GT6 Live Stream: GTPlanet Endurance Series’ 24 Hours of Nürburgring

Gran Turismo 6Site Announcements 10 August 21, 2015 by

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As the racing season rumbles on in real life, so the GTPlanet Endurance Series keeps on going and this weekend the gamers make their way to Germany for the toughest race on the calendar – the Nürburgring 24 Hours.

18It’s the 18th race of the GTPES season and this time it’s the turn of the GT3 and GT Cup drivers. This is by far the biggest race of the season for these classes, with 5 times the normal points haul available for GT3 and 4 times for GT Cup. The 12 teams are made up of 47 drivers from all over the world – Europe, Asia, Oceania and North & Central America -so it truly is a GT Planet endurance race!

You’ll be able to watch the whole race live on Youtube, both here in this article or on the Youtube site itself where you have the advantage of being able to participate in the live chat. There’ll be commentary throughout from a huge team of experts, including andrew1990, andrewsufc91, Domma, Famine, FutureF1, GTP_Dutchy, Hayden, Heathenpride, JonoStan96, OriginalCheezIt and PASM.

There won’t just be race talk either. During the broadcast we’ll have interviews with GT Academy champions Matt Simmons – a GTPES veteran and member of the Green Hell Heathens team – Nicolas Hammann, & Nick McMillen, an exclusive broadcast of the pilot episode of the GTPlanet Podcast and we’ll be announcing the 2016 calendar too. The broadcast itself will be split into into three parts, so you’ll remember to switch over to next stream as each session ends – and we’ll add them into this post as we go along.

The race gets underway at 1300 UTC/GMT (click here to convert to your local time) on Saturday, 22nd August, with the pre-race show starting half an hour before.



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