Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.66 Arrives with Toyota GR86

The latest update for Gran Turismo Sport has now gone live, bringing with it the first new car to the game of 2021: Toyota’s GR86.

Toyota has only recently revealed the GR86, which succeeds the 86GT. Despite looking really rather similar to its predecessor, the GR86 is an entirely new car. There’s a new platform underneath with a slightly longer wheelbase and much higher torsional rigidity, and much of the upper structure is now aluminum to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity.

The GR86 won’t go on sale until later this year, so GT Sport players will get to drive the car before its real-world owners. In fact it’s only due to make its public dynamic debut globally this weekend, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, so Gran Turismo has the jump on everyone.

As expected, the car’s arrival in the game has brought an update to the FIA Online Championship Stage 2 schedule. It’s now confirmed that the GR86 will be the car for Round 1 of the Nations Cup on July 10, at Autopolis.

If you want to grab the car for a test drive before then, you might be pleasantly surprised at the price. Although Toyota Gazoo Racing announced that the car would cost 86,000 credits, it appears this was a mis-translation and it would actually cost 860,000 credits in the Japanese version of the game. In other regions, that becomes 8,600 credits, making it the cheapest car in GT Sport.

Other than the Toyota there’s not a lot else in the 317MB update. The official patch notes mention a tire temperature bug in Sport Mode, and of course the traditional “various other issues”. Doubtless there’ll be som small changes that the GTPlanet community will dig out in due course.

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Comments (26)

  1. XRRoy_

    GT has become a complete waste of time ever since GT5 came out.
    Don’t get me wrong, my first racing game is GT and that was when I was 7, but now I just hate the franchise to death thanks to the effortless new games PD brought out.

    Give back my Special Stage R11, motherf##kers!

  2. stealth550Gt

    It takes years to add cars to this game. There are much better cars to add but they add this. Ok add this and maybe another couple if cars. There is so much lack of progression in this game and content. I bought my first PS because of this game and it had way more tracks and cars back then. Just seems like you get less and less content over the years.

    1. Ryan81

      You gotta remember though that back in the PS1 era it took far less time to model the cars. There was no cockpit view for one thing and the graphics were very dated compared to today.
      Sometimes it’s a case of quality over quantity.

    2. Rjo

      Thank god,i been saying this for years,their competitor over at forza meanwhile for both the motorsport and horizon franchises have no problem adding cars that people actually want to drive in their games,i’d be impressed if they can get a koenigsegg jesko or ferrarri f-xxk in gt7 but i doubt it,they seem to focus on the stuff that nobody cares for instead of what actually matters,super/exotic super cars and good tracks,can’t be that hard right???

      1. Dexman45

        Dude its almost as if they are allergic to modern supercars in gran turismo. They’ve missed literally every ferrari since the 458. You could at least count on them for japanese car representation in the past but sport is missing so many jdm favorites. Its at the point where I know for certain I wont be buying gt7 at full retail (if im being honest the new $70 price isnt worth it for any ps5 game).

    1. zdenko

      PS4 PRO and I have the same silly 57.6GB. Really annoying as I turned the PS4 on about 1.5 hours before tonight’s Nation Cup race as I knew there was a small update coming. And I get that ridiculous size pop up. Missed out on all 3 races. And it is still downloading. I’m on a 25Mbit connection here so that is like a 5-6 hour update just to download!!!

    2. Dexman45

      The required storage of these updates that add no features/content at all have almost made me entirely stop playing the game. Its like they aren’t even a first party studio the way they don’t optimize storage in anyway.

  3. Rdp616

    GT sport isn’t a racing game anymore. It’s a 3d marketing campaign for manufacturers. And it’s honestly getting old. Forget listening to what the people who buy your game want. Let’s appease the manufacturers who make large investments into our company 馃檮

      1. Rdp616

        What? How about something that isn’t in the game? I would rather them not add anything than add another version of a car that’s already in the game. The way you people defend PD is hilarious. He’s 100% right in calling it dull. Cause let’s face it. That’s what GT sport is in a nutshell.

    1. Myst_senpaii

      I drove it. Max HP is 359 putting thecar at N400. I tested it about a 9 min run with errors. I think its a good car only downfall is the steering for me

  4. Aegis

    With GT7 still one year away (or more), with various championships/online competitions using GT Sport and with these updates coming (even if minor) i don’t understand why Polyphony doesn’t release a patch to take advantage of the PS5 at least to allow 60 FPS replays in 4k, and speed up things bit. It’s a great game that really deserves it.

    1. MIE1992

      PD doesn鈥檛 seem like a massive studio, so it could be that they only have so many people on staff. If I ran a studio with a limited staff size, I'd mostly implement any major improvements in the next installment – especially since we know that GT7 will have its own iteration of Sport Mode.

    1. Rosco288

      It probably will still have the capacity to be torpedoed right off the road as well!! 馃檮馃槙

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