Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.14 Brings Community Features, New Cars, Updated Track, & More


The latest update for Gran Turismo 6 has just gone live, and it’s arguably the biggest yet, bringing with it one of the most anticipated new features for the game: “community” tools. It also brings new cars, an updated track, new events, and much more.

The free update weighs in at 548MB; see an overview of what’s new below.

As always, check our Gran Turismo 6 forum for more analysis, discussion, and investigation of undocumented changes and features introduced in 1.14!

Community Features

[Community] has been added to the [ONLINE] section in “My Home”. Within [Community], players can create Clubs and gather together in club lobbies, host race events for the club members and much more. For further details please refer to the online manual linked to the bottom of this page.

It is also possible to access a web browser version of the Community feature via the official website. Though you will not be able to race from the browser version, you can create clubs and events, edit their settings and have the same communication tools available in game. The website version is also compatible with some smartphone browsers, allowing you to access your Clubs on the go.


Vision Gran Turismo Updates

The “Subaru VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo” has been released. The ultimate sportscar with the most aggressive specs in Subaru history, it still retains the full drivability you expect from a Subaru, enabling you to be in full control of the car at all times.

After the update has been installed, the car can be purchased from the [Vision GT] option within the [CARS] section in “My Home”. Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the car by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.

Gran Turismo 6

Suzuka Circuit 2014 Update

The Suzuka Circuit underwent major renovations between 2007 and 2009, to improve its facilities and make it safer. The updates that were performed have now been recreated in detail with the “Suzuka Circuit 2014”. The resurfaced west course, the new crash pads, the guardrails replacement, the sponsor billboards and related facilities have been updated to the actual configuration. Now with variable time functionality added, the true-to-life feeling of racing have improved even further, allowing you to enjoy Japan’s famed circuit on a new level of realism.


BMW M4 M Performance Edition

The “BMW M4 M Performance Edition” has been added to Gran Turismo 6. After the update has been installed, the car can be purchased from the [Dealership] option within the [CARS] section in “My Home”. This is a special model based on the BMW M4, designed by Gran Turismo following the specific of safety cars used in races like the Moto GP.

Added events to the Sierra Time Rally

A new “Challenge 4” has been added to the “Sierra Time Rally” game mode available from within the [SPECIAL EVENTS] section in “My Home”. Overtake opponents swiftly in the Nissan GT-R NISMO!

“My Home” menu content changed

– A [News] section has been added to the left menu of “My Home”. Updates and other information from Gran Turismo that was originally in [Notifications] will now be displayed in this section.
– The [Messages] section will now be dedicated to sending and receiving messages to and from other players.

Compatibility with “MoTec i2 Pro” added

Gran Turismo 6 Replay data is now compatible with “i2 Pro”, the data analysis software of MoTeC. Exporting replays as MoTeC i2 Pro data will allow you to visualize your driving data with charts on a PC for subsequent analysis. For details regarding this feature, refer to the online manual linked to the bottom of this page.

Compatibility with “NissanConnect Nismo Plus” added

The “GPS Visualiser” and “Data Logger” functions are now compatible with the “NissanConnect Nismo Plus” of Nissan Motor Company. For details regarding this feature, refer to the online manual linked to the bottom of this page.

Other improvements and adjustments

– A new [Onboard Mic Position] setting has been added to the [Sound Volume] category of the [Sound] page within the [Options] screen in the [MENU] (accessible by pressing the START button). The same setting has also been added to the [Driving Options] of the “Quick Menu”, displayed before a race starts.
– [Replay BGM] and [Replay Sound Effects] settings have been added to the [Quick Option] menu available when playing replays.
– Tuning and customization options have been expanded for the BMW M4 ’14 and the BMW M4 Coupé Frozen Black Metallic ’14.
– For one-time only prizes awarded in Seasonal Events and License Tests, a check mark will appear under the “Gift(s)” section of the event details page for the rewards already received.
– Enhanced security to prevent players who have manipulated their save data files from accessing online features of GT6.

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  1. Rick74

    Man some of the sounds on the cars don’t sound good especially the hsv. Man there’s no engine sound in cockpit haha. Some cars do sound better though but that is killing it right now I’m sure they’ll fix it right?

  2. Sutsagrd

    Good content and update but for me it’s been a disaster. Psn slow to sign in. Very slow upload speeds and either can’t join lobby’s or club rooms or get disconnected or can’t see other cars. This has never happened before and for me worse than what occurred after 1.12!!!!
    Anyone else with problems? Or is it just me?

  3. Garypickest

    I’m sorry gt6. But this new sound somehow is worst. I mean the Honda HSV.. it was one of the best inside car sounds on previous updates. But now it sucks.. please fix it Kaz.

  4. warpkez

    That cannot be right: on Suzuka, I am 2 seconds faster every lap, and able to hit the chicane in 3rd gear.

    Untuned Z4 BTW. Got my lap times down to 1:55 after 4 laps.

  5. jhw93

    The biggest thing for me about this update was the changes to the engine/car audio, I find it quite strange that PD have not put it on the list of features for this update.

    I have been doing some Nurburgring laps I have to say the audio changes are a great step in the right direction to tackling problems with how the cars sound in the game.

    By far the biggest difference is in the cockpit view, the engine sounds seem to be the same but what I think they have done is add like an audio overlay (I’m not a sound engineer) over the original engine sounds. Basically the engine sounds have become more muffled but because of the muffling, the sound has become deeper and richer and the sounds seem to have more grunt and bass as well.

    The main issue I had with the engine sounds before this update was that a lot of the cars sounded very whiny or as I like to say ‘weedy’ in the higher revs. Now because of this overlay, the engines still sound good at higher revs and they sound natural.

    The three cars I was doing laps in were the BMW M3 2007, Merc C63 AMG 2008 and the Maserati Gran Turismo.

    M3 – Before the update, I thought that this car sounded satisfactory at best. It wasn’t bad but not enjoyable either. The car had decent low end grunt but at high revs it really whiny and sounded a bit naff. With this new update, the car sounds very good, has a lot of grunt now and the higher revs sound natural, it no longer sounds like I am revving the bollocks off a moped.

    Gran Turismo – Like the M3, before the update it sounded ok but not enjoyable. At high revs this car sounded unattractive like the M3, after the update the car sounds good, not as good as the M3 but sound of car is enjoyable now.

    C63 – This car sounded pretty good before the patch, it had plenty of grunt and it did not suffer too bad at the higher revs. Now it just sounds amazing, the car sounds really thick with a low purring sound.

    I noticed subtle changes to the car sounds on the other camera points as well, I am pleased to say those changes seem to be for the better as well.

    Overall I am impressed that PD have managed to develop a noticeable improvement without changing the original engine audio of the cars, it is definitely a step in the right direction. I cannot wait to try out the LFA with this new update!

  6. blkpig

    Yeah nice update. Two M4’s and two Frozen Blacks finally upgraded, Suzuka nice but same-same (Heh-heh). But really why not full set of track design setup and no 24-hour clock, C’mon man. Community/Clubs really nice, PROSTREET MEET & BBQ open for business again. The VGT is what I thought it would be. But is it just me…well no it’s not, but do two of these base shape layouts Front/Tail Ends remind you of the Citroen Roadcar (V.W./Subaru)? Now before you blow-up I said Base Layout!! Make sure to buy 2 Safety-Cars so you can Equip the lights on one and have one without. Find lights in the custom parts depot. Rims, Calipers can be painted on the B.M.W’s and Rims equipped on VGT. Like I said pretty nice update but when will they lose the Stock-yard? It takes too long to load and you can’t load it online. With this 500 Car limit I as well as others have been constantly moth-balling cars to make way for new ones. Wake up P.D please! Do any of your employee’s play this game? I’m sure they do! Saving face be damned please lose the Stock-yard. Yup nice update, no Track Creation yet! Maybe one day huh? YES UPDATE SON! What’s next P.D? We’re waiting.

  7. sayba2th

    Nice 1 PD, received with great thanks! Nice to see things starting to see things starting to ramp up!

  8. Piotr Jawniak

    I really loved this update. This new VGT car may be the best sounding car I have ever heard, especially when going gear down. The M4 is finally customizable which is also great. And just made over 4 million credits with the new seasonal events and the sierra rally time or whatever it’s called.

    1. Tenacious D

      Wonderful… except I’m in a crunch to finish work on a friend’s album project. Ordered a Neumann mic and a preamp this week, right as the noreast gets hit with a ton o’ snow. Kaz would do this to me. ;P

      Oh well, I have something awesome to look forward to. Keep up the good work, Team Polyphony! Banzai!

    2. Johnnypenso

      Hmmm…I seem to recall you saying numerous times you were quite happy with GT sounds and didn’t care if there was improvement or not. This moves their sound package much closer to Forza in many ways, something you also have decried numerous times. Is the leopard changing his spots now?

  9. Lambob

    can someone elaborate on the MIC placement feature? does this have to do with placing a virtual mic around the car to hear it differently? thanks PD & GT Planet, looking forward to playing this again, and is this the first sound update since GT5 ?

    1. BRRT_Angel

      You now have four selections of mic placement, so you can choose the type of car sound you want to hear. Example: Say you adore using cockpit cam, but hate the sound from inside the cockpit, you can select to hear the car as you would in chase cam, or bumper cam, or hood cam. If you leave this alone, the camera angle will already have its matching sound with it.

  10. Jeebz15

    I thought the black metallic m4 was a dlc car they revoked a while back? I remember hearing about it and then people commenting saying PD took it out. But the people who did the seasonal event for it got to keep it.

    1. RACECAR

      What happened was the car was only available as a prize for Japanese players that participated in the Japanese only seasonal (Sponsored by BMW Japan). It was mistakingly available for all territories via the dealership and a hot fix soon came out that removed it from the dealership.

  11. TheStratGuy

    Just wanted to say thank you to PD, Sony, and GT for giving us more FREE stuff for a game that’s already nearly a year old. Most game companies dont bother with that once they have your money in pocket.
    Its also really nice to see some positive comments this time instead of the usual load of crybaby whining that always accompanies an update. Remember people, this stuff is FREE.
    Nothing in life is free normally. I love Gran Turismo, and probably always will, no matter what else comes out to compete with it. There are other great racing games, but GT is GT no matter what!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      A lot of the moaning is justified.. but like you say, this update is the business and (most of it) is free.. So yes, Many thanks to PD. The vision subaru engine sounds are very very nice. (sounds a lot like a 22B Impreza with exhaust upgrade.)

    2. OpticZero

      I think that one of the reasons why there is updating to the game with no extra cost is to make sure that the game stays relevant. With such a long time between games and no other income coming in the form of DLC or other types of games, PD realizes that they need to keep the current version of the game up to date in order to keep people playing so that they will sell enough copies of the next version to stay in business. If they just released the game and stopped updating it, then it would just slip into the void and tons of people would forget about GT and not buy the new title. This way we all keep GT in mind and when the new one hits stores years later, we will line up to buy it.

    3. DrKronin

      I’m as thankful as anyone, but the features (the community features in particular) in this update were promised at least a year ago, before the game even came out. Anyone that purchased the game on the basis of that promise that the features would be available “shortly” have a right to be a bit miffed that it took so long.

    4. infamousphil

      FREE is THE reason I spend my time in front of the TV. I don’t even have cable TV (yaaaeee). Sing it Aretha… freedom, Freedom, FREEDOM!!! HEY!

      So Gran Turismo is so dear to me that it cuts deep… bone marrow deep, to think they would sacrifice (my biggest gripe) course creator for Sierra and a feature that requires me to BUY(!?) a damn whole car(!?)

      Forgive me Strat, but that hurts…

    5. Tenacious D

      Completely agree, StratGuy. There are games that are better in certain ways, but they aren’t better games for me. I keep coming back to Gran Turismo because it offers what other games don’t. The only game that comes close is Forza, and it’s… well, Forza, a copycat with its own goodies, but also its own issues to deal with.

      But the team that keeps me coming back for more is Polyphony Digital, because the maestro, Kazunori Yamauchi, is some kind of crazy visionary who keeps giving me a lot of what I want in a racer. And is a visionary who seems to have the perpetual attention of the automotive and motorsports world. Will GT7 be paarfect? Probably not. Will it have most of what I want? Might not. But Kaz and his team have shown that they know how to make a cracking good game. And they’ll finally have a system which is about as good as the typical gaming PC, so I’m crossing my fingers and toes that GT7 comes by next year, and has most of what I want. I doubt I’ll be too disappointed.

    6. Johnnypenso

      If what you want in a “racer” is no flags, no standing starts in career mode, no damage, no qualifying and the worst AI in console history..then yeah…GT is your game…lol.

  12. GRAFX21

    Awesome update
    -Better Car Sounds
    -Better Suzuka looks more detailed
    -Subaru VIZIV GT driver amazingly good. So quick and the grips well, good turn-in’s
    -The BMW M4 looks amazing after being tuned and modified with my colors and trims.
    I have (3) and are all different looking and all drive well.
    -Community/Club maker is a good feature. More online features to link with other online players.
    -The room menu is much easier to read.

    -A very good update!

  13. VBR

    Had a good rummage through the club features today, first impressions looks good. Well done PD! My only gripe so far is the lack of editing & moderation options for the forum. We really need to be able to edit our own threads & posts, & the club owner should be able to edit & delete threads & posts too (his own & other members).

  14. fordskydog

    So I guess that we indeed never are getting the track maker. Funny thing; my community has worn very thin. Track maker is one thing that could bring them back.


    1. infamousphil

      Sorry guys. It ain’t gonna happen. I want to see it return too. Just ain’t enough room for it. And at what cost? The course creator should have been a new “staple” for the franchise. Instead it was re-prioritized into oblivion. Just like b-spec. However, like b-spec, it may return a future edition. It is hands down the worst thing they could have done… other than reducing car and track selection.

    2. Tenacious D

      Talking smack of things you know nothing of again, unfamousphil?

      We might not get Course Maker II till GT7. Or Race Mod, Livery Editor, Event Maker, the ability to create online clubs and leagues, user made events from single races to mini-seasons complete with championships, Leaderboards…

      However, a few here insisted that we weren’t getting Community Features either. Well, lo and behold. There are a few “big” updates coming before GT7 ships, and that’s at least several months off, if not a year and a half or more. GT5 Spec 2 was a pretty nice upgrade. Prologue Spec 2 doubled the car list. So temper your “fer sure” predictions with a little history, guy. ;D

  15. JKgo

    I read this on my phone at work and so I rush back home to update my game…and what do I find? “A new update has been found for your console.” Huh???? So a double update?? Thanks a lot Sony….BTW, where’s M4 Frozen Whatnot?? Can’t locate it…Sad….

  16. Gruven

    Call me crazy but I can’t find the BMW M4 Coupé Frozen Black Metallic ’14. I have both the m4 and the performance m, but can’t find the frozen. Or am I just way too intoxicated to find it?

    Great patch non the less and a step in the right direction. Been waiting nearly a year to drive this damn car lol

    1. Famine

      It was available for an extremely short period of time in the dealership between an update and a hotfix. It was a prize for Japanese players who competed in a region-specific event and mistakenly added to the BMW section before being removed again.

      I bought three.

  17. Skyline_77

    such a great update, hope it makes me play more :)

    shame that most my friends no longer play GT6 anymore.. so my “community” feels a bit barren. anyone want to add me?

    Skyline_77 is the name. see you on track

  18. infamousphil

    Nice update. Hope the new Suzuka comes with a 24hr clock and the strobe lights for BOTH pace cars can be turned off SOON. Also, that Subaru is UGLY!!!

  19. wvmgmidget

    When I get the chance (school, and track conditioning) I will be doing a full review on this update and update my VGT comparison to include the Subaru

  20. OpticZero

    The new Vision GT car sounds pretty good, but is lacking an interior. Seriously, WTF is wrong with that company? How are the designers of these cars not screaming to high heaven about not have their car get a complete representation. I remember seeing in a video of the Aston Martin car they actually featured the materials designer and she was going over materials for the seats and trim. If I were her, I’d make it known how PD messed up and that they need to get in touch with reality if they want to compete in the future.

    1. OpticZero

      What is up with that odd link that was automatically put it in? Is Jordan up to his sneaky advertising tricks again, or is just a strange bug?

    2. OpticZero

      Is the new Vision car the only one that has been confirmed to have new sounds?

      Now the link in my original post has been removed. One thing I just noticed, though, is the link that it went to is now an add near the top of the page. There’s some messed up, underhanded advertising here.

    3. NixxxoN

      Whats up with people obsessed with interiors… interior view is only useful for stopping you from having a good view of the track and the stuff surrounding you. Rubbish.
      USE BUMPER CAM, its the best

    4. Johnnypenso

      Yes NixxxoN, we should all use your favourite view or we’re “obsessed”. FYI, there are hundreds of cars in the game with an interior view and it’s standard on all racing games outside of Gran Turismo. Do try to keep up.

    1. Legend87

      That’s exactly what i tought, maybe its a sample and a way to test it? I hope so man.. I also tried to downtune the car to 300 bhp and yh impreza sound

  21. warpkez

    Community = Blank screen. No visual feedback to indicate if it is loading or not, but able to back out to Home screen fine.

  22. Savolainen83

    Jordan, could you tell PD that the safety car could use an on/off switch for the lightbar and grille leds. Please? Thanks.

    1. OpticZero

      I’m sure PD knows that they should do that, but (like tons of other things in the game) PD just won’t implement it, for whatever reason.

  23. TRLWNC7396

    It’s worth noting that if you don’t have the PS3 up to 4.66 on the updates, you will have to download and install that first.

    Awesome update! I can’t wait to try more of it!

    And the Chapparal was promised for December, not this update….. ;)

    1. warpkez

      Could that explain the blank screen when trying to access the Community screen? Otherwise, it does download and installs under 4.65.

  24. sangdude82

    I had a look at the BMW M4 Safety Car at the dealership and it didn’t have the LED lights on its roof. Didn’t they have the in-game screenshots with the LED lights on the Safety Car?

  25. ChauMing803

    Everyone seems to have an improvement regarding the car sounds…so what settings should I use on the sound setting?I kind of…srewed it up:-P

  26. eran0004

    Fantastic update! Suzuka in the morning hours looks great! The Pace Car is awesome! The sound update turned my Ford GT40 into a pack of roaring lions!

    Haven’t tried the community features yet, but I hear they’re good to :)

  27. jezboosted

    Anyone else noticed that the Subaru concept is meant to be 4WD but I find its only FF ?! I assume electric motors power the rear wheels but it doesn’t work !!

    Any ideas ??

    1. Quigz125

      I haven’t had the time to check yet since I only spent 15 minutes on it this morning. But try going into the tuning part of the garage and see if you can purchase the 4×4 differential adjuster thing (sorry forgot what it’s called) it’s the part that allows you to change how much power is going to the front and rear wheels of 4×4 cars. Then again being a VGT car I’m not sure if you can upgrade the parts.

  28. Andyc709292

    Just tried the web link: “The link to Gran Turismo 5 is currently undergoing maintenance”

    Much LoL

  29. GregOr1971

    Superb update.New community features are just amazing (clubs,messages,photo stream,car show…) and at first glance looks like audio dept. changed some postprocessing filters to make engine sound more roarrrrrrr.Great work PD.

    1. MeanElf

      A B-Spec shot from GT5 had all the drivers with names that were wine types. I think it’s an internal PD thing.

  30. warpkez

    1) So what bugs are fixed?
    2) Are the endurance races finally true endurance races?
    3) Has the demolition derby AI been fixed? Has the crash bug on some tracks been addressed?
    4) Has the way penalties been applied been improved for Quick Matches making it fairer for all, whilst punishing smack-tards?
    5) Does the Z4 still sound like a Dyson D24 with a piece of cardboard over the nozzle?

    1. scobra1cz

      Is something of these in changelog? No? So why are you asking? If you are not dumb, you can answer yourself…

    2. warpkez

      There are still graphics glitches from time to time. Had not seen this since 1.03, but it reappeared just recently, the tireless car on Brands Hatch Endurance.

  31. Famine

    There’s now an official GTPlanet GT6 Community Club – and it looks like it’s the very first club created! Search for our ID of 1000002…

    1. sircarltonlotus

      @Famine, what do you think of the feature? It looks to have great potential. Oh yeah I joined, quite a few of us have now.

  32. JDMsk8r

    Subaru VGT is awesome!! You can paint it along with the brake calipers & even change the wheels!! It Definetly has the best exhaust note so far & I’m hoping other exhaust note updates have been made to other vehicles.

  33. Quigz125

    This is a great update. I was only able to do about 15 minutes of driving with the new BMW and then got off because it’s 1:53 am. I love the BMW and can’t wait to try the rest. I do have one concern about this update. They said the BMW will have a LED lightbar but I didn’t see an option with one or a tuning part for it. Was that forgotten or will it come later?

  34. SavageEvil

    Suzuka feel narrower than ever before especially the first turn and subsequent esses. 190R or whatever it was called is also a bit narrower than the usual rendition of it. Enjoying the new replay and fly bys before the race though, they are much better and should be employed on every course post haste. Honestly Suzuka looks like it jumped back into the 80’s it’s so grassy everywhere and reminds me of Fuji ’90’s in GT4.
    No Suzuka West course has been added, neither a new East section either. Possibly coming later, not that I’m waiting for them. Just want to get into the Community stuff as soon as the server goes live again.

  35. GTman1996

    Its 1:22 am where i am, and i downloaded the update at around 11:30, but it still says the servers are under maintenance. Is everyone else getting this or is it me? Because i went through alot or hell earlier today with corrupted data…

    1. kembro

      Yep it’s still under maintenence down under too. Shouldn’t be too much longer they’ll be knocking off shortly. :-)

      You can buy them in the dealership or like me wait for the seasonal.

      The Sierra 4 event is accessible after update and pays over a million to get some credits.

  36. NOS_VTEC

    YES OMG IM SO HAPPY!!! others be like “I didn’t get what I want so this sucks” come on guys, more stuff, more is better!

    1. DSUjoeDirte9

      Not if it adds nearly nothing for people that don’t have online. For offline users this patch is small and not worth going somewere to patch ps3 over.

    1. SavageEvil

      PD never said that, that was mentioned by GM and not PD. It’s coming but not all in one giant file dump. Possibly another one is one the way, I noticed there wasn’t a maintenance period at all this time, weird.

    2. OpticZero

      We aren’t getting the West Course. Unless I missed something, no one ever said a separate West track was going to be added, just updated inside of the full track. If I am wrong, please point me in the right direction where it said the West track will be added separately. I’ve been wanting the Westside for a while now and would be super geeked to have it, but I have never seen PD say they were adding it.

  37. DSUjoeDirte9

    Update doesn’t seem to be all that huge. Only thing worthwhile for offline users here is suzuka, bmw, and a VGT that likely doesnt have an incar. :/

    1. GODfreyGT5

      Nearly a YEAR late mind, this was a GT6 feature, not an 11-months later feature :/.

      I still can’t enjoy gt6 with how every car snaps out of every slight drift, makes it unplayable, not fun :(.

    2. research

      the physics feel more than fine to me. Maybe you’ve never went drifting on racing tires in real life..

      (I know I haven’t. Switch to comfort tires if you want to get a taste of real driving.)


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