GT6 vs GT Sport Comparison: Brands Hatch, Nurburgring and Willow Springs

A generation in the gaming industry usually means a leap in the scope and technical ability for a new entry in a given franchise, and courtesy of Motogames’ direct comparison video of GTS and GT6 above, it seems Gran Turismo will be no different.

The ~2 minute video shows off three of the most prominent circuits seen in footage of the game so far; Brands Hatch, Nurburgring Nordschleife and Willow Springs. For the sake of consistency, Motogames have used the same car in each comparison where possible so you can hear the difference in sounds. However, when watching these comparisons, it should be considered that the new sound engine hasn’t been completely adapted yet. GT Sport is due to launch in just over 4 months and as we’ve seen, new builds are being made on the run-up to release.

GT Sport’s lighting engine really shines in this comparison, and the natural composition of the surroundings are some of the best seen running on a PS4 console. The vibrant colour in GT Sport is also immediately noticeable, making GT6 look a bit dull and lifeless in comparison –environments and cars alike jump out at the viewer even with YouTube’s compression. Car models also look incredibly impressive on-track compared to Sport’s older brother.

The beauty of GT Sport is in it’s environments and lighting.

The Nurburgring Nordschleife is the most stark comparison in terms of how ‘alive’ each location looks. Whereas GT6’s ability to render realistic shadows and trees is held back by the outdated hardware, GT Sport makes keen use of the new processing power, with tracks accurately showing shadows cast by trees and other objects.

For those very familiar with the GT series, it can be easy to overlook differences between each iteration now that the performance gap for console generations has dwindled. Motogames’ video allows us to see side-by-side just how much of an effect the changes made in GT Sport’s graphical engine have. Although familiar, Sport is definitely a progression from GT6 as a result of the improved lighting and graphical engine.

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  1. Blood*Specter

    Want to see the UI for tuning your car. Hopefully more simulation and less arcade look.

    Hoping the aero and suspension are life like. Better tire model with inflation/deflation.

    Damage with accurate performance/sound degradation.

    If car mods is still allowed, will the different stages of lightning the car be shown in the interior/exterior views?

    Will piloting the cars have a more visceral simulation feel? We shall see.

    1. infamousphil

      Tuned cars driven by AI is something that l haven’t seen since my Forza days, other than the last two GTs’ Bspec modes. It would be lovely to be able to race a bunch of tuned cars from my garage again but in GT.

  2. AOS-

    It would be a swell idea if game devs included not only the engine sound, but the other moving parts, and even the air rushing by. Some may not like it, but this is where having them as volume options would be superb.

    1. infamousphil

      Having muffled helmet sound effects whist in car was a great addition for PS3’s GTs. Now if we were allowed to cruise without a helmet, we should get to hear the difference between driving an AMG vs a car without sound dampening removed with weight reduction. Or at least have the individual sounds adjustable.

    2. I_Cameron_I

      I think they do have air sounds, thats why everyone keeps calling them vaccums. XD. Seriously tho, that would be a cool idea

  3. potvinsuks

    It’s very nice, and I’m a bit pleasantly surprised by many of the positive reactions by posters here. Even more flattering, are comments from a few of the posters that seam to be fan’s of other Sims more!

    Regardless, fan’s of GT and the other Programs, like (P-Cars, i-racing, RF1&2, AS, Reiza etc etc), alike, may be focusing their critique all to much on aspects that aren’t even close to being the unique focal point of what or where GT-Sport should be critiqued on.

    I understand that this video specifically is there to analyze some of the visual aspects of the program, in contrast of it’s predecessor, but.

    In my opinion, to anyone to compare graphics, sound, even physics to other programs shouldn’t be a deciding factor or it’s ultimate attribute to be the be all things of it.

    Let’s not forget, that where GT-Sport will be different is in it’s function as an official “e-sport” and I’m personally more excited to experience THIS particular aspect of it.

    The eye candy, sounds etc etc, should be compared to those other programs when GT7 comes out.

  4. Leggacy

    Environments look good, Foliage looks nice, less repetition in the tree line. Could do without the balloons at willow springs though it makes it look arcade like.

    1. Master Weasel

      Uh, how do hot air ballons make it look arcadey? The last thing GT Sport needs is more sterile and bland environments like Tokyo Expressway.

    2. Leggacy

      I can’t imagine such a great concentration on hot air balloons in close vicinity to a race track in real life, a massive safety issue! That might seem pedantic but i find it a bit unnecessary and a little distracting. Probably looks really cool with a VR headset :)

  5. ArR29

    The visuals is a massive improvement from GT6, the sound samples and transmission whine has been improved too, but not by much. I was expecting a massive sound overhaul, guess I wrong. Why PD didn’t just outsource their sound engine?

    1. Halcyon925

      I recommend you read the entire article so that you may infer the answer to your question.

  6. cjr3559

    It’d better look great considering the sun is frozen to the same piece of sky 24 hours a day..

    When booting up GT6 did they select the same time/minute of day as GTS, or did they choose some random time?

    GTS looks good but I’m not running out to get it immediately.

  7. sdkflu

    Awesome graphics for GTS, as always for Gran Turismo, every new series have the best graphics for a racing game/sim… i hope and better gameplay and AI cars.

    1. I_Cameron_I

      You’re so funny, go back and play on your game cube. (Which there’s nothing wrong with that)

  8. celtiscorpion73

    The graphics look really good, but I’m not sold on it yet. I’ll see how it gets rated once it comes out before my final decision. It’s also deciding whether I get a PS4 as well…

  9. edbenz27

    Graphics look great. Can’t wait to get my hands on this and VR now that I have a wheel. Been practicing these tracks a lot lately since they were confirmed

    1. whitechocMBG

      You definitely need to get a PS4! But consider waiting until later this year for the upgraded model to be released; it’s going to be a very welcomed upgrade from the current model.

    2. infamousphil

      Save your money Obelisky. As l don’t do abbreviated GT. Sport is totally out of the question for me. Your’e welcome to wait as l am for something that makes me scream ‘YES! THIS IS A MUST HAVE! I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DO THIS AND DRIVE THAT FOR SOOO LONG! now l have the chance to do so.’

      This attitude towards things l literally can not afford works for me because l’m less regretful for purchasing a damn video game. Know what to expect. Identify and cast off the hype… everybodys’ hype and you’ll be as satisfied as l’ve been for the last four GTs because l knew what l was getting into.

      Honestly hope to see you there ;)

  10. Rafael F

    Good graphics as expected, but the sounds are still horrible, it’s basically the same but muffled

    1. Just The Stig

      You must’ve not even read what this news article says, as you probably didn’t even see that it says “the new sound engine hasn’t been fully implemented yet”.

    2. ArR29

      I don’t expect any massive sound improvement from full release. What we’re hearing now is what we gonna get. I hope I’m wrong tho.

  11. RazorSharkz

    Sport looks so damned beautiful. It’s exoected from PD though. GT4 is still good looking even by today’s standards.

  12. jimantonic

    This highlights the visual improvement tenfold over simply watching a video of GT Sport by itself.
    Certainly more impressed now than by previous news items, may even be tempted to pre-order the game having seen this.

  13. Oreca 1998

    That’s how the gameplay is for GT. No additions needed imo except for the sounds. Sounds have significantly improved from GT6 and you can definitely tell from the vid. The graphics have always been beautiful in GT games & are taken care of more than anything else!
    If PD were looking for more improvements for GTS it’ll be the sounds.

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