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After the successful launch of the GTPlanet Endurance Series at the end of last year, we are excited to announce the addition of the GTPlanet Karting Series.

The Endurance Series has proved hugely popular, attracting over 50 teams and nearly 200 drivers from across the GTPlanet community and beyond. The racing so far has been extremely close and the drama high, with teams missing the cut in qualifying by hundredths of a second, and races decided in the final few laps.

However we appreciate the Series is quite demanding for both teams and drivers as we strive for realism. With the introduction of the GTPlanet Karting Series, we aim to cater to the other end of the spectrum and go back to basics.

Karting is the entry point into the world of motorsport for most. Karts pair low weight with low power to create a great handling racer for drivers of all abilities. In addition, multiple classes provide drivers with a ladder to climb and a clear sense of progression. Finally, with tuning and set up work prohibited in the lower classes, there really is a level playing field.

If you are aspiring to become a NISMO GT Academy graduate, or just looking for some fun, close, organised racing, then this should be both your first point of call to nurture and hone your skills, and your benchmark against the potential competition!


The Format

A ‘Pre-Season Trials Weekend’ will be held between 16-17 MAY with the aim of sorting drivers into groups of the same ability, to maximise competition and enjoyment. You will need to sign up for 2 Heats over the course of the weekend to stand the best chance of qualifying for the top class, KZ1. Those who can’t make it, or can only attend 1 Heat may have to start the season in one of the lower classes.

The regular season will consist of; 4 Heats for each class, taking place on Sundays, each suiting a different part of the world; Asia, Europe, US West Coast, & US East Coast.

The top 3 drivers in each Heat will qualify for the ‘Final’ in their respective class, these will take place on Saturdays, at a time designed to cater to all timezones.

The Calendar is split into 3 Regional Seasons (Japan, Europe, and North America), reflecting the location of the tracks that will be visited.

After the completion of each Regional Season, the top scoring drivers in each class will move up, and the lowest scoring drivers will move down a class, to ensure the most evenly matched grids possible.

After the completion of all 3 Regional Seasons, the top drivers over the entire year will qualify for the ‘World Finals’.

Qualifying for each heat will last 5 minutes, and races will vary in length (10-40 minutes) depending on the class, with finals lasting longer than heats.​


The Classes

All 4 Gran Turismo Racing Karts will be used, and referred to as; KF3 (100), KF2 (120), KF1 (125), & KZ1 (125 Shifter).

Each class ratchets up the speed and challenge, and provides a clear path of progression as the races get continuously longer and more demanding.



Now updated for use with more traditional racing, the Network Endurance Race Direction System is a piece of custom racing management, timing and scoring software built specifically for the GTPlanet Endurance Series, providing rich and detailed insight to the racing it is used to organise.

Competitors will be able to track their progress and achievements over both Series.


How to get Involved

There are two ways to get involved as a Competitor, either as a Team Manager supporting a group of Drivers, or as a Driver, racing for a Team or as an Independent:

As a Team

  • Read through the Sporting Regulations and make sure you understand the requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure that your drivers state your team name when asked during the registration process.
  • More details will be made available at a later date.

As a Driver

  • Read through the Sporting Regulations and make sure you understand the requirements and expectations.
  • Make a post on the General Series Discussion thread stating your interest in taking part in the Series, and whether or not you can attend the Pre-Season Trials Weekend. You will subsequently receive a PM (Personal Message) containing more details.

As an Event Official

  • We are also looking for budding Stewards, Broadcasters, and Commentators, so if you are interested in helping out behind the scenes, please get in touch as well.

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