GTPlanet’s Official GT6 Club: Weekly Events & Member Meetups

Gran Turismo 6Site Announcements 22 November 22, 2014 by

As you might expect from GTPlanet – home to the largest online community of Gran Turismo enthusiasts – we are eager to take advantage of the brand new “Community Features” which just rolled out in GT6 update 1.14!

Today marks the grand opening of GTPlanet’s official club in the game, with a round of hosted events inspired by our Weekly Race Series. Our WRS team has years of experience and spends a lot of time finding the most enjoyable car/track combinations in the game, so you can start having fun right away.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.29.42 PM 1

You can join right now in your web browser, or search for the Club ID in the game:

GTPlanet’s club has the distinction of being the first in the game (hence the notable ID number – 1000000 and 1000001 were used by Polyphony Digital for testing and were never available to the public). It’s also the largest club in GT6, already home to more than 1,000 members after just a few days!

New Club Events will be announced here on our news blog every Saturday, so you’ll never miss the latest round of content. Here’s our first batch of events to kick things off:

GTP Club Time Trials

GTP Club Races

For more, become a full member of the GTPlanet WRS and join our official weekly competitions!

GT6 Photomode image by Kodje.

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