GTP Photomode Competitions Celebrate 100 Weeks

One hundred. It’s a milestone, and just before we celebrate two years since GT5’s launch, GTPlanet’s own Photomode Competitions are breaking into the triple digits this week. Our two initial competitions, the aptly named “Photomode Competition” (PMC) and “2.0 Advanced Competition” (2.0) hit the ground running back in the same week Gran Turismo 5 made its way into gamers’ eager hands, and haven’t looked back. GT4’s initial inclusion of a Photomode was originally met with criticism back in the last decade, but in an age where sharing is central, it’s now basically a requirement of the racing genre. GT5’s Photomode might be the most in-depth, fully-featured implementation of its kind too; it’s certainly popular, as our GT5 Photomode forum sub-section boasts a massive +220,000 posts!

Week 1 ended with a massive 150 entries, and for Week 100, we’d like to see you, the GTP Community, submitting your best shots. To sweeten the deal, I’ll even be sponsoring a year’s worth of Premium membership to our forums, which will be handed out to one lucky person after all of our Week 100 celebrations are concluded. What do you need to do? Head on over to the Photomode Competition 100 thread on our forums, and post a link to your submission, following the theme of Urban VS Rural. Use a thumbnail preview (no bigger than 500px either direction), and make sure you pick one side or the other: a scenic drive through Toscana perhaps, or a blast through Madrid’s streets, it doesn’t matter! If you’re unsure of anything, make sure to read all of the first post for the details, and if you’ve still got some questions, either ask in the thread or Private Message me for answers!


The Advanced Competition (2.0) is our other main event this week, which allows more freedom in the post-editing department for the budding digital photographer familiar with Photoshop, GIMP, and other image editing software. The theme this week is Epic Reality, the goal being to create the most realistic image you can muster with the tools provided. There are already dozens of amazing entries, so add to the pile and make this the best-looking GT5 thread ever. Much like the PMC, head on over to the open 2.0 Week 100 thread and submit your entry, making sure it follows all of the rules laid out in the first post. Have at it!


Much like they say on any good infomercial: That’s not all, folks! Help crown the Best Of The Best; a collection of polls of previous weeks’ winners. These are multiple choice polls, so vote on as many images as you like, starting with PMC’s BOTB 3 (Weeks 51-75), followed by 2.0’s BOTB 3 (Weeks 41-60) and BOTB 4 (Weeks 61-80). Once Week 100’s winners are determined, you can bet there will be more of these, and eventually, a final poll to determine the GTP community’s favourite from the first 100 weeks. Make your voice heard!

Also, while not at Week 100 (yet), we also have our other two weeklies: The CCCL (Certain Car, Certain Location) and Secret Santa Competitions. CCCL Week 85‘s theme has our pairing set as the rarely-seen Isuzu 4200R Concept being driven around Tokyo R246, while Secret Santa Week 74‘s only requirement is that you run on any created Eifel Circuit at 6:00am. Remember that for Secret Santa Competitions, you don’t post your entry in the thread, but instead Private Message Nato_777. Go get involved!

Finally, a thank you to everybody who has made that sub-section such a success; here’s to another 100 weeks. Keep those shutters clicking!

GT5 Photomode images by Revolution. and CCShaft7.

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  1. Miklad

    Nice to see the Photomode Community make the front page. It really is one of the best places to be on the internet. :)

  2. izzyg

    Hey guys just seen a vid in YouTube with a BMW z4 race car with gt logos on the windows, said it was gt6 screen shots check it out

    1. Jordan

      It wasn’t a GT6 screen shot. Beware, there are lots of GT6 “screenshots” and videos around the web which are only intended to mislead.

  3. bmxmitch

    We’ll see if we get to week 200 before GT6 comes out! I’m pretty sure though…..

    And btw, the photomode section has the best and helpful members all over the internetz! It’s such fun to compete there. :D

    And another thing. I hope to see some members entering week 100 again. moglet, revolution, chromatic, wallbreaker, Fishy…… and so on! ;)

    1. Progress823

      It’s the nature of some of the members of this site. I suspect there will be Forza comments in this forum soon as well.

      Back on topic – that photo with the LFA looks too real, I thought it was until I checked the tag at the bottom of the page. Great work.

    2. 05XR8

      Yes, very real. The only giveaway is the light reflection. It should be more linear as opposed to vertical. But very good indeed.

  4. Magic Ayrton

    Nice, “The ultimate photo simulator”.. so when do we get a game I can play with decent sound and a career mode worth its while?


    Sweet,ill submit some from me a spec le mans 24 hour race,i have 1 hour to go,doing it in the 787B stealth car :)

    1. PIGBOY

      i cant figure the settings in photomode,is there any kind of guide on here,like showing photo’s and the settings used to achieve the photo?

  6. m8h3r

    I love having a little mess around on my photomode. Sometimes I make some good photo’s but the ones you see in this competition are incredible.

  7. JunkiePanda

    I miss the days when the photomode comps were huge news on the site, with each week’s theme and winner being posted on the front page….

    1. bmxmitch

      Agreed too!
      There aren’t any real good news lately when it comes to GT5, so adding this to the front page would at least give people something nice to look at! :D

  8. Hydro

    Congratulations to SlipZtrEm and the all the photmode regulars.
    There are tons absolutely incredible pics in those threads!

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