GT5’s “Route X” in the Real World – Fukuoka’s Hakata Port

January 25th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Kazunori Yamauchi has recently  revealed via Twitter that the inspiration for the location of the latest GT5 track “Route X” was the port of Hakata, near the new Polyphony Digital offices in Fukuoka.

He also shared a link to this YouTube video, which shows a closer look at the cranes and the port in action.

For a closer look at the surrounding area that inspired this new track, check out photos of the area on Panoramio.


Although its clearly an industrial area in real life (and there’s no 30km test track!), the atmosphere and geography in the game appears to be quite accurate. There’s even a harbor tower, though Polyphony Digital’s interpretation of it is quite a bit more interesting to look at!

GT5 Photomode images courtesy of Soloracer and ForceMotion. Panoramio image courtesy of FREAKISHBOY.

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  1. Jan. 26, 9:55pm

    Their are two on ramps/off ramps in ROUTE X. Wonder what they will be attached to???
    Cape Ring??

    • Jan. 29, 8:31am

      Has anyone else noticed that the Start line/ pits is inside a Submarine base??

  2. Jan. 26, 3:46pm

    Did you know that it is a PD rule that all fictional tracks on Gran Turismo must require at least 1 tunnel?

    • Jan. 26, 3:49pm

      Gran Turismo 5*****

    • Jan. 27, 11:45pm

      …except Cape Ring. It just has the spiral “bridge.” :)

    • Jan. 28, 12:15pm

      There’s an exception: Motor Sports Land!

    • Feb. 1, 4:00pm

      Forgot about cape ring vespid, lol. Personally I wish the would create a legit, professional race track like a Suzuka or a Spa or something. You know, a totally realistic course that would fit in the real world, because any potential ones like the short version of Grand Valley without a tunnel!

  3. Jan. 26, 12:04pm

    hey remember you the picture and the video LOOONG time ago, with the car out from sea contenair doc. It was in this track location.
    So this Xtrack are born looong time ago and put it in the last dlc.

  4. Jan. 26, 9:01am

    Proof that PD can make new tracks quickly!

    • Jan. 27, 7:42pm

      There’s a big difference between creating a fictional track, especially one that’s pretty much just two straight lines, and recreating an existing track to 100% accuracy like the Nordschliefe.. learn them please.

  5. Jan. 26, 7:54am

    So, they moved offices to make anew track?

    • Jan. 27, 7:19pm

      Are you stupid or something? They moved because of the disaster that happened in Japan last year.

  6. Jan. 26, 5:05am

    Now I see where this is going! PD’s first original track to be inspired by real life.

    BTW, the Route X Aventador photo is courtesy of 20832.

    • Jan. 26, 6:00am

      almost all there tracks are inspired by orginal locations in real life.

      all city courses like Madrid, Rome, London, Capri di amalfi, Citta di Aria, Cote d’Azur, opera paris, goerge v paris . inclusive SSR5, SSR7, SSR11.

      Grindelwald, Eiger norwand, grand cayon, el capitan, Chamonix, tahiti road, tahiti maze, superspeedway, pike & peak hill climb, smokey mountains,

      I don’t know about Trial mountani, deep forest, GVS, midfield, highspeedring, atumn ring. But i bet they are all inspired in some way by real life.

      like apricot hill, its layout does look like alot like suzuka circuit.

    • Jan. 26, 6:19pm

      Seattle was another real life inspired track if going by Maxitsu’s definition. It’s not in gt5 though.

    • Jan. 26, 11:19pm

      I’m talking about ORIGINAL TRACKS not city tracks nor dirt tracks!

  7. Jan. 26, 4:25am

    Seeing as they can see the harbor from the studio, I wonder if the studio made it into Route X? HMMMM?

  8. Jan. 26, 3:21am

    But I still wonder where Cape Ring is located…

    • Jan. 26, 12:29pm

      I always felt like the last bit of that track, after the spiral, was part of that test course that Top Gear went on for their Lorry episode.

    • Jan. 28, 1:32pm

      Cape ring is based on Izu (Japanese hot-spring resort near Shizuoka where Mt. Fuji located) scenery, I saw it on Kaz’s twitter quite a time ago.

  9. Jan. 26, 3:02am

    Thanks a lot for including my picture in this article didn’t expect that :) Gotta love, where PD get their inspiration from!

  10. Jan. 25, 11:06pm

    This is pretty amazing.

  11. Jan. 25, 10:34pm

    It’s amazing how quick and effortless those cranes make those containers look.

  12. Jan. 25, 10:19pm

    Will the shipping trucks be available in premium or standard?

    • Jan. 26, 6:20pm

      Probably premium. Dlc has been premium only thus far. I want the snow cat tracked vehicle from the ice tracks too.

  13. Jan. 25, 9:36pm

    thats the biggest hundai vehicle i have seen lol

    • Jan. 29, 8:29am

      are you making fun of Hyundai’s?? Coz I’ll run you over with mine lol

  14. Jan. 25, 9:31pm


    • Jan. 25, 9:33pm

      never mind, its the enzo with a rear spoiler, almost got me with that one lol.

    • Jan. 25, 10:33pm


  15. Jan. 25, 8:15pm

    I bet the satellite dishes where made up

    • Jan. 26, 12:30pm

      I thought that too, because they are WAAAAAAY too big to be real!

    • Jan. 27, 7:29pm

      @HoSway01 Satellite dishes that big actually do exist.

  16. Jan. 25, 8:07pm

    No new seasonals this week? I want new challenges!!

  17. Jan. 25, 7:38pm

    Like Lego!

  18. Jan. 25, 7:36pm

    I did not know Hyundai built ships, and nice video

    • Jan. 25, 7:51pm

      Yeah, they also do heavy construction such as commercial buildings and oil drills. South Korea makes 1/4 of the world’s cargo ships. Hyundai and Samsung are a couple to name.

    • Jan. 25, 7:57pm

      Actually it’s not even 1/4 it’s more than 1/2

    • Jan. 26, 4:20am

      everything you see in Korea = Hyundai :) lol

  19. Jan. 25, 7:25pm
    Mac K

    I had a feeling thats what it was based off of, thats pretty cool.

  20. Jan. 25, 7:13pm

    Always wondered where it was..

  21. Jan. 25, 7:00pm

    Haha .. Wow thats pretty cool!

  22. Jan. 25, 6:59pm

    Gee that place looks swell.

  23. Jan. 25, 6:59pm

    It’s nice to hear where some of the inspiration for original tracks comes from! I wonder if there’s information about how the older originals came to be?

    • Jan. 25, 11:21pm

      Every fantasy course in GT is usually based on some real world location, the only one that goes beyond that might be the Complex String as that course was mind bending with it’s twists and turns and just awe, please PD bring that one course back, I want to test GT5’s physics on those undulating hills.

  24. Jan. 25, 6:59pm

    Nice!!! i just hope they make GT5 compatable with the new PSVITA’s portable play feature. GT5 on the go would be awesome!

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