Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo 5 Updates and DLC

While responding to a question on Twitter, Kazunori Yamauchi has thankfully shared some brief yet interesting information on the future plans for Gran Turismo 5. Here’s a human translation of his comments, kindly offered by GTPlanet community member Shirakawa Akira:

Updates are in preparation. First [there will be] bug fixes, then feature updates and DLC will probably follow. The decentralization of our studios and framework is a greater burden than I thought….

This confirms suspicions that Polyphony Digital’s move to Fukuoka has resulted in a recent slowing of GT5 software updates and Seasonal Events. Also, despite Yamauchi’s typically careful choice of words (“probably”), this is the strongest evidence we’ve had of plans to release additional downloadable content (“DLC”) for Gran Turismo 5 since Sony PR staff mentioned it last month.

UPDATE: Kazunori has since posted another tweet in response to the flurry of reactions following his previous post above. Once again, thanks to Shirakawa Akira for the translation!

We’ll make sure to live up to the expectations… It’s quite an effort. Besides, servers aren’t working completely yet. Well, we have to do nothing but our best.

GT5 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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Comments (266)

  1. many

    i wish the new dlc has like a CTS-v coupe or some bentlys or rollsroyce. also some SUV`s might be good toooooo

  2. Gallade475

    the new dlc will be the skyline pack with 100+ skylines with the bulk of them being r32-r34 era gtrs of varying special editions

  3. djm99

    Want more real racetracks, got enough cars. What about an update to reduce my 3 minute loading time. What about a bonnet cam, roof cam is so silly to drive from.

    1. Sam

      I guess he just means that the translation was made by a human being…not by a bot or a translation software.

      Relax… ;-)


    I would really appreciate it if they released a pack of 10 or 15 hot hatchbacks From the 1980s and 90s such as the sierra RS cosworth, lotus sunbeam, chevette HS, Nova GTE, Astra Mk2 GTE, MG Metro 1300, Escort XR3 and fiesta XR2 to name a bunch even if I had to pay more than a tenner .

  5. Antony Henley

    FYI as of 21:15 gmt Kaz Yamauchi has tweeted that in Race game savers are still in development with NO mention of a release date. That should hush a few people up.
    @kaz_Yamauchi for more details on twitter.

  6. LR-MR-Cole

    I truly hope its more cars. Not in race saving or any of that BS. MORE CARS OR MORE PREMIUMS. I would also lik more tracks and not the old GT tracks like Mid Field or Maple Valley. I want tracks like Zolder, Amola, Infineon, Mosport, Fiaranno test track, Mugello just real world circuits. And with Forza 4 getting closer and closer everyday PD really needs to buckle down and do something cause Forza 4 (Ihate to say) is looking way better than GT5.

    1. gt5fanatec

      I own GT5 and I’ve been looking at some Forza 4 vids and it look pretty good although I think gt5 graphics are way better. But then you have the damage not even
      Worth talking about on gt5. Forza is definantly stepping it up.

  7. Brandon

    Finally, confirmation! Well, sort of. It’s common practice to release DLC for games these days that sell so many millions of copies. Of course with Kaz everything has to live up to our (read: his) expectations before it is released. So it may be a while before we see the DLC, but I am just glad it’s coming. Hopefully a timeline will already be planned out when GT6 comes out for DLC like most tier 1 developers and publishers do nowadays.

  8. 07_HSV_GTS

    Are they ever going to put Bathurst into this?? and plz no more honda’s or nissan’s there is too many, what’s the point with a 1999 Honda and a 1998 Honda that has no difference?? Couldn’t you have just spent the time putting in cars that people actually want in this game/simulator like more Australian cars?? And some better handling for them.

    1. Butters

      Kaz has actually admitted already that there are too many duplicates. His reason for doing it in the first place was to pay homage to the early Japanese racing culture. Something like that.

    2. BubbleBelly542

      I dont want more Australian cars, or more cars for for that matter, but more so I dont want australian cars

    3. AERO

      @BubbleBelly542 – what’s wrong with Australian cars? There’s only three of them in the game, we have a respected and lengthy motoring history, we have some great cars, we would simply like a few less “duplicates” and more Aussie iron. Out of a thousand cars, why is that unreasonable?

  9. Aron

    Yeah even if DLC costs money, buying it supplies the company with money to make games better. Buy the DLC, don’t pass it up because it costs money. Everything you got in this game is worth well over 60 bucks.

  10. Antony Henley

    Three things here guys try and get them sorted.
    Bug fixes – what they are.

    Feature updates – Things that should have been in at launch but were not for time constraints or other reasons. I would put these as more “terrain templates” for Course creator, that sort of thing.

    DLC – Is what it is Downloadable content whether its free or paid for. Most likely Paid for. Extra Cars and maybe a track or two, but thats as far as i am willing to go.

    If using the and liking the game every day makes me a fanboy so be it. Its better than some idiot who bought the game, whinges like hell about every aspect of the game and still uses it goes online and calls everyone who loves it and then trolls a bit more. I’d rather be a fanboy then an idiot I’ve just described.

    1. Aron

      @ Antony

      I agree, for features, might have just put things the game is missing because people were complaining for the game to come out. I think they will try to put as much as they can in the DLC. I pay this game everyday and love it, we aren’t fanboys, just game lovers :)

  11. RT*//

    Obviously they’re waiting for the right moment to hinder Forza’s launch.

    As a first second GTfan I think my patience has suffered enough.
    PD must really do something to keep their fans from switching sides.

    At least I want 10 different tracks, not variations, new 2011/2012 cars,
    custommade championships and a ranking.

    If they fail to listen to their fanbase they will be in big trouble.

    1. Butters

      Very true. And I hope you’re correct about PD waiting for the right moment. That’s what I think will happen too. Most likely, it’ll happen before FM4 releases.

  12. GTi_16v

    Butters, seriously I wasnt complaining, if you call what i said a complaint then some of the people on here must be in a HULK style rage! I just stated that GT5 is an amazing game but Kaz has all of you hanging on his every word and its quite unreal how people so easily get brainwashed and will stick by his side no matter how big or small the update/DLC is. Kaz wants to learn how to walk before he can run with his huge ideas on what the game in his head is and what the game on the disc in our ps3’s is, which we all payed lots of money for, expecting great things (after what he said) and then feeling slightly dissappointed.
    And to rub it in KAz has pretty much confirmed GT6 will be what we all wanted GT5 to be, the only catch is we will probably all have to purchase a PS4 and 3D TV.

    1. Jess

      For your next trick you might has well try to convince the entire christian population that God is really just a super intelligent little white rodent that created the world for eperimental scientific testing. You’d probably have better luck with that one……

    2. Butters

      “GTi_16v was one of them, but then he explained himself and he was completely rational with the one comment where he actually had something useful to say.”

      I made that comment a few comments up there.

      Sorry if you thought I was bashing you, man. You’re strsight as an arrow.

  13. BWX

    Butters – WTF is wrong with you? Get a life and quit wrecking Jordan’s blog. No one cares what you think anymore because you’ve worn out you’re welcome. GTFO

  14. need2sleep

    Now leave Butters alone, hes the reason why i check this forum daily ! Always up for some good comments :D

    Submit Comment

    1. ^^

      Yah, it’s kinda entertaining. Sorta like contracting poison ivy, on top of a serious sunburn, then rolling arround in salt. Who wouldn’t find that fun?

    1. Butters

      lol better than the Top Gear Special Event with Schwimmwagens.

      The word swim is in Schwimmwagen. Coincidence? Even though it’s German?

    2. Grand Prix

      Not a coincidence. Called the “Swimming Car” LOL

      Its inclusion has always made me wonder if that is what Kaz had in mind for it, hehe

  15. Mazerati

    And Butters, stop disagreeing/arguing with/about every post. You’re acting like some sort of smart-mouth.

    1. Butters

      If you read all of my comments, not all of them are arguments. The complainers feel the need to continue with their bitter opinions, I just want to get to the bottom of it. I only choose the comments that are blatantly trying to show offence toward Kaz mostly. Just because I have the time to go on a rampage as 1 person going against multiple complainers and “jokesters”, doesn’t mean I should be targeted for being a smart-mouth. I can see what you’re saying but I’m not trying to be a smart mouth. I’m just trying to get people to understand that their constant bitter, partly offensive comments and opinions aren’t to be ignored. By complainers, I’m talking about the people that have nothing positive to say at all. GTi_16v was one of them, but then he explained himself and he was completely rational with the one comment where he actually had something useful to say.

      For example,
      “Wow! Ya’ll are so excited and he didn’t say no more than the sony guy did awhile back…lol “DLC will probably follow” I will probably win a million bucks…yea right! lol”

      Useful comment? I think not.

    2. Butters

      I’m not smart-mouthing anyone that didn’t ask for it. The people that just can’t get on with their lives and away from GTPlanet because of their dislike for how GT5 turned out. We all have different opinions, but some opinions should be toned down to actually have some kind of courtesy or etiquette (Again, this is a GT Fan Site, not a flame Kaz and his hard work site).

    3. Butters

      Seriously, look at the other comments I’ve made. I reply with actual input on the topic of whatever someone’s speaking about.

    4. C-Germ

      Butters isn’t disagreeing/arguing with/about every post. He admits to having too much free time and sticks up for one of his favorite games. A vocal GTP fan. He’s at the right place.

    1. Butters

      I don’t have any responsibility at the moment, so I sleep whenever I’m really tired. I hate lying in bed for hours, not being able to sleep. Lately, I’ve been staying up for as long as I can until I actually feel like I can sleep. lol it isn’t scary. I just have a lot of free time.

  16. Mazerati

    Hopefully the latter list will show you how greedy and unrealistic you are being. Expecting, practically, another game to be shoved into this one.

  17. Mazerati

    The only things i want put in this game are:

    Maserati GT (preferably premium)

    Trial Mountain & El Capitan circuits

    The ability to continuosly freely paint your cars body.

    3/4 ain’t bad, and no, i don’t expect C-Spec, More premium cars, more standards upgraded to premium, more tracks, leaderboards, YouTube video uploading, the ability to change standard cars’ rims and more races and (alot more) seasonals to be crammed into an already fantastic game.

  18. gerard o hara

    if its dlc for purchase i think pd will provide the goods as they are good that way..

    if its another free update i reckon we will see a few new premiuims ( nothing to do with updated standards) bug fixes, and new features (drivers club)

    just a guess

    gt6 should be looming behind the scenes with the forza four build up starting

    1. Butters

      Ever since the Half price, no mileage OCD started, I’ve been thinking that Kaz means to update those cars to premium because when he first mentioned the update of standards to premium, he said there were some classics that he wanted to be premium. We’ve been getting nothing but classics in the OCD. Besides the Veyron, which will become premium almost certainly. I don’t see the Veyron staying standard is all.

    2. Aron

      @ Butters

      I completely agree, the Bugatti will probably go premium. In its description it said it remains at the pinnacle of all supercars. They will get one and model it up I’m sure. I don’t think there were even going to be standards, they just put the PSP cars in because they had to get the game out. They crossed their fingers hoping people would appreciate they put in those cars, no matter what people would’ve complained with 200 premiums and no standards. Butters what is your PSN ID? Add me, mine is aronh17.

  19. Butters

    I don’t need to play it all the time. I like to look up things about GT5 all the time. Photo Mode shots for example. And like Oh be nice said (hahaha), it’s not like I’m saying, Forza sucks, or anything like that. I’m actually contributing to this page. Just because you’re not a Fanboy doesn’t mean I should back off from doing my duty. And I say, this is GTPlanet, a fan site for Gran Turismo. So why don’t the people who have nothing but bad things to say about Kaz, PD, or GT leave this site and never come back? It’s ok, PD has enough feedback already, you can go home.

    This isn’t MyPlanet. MyPlanet would be me talking about myself and how I’m so great. I’m not conceited. Or “insecure” about how much I’ve enjoyed GT5 these past 8 months. And I back up what I say, I don’t just spew lies and hatred to innocent bystanders.

  20. BWX

    Well, thanks for the update, but as always with news from Kaz or PD I will believe it when I see it. It is good that he gave the community some kind of update though, as they need to work on that department for sure.

    1. Aron

      Believe it when you see it? Do you know a lot of companies don’t even patch their games? When Forza Motorsport 3 launched when you would shift there would be no animation. Took them a month to patch. We have it way better on GT5.

    2. BWX

      Yeah, I will believe it when I see it. To be less polite, Kaz and PD have a problem with the truth, they prove it over and over.

  21. Aron

    Lol what? Whatever guy said if Sony was head of them they’d charge for race suits and stuff? I’m pretty sure Sony has a contract right with PD. Sony is loose with their terms and such. Obviously you’re thinking of Microsoft, with the month early DLC and bs… A lot of companies favor Sony for being so easy on companies. Other than that, even if there is no DLC, if you’re getting bored with the game you haven’t captured the beauty of it yet. No other game has quite a detailed Nurburgring on it. That alone will keep me addicted for a few years. Standards bad? Boohoo, the level of detail in premiums make up for standards. The complainers are not true GT fans, that’s what I go by. If you’re looking for a less realistic, play for fun racer I’d recommend Forza Motorsport 3 or NFS: Shift or Shift 2. Expecting too much, just enjoy the game :)

    1. C-Germ

      Thank you!
      There is so much to do, and the replay value is the best on the market. Even if you just include the GT500 cars some would consider that a full game. But they added go carts, nascar, rally, night racing, rain, lights/horns, suits, photomode, seasonals, etc.
      Seeing the brake lights in trailing mist, the sun setting through the trees at Nurburgring, or the midnight stadium lights in the distance at La Sarthe make this game special imo.
      Sure, some things aren’t perfect, but I’m happy to have this beautiful library of cars at my disposal.

    2. Yeah..

      I don’t agree with your “true fans” bit. Some of those complaineds have been playing GT since the beginning and got GT5 first day, plus have dished extra cash for the CE or SE. If those aren’t “true fans” I don’t know what is. Granted, some people have complained about ridiculous things but it’s understandable why some may feel let down by GT5 in certain areas.

    3. Aron


      Yes, but you’re misinterpreting my thoughts on that. They may be true fans in terms of following the series, but in the same sense these people that are complaining a few of them were probably some complaining for the game to come out. He wanted TWO more years it isn’t even a complete game! I bet there wasn’t even going to be standards! He had to finish up as much as he could because Sony needed them to get this done in fear of losing sales. It’s not Sony being ignorant as some people think. They just needed them to get it done. When this is one of your biggest exclusives on your console, you need it to get out so you can make money to keep things going. Look at it from a business standpoint. But yes, they are fans, but the true fans of any game will appreciate what the game has. There’s not even that many problems with this game.

      @ C-Germ

      Thanks for understanding my point and yes Le Mans is absolutely amazing at night, it was the first track I raced on in my McLaren F1 Stealth model. People joke about racing suits, I see them as a new dynamic thing games lack. Nothing is perfect, this is the best racing experience I’ve ever had. I do like when brake lights light up mist from rain. so many things and people put the game down before experiencing any of this. Again this game isn’t even finished at the same time! He said “feature updates” which may mean that C-Spec or anything… On an end note, go karts are superb and good for practice, like real life and no other driving game will touch these physics.

  22. Fredyellow

    I barely play GT5 one hour per one or two weeks now. Sad Times for a broken game.

    Only thing that can save GT5 franchise : ability to create own tracks via Google map.

    1. Mubble

      “Only thing that can save GT5 franchise : ability to create own tracks via Google map”.

      Not a very important feature to be honest. There are bigger priorities.

  23. Sprite

    Its nice to see PD have got organised after the earthquakes and i truly wasnt expecting news of DLC till at least the end of the year maybe even next year. I just hope that they dont concentrate too much on bux fixes because the game runs fine for most people and out of track experiances dont need to be fixed. In race saves would be nice though.

    I just want Midfield back and then my GT5 life would be complete.

  24. MANU56BZH

    Hum… Costa di Almafita, El capitan, REAL Special rally stage (with différent road larges scale and with tiny jump…?!!!)

  25. big ron

    Didn´t play GT5 since month, nothing interesting anymore.

    GT5 ist the only game, where I wish to have DLCs (and the only game where I would buy it).

    But since there are month left without any new content, I am not interested too much in GT5.

    1. Grand Prix

      They’re either going to release it or not release it. I don’t think you understand the brilliance of such a statement. They could release it a hundred years from now and it would still be a correct statement.

      So I don’t know why they haven’t said that yet.

    2. Butters

      Well you’re basically just asking for Kaz to change the way he’s worked all along.

      And someone said something about Twitter being a dumb place to give us information. To that I say, “Join us in 2011.” I don’t use twitter but it’s still a great place to do what he’s done so far. And this IS confirmation of DLC. If it weren’t coming, Kaz wouldn’t have even mentioned it without saying he’s still not sure if they’ll wait for GT6.


      And you’ve contributed what to page? OH BOY!

  26. GT5 Player

    Wow! Ya’ll are so excited and he didn’t say no more than the sony guy did awhile back…lol “DLC will probably follow” I will probably win a million bucks…yea right! lol

    1. Butters

      That’s what one French Sony Rep. said and nobody knew if he knew what he was talking about. Now Kaz confirmed it. So you’re gullible when a suave Frenchman tells you something will come, but when the Godly Kazunori tells us it will come, you think you’re better than us?

  27. Hernan

    People are so naive, this game is 8 months old already and there no DLC, now you guys have hope with some words of the same person who told us “soon” for 3 years?
    Remember GT4 online addon? Damage patch for GT5 Prologue?

    At best we will get 10 cars, they are clearly keeping the contents for GT6.

    1. GTi_16v

      All the people moaning at other people like me and you are the ones who forget those sorts of promises that we were made………remember the customer is always right Kaz!

    2. Butters

      Kaz has said early on after the release of GT5, he wasn’t sure whether or not there will be DLC or if they’ll just add the content to GT6. Meaning he wasn’t promising anything (directing that to other people). 8 months isn’t that much time though. It is in terms of playing a game, but not when you’re talking about a game of this “caliber” (I don’t really like the word caliber but I used it).

  28. GTi_16v

    Butters your only getting tired of people like me cause its the truth and im not at all slating GT5 or Pd or anyone just telling people not to get their hopes up, we waited on Kaz’s every word faithfully, and now the game is here and nearly a year old I do feel slightly let down, I have been addicted to the game since I got it, then got the DFGT but just lately I havent played it much as I am genuinely getting bored of it, these new online events “world compact car” is just an online version of the A-Spec race with nearly the same name purely just different tracks lol we aint that stupid that we all fall back in love with the game after a measly new event thats slightly “tweaked” from what was on A-Spec anyway. I have every faith there will be DLC im just not hoping for more premiums, new tracks or anything cause i dont want to be dissappointed if it isnt that.
    Im just basically saying what a lot of the hardcore GT fans are thinking but dont want to say

    1. Butters

      Well I’m getting bored of it too. Ever get bored of something you constantly do? Doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It just means, move on for a little bit, because you’ll be back when you need it. I’m needing it soon because the other stuff I’ve been doing is losing its friction.

      It isn’t almost a year though, I’m not trying to be a moron. Seriously, it’s only been 8 months, a week ago. So just move on, you/I don’t need to constantly do something to prove it’s good.

  29. riph

    To me DLC is a must have, poor gt fan, have to wait half a year & they (PD)still keep puzzling what is all about & then when we get it- its just not live with the expectations. same with standard premium cars thing..to GT fans-just not put too high hopes otherwise u all be bashing in here again after this..just wait

    1. LEGO Group

      You got something against LEGOs? Lucky for you none of our LEGO weapons work, or my people bust a brick in ya! ;P

  30. Chris

    In Before the Lock…. bwahahaahaha, I had to guys, I just had to.

    Honestly, to me, the only thing I need out of GT5 is standards to premium and all the old tracks. I would be super happy with just that. Or at least different wheels for the standards. The OEM Honda hubcaps are garbage. I need more Volk in my life.

  31. IDCI

    Wow… I played on hardest difficulty on arcade mode everything turned off TCS, ABS, etc. in nurburgrin g/p with F10 … Really challenging and realistic, though

    Its a shame they didnt implement it on gt mode, A-spec is really BORING thank god they brought seasonal events

  32. IDCI

    I don’t care what the new features, bug fixes, DLC are just bring them quick ill be happy with anything new.

  33. ChicoMaloXD

    I HOPE it is not classic PD Tracks everyone have been asking for. I’d only accept one classic track no more, the game needs more real world tracks and cars.

  34. sdriver

    It would also be nice to be able to save set ups for cars in a file stored on the game kinda like Nascar ’09. Also add the oil changes inside the game so we do not have to back out of the rooms and loose our place. My two cents…peace!

  35. Oh no,

    I like this part:

    “We’ll make sure to live up to the expectations…”

    The man just committed to the completely impossible. That either means he’s 90% done and can release the DLC anytime, or it means the release date is subject to change for the next two years, followed by a partial release, and updates for the updates to follow……O_o

    1. Butters

      More like it’s impossible because of people with those expectations. How arrogant are people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!

    2. Butters

      I know it was a joke. A joke meant to be about how Kaz has “lied” to us. None of the BS that has happened is the direct fault of Kaz. His goals are set high, he wants to meet them, he has succeeded in many aspects.

    3. Kaz

      Yah, not my fault. I have noooooooo responsability for my own product. Not my fault my boss wanted something for paying me. I should have unlimited time, budget, and staff. Not like that imaginary universe wher CEOs have to take responsibility and obey deadlines, and bosses, and other junk.

    4. Skiddy

      I was thinking more along the lines that the delays where the result of trying to catch up with expectations. The word “lies” hadn’t come to mind. I could have been clearer I guess.

    5. Butters

      Sony let you have a lot of time to begin with Kaz. They gave you the first PS3 kit I’ve heard. Sony gave you all the time they needed to give you, then they said, nevermind. It really isn’t your fault.

      I said not his direct fault. Of course, it’s partially his fault. He tries way too hard.

    6. Butters

      @ Skiddy

      That’s what I was thinking too. But that’s not the way the OP intended it to sound. He said,”I like this part.” Sarcasm that was.

      Then he said things Kaz has said to make it sound like the updates and DLC will be like that. OP quoted Kaz and then made it seem like Kaz was lying with that part the OP like.

    7. GamerGT5

      @Kaz and Skiddy:

      I know some of you feel sick in the stomach about GT5’s release and blaming it on Kaz about delays, unfinished, limited staff etc. But what’s done is done with GT5’s release. We can’t go back. All we can hope for is a better future with the GT series. IMO by looking at some updates I’m very impressed with the A.I, remote races, and custom suits and helmets. Kaz didn’t charge us a cent for the costumes unlike other games out there. At least he’s still providing updates to us. Also, PD opening a new studio is probably good news also. Let’s look forward and stop looking back. Let’s see what more that PD has to offer :)

  36. SKOT Free

    All I’m gonna say is bring Back Driving Park course where they do the Hot Version togue battles, and bring back Ebisu! I’ve resorted to playing D1 GP for PS2 just to feed my Ebisu need!

    1. AERO

      Ebisue was never in Gran Turismo… Why not play NFS Shift 2 for your Ebisu fix? Arguably better than going back to the ancient PS2?

  37. GTi_16v

    All these questions and assumptions people are making about the DLC……….calm down, Kaz said “Probably” probably means maybe yes there will be DLC, or maybe no there will be no DLC, just dont get your hopes up.
    Maybe it will be an update so we can pick and win pit shoes the pit crew wear, or something ridiculous that is nothin to do with the quality gameplay and amazing cars!

    1. SHIRAKAWA Akira

      The “probably” is intended to be more like “according to our timetable” rather than “maybe yes or not”, in the sense that unexpected events or changes might delay those things.

    2. Butters

      Ugh. SHIRAKAWA right. I’m really getting tired of people like GTi_16v. This is GTPlanet for god’s sake. Go play around on another site’s comment section.

    3. Butters

      Yes and no. Derrick Rose kept getting fouled in this Knicks game and I was getting tired of it. Can’t they just let him walk up to the basket? He’s going to score either way.

  38. oscartron

    How about a DLC of the entire city of Tokyo, and we can all drive around it together online?

    Wouldn’t that be epic….

  39. Holly****

    This may be a big expectation but any of you think lets say 25%-50% standards will be turned into premium??

    1. Anachoretes

      200-400 new-poly cars from Standart? I doubt. They avoid out-source intervention, so … this process is too long. Mаybe 10-15 cars. It looks more realistic, i guess….

    2. Anachoretes

      But i hope, they focus on the new events. More and More and More new, difficult, impressive events. Cars, in my opinion, secondary.

    3. Butters

      @ Anachoretes

      I have complete faith that it won’t be a simply 15 cars. I’m expecting 40 at the most.

  40. Holly****

    You know whats even if its a huge satisfying update there will still be ppl complaining like crazy

  41. Mazerati

    This is the first piece of news that does actually portray potential up-coming DLC. Then again, you wait one month for Seasonals and you get a ‘Compact Car’ event. (:P), then you wait almost a year for DLC and…..

    1. Butters

      There are so many cars, you don’t want PD to utilize them in online Events? They didn’t add Tsukuba to the list of tracks for the Compact Car event, so be happy for that.

  42. Belph3gor

    Hope theirs DLC are not only suits/helmet/paint or another event :/
    At least, if they put paint for download, we need some stripes, decals or possibility to paint our car with 2+ color!
    Upgrade standard cars to premium, new premiums, new tracks, drag racing online whit the light where we can move freely and compare our times when we end the race!
    The return of the Test Track!
    More tunning parts like wheel, aerodynamic, engine parts and for the last, please work a little more on the sound!! They sucks :/

    1. HKS racer

      A good DLC for me would be MORE TRACKS + a LIVERY EDITOR (Or car templates like in pc sim racing games).
      Agree with sound, please get rid of that Fully Customizable Gearbox annoying default sound.

    2. GamerGT5

      @HKS racer Kaz already mentioned that they’re not ready to have a livery editor in GT5 maybe GT6 perhaps? But yea I can probably see car templates coming in just like how PD created new suits and helmets.

    3. Belph3gor

      All premiums cars should have a racing template like GT1 & 2! With the possibility to repaint it or only a part..

      And maybe add more or only change the style of the RM.. They all looks the same..

    4. Butters

      GamerGT5 is right, but Belph3gor, the templates should still be a possibility because that isn’t a full-on editor. It just isn’t expected though.

    5. HKS racer

      Come on guys, car templates are available from 2006 for GTR2, if they can’t give us a livery editor (which is lame) at least give us the chance to import skins made via USB. I’m not asking a new uber technology, just a common feature all the other simulators already have.

  43. Murcie

    “You mean the DLC packs Turn 10 could have included in the original LAUNCH discs of FM3/4?”

    …That’s pretty much how many DLC packs have worked since the term was invented. It’s the same thing with the Collectors Editions of games. You spend a bit more, you reap the rewards over other consumers.

    1. M1A1

      You can bet that if Sony thought they could’ve gotten away with it, any extra content (like suits and helms) we’ve gotten after release would have been paid DLC.

    2. Butters

      M1A1, I would love for you to go take a hike. Stop bringing up the opinion that Sony and PD like to screw the fans over.

    3. Carl

      ^^Of course this comes from butters, the guy trying to pick fights every other post, the guy who called everyone who said that 1.10 wouldn’t be has big has he thought ignorant morrons, even though they were right, and the guy who can’t seem to post in any article without annoying the rest of us with his jerk attitude and near constant flaming, spamming, trolling, and ignorance. Too funny.

    4. Butters

      I never pick fights with anyone that doesn’t deserve it. I may be annoying, that’s b/c this is the internet and why would I hold back anything when talking to people who are only negative. I don’t only post annoying things.

      What do you mean about 1.10? as big as he thought?

      There was a thread that went for more than 11 pages of replies about the Unlisted features and bug fixes 1.10 had. Looks who retarted?

    5. Butters

      Near constant flaming. How about the near constant flaming by the people who don’t stop “near constant flaming” Kaz and his nonstop working attitude. Has he left us hanging? He promised to give us updates, because of Sony’s call to force GT5 out earlier than Kaz wanted it to. He didn’t have to update anything, but he wanted to.

    6. Lol

      Do has butters says, not has he does. Or is it do has butters does, and has he says, but only butters can do, so don’t do has butters says, but does anyway, because it’s the internet, where everyone is twelve?……

    7. Good question

      Two trolls don’t cancel each other out. They just get the thread locked for everyone else. If that doesn’t awnser your question, nothing will.

    8. A recreational troll

      Ehhh, take it from a guy who likes to troll the occassional fanatic, twit, rude SOB, or obnoxious child, nobody really wins, or if they do, or don’t, it still doesn’t really prove anything. (Almost) nobody, except mabey some real world friends, is going to know who anybody else is other than a fictional screen name.
      The danger of counter trolling a troll, has a defense of something one believes in for example, is that the troll wants just that. He/she doesn’t have anything to lose, doesn’t care nearly has much, if at all, about victory, and is more than happy to drag things out has long has possible just because they know they’ve got the counter trolls goat. They’re mainly after the entertainment of getting someone else wound up. If your giving a troll, especially a recreational troll, the buisness about what they post, your only being led into doing what they want, and the best target for a troll is a person with an obvious passion and solid opinions, combined with the need to defend same, and often the inability to just let it go.
      The best way to deal with one is to: 1. Realise they won’t go away unless they become bored. 2. Realise they love abrasive people running around getting worked up over other peoples opinions. 3. Realise some will NEVER willingly go away because there are no shortages of people that don’t know about, or don’t believe in 1 and 2. And finally, 4. After becoming familliar with 1 thru 3, simply learn to move on with the knowledge that your not going to be wasting your time being led on for the entertainment of others, probably unintentionally spaming, flaming, offending and otherwise annoying many other innocent readers in the process.
      Or in otherwords, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! BP

    1. HKS racer

      Yeah, but with damage ON everytime and NO ghost cars. I hate that, really too arcadeish. I hope in some real life flag rules one day. Just give it the real thing PD.

    2. Butters

      HKS racer, yea, but instead, there should just be an option to choose like in Practice and Arcade. It’s a shame it isn’t an option anywhere else.

  44. HKS racer

    I’m glad to hear some news about bug fixing, and then when everything work properly an eventual DLC. Thanks for that Poliphony, good luck.

    1. M1A1

      Wait for it……. A bunch of people are now going to wind themselves up like monkeys on coffee, then go nuclear when the expectations overshoot what we get IRL. Then we’ll get a whole new batch of delusional excuses about what happened from the GT5 fanboy defense force. Rinse an repeat has needed (untill GT6).

    2. Butters

      Chad and Denz, Kaz said he won’t be making any more promises ever since Sony forced the release of GT5. So if he’s saying this, you can go Eff off. Especially, Chad. You’re such a jerk.

    3. Butters


      People who say wait and see what happens, all the Fanboys blah blah blah, are more ignorant than Chad.

    4. Geeeeee

      People who say wait and see are more ignorant than Chad? Hmmmm, Jordan has told us to wait and see on many of these occasions. Way to go. You just called the site owner ignorant. Never mind that M1A1 just described what has happened after every update. He hit a little to close to home evidently, lol.

    5. Hey butters

      Nobody said he did. Your the only one mentioning promises and dates. Seems your the one that needs reading lessons. So busy starting flame wars, you don’t have a clue what’s being said. Dang.

    6. Butters

      We’re still waiting. There’s nothing wrong with that because Kaz never said we’ll get going on Leaderboards now and have it done by next month. He never said anything like that. The most he has said is that there will be and that it won’t be possible, like the saving/recording of replays to get onto YouTube.

    7. Butters

      Saying that you can’t trust Kaz is far from true. Nobody said he promised specific dates? Well why should we not trust Kaz? Because GT5 is incomplete? His entire fault? Or because no leaderboards? Something he said will come, but never said when. Standard cars to premium, will come, never said when. GT5 updates because GT5 is incomplete, he is an honest man. Kaz said he would like for updates to be once a month. Well there have been 7-8 updates, 5-6 because of the glitch fix updates. 4-5 because of first online activation update. One update every two months average. Japan has been through hell and was even worse than Katrina. We Americans know about Katrina. Do people take that into consideration? I don’t think some of these people have a conscience. 1 in 100 people are psychopaths. Look it up.

  45. Lambob

    Great news post, I can now sleep well. Bless PD & Japan. Sony, make sure your servers are ready to handle 10 million online drivers strong.

  46. Hol

    Well, saw this on twitter & thought, it’ll be ready when it’s ready. Really don’t get the complaints about if the DLC will be free or paid though? Cmon, we’ve had plenty of seasonals for free which some would charge for, get your wallets ready & cough up when it gets released. :)

    1. BubbleBelly542

      Why? The DOC hasn’t even been confirmed even though it’s likely. And then it has to be announced, and of course delayed several times. :) ok I will stop those jokes for now

  47. EliteDreamer

    I wonder if this DLC will be the work of these past 9-10 months to make the “C-Spec” (Free run mode) mentioned some months ago. I’d love to see that.

    1. Butters

      Doesn’t seem likely. I think the C-Spec, when it’s implemented, will end up being too great a size if it’s in DLC or updates.

    2. HKS racer

      Considering I don’t need B-spec either I hope NO.
      The only C’s you needs are vitamins,
      more of.

    3. C-Germ

      I’m down for real-life C-spec locations.
      “Gran-Turismo: The Autobahn” would be super fun taking your favorite cars out, seeing other players (like TDU). Racing, trying to reach your top speed, or just cruising.

    4. Butters

      You don’t need it. We don’t need premiums. We don’t need course maker. We don’t need karting. We don’t need Kaz.

      Ignorant statements.

    5. Butters

      @ C-Germ

      I WISH! But actually, it’d be kind of pointless. It’s just a long stretch of road, but it would make a better top speed course than the Test Course.

    6. C-Germ

      c-spec is basically free roaming, so might as well include the main attraction (autobahn) but also include exits and side streets for variation. A sim resembles real life, and the cars and physics are taken care of.. now we just need more (real-life) places (with automotive history) to drive them! (just an idea:)

  48. Foxiol

    I see some light at the end of the tunnel for DLC now.
    Hope to see some of this: circuits maybe Spa and some of the old ones in GT4 (remakes); and cars maybe some updated to Premium or new partnership maybe with Porsche and koënigsegg and also the new models for Super GT as GT500 Honda HSV 010 and Some of the GT300 Toyota Corolla Axyo and Subaru Legacy B4 GT300,also some of the DTM´s from 2008 to 2010 cars from Mercedes Benz and Audi. Just saying i really don´t care too much and i have no hope in this news but would be cool at least in my own opinion.

  49. spikeyhairdude

    I’ll be happy as there will be more things to do. I will also be happy if there are some new premium cars

  50. Gravespark

    This is what i think, they should release some cars but have them in the dealer, and, maybe some new tracks, like mowsport or circuit of the americas, and the bug fix should fix up the smoke, and shadows

  51. p-coletray

    Twittering the news, whats the world coming to? DLC? Why is that exciting to everyone? You usually have to pay for it, how about some FreeLC.

    1. Butters

      It’s exciting because who knows how PD will release their DLC. Their updates have contained a lot of extra features. Their DLC must be the same.

    2. CrackedTrigger

      Free loadable content?? Guess we were all gonna just download it, you can continue to freeload ;)

  52. Savage388

    Well this is what everyone was waiting for but in typical pd fashion it’s just too vague for me to get my hopes up any time in the next 6-8 months

  53. DreamIRC

    Sorry just wanted to make a joke.

    I’m not English, perhaps this kind of humor is not appropriate, I apologize

  54. Reprogrammed

    All i want is every amuse/mod/etc there was in gt1 & 2
    & ofcourse red rocks & seattle circuit & all the previous tracks i seriously miss the old stuff:/

    1. GNX


      I miss the old stuff too. Recently went back to playing Motegi Road course on the PSP… Hopefully will be home long enough to slap into the PS2 or PS3 and use the wheel… ;-)

  55. nascarfan

    well gt6 isn’t coming this year or anytime soon so I think they are taking their time with DLC and updates.

    1. ripped

      Don’t think we will see GT6 until way after we see a PS4. Kaz has already complained about the lack of “horsepower” with the PS3.

  56. David

    I’ll be super happy if they only release one DLC, if it makes the Veyron a premium car, that’s enough for me

    1. Erik

      You see? It’s like a hydra – for every head you cut off, two new grows out. For every complain you silence, two new appears.

    1. Gean

      Would be nice if they create a exterior mod to run through XMB if the problem is the memory. So you would export your replays and this outside application would convert it to youtube. I think it’s a good ideia.

    2. GamerGT5

      It would be nice to see more day/night cycles on more world tracks like daytona. If not I’ll still be happy with the updates, dlc, etc that they give us.

  57. Bryant

    So to all those that were in disbelief of DLC, there’s the proof. In all honestly, I’m just hoping they bring back the old tracks and allow us to place wheels on standard cars! This is good news :)

  58. EliteDreamer

    Interesting. I hope it’s going to be good. But that photo is taking most of my attention. Was photoshop used?

    1. Butters

      Jordan shouldn’t lock this. I’m done, I’ll respect the work you’ve done Jordan so you don’t have to lock this again, I apologize for the last comments section you’ve had to lock really soon.

    2. Butters

      “Polyphony Digital to Continue Expansion in Fukuoka, Japan”

      That’s the post I’m sure I was at fault for having the comments section closed. I sincerely apologize, Jordan.

    3. Hehe

      Unless your stuff got deleted, your by far not the worst on that page. Lol, and if your stuff DID get deleted, OMG, cause well, what another guy posted was pretty hard to beat in the vulgar childish twit rant catagory……lmbo. ;)

    4. Butters

      Oh wow. Nice. Well, I’m sure not everything I posted was meant to be offensive to everybody. My comments are intended to get the people who can’t seem to comprehend that they’re posting on a Gran Turismo fan site. And then they call me a fanboy. First of all, Fanboy I am. Unreasonable, I am not. A comment on this page was deleted of mine talking about Turn 10, so now I know. I’ll be sure to stray away from that from now on, but I still have to back up the Gran Turismo and Polyphony Digital name from time to time.

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