to disassemble it because I I got the Yellow Light of Death. I attempted to fix it myself and failed. Anyway, the fat PS3’s faceplate just slides off and there’s only one screw holding it in. You chances of bricking it by just taking off the faceplate are 0%.

    1. Shokz

      And don’t the rest of us love it ;)

      It just feels good that Sony goes against the trend, they seem to be the only company that do… Look on the bright side; you get the game 2~3 days earlier.

    2. iamgt5

      Yeah I suppose that’s a trade-off; but then, in 2-3 days, when everyone else also has the game, we feel the shaft even more :) Hopefully something GRANd gets announced for us.

    3. FD3S

      Other countries are hours ahead of NA. And Japan is practically a day ahead.
      So when they get it on Nov 3, it really is Nov 2, just like in NA.


      I don’t think so , USA get all the time the good things like the special CE with the 1:43 car
      We in europe don’t get the 1:43 car that’s unfair
      and now it’s time for us ( but i think USA will get it too :D because it’s nothing special to bring it to USA ….)

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