GT5’s Real-World Circuits Featured in Latest Seasonal Event

August 18th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

An interesting new GT5 Seasonal Event became available earlier today, featuring high-powered cars (750PP or less) on some of the game’s real-world race circuits:

  • Monza (590,100 Cr.)
  • Fuji Speedway F (564,000 Cr.)
  • Laguna Seca (538,000 Cr.)
  • Suzuka Circuit (590,400 Cr.)
  • Nurburgring 24 Hour Circuit (678,900 Cr.)

Note the Online Car Dealership has not been updated for this event. As always, head on over to GTPlanet’s GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion! Thanks to all of you who sent this in.

GT5 Photomode image by Schwadegan.

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  1. Aug. 26, 12:38am

    you can use the F1 cars for this and you’ll have a killer hard race.
    Tune to 750 pp lotta sound not a lot of fury.

  2. Aug. 24, 6:14pm

    These seasonals are alot of fun. Especially the Nurburgring one! Its very challenging! :)

  3. Aug. 23, 11:21pm

    This and the F1 seasonal events are the best imo, super entertaining driving and a lot of cash.

  4. Aug. 22, 10:29pm

    I wish that the weather in all those events changed, the 5 th event says time and weather change but it never happens. And it should rain when ur driving a cabriolet cuz I want to c if the car gets filled up or not.

    • Aug. 23, 9:18am

      Zman, I don’t think the cars gets filled up, just look at the real F1 races, I have never seen a F1 cockpit filled with water, they have holes underneath to prevent that

  5. Aug. 22, 12:16am
    Kevin Maghuyop

    I love this events….I can finally use my peugeot lol….I have an average finish by 7-10 seconds ahead of the pack. It was pretty challenging but it was fun….

  6. Aug. 21, 1:26pm

    Whose winning the Nurburgring and wil what?

    • Aug. 21, 1:27pm

      Meant to be “with” what?

    • Aug. 21, 2:24pm

      Used my 787B stealth and finished 2nd after spinning out twice, 2.2 seconds behind minolta. can easily win with this car. (standard 787B would be just as good, only 8 bhp less than the stealth model).

  7. Aug. 20, 6:42pm

    good set of races, would be even better if they came in a championship option which would give u a race card for a new car

  8. Aug. 20, 4:06pm

    WTF!!! I can only get 20 million credits…What is this Cap and Trade Obama game?

    • Aug. 20, 4:16pm

      You can only spend 20,000,000 credits. Once you’ve spent that, you can start saving again. What’s the problem?

    • Aug. 21, 1:25pm

      Always been a 20 million cap. Same as prologue. Spend the 20 on the Ford or Ferrari, go broke, win a Penniless trophy, and start back again. Idea is to buy cars, not hoard credits.

  9. Aug. 20, 1:44am

    Now this is a seasonal event..not like those lame French compact cars or whatever it was a while back.

  10. Aug. 19, 5:35pm

    can u use the x1?????

    • Aug. 19, 5:42pm

      No, because it’s PP is much higher then the 750PP limit

  11. Aug. 19, 9:26am

    ill glitch for money….??

  12. Aug. 19, 9:22am

    screen frozen just after results 6 times now…ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. Aug. 19, 6:34am
    Vision Racer Lover


    **Hey, thumbs up if you like eating pizza*** duh duu duhhh duhhh…

  14. Aug. 19, 1:09am

    Its 1 in the morning and im tempted to get outta bed just for this.

  15. Aug. 18, 11:19pm

    Realllly good seasonal, just wish these races were grid start A-Spec events. Racing 2 class (LMP and GT) on the same track would be so fun!

  16. Aug. 18, 9:08pm

    Used a straight-out-of-the-box R8 LMS Team Playstation ’09 from the recent online dealership updates and ran away with it, no competition whatsoever. No tuning needed.

    • Aug. 21, 2:30pm

      I used PDI RACING KART 100. I even laped half the field 4 of the tracks, no competitiion, no tuning required YAWN…

    • Aug. 22, 8:27am

      @stjimmy I’ll try that out, just because I can :P

  17. Aug. 18, 8:54pm

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands back on GT5 once I’m back from Vacation. Love the picture too! Fuji Speedway!

    • Aug. 18, 11:18pm

      Laguna seca :/*

    • Aug. 19, 5:17am

      LMAO! Your pretty – – aren’t ya? I mean the list buddy, the word “LIST”, and I know it’s Laguna Seca. Corkscrew Corner!

    • Aug. 19, 7:00am

      Was gonna say :/

  18. Aug. 18, 7:31pm

    Okay ALL THE RACES in GT5 needs to be as challenging as the Ring 24h in this seasonal. I think it was the most challenging race I’ve had so far in the game.

  19. Aug. 18, 5:43pm

    You do no people are glitching Suzuka Circuit and Nurburgring for the money someone need to put a stop to this .

    • Aug. 19, 3:55am

      Why, what difference is it making to your life?

    • Aug. 19, 7:44am

      Well it’s ruining the time trial leaderboards for a kick-off

    • Aug. 19, 8:47am

      What leaderbords? this isn’t a time trial.

    • Aug. 19, 11:09am

      Yes there was the fastest time for the Suzuka east track in the old time trials was 16 seconds in a NASCAR, I could be wrong, he could be an insanely good driver!!!

    • Aug. 19, 1:22pm

      this is a discussion about new seasonals though.

  20. Aug. 18, 5:34pm

    It’s definatly a little challenging with the Minolta. I liked how close each race turned out.

  21. Aug. 18, 5:14pm

    finally….Nurburgring 24 Hour…i’m so happy :)

  22. Aug. 18, 4:18pm

    787B with transmission to make it go 230 MPH. Killer.

  23. Aug. 18, 4:12pm

    Damn the 24h ring race is insane! Came in first with minolta 88c by 2seconds!!!

  24. Aug. 18, 4:11pm


  25. Aug. 18, 4:00pm

    I calculated that the Ferrari seasonal event @ sarthe is still more cash per second than the Nürburgring 24h seasonal.

    • Aug. 18, 4:07pm

      Ah yes, cash per second. I like that sound of that. There should be a gauge on the premium cars dashboards for that.

    • Aug. 18, 4:10pm

      Just saying that for grinding, the Ferrari Seasonal is still better :)

    • Aug. 19, 6:45am

      agree … like 135k cr./min of race

  26. Aug. 18, 3:33pm

    Yes, Seattle please.

  27. Aug. 18, 3:16pm

    I did this race with the pagani zonda R, it had 693 pp but i could keep up on most races and almost lost on fuji speedway with it.

  28. Aug. 18, 3:09pm
    Bien Cien

    750pp?!?!?!? Challenge accepted.

    Can we have a fictional seasonal event in the near future and bring back New York and Seattle?

  29. Aug. 18, 2:43pm

    i just started the event now last corner at monza screen goes all jagged….PS3 YOLD ARRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

  30. Aug. 18, 2:41pm
    Ian Parish

    …and no Tsukuba!

    • Aug. 18, 4:28pm

      lol…don’t temp fate

  31. Aug. 18, 2:32pm

    I’m about halfway through this event right now, pretty fun! I’m definatly happy with the reward credits.

  32. Aug. 18, 2:15pm

    Great new, great picture.

  33. Aug. 18, 1:54pm

    I used the Minolta for my first go, now using an FGT dropped to 450bhp and fattened up to 700kg. Quite fun having the cornering upperhand but having the AI fly past on the long straights.
    Thinking about staging a championship in these FGT ‘lite’ cars. Would make for some good races :)
    I’ll post something soon, stay tuned!

    • Aug. 18, 2:13pm

      That sounds like a great idea!

  34. Aug. 18, 1:43pm
    Pato Milan

    Unbelievable pic!!
    Did the Nurburgring 24h race and boy, it’s not easy. Managed to win by less than 1 sec, all these events have the Minolta at the front!

    • Aug. 18, 1:53pm

      So which car do you use? I was like 50 secs ahead with my Nissan R89C Race Car…

    • Aug. 18, 2:03pm

      first time i raced the ‘ring 24hr i used a zonda r and came in 3rd place, 13 secs behind the leader…..last time i raced i used the 908 peugeot and won by 15secs

    • Aug. 18, 8:40pm

      Managed to win by 3 seconds using the Mobil 1 NSX!
      First time through all the events I used this car and aced them.

    • Aug. 18, 10:36pm

      Use the Minolta and you’ll be the one in front :D

    • Aug. 22, 8:24am

      @GT_Die_Hard I was like 45 seconds BEHIND with that car, raced flawlessly.

  35. Aug. 18, 1:36pm

    Looks great. 678,900 cr. for the Nurburgring 24h, I think I know what I’ll be doing next time I’m on GT5.

    • Aug. 18, 4:27pm


      That’s exactly what I was thinking lol… Nurburgring is definitely the most fun for grinding, especially when there’s a decent payoff at the end.

    • Aug. 19, 6:40am

      The best moneymaker event I found so far is the Sarthe (Le Mans) circuit in the event for Ferrari’s. Like 135000 cr./min … (504.000 cr. / 3’45” )

  36. Aug. 18, 1:35pm

    That pic is amazing! :O
    And the events seem pretty fun too! (y)

    • Aug. 19, 6:35am
      Vision Racer Lover


      **Hey, thumbs up if you like eating pizza*** duh duu duhhh duhhh…

    • Aug. 19, 5:28pm
      Phillip J. Fry

      Did somebody order a pizza for I.C. Wiener?

    • Aug. 23, 9:15am

      Any premium car you can suggest with cockpit view that can be competitive for this seasonal event?

    • Aug. 23, 10:22pm

      I have been using the Peugeot 908 HDI. Great Premium car for these events.

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