GT5’s Head-Tracking “Underwhelming”, But Damage “Looking Beautiful”

One of the new features in Gran Turismo 5 I’ve personally been looking forward to is head-tracking. Unless you’ve got the luxury of playing racing games on three screens, the ability to look into and through the turns – just as you should do in real life – provides a considerably more immersive experience. GT5’s head-tracking was first shown in limited action at E3 2010, but it was reportedly difficult to use because of surrounding conditions the PlayStation Eye had to deal with. According to a recent article from the Official PlayStation Magazine, however, the functionality isn’t perfect. Quoting the magazine from this article at

“Face-tracking using the PS Eye works on the 200 cars with cockpits and lets you look around by tilting your face away fro the screen, but the early demo we played left us underwhelmed. Head-tracking has been working well on PC for years using IR camera and reference makers but PS Eye is a simpler camera and Gran Turismo applies a digital interpretation to an analogue movement. A slight glance to the left or right is translated by the game after a considerable delay as a full 90-degree crane of your neck. Hopefully Polyphony can smooth things out before release.”

Let’s hope head-tracking functionality can be smoothed out in software, and that it’s functionality is not hindered by practical limitations in the PS Eye hardware.

Finally, in a bit of good news, the magazine editors got to see more of GT5’s damage system, confirming that it “accurately models mechanic and cosmetic damage to an absurd degree” and “looks beautiful”.

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  1. Arckon

    QUOTE: “but PS Eye is a simpler camera and Gran Turismo applies a digital interpretation to an analogue movement. A slight glance to the left or right is translated by the game after a considerable delay as a full 90-degree crane of your neck. Hopefully Polyphony can smooth things out before release.”

    Now I am not very techy but I believe you can use any webcam on PS3 so would a better quality webcam give a better result than the PS Eye, or is tied in with the digital interpretation to analogue movement?

  2. Brandon

    The GT series has never let me down. I’ve never followed the release date or paid such close attention to the anticipated features like I have with GT5 but interior view on all cars or not I’m confident that, like with every other version, I’ll be completely blown away once I get the game in my PS3. If you’ve taken the time and demonstrated the level of interest that motivated you to visit this website then you will be buying the game, regardless or what your whiney posts might infer.

  3. pS3GUY

    srry about the incomplete comment, i accedenatly clicked the left button on submit, so like i was sayin, i was repilying to mitsifumi-san’s comment, stupid guy, u need a forum account

  4. DOH

    For those who keeps saying nfs anf forza and iracing and what not all have cockpit views. your are forgetting about the quality of those cockpit views. think about it.

    1. pS3GUY

      You’re right, the only reason forza has cockpits on all cars is because they are in lower quility and they dont have to worry about putting beautiful details on 1000 cars

  5. BoBo

    One word, GIMMICK!! why would i spend money on a camera to move the drivers head?

    The right analogue could do that.

  6. BWX

    The problem is this.. are they going to drop all the cockpits from GT5p? Of course not.. So we are only going to have ONE HUNDRED TWENTY NEW PREMIUM cars with NEW COCKPITS. that we haven’t seen in GT5p.
    That’s still a lot of cars, but the guy in the article saying:

    “GT5 will feature over 1,000 cars – with 200 never before seen in a GT game” is BS– 80 or so of the premium cars are GT5p cars!! WTF

  7. mitsifumi-san

    Hi!!! GT fan,

    I am mitsifumi-san.

    I herald of osaka, japan.

    Won’t you please welcome me? For I am a good fan.

    My english is much desired and for this I am sorry and angry. I will try to understand me. You will understand me.

    To SITE ADMIN – I try to create the post! On forum. But post cannot! An error occurs which bemoans me. It makes for a required frustrate!!!

    Thank to all, GT fan. I create review of GT5 when complete! Here special.

    Mitsi ~_~

  8. Matt

    Whether or not interior views are included on all cars doesn’t matter to me in the least. The bonnet cam is, in my opinion, the most realistic, since what our eyes focus on the most when we drive in real life is the bonnet and road, and not the dash and steering wheel. This fact alone makes the prospect of GT5 living up my expectations much greater. Once I have them unlocked, I’ll probably spend most of my time racing with F1 and Le Mans cars.

    Nor am I concerned with the number of tracks. This is something that DLC can remedy, along with tweaks to the physics. I fully expect there to be only 20 tracks, divided between rally, road, and oval. Some folks seem to be laboring under the hope that 20 tracks will be included for each discipline of racing. I’m sorry but, at least in terms of the release date package, that isn’t going to be the case.

    Onward to November 2nd!

  9. lez67

    for the news on cockpit views,they did say in a private interview at e3 that standard cars will have what pd calls “generic” interiors,there are people that prefer bumper view & others like cockpit views but i do get fed up with people who say they’ve used bumper view since gt1 well up to gt3 thats the only view u had aswell as with the behind the car view & gt4 added a bonnet view but to think that one of prologue’s biggest selling point was the added in car view,i hope pd cater’s for all gamers dispite what view you prefer cos to me not having any kind of cockpit view on standard cars will be a backward step,it would be nice if pd would confirm things so it’ll put a stop to all the doubt

  10. Colt16v

    If GT5 doesn’t incl. cockpit view for all cars, i won’t buy it. Seriously, its not a simulator if you can’t get the in-car feeling, even if the 800 non-premium cars will only feature a standard interior view.

    1. BoBo

      i agree with the simultar ting but ur just dum and senselessif u wont by the best simultator around because of cocks. not to mention 1ooo cars.

    1. buffig

      they are generally despatched to reach you by release day. This means that you quite often get the game 1 if not 2 days before release, as has happened to me numerous times

  11. hrusa2

    It si great to hear that many guys are not getting the game because the cockpit view. there will be no shortage of gt5. good to me. seriously. GT3 had no more than 160 cars. and it was the best gt game for most fans.

    1. ElieTheBear

      there wasnt any yet … just doors bumbers and scratches.. not deformation … what will happen to the bumper cam it the bumper fall off

    2. Nato_777

      Maybe when the bumber falls off and ends up face down in the grass on the side of the track we’ll get to watch ants or something crawling past for the rest of the race.

  12. Dom

    Thank you Jordan for the objective informations all the time. It’s good to see that this is not a censored fanboy site. Nevertheless, GT5 will be – without a doubt – a great game, so we should all be able to credit the hard work with nerdy comments from time to time ;)

    Head tracking would be cool, but I fear that full rendering the degree to which your head moves could be complicated for the PS3 and the frame-rate could suffer. Not sure about the overhead and/or the possible precision.

  13. jBat17

    look, GT5:P has 80 cars, all with cockpit view.. are you telling me that there will only be about 120 other cars in GT5 will cockpit view?

    this does not make any sense. all cars will have cockpit view but only a premium cars will have interior view, wherein you can see all the of inside.

    1. danielwhite74

      Polyphony took 2 years to model those 80 cars, which aren’t nearly as detailed as Gran Turismo 5’s vehicles. Add that to the fact that they have mostly been focussing on rebuilding the entire physics model and introducing new features, et cetera. 200 cars is a perfectly reasonable number.

    2. BWX

      The problem is this.. are they going to drop all the cockpits from GT5p? Of course not.. So we are only going to have ONE HUNDRED TWENTY NEW PREMIUM cars with NEW COCKPITS. that we haven’t seen in GT5p.
      That’s still a lot of cars, but the guy in the article saying:

      “GT5 will feature over 1,000 cars – with 200 never before seen in a GT game” is BS– 80 or so of the premium cars are GT5p cars!! WTF Why are people so thick headed? Especially people writing articles on a website.

  14. Marcus

    I am not bothered by this news when there is still months in which they can hone it to perfection. I am also not othered by yet another dig at standard cockpit views. PD will almost certainly do a cockpit dlc which hopefully won’t cost much. The one thing that does bother me is that we haven’t seen any gameplay footage of this damage system. Also i would like to know the races that it is available on.

  15. mme

    Hopefully there will be an option to set the ratio at which the tracking responds. As long as the game doesn’t assume every player is an owl.

  16. fade

    Doesn’t matter, even if head-tracking is good, probably less than 1% of people are going to use it, it’s a luxury feature, and if it sucks no one will use it. This is a non-story.

    The story is that the damage is really good! Exciting, cause none of the demo’s so far demonstrated this.

    1. TokyoDrift

      What damage is good? The damage to the 200 premium cars that goes way beyond that of the other 800? :o/

      The 80:20 rule really does apply here. 80% of the gaming population are only going to bother with 20% of the game. Truly pathetic after such a long development time.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am still hyped for this game and will get it day one, but the way they have approached development is a joke.

    2. danielwhite74

      The only thing that’s a joke is the level of ignorance among the fanbase. The cars taken from past Gran Turismo games aren’t “80% of the game.” They are, as I said, cars taken from previous Gran Turismo games, and as such are nothing but a bonus fan service. Let’s assess the other options Polyphony had, shall we? Either deny fans the opportunity to play around with the old cars models and only include the 200 new vehicles, something I think will be incredible, or churn out 1000 sub-par vehicles.

    3. Smartass

      Because all of them are smartasses and think they represent sony and refuse to open their mind about people who will use those cars/features

  17. trk29

    I don’t know what to think of this we have seen headtracking in videos and when the user barely moves his head the view on the inside barely moves. This article is saying that if the user barely moves his head the view moves 90 degrees. I have yet to see that.

  18. Bolg

    Forget the head tracking the most important part of this is the first line “Face-tracking using the PS Eye works on the 200 cars with cockpits”. This is majorly disappointing, looks like we’re going to have to wait until GT6 for ‘the real driving simulator’.

    : (

  19. prazza

    there are 3 standard cars i’m actually really wanting to drive,the Pescarolo C60 Hybrid-Judd (GT4 PlayStation 2 Le Mans, ’05), the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo (WRC, ’85) and the Lancia Stratos Rally Car (WRC,’77),Yet to be confirmed,the road version is,so this should be,and the pescarolo is fifth in my top five cars,so i’m not bothered about standard and premium,the premium’s look better but the standards are still good,so cheer up if you know what i’m talking about and grow up if you’re an idiot who doesn’t.

  20. tvensky

    I will not use Head tracking and 3D feature of this game.. but I am hardcore GT fan.. I just dont want to make such a big investment on to a console.. most of you do the same for sure.. “just buy the game and play it with wheel” but feature like damage or cockpits are very important.. becosue all GT players will use this sort of stuff 100%, you just have to make it perfect PD :)

  21. LoneWanderer

    Personally, I’ve never exactly cared about head tracking because I don’t have a Playstation Eye.

    What I do care about is damage and November 2nd.

  22. Niko

    I DON’T NEED EyeTracking!
    I DON’T NEED 3D!

    Ok,200+ cars cockpit view.800 no.



    1. JayKayEm

      I don’t need a music function.
      I don’t need interior views.
      I don’t need a data logger for my lexus IS-F whatever.
      I don’t need hybrids.
      I don’t need to name music tracks.
      I don’t need damage.
      I don’t need NASCAR.

      I just want an overdue driving sim.

  23. Missed_the_Apex

    Sound quality (tires scrubbing in a turn and most importantly exhaust notes), number of tracks and the visual quality of those tracks(20 locations would be absolutely absurd), and a much improved physics and AI model are by far the most important improvements needed in GT5 hands down. Track editor, 3D, and head tracking can all go away until those things happen as far as I’m concerned.

  24. kollosson

    Just another thought, someone on here posted something about the fanbase being split about features in GT and that if Polyphony don’t get it right another company could step in and mop up…do me a favour, who is gonna compete with PD, really? PD are so far ahead of the competition its funny,GT5 makes Forza 3 look like a demo apart from the fact that the cars are the most realistic cars ever seen in a game and then we have sheer scale, i mean GT4 was a huge game ( size wise as well as popularity ) but GT5 is just massive.
    The king of racers is back, hail to the king lol

    1. Gran Turismo Vet

      Between GT 4 and 5 three Forzas have been released. In Forza ALL cars have cockpit view, full damage and the car models look as good as the ones from GT5p. PD should consider themselves lucky that Turn 10 is with MS.

    2. fade

      Between GT4 and GT5, Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo (PSP) have been released by Polyphony, so that “hard work” point you are trying to make, as if that makes a difference to anything, is invalid. I could point to Need for Speed series putting out more games than Forza, does that make it better?

      Car models do -not- look as good as the ones from GT5p, maybe in photo mode they look close, but lack refinement, vary in quality, and aren’t aided by the Forza game engine.

      Anyway, since then Poly have upped detail and fully modelled every component for crash damage, premium cars are.

      In Forza 3 all cars had bare-bones, thrown-together cockpit view modelling, and far from fully modelled interiors.

    3. danielwhite74

      Do you seriously consider what Forza has to be “full damage?” As for the models, it’s not even close. XD

    4. GT5NOV2ND


      Do you seriously consider what Forza has to be “full damage?” As for the models, it’s not even close. XD

      yess the cars have full interior view thats not as detailed as GT5 or GT5p but still fully modeled and they are pretty darn good too.

    1. prazza

      it’s on 18th-22nd august and don’t use ‘scum’ it’s offensive to europe’s premier game show.

  25. kollosson

    The cockpit view is nice and dandy but personally i have always used the first person view, right from GT1 so it does not bother me a tad that only 200 cars will have a cockpit. 3D? mmm i think this is becoming more and more a gimmick, Avatar was an awesome movie, with or without 3D,
    the industry is desperately trying to get everyone behind 3D so they can sell TV’s etc but i think its looking more and more to me that the 3D bubble is about to burst.

    1. Paulo

      3D when done properly (such as Avatar) is amazing, but I do agree it is a total gimmick and will fade out as it did in previous attempts.

    2. Hoodie1878

      “Entertainment company in trying to sell their products shocker” – Of course they’re tying to get people behind it!

      See also:

      Colour TV’s (Yes I remember black & white!)
      Video Recorders/DVD/Blu-ray
      Computers (they used to be as big as a room)
      The Atari to PS3
      HD TV
      Going to the Moon

      Life has been inundated with technology that seemed like a fad or a fanciful dream to some people at the time. I cannot believe that people can be so small minded when it comes to moving forward with technology. 3D is the logical next step. People are tending to slag it off mainly because they can’t afford it yet. If the last 100 years has taught us anything it’s that we are pushing boundaries all the time and are better for it. So let’s all keep an open mind and be excited not cynical?*

      *Scrap that, just remembered what site I’m on…we’re ALL a bit cynical after this long!

    3. Strikey182

      Until 3D works without glasses, it won’t become a part of the norm so until then, it will just be a gimmick.

  26. dearlybeloved

    The best chase cam IMO was the one from gt3 concept. The second chase cam view was just magic. it had a perfect sense of depth if you were that way inclined.

  27. lado

    Hey guys does anyone got a car list or are there any information about what cars are in the game, i really hope for some new BMW’s like the old M5 and so on :)

  28. lado

    Hope they’ll sent us some new pictures from the damage model or new videos where cars get smashed :D

  29. MagicAyrton

    Not sure if 3D is needed, and headtracking is a waste of time to be honest imo..

    Realistic Damage is great however, all we need now is a black frame for the other 800 cars and we’re good to go.

    Also, if the view was static surely they could make all the other cockpits over the next few years?? Just a model specific steering wheel and a photo of the car’s dash like in need for speed 1!!

  30. Jayjjj3

    Wow, we get one good piece of news everyone was wondering about and then everybody starts bashing something else. Seriously can you guys ever be pleased, I never thought I would actually have to say this as its the one phrase the ticks me off.

  31. Spaghettimonster

    yeah, older reports mentioned that gt5 might also cook you a nice meal. i only believe all of this when i am seeing it. i guess well know a lot more after gamescom. i personally get the feeling were NOT getting the game in november. and honestly – if i where kaz – i would split the game in three. f1, wrc, (super)cars. the game cant be everything at once.

  32. Paul Mc

    PlayStation Move will be needed for proper headtracking I reckon. Just tape the thing to your head…sorted

  33. pimpamtomalacasitos

    I think it`s more important to have cockpit views on all cars than having the head-tracking system. That`s my oppinion.

    1. Obli

      Takes a lot more time to do the interiors for 800 cars. The people (or person) that implemented the head tracking (I suspect) were not modellers.

  34. hrusa2

    OMG. To your cockpit view. Go to official GT website. Then go to special article published shortly after E3. find information about standard cars. It says: Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views. There you have it.

  35. ItsHim

    There’s another dream shattered to bits. But at least we have brilliant damage for all the kids too thick to race properly.

    I was really looking forward to proper head-tracking. And cockpits.

    1. John Cheever

      You sound like a noob yourself! Some of the optimum lap times possible in GT5P were done with the aid of bouncing off walls, a properly done damage engine would prevent this.

  36. Tim

    Well this pretty much kills any hope i had of basic interiors for stnd cars

    *Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.

    What is daft here is that there is no mention of this on the GB site for GT5 only the US one mentions it

    In terms of head tracking , i am not that bothered because should it be easy to use i think the track editor is a much better feature to have. I rather design a track than play with head tracking. the only thing is how polyphony are doing track sharing because i dont think many will download them if they are too big. if they can keep them to 100MB or Maybe a max of 200MB then i will be happy at that.

    1. Vulcao

      They will be much less than that. Time Trial Demo was about 200 ~ 300 MB and included 2 cars, the circuit, the menus, all the game engine (physics, gameplay) and more.

      Also, have you ever played LittleBigPlanet? There are long, very elaborated levels and they take seconds to be loaded. The ‘secret’ is that the content, the objects, the materials of each user-created level are already on everyone’s disc, you don’t need to download such things, only a kind of ‘where-to-put’ information. Another example is the replay feature in GT5P. When you save a replay, its size is usually less than 400 KB. However, if that was a video in AVI format, that wouldn’t be less than 50 MB. Why? Because the trees, the cars, the sounds, the lightning, everything is already recorded on your disc, it’s just about getting coordinates and ‘telemetric info’ so that the replay can be built.

      200 MB tracks are out of question. The slogan is not ‘Play, create and don’t share’.

  37. jaketovey

    im not even bothered about head tracking tbh.
    with over 1000 cars, a ridiculously good career mode with brilliant damage, extensive online features- rallying, nascar, lemans racing, day/night transitions, THE TOP GEAR TRACK!!!, it is rumoured that there are stunt arenas, go-karts and A TRACK EDITOR.
    with all this i couldnt care less about head tracking, its quite fancy but whats wrong with moving the right stick back and forth??

    1. Neenor

      There’s no right-stick on a steering wheel. If you are that much into GT5 I don’t see how anyone can play without a wheel.

      With regards to headtracking, it is an awesome feature on iracing and the simbin series, it works a treat and you do not have to look away from the screen, it is very slight movements translated into bigger movements in game.

      Great news about damage, personally I’m only interested in mechanical damage rather than cosmetic, but both is a bonus.

    2. Obli


      I have played GT4 and GT5:P with a wheel and a pad. I’m serious about GT but sometimes it’s just more convenient to pick up and lounge with a pad.

  38. TokyoDrift

    I know, let’s make a head tracking feature where you have to look away from the screen to make it work…

  39. flimone

    without a real damage like “iracing” or the old “flatout” or the oldest “viper racing” the cars when impact other cars bouce unnatural… think about it

  40. NBH

    Previous GT games didn’t have cockpit view so to get 200 is good, the problem is we were all spoilt by prologue where every car has it.

    I hope the head tracking improves. I always thought it would be hard to make work in every setup. If you sit 2m back from the TV then to still see the screen you only need to move your head very slightly. If the game picks this up and exaggerates this movement I can see the problem.

    The damage sounds good but interesting as I haven’t seen much damage that looks spectacular so I’m looking forward to seeing that.

    As for WRC, well just because they have the license doesn’t mean we will get a full rally game. It just means they can use the names and logos etc. I really hope it’s point to point racing, there has been similar before with the hill climbs so fingers crossed.

  41. colter

    kaz said that all cars will deffinatly have cockpit veiws, lets hope that the magazine has an incomplete version of the game…

    1. Eggman

      Yes that’s true, and it almost seemed like he was taking the P when he said it would be possible for a PSP style cockpit view, lol. But he definitely hasn’t confirmed cockpits in all cars as colter stated.

  42. su

    So how do you actually use 3 screens with the PS3? do you need 3 PS3’s to do it? or what do you have tto do

    1. Corrado

      Why the hell would you need 3 PS3s? They all run off the same system genius, it just duplicates the image at different angles.

  43. (G)

    Lack of cockpits is disappointing no matter how you slice it.

    Although on the face of things it seems like it’s another article that’s based on hearsay rather than first-hand impressions.

  44. Vulcao

    People refuse to see the truth. It was already CLEAR on GT’s official page (US) that standard cars didn’t have interior views. The following confirmation is there. Which part of this sentence you guys don’t understand:

    *Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.

    No matter what magazines and other websites say, the official site can’t be wrong!

    Regarding head-tracking, I don’t mind about it so much. I miss only the ability to raise our head to see forward, which would be very useful.

    1. Vulcao

      Cockpit view is an interior camera view, right?

      *Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.

      Anyway, I like your reply. It brings another point of view to the statement.


    200 cockpits only? That’s bad news, but that’s not what I’m really care abt…GTR Proto does not have cockpit view in GT5p, so, I don’t mind if there are 800+ standard cars would not have cockpits.

    What I’m care abt. is damage. If the standard cars can’t have their bodykits broken, I would be disappointed.

  46. G

    I heard about this news a day ago… while head tracking hasnt been a main feature Ive been looking forward to its worth noting that in your living room it wont have press and other folks behind you to confuse the camera… but I guess time will tell on that.

  47. Ringmeister

    “considerable delay”; nay
    “absurd degree”; yipee

    I hate when people say that we’ve been without a cockpit since GT1 and therefore…..

    Cockpit is crucial and 200 of them is alot.

    Let the rest come bit by bit.

  48. llllllllllllll

    cockpit doesn’t matter … it’s hard to see when u play in cockpit .. i put the view in front of the car .. it’s alot easier .. but i’ll buy the camera after the game released :) ….. they can make all cars have cockpit but they already make the blue ra almost full .. soo it’s all about the size of the disc and time … and don’t forget about ps3 limit .. they will make gt6 in ps4 and it will be perfect for all of us ….

    sorry .. bad english …………..

    1. jaketovey

      couldnt agree more.
      the japanese guy who makes it (whatever his name is) says there will be brilliant customisation of these cars aswell. id prefer head tracking to go away

  49. Adam

    I got to try head tracking at E3. It was actually pretty cool. It was impressed by how natural it felt – the subtle movement of your head as you look in any direction just tweaks the camera to give you a bit better view in that direction.

    3D works fine, but didn’t really add anything for me – I wish they weren’t wasting time on it.

  50. Oh, oh

    I smell a redefining of goals coming at PD.
    I mean, I’ve seen people unhappy before and after previous GT releases, and sure there is the wait putting people on edge, but dang, I think this is the most divided I have ever seen the fanbase over features, and over a larger number of features to boot.
    Granted, you can never make everyone happy, but I think that if this kind of thing keeps happening in future incarnations, somebodies going to spring up out of nowhere someday with something designed specifically to grab marketshare.
    Happens with alot of products. A company that starts up with a revolutionary product eventually has competition has other try to grab a slice, and how the original maker responds can often make or break the future has competition only has to worry about whittling away sales from the leader.
    I suspect PD is going to have to go back and look at how they define themselves, and where they want to go, and quite trying to put so much “cutting edge” in one release. All it’s doing is leading to a bunch of features that seems like no one majority can agree they want or need, but many seem to agree they need their particular favorite “finnished”. It’s going to give other developers ideas.

  51. Bring On November2

    Lol, I love how plenty of people here go on about the interiors in the 200odd cars being the most detailed ever!!1!

    Forza3 has had 450, amazingly detailed interiors from release. (has almost 500 now with the various DLCs)

    You obviously have never seen/played Forza 3 in action.
    Whilst I have owned every GT title to date and can’t wait for the next one, I am not too blind to realize that Forza 3 looks amazing. Whilst I’m no Fanboy .. I am a driving game enthusiast, I still think it’s kinda not acceptable for development time of this length and only 200 interiors.

    Queue, attacks at me for mentioning the F word and being realistic.

    No not that F word.

    1. NotAFanboy...Yet.

      Amazingly detailed? Come on now. I have nothing against Forza (because I have never played it) but I wouldn’t go as far as to say the interiors are amazingly detailed. The cockpit may be detailed, but take a look at the rest of the car. I think it’s pretty amazing that Turn 10 actually pulled off 450+ interiors even if they aren’t quite as detailed as GT. But I think you have to look at the features that Gran Turismo has included that Turn 10 could have never even imagined to put into a video game.

      I’m too lazy to actually post these features.

    2. fade

      They strip mined a bunch of high poly cars and used them for photomode.

      – they aren’t in game (only photo mode)
      – they just aren’t near as good as GT’s premium models, which are individually modelled in parts.
      – they don’t have as good use of shaders/details – eg headlights.
      – they don’t get damaged (forza’s damage engine practically doesn’t exist)
      -they don’t have all the headlight modelling / bulb functionality, dips.
      – the quality in Forza 3 varies wildly, most are fine, some of them suck, some of the interiors are -REALLY- bad.
      – the driver detail is poorer / doesn’t exist.
      – they all have tinted windows to hide the inner details.

      All quickly thrown together with bugs and problems and no polish, with nothing to offer but trying to be like GT. Every iteration, what are GT doing next, lets do that, faster! we can get it out before them!

      No doubt, Forza 4, will be car detail taken to extreme levels like GT5’s premium, no doubt they will add night racing, and get headlights and dips working, they will have a new damage engine. Why? because they are utterly derivative – because GT did that, it’s guaranteed they will also.

    3. welll...

      I think Sega GT or SGT2 (back on dreamcast) had the working headlights with the dips, but not sure.
      Forza windows are not tinted to hide detail. The tint comes at manufacturer spec when you buy the car. You can change it to darker/lighter and the color yourself.
      The damage engine althoutgh visually repetative, and with the cars somewhat “too strong” pretty much allows exstensive damage both visually and mechanically to the point where the car can berely move. Pretty much what GT5 is supposed to have, though lacking behind visually probably.

    4. lol

      Don’t you know? Forza doesn’t have wheels on the cars, trees on the tracks, the drivers have no heads, and the break lights are the wrong shade of red….
      Amazing, for something that doesn’t compare, people sure do spend alot of time talking it down.
      Not that forza fanboys are any less annoying, mind you. But the way I look at it, if it’s sooo bad of a GT clone, that will speak for itself, doesn’t need to be pointed out, and doing so won’t matter to the people that like it.
      Bring On November2 here, i’m afraid, probably shouldn’t expect much of a reasonable discussion. This is GTP after all, not F3P, but I can fully understand why being “a driving game enthusiast” would cause him to waver between the two titles. Especially durring a five plus year long dry spell between full version GT titles. I don’t think going down the “forza haters list of talking points” is going to change that.
      Course, if it where me, I wouldn’t have posted in the first place. Just an observation.

    5. fade

      Yeah, I’m being a bit of an ass. But look, there have been dozens of driving games over the years, all with a focus or style, I’ve enjoyed the Project Gotham games, PC sims since Geoff Crammond, some of the need for speeds, bought an Xbox purely for MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology. But Forza is the only one (apart from the recent -forget-the-name- series on the iphone) that seems to just want to do what Polyphony do. I guess they were tasked by Microsoft to make a GT clone, so I can’t complain.

      I’m sure some games have working dips previously, i’m not saying GT is the first, i’m just saying that because GT have now done it(along with day/night), forza will too now, that’s how predictable they are.

      I’m not saying Forza has “blacked out” windows, I’m saying they haven’t focused on interiors and amazing detail, even on the inside and under the bonnet, but they will from now on, guaranteed, because GT has done it.

      You can use hyperbole all you want, but I think my point still stands – Forza 4 will be more like GT5 than it will be like Forza 3.

      If you really wanted to refute me you should mention the great on-line features and visual customisation or something that they turn 10 do have that over GT. (even if they werent’ the first to do it.) And I also don’t doubt Forza didn’t push Polyphony to do better in GT5 than they would have done otherwise.

    6. Autavia

      How much does the GT/Forza debate matter, really, since they are tailored for two different consoles, You could argue it’s two completely separate markets.
      GT is a Sony exclusive so Microsoft had to make their own. It must be good enough since many seems to prefer it. I have tried it, even considered it, but never got past the strange feel of control. Could be it just about getting used to the physics.
      My feel is that what Turn10 does is not of any great concern until they do it so well Forza makes it worthwhile to invest in a new console. I would change to something that’s better in an instant, but I have yet to be convinced.
      From my point of view. 27 years old I bought my first console only because of Gran Turismo. After seven different official versions – and a couple of manufacturers specials – the world of Gran Turismo have never failed to deliver, although I did hope for stuff such as cockpit view, adjustable wheelsizes, paintshop. I mean Accolade did cockpits in Test Drive for Spectrum computers in the eighties!
      I really thought that time had come to GT-land when the vastly superior PS2 arrived.
      But GT has always had a pure uncluttered and relaxed atmosphere and an accessibility that in spite of a few irritations still sums up to a fascinating overall impression. There have always been driving games that did certain things better than GT, both for pc and Playstations, but for some reason few have managed to keep me coming back for more long after 100% was completed.
      So I stay loyal – for now.
      All good things to those w.. …t?

    7. GT5NOV2ND

      No attacks here you’r right in the timespan that GT4 came out The Forza Franchise made Three games. Wile Forza 3 doesnt look As good as GT5 will. The gameplay is Exceptional and i’m a big GT FAN.

      Forza interiors arent as good but their pretty damn detailed except e few. But the 360 isn’t as powerfull as the PS3.

  52. Murcie

    Personally I’ve given up on the cockpit views already considering that a cockpit view in a game is not the most ideal camera point in the first place, especially on the screen I’m planning on playing it on and the lack of real estate in its size.

    I’ve always used a bumper cam for my racing games (bar Test Drive Unlimited because funnily enough it actually has a pretty decent interior cam) and I always will.

    And as for head tracking, at least I’ll get a decent use out of the PS Eye as opposed to that stupid Eye Of Judgment card game it got shipped with and endless amounts of people flipping the bird at me when I take them down on Burnout Paradise. This seems like something that just requires a bit of polish to make a truly great feature.

  53. GT_Prologue5

    Don’t complain about 800 non interior views. Just have fun and play the game when you get it.

  54. Z06onGT5

    anywayz…about headtracking why do it? I mean just make it where u can use the right analog stick to look around the WHOLE interior I believe the best example of this is test drive unlimited and pgr3 and pgr4

  55. DirtyMudFlaps

    200 cockpits??!!? I pray to god that this is just a trick or a mistake… I would have rather found out the differences between premium and standard when I already have the game in my PS3, what they are doing now just makes the anticipation depressing. Hopefully they meant the damage is beautiful for the standard cars…

    Come on lilmann, please tell me it not true!!

    1. Eggman

      Lol, man where have you been. It was figured out ages ago that only 200 cars are getting cockpits!

  56. Wilson

    I have a TrackIR 5 that I use for PC driving games, and it is fantastically great. The PS3 version is guaranteed to be at least slightly inferior (very different camera, no reference points), but I hope they get it squared away before release.
    Don’t knock head tracking until you have tried it; excellent feature.

  57. tyl0r_r

    Looking forward to headtracking but I would be just as glad if they added a ‘look toward apex’ camera option like in GTR 2. You can set a % and you get a camera tilt of that degree toward your corner in the game, works like a charm.

  58. Hernan

    GT5 should come with some kind of a point that you put in your forehead to make the eye toy follow you more easily.

    About the damage, il believe it when i see it with my own eyes, all i have seen is very disappointing.

    1. BWX

      Yeh, that’s right, I’m the Egg Man
      Driving Around, King of the town Always got my windows rolled down
      You know, I’m the Egg Man

  59. MarcoGT5

    I actually want to use the head tracking, I think it’s good to use it for looking round while racing rather than having to take my hand of the wheel to press left or right on the arrow pad, I have the g25 and use one button for looking back and one not in use on the wheel but maybe nos on gt5 for the other then I can use head tracking rather than buttons.

  60. Nato_777

    Must admit I wasn’t that impressed with the head tracking in the videos seen so far – it did look a bit too extreme, hopefully it will be smoothed out as they say. I would love to see the head tracking used to ‘zoom in’ on the cockpit rearview mirror by looking up. Would also love to see the damage model they’re dsescribing.

  61. organdonor

    Hopefully the head tracking will be smoothed out, thats a pretty cool feature and I’m getting an eye toy for it. As far as the acurate impressive damage engine, I can’t wait to see it. It sounds like its going to be real time damage, not just canned generic damage that apears the same no matter the point of impact.

  62. Mike M

    Hopefully the head-tracking preview was done at PSEye optimum distance. One thing people tend to forget is that you need to sit pretty close to both PSEye and the screen itself for best result. Sitting 6 feet away from both not only defeat the purpose of headtracking, but also makes it harder for PSEye to track you head movement properly.

    1. Faster Chief

      Me too. Unfortunately it’s been a loooong time since I last saw entertainment industry do something unexpected and/or revolutionary. They hardly ever match the hype.

      But man…Kaz, what if you truly are the one who answers our prayers? What if you have the biggest positive surprise in the history of video games up your sleeve. Incredible weather, damage, physics, sounds, more cockpits…

      Come November and it’s going to be a slap in the face followed by either “WOW!!!” or “oh well…”

  63. cliosportdyl

    doesn’t bother me that theres only 200 cars with cockpit. what does is i cant use bumper cam so i use chase cam and the current 1 sucks. why not use the chase cam like in the old ps1 games cant be that hard can it?

    1. Mr. Premium

      Many GT players don’t like the chase cam. It ruins the immersion by using an arcade-y view. Personally, I think with the standard cars, they should do a hood view; if there’s not going to be a visual cockpit, then at least place the camera on the dash, on the drivers side, mimmicking the view out the windshield.

      On that note, they’ll include the chase cam anyway.

    2. Nato_777

      Yes the chase cam is horrible. From all the imformation we have it looks like there is definitely no cockpit views for the standard cars – so a decent hood cam is a must. The current hood cam is pretty much useless as it’s actually a roof cam and the viewpoint is too high. I hope PD sort that out. Are you listening Kaz?

    3. Autavia

      Hoodcam. Great suggestion!
      I do prefer cockpit view when driving just for fun, but sitting across the room it does shrink the field of view quite a bit, the road ahead tends to get a bit small.
      If the racing gets live and “the horns come out” I switch to bumpercam and immediately gain several 1/10 sec per lap.
      In a desperate attempt to earn a seat in the national GT Academy Finals I did try cockpit view sitting on two arms length from my “size 42”. Only then did I manage to match my laps set from the bumper.
      So, You got my vote for hood cam.
      I want that – or a wall sized jumbotron…

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      the problem with the chase cam is it gives you almost no idea precisely what your car is pointed at & that’s kind of important. even in time trials, the bumper cam is totally awkward & during races you can’t see past other cars at all. Bumper is by far the worst. The roof cam is good BUT, if they’re going to spend so much time modelling cars, don’t you want to see them? & say you will watch the replay after bcuz that’s too time consuming & the windows are tinted. basically these standard cars are a total waste of space

  64. MrSkyline

    i don’t need cockpitviews
    i don’t need headtracking
    i don’t need 3D

    damage is nice, but its not realistic in this case, so

    i don’t need damage

    just give me GT5

    in a normal car you don’t focus on the interior of the car, i just use bonnet view since in a real car you can watch around the A pillars, as long as headtracking is not realistic, a cockpit view for me is useless.

    i need bonnet view, realistic physics and full G27 support, then i’m a happy man.

    1. Maxitsu

      damage is indeed nice, like night racing and other things. nice to have them but not needed.

      But really i need cockpits in, in other Racing games i use Bonnet view or cockpit view. and none of those camara views are in GT5.

      the bumper view is to low and i have to see my car.
      the roof view is good for some cars, but its to high and whit some cars like a mini cooper or Lancer evo, your screen is overwhelmed whit roof and whit some cars like the Ford Focus you have a splitscreen becaus a antenne
      and chase view is’t better. can’t drive whit that angle and you don’t have a great feeling of speed.

    2. prazza

      this,but for me,i need chase cam (near),my dualshock 3,and not having to drive a dull,slow,supermini(suzuki alto works,i’m looking at you),then i’m pleased :),roll on gt5 european release date!

    3. Gamer GT5

      I don’t care that much for the bumper cam views. In my opinion it takes away the realism to me. I rather drive in cockpit view. The only thing bumper cam views is good for is improving better laps for your car. Most people uses that to increase their laps.

  65. Mickle Pickle

    Maybe no beautiful cockpits like the Premium cars, but Standard cars can still have a “generic” (blacked out) cockpit view… (which you would not be able to use with the PS-Eye Tracking-your-ugly-face Toy…)

    I am still not giving up on cockpit view for Standard cars…

    1. Bernd

      I don`t complain about having “only” 200 cars with cockpit-view, but having tinted windows again in 2010 is a major disappointment. Having transparent windows and seeing “something” inside the cars during replay is a must !

  66. George Washington

    aaawwww haaaaaail naaaaaw… the truckload of manure is backing up, beeping, and ready to rain on the parade.

  67. socomkiller59

    Well there you go, only 200 cockpit views out of the 1,000 or so cars. That just confirmed my thoughts that Gt6 will be the next real GT. They need to move on from the old cars featured in old games, and make cars that haven’t been made for the GT franchise.

    1. Maxitsu

      i don’t agree there. In the older GT games there are alot of cool/great/fast cars. Which i still like to drive tommorow or whitin 20 years or so.

    2. Mr. Premium


      No, no, double no. There are a huge number of older cars that deserve to be kept. Part of the point of GT is the car selection, after all.

      What they should be doing is making all the cars equal in detail, THEN adding to the list. I do agree that there are some they do need to add *cough Porsche cough*

    3. P37Mac

      Can’t agree with you on that one mate. The best bit about GT in my opinion is discovering cars that you havn’t had much exposure to. I was about 11 when the first GT came out and was amazed by all the Japanese cars I had never even heard of. Until that point the only Japanese car I recognised on British roads was the Nissan Micra lol. GT is an education in cars and I personaly think that’s it’s most important feature.

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      that’s the sad part, we’ve been waiting 5 years but GT6 is going to be the next REAL GT game? the game will be incredible but after prologue, I’m sure we were hoping to get a complete GT game. I understand they have worked rediculously hard but if they don’t have time for the cars they probably should learn to manage their ime better. I can’t wiat for november 2nd either way

    5. JayKayEm

      socomkiller59 : are you on drugs?

      GT4 Cars should be a baseline. There are epic cars in GT4 that must be kept.

  68. Maxitsu

    I DON’T NEED Damage
    I DON’T NEED EyeTracking


    1. gt5isthedefinitiveracingsim!!!

      it would take another 4 years to make, man we already have 200of the most detailed cars in any videogame EVER, and 800 more, that still looking even better than any other games, dont complain, in gt4 there where no cockpits, so why you comp’lain now hu?

    2. IronM@sk

      I’m with you dude. Headtracking is stupid because your eyes still have to focus forward. It’s just not a natural movement.

      3D is also another stupid gimmik. If I wanted 3D I would leave the house.

    3. flimone

      Ok for the Eye…ok for the 3d…. but for the damage you wrong… without a real damage like “iracing” or the old “flatout” or the oldest “viper racing” the cars when impact other cars bouce unnatural… think about it

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      we complain because PROLOGUE DID HAVE COCKPITS!!! the fact that you mention GT4 not having cockpits either just illustrates what a huge step back it is for them to only have car views that GT4 had. @maxitsu I completely agree. I could completely care less about 3D, track editor, damage, eye tracking, and the 1000 cars, the cockpit view is far more important than all of those. I would rather just have 300 or 400 cars that are complete

    5. snaketus

      We want cockpits because we have used to them in all games in few years now. We play other games too than Gran Turismo. Even Need For Speed have cockpits. :P

    6. GT5NOV2ND

      Damn If Forza can do 3 games while Gt5 was being build how could they have pulled it off.
      Forza 3 isn’t a bad game at all and all the 500+cars have interior view. The have put too much time in things that waren’t essential too being a good follow up too GT4 in my opinion.

      I’m wondering if the 800 cars that dont have interior view will have transparant windows and what we will actually see on the inside of the cars.

    7. 3-2-1_contact


      That’s probably THE most awful excuse I have ever heard in this console gaming generation so far. In fact, it’s not even a valid excuse. I expected this game to get at least a 95 Metacritic rating; it may not get 90 now. Even worse, the Forza fanbois/grrls will have something to needle us for the next five years, kinda like “Wide Right” for Florida State football fans (If you don’t know, google or wikipedia it; it will make sense after you read it).

      Like I said in another comment that was taken down, the whole “StandardCockpits?” issue is more than likely why the new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit won Best Racing Game from the Game Critics Awards from E3 (who takes almost all the major press E3 awards and gives an overall award). Ithing that either CHM or Taki Imsaki owes an EPIC EXPLANATION about the whole “StandardCockpits?” at some point (because they sure as hell didn’t at E3) because if they don’t, I bet you ANYTHING that there will be an Colossal sales dropoff for GT5 compared to the first 4 1/2 GTs.

      I will bet you aANYTHING on that.

    8. colj00

      I agree, kaz has lost his mind in all this new technology, head track, 3D and damage. all i have ever wanted in GT series is cockpit views.

  69. John Marine

    I am nowhere near a hardcore sim racer, but I think the head-tracking will be smoothened out prior to release. The “beautiful” damage (since when is damage of ANY kind beautiful?) probably goes back to me thinking that Gran Turismo 5 and the PS3’s power is really allowing PD to make that complete damage and modeling experience many veterans have hoped to see in this series one day. My hopes are still high for GT5 because I try to remain positive and not let one little issue deter my interest.

  70. Riad

    u know head tracking is a bonus feature anyway, its not a regular thing we see in racing games on console . .. now 200 cars out of the 100 are premium class… ive been thinking these has to be sum reason why only 200 are premium and now we get understand a bit more why.. im guessing these cas are just mind-glowingly time consuming and if the damage is has impressive as they say it wud make sense.. im sure PD are cooking up something very nice for us.. we just have to wait. .. sum1 punch me as hard as u can so i can comma myself till November

  71. Jack

    “accurately models mechanic and cosmetic damage to an absurd degree”

    we definitely have not seen this yet. I’m intrigued now.

    1. MihaiF355

      i agree with you. Even in the E3 trailer some of those cars…like the summersaulting evo should have been in much worse shape than a little crumple of the fender….their full damage model remains to be seen…

  72. ElieTheBear

    seriously are they making wrc license without point to point between trees rally tracks ?!?!? where s the dirt and dust on cars ??? cant have 20 locations and have 10 rally tracks damn … i neewd wrc 2010 8 october !

  73. Riad

    jorden any links to some scans of the artitcle?… actaully ingorinre that, if u had it we wud know lol

    1. Jordan

      Yeah, I have not seen any scans of this article. I believe it’s from the UK edition of the PS magazine.

  74. Owen

    Cool. I couldn’t care less about head tracking, however a big plus is the damage so I think that would of been a better thing to focus on for this blog post?

  75. JC Denton

    I get it! If you want “underwelming” head tracking – you just use camera. But if you want precision – then you attach move controller to your head with special cap or tape! And this answers the question about how they plan to use move in GT5:)

    1. Sam__NY

      lol. Maybe it’s a mind control helmet so that we’ll all forget about those 800 cars without cockpit views.

    2. JimInPT

      Actually, a modified Move device built into a visor or other simple headgear might turn out to be a very useful and more precise head-tracking interface for racing games. If it’s comfortable to wear for a couple hours, I’d give it a try.

  76. Mark

    So, it’s possible to play GT5 with more than one monitor? Correct? How would this be set up? I’m assuming it would require more than one PS3. I’m just wondering. Could someone please tell me how it would work? Thanks.

  77. 3-2-1_contact

    “Face-tracking using the PS Eye works on the 200 cars with cockpits…”


    1. welll...

      Off topic, but I have to say, every time you post, I get the electric company theme song stuck in my head for two days. Thanks. ;P


      Yup. I was wrong guys. GT5 Standard cars wont have cockpits, but who cares. They all still look beautiful. We’ve been racing without cockpit views since 1997 on GT. I think this isnt a thing that’ll weight heavy on or decision whether or not to buy GT5. I think everyone wil buy GT5 regardless. Maybe a DLC pack or Update will come after GT5 that will give the 800 cars cockpits. But we wont know until PD says it.

    2. Shiro

      I would like to correct you. It actually is one hell of a think that’ll weight heavy on decision whether or not to buy GT5 for many people.

    3. Killa

      No. I think he’s just a journo who’s read the hype about the game and lack of cockpits.
      I still have faith.

    4. P37Mac

      Could be Elie… Guess we will have to wait and see. After all if this guy works for an official mag he probaly has more access to the full game than we can ever hope for. At least till November anyway! Encouraging comments about damage though. Not too fussed about the ‘eye, not a fan of spending £££’s extra on top of the game proper just to get all the features… Bit of a piss take really.

    5. Gordo

      Doesn’t matter most people use the full on view or full car view, the rest is just a bunch of gimmickry to get in the way of driving.

    6. Hoodie1878

      I hope they mean that you will NOT be able to look around the cockpits of 800 cars rather than no cockpits at all. We’ll see.

      As for people saying they’re not going to buy it based on only having 200 cars, good riddance.

      I would buy this if it had five cars in it. True story.

    7. MarcoGT

      Guys, you know what I think? I like to believe that the 800 standard cars will feature cockpit view, but it’s gonna be, imho, a fix view, I mean you can only see a part of the dashboard, the car steering wheel, indicators and stuff. You will not be able to look around the cockpit just because the other part of the cockpit isn’t there. Just like you wuold do in GT5P without using the analogs to look around. Cheers!

    8. jaketovey

      YOUR WRONG! standard cars are primarily the cars that were in gt4, some of which were in gt5prologue and HAD INTERIOR VIEWS.(just not with the same level of detail that pd got so obsessed with which delayed the game in the first place – says chris roper(ign) in his interview with kazunori or whatever his name is-
      they have interior views you wazzock!

    9. WonkyFonk

      Well put it this way, unless they get the headtracking working well, Il be using bumper cam the whole time. The cockpit is nice for time trials but the blind spots make racing(online) difficult. I have accidentally side swiped too many people because I cannot glance to my left or right to see them in cockpit. I don’t have this problem in bumper cam for some reason.

    10. GTracerRens

      The SLR McLaren was also in Gran Turismo 4. And now in Gran Turismo 5 with a cockpit view. Maybe there are more of those cars like the Ford GT and all those le mans cars from Gran Turismo 4! I’ll just wait for the release and see what’s included. I don’t call this a confirmation, not even if it’s form Kaz himself.

    11. HugoStiglitz_420

      I don’t think so. I already know a few people that have decided not to get GT5 because they decided for us that having 1000 cars is necessary, but having a cockpit view for them is not necessary. If I wasn’t such an addict to Gran Turismo games I would probably not buy it either. They put cockpit view in every car in prologue, I am way too used to it to just stop. But, the graphics of the premiums and the whole game do look better than any game I’ve ever seen. i cant wait to check out the physics too bcuz I have high hopes. I hope they add maybe a couple tracks, monaco, laguna seca, and a few more rally tracks and mostly, EL CAPITAN!!!! that track would look incredible in GT5

    12. danielwhite74

      This is entertaining. Stupid kids still believe the vehicles ported from Gran Turismo 4 will have cockpit views.

    13. GamerGT5

      @danielwhite74 Calm down i’m sure all of them aren’t kids.

      Honestly i think that only premium cars will have cockpit views. In my opinion PD should have left out the standard cars in the game and just made that as a bonus feature. If they done it this way it wouldn’t be so much confusion. When GT3 came out it also had less than 200 cars. And that game made the most sales out of all of the GT games not counting GT5. Hopefully GT5 will make more sales.


      useless thing
      i don’t care about that
      this are not important news for me , but i think it will work perfect in the final game …or they will make a update ….
      its nothing to worry about it

      I need ~10 cars + Nordschleife not more

    2. phatrick2332

      I really hope that they have cockpit views for all. It is actually faster to race in cockpit than full view. I think you get a better feel for your speed and awareness of where you are on track.

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