Sony Hints of Gran Turismo 5 DLC [UPDATES]

In the 7 months since Gran Turismo 5’s release, it’s never been officially suggested that additional downloadable content (“DLC”) would made available for the game – until now. While responding to a comment on the French PlayStation Blog, contributing Sony editor Guillaume Couturier shared an interesting bit of information (tip and human translation by bajwadu06):

“Polyphony has already started with the new update, DLC’s should follow.”

UPDATE: Since this article was posted, Guillaume’s comment has been edited to show much less confident language. It now reads, “Polyphony a commencé avec la nouvelle mise à jour, Il se pourrait que des DLC suivent, mais je n’ai aucune confirmation,” which translates to “Polyphony has started the new update, It might be that DLC will follow, but I have no confirmation.”

Considering the comment was made on June 16, he is presumably referring to GT5 v1.10, differentiating between the game’s “updates” and actual “DLC”. Curiously, his words come only a week after Sony manager Penrose Tackie made a similar, reassuring reply to another comment on the European PlayStation Blog:

“I appreciate the frustration with regards to DLC but keep checking back on the PlayStation Blog, there will be news in due course.”

While this could mean a number of different things, there is certainly no shortage of appropriate content for speculation. Over 25 unused track logos are still hidden on Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 B-Spec Remote Racing website, and let’s not forget about that bizarre Red Bull blog post from January, which offers up tips on how to conquer the (obviously absent) Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb course within the game.

That said, as with all speculation in the world of Gran Turismo, be careful not to set your expectations too high. Regardless, these comments are notable and encouraging.

GT5 Photomode image by s12ken.

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Comments (222)

  1. hayden walker

    well this DLC better be good unlike the game that was released 7months ago.

    it is still improving and the seasonal events and online stopped it from being traded in i really enjoy some of the seasonal events and trackdays etc with friends and races online

    i hope that the DLC will add some newcars and update some of the japanese popular cars to premium like the mkiv supra which i miss not having the chance to drive in the cockpit view

    i would also like some more classics and some more light weigh cars aswell

    for tracks i would like along with many other people some amazing tracks like spa francorps and silverstone and would also love to see road america for some gt racing etc

  2. amine787

    I wish they will put a track creator similar to the Mod Nation’s one, but before that new premium cars and tracks would be great !

  3. GT5_Honda_Guy

    I for one, would be more than happy to part with a substantial amount of money to extend my GT5 experience. I was one of the ones who completely nerded out for 3 mos straight, acquiring everything the simulation racer had to offer. Including purchasing every stealth model car that was available in N. America on ebay for more money than I’d like to mention. I should add, I am still playing online and off for more than 10 hours per week.

    There is my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Thanks for reading and humoring my opinion.

    Best Regards

  4. Doink

    Lol, It hasn’t even been confirmed that the DLC in question is coming at all, and yet you think there’s a release date for it?

  5. ucwepn

    Oh and for $39 i would want 12 new tracks (with variations) 200+ new premiums and drag racing, also about 200 new A spec races, nothing less lol

    1. GT5_Honda_Guy


      For $39 dollars, I would accept 2 tracks and 5 new cars. Bundles would be nice, where they were priced similar to that in real life. Meaning, you want to own some high end Porsche’s and Lambos, then pony up $15 each. Or you can buy a pack of less expensive production cars for the same price. I would be selling items like crazy for those willing to truly have a rare collection, which is virtually extinct due to careless trading and duping.

      I know this is a game, but I think adding an element similar to Playstation Home would be fun and keep things interesting.

      My personal bottom line: The game is enjoyable and complete as is, no harm is done by doing something extreme and exotic for the true hardcore GT followers like myself.

      Best Regards

    2. cliffatron

      I kinda agree but i feel that the endurance race save is vital. i think asking people to keep playstations turned on for that amount of time is potentially unsafe (for a start) even if it was just for the 24 hour ones. I also think that should definately be free of charge.

  6. ucwepn

    They could have charged us for all the seasonals we got and gave them all in one dlc they could also have charged us for the new racesuits and helmets, will they charge us for new content? it could go either way IMHO

  7. PSJunkie

    I think Polyphony should recognise GTP as the worlds number one source of GT information and Jordan should have a red phone linked to another red phone in Yamauchi san’s office. I really do wish PD were a little more transparent with us in regards to their updates and goings on.

  8. euros only

    price will most likely be 15 dollars just like all other dlc add ons for other games i can imagine where that person got the 39 dollar idea frOm and the most we might get would probably be two mOre tracks five more cars if not premium and we will have to pay 15 bucks for that seriously people get their hopes up tOo high the point is to make money fOr the least amount of product and effort and fOrget about all cars going premium thatll be like creating a whole new game for any game company and itll be costly

  9. eludethis

    I think I read somewhere that someone wanted customizable suits and helmets. So PD did listen to us. So ppl please stop asking for stupid stuff and then complain about it when you get it.

    1. Pfft

      I read somewhere that the world was supposed to end on May 21st. Can we complain about that since it didn’t happen?

    2. yomamma

      Haha! Thanks for the laughs however true. There should be a thread on keeping your dumb ideas to yourself.

  10. desmalta1

    The only thing I want to see is the unrealistic drafting removed, or at least cut down by about 90%. Anything else will be a bonus.

  11. Tesla99

    Forza 4 will be alot better than gt5. Forza has Porsche and lots of modern day cars instead of 600 cars from the japanese 90s

    1. hayden walker

      lol @ tesla99 yeah modern day cars like what shopping trolleys etc corsas,astras,and porsche is a really boring car anyway excluding all the 80’s crazy 956 race cars and other 80’s race cars and other junk lol and the japanese 90’s was the best era for performance cars unlike todays cars excluding evo’s etc

    1. SuperGT500

      Forza 4 is a joke! Have you not seen the previews for the kinect and Forza? Some people outta do their research before talking

  12. RT*//

    In order to keep me from falling to sleep PD should really get some major
    DLC out soon otherwise they will lose an early adaptor to FM4.

  13. Gulyo

    I have to confess … I rebought the system ( PS3 + GT5 ) so I HOPE they will release nice DLC’s very soon :DD

  14. CJSpencer77

    Fix connectivity problems , control over class etc for online races , multiple car setups , proper Drift online races , endurace saves etc.etc.etc. then worry about DLC , PD sure got some odd priorities

  15. Bloodimayhem

    How about an update to give full functionality of ALL high end wheels??
    Fanatec, the G2* series . . .

    1. ADDiCTED_2_BASs

      Yeah this is true, so wish they would listen to the customer and at least try and supply the goods instead of stupid helmets and racing suits!!

    2. hayden walker

      sure was could have saved myself £400 if i had known it wasnt ready for release i paid £550+ for my ps3 when i could have had another enjoyful 3.5 years with my ps2 until gt5 came out

  16. AERO_HDT

    Will PSN+ subscribers get a discount on the DLC? And will those of us who forked out for the Signature Edition get DLC for free? It would be a great marketing tool for Sony to push their PS Plus subscriptions and for PD to give serious credence to their GT6 Sig Edition when it comes out in… errr…. 2025.


  17. Smuttysy

    Expect to be disappointed. I can’t see why there should be umpteen different Skylines in the game, and all of a dramatically low quality finish, despite most models having a genetically identical version in the Premium section. The same can be said for MX5/ Eunos / Miata (or whatever they want to call them that day)
    I really couldn’t care less what DLC or updates they release, so long as they get the high precision pens out on the “standard” cars, rather than the crayola they used to make the squiggly lines they currently have.
    It shows you just how much they really cared about their product when you take a look at the ridiculous definition on the Gran Turismo Nissan Skylines. Covered in their name but at a resolution that only a Nintendo Gameboy should be proud of!

    I’ve said it a million times over, it’s not like they knocked this together in a fortnight, there’s no excuse for this level of laziness!

    1. Evansblue787

      Laziness? So I guess you could of made the game faster than PD huh? You whiners are ridiculous. Don’t like it, then don’t play it. Simple.

    2. Viejaoca

      Dude, its not laziness!!! They got forced and rushed to bring out the game! But i kinda agree with you,I’m also a bit dissapointed, but i have fun playing it anyway. Sure beats CoD (never buying another again after MW2.)@ other posters, its opinion, not whining. I’m sure alot of you arent FULLY satisfied. Face it, the game is no doubt incomplete, but im glad they are slowly improving it.

    3. Smuttysy

      No, I couldn’t have made it any faster, but this wasn’t a one man operation, and I never claimed to be a programmer.
      I never said I didn’t like the game, far from it, I still think it’s got the best playability lifespan so far. It just looks embarrassing, especially given the amount of time it took for it to be released. Again, if you look at just how bad the finish is on their own Gran Turismo emblasened cars you’ll understand what I am talking about.
      They may have been forced, but they certainly weren’t rushed, let’s not forget how many dates were given for release which suddenly got postponed. Let’s face it, they promised too much and couldn’t deliver on those promises. Now they’re having to play catch-up with all the expectations they sold us the game on.

    4. GT5_Honda_Guy

      Most people are far more prone to let the bad experiences shape their views than the good ones. –Rick Joyner

      I normally do not partake in these conversations, but after way to much reading of “opinions” I decided to share my “opinion.”

      I can’t believe how many people complain about the standard cars or the number of duplicate cars. If you look at the tracks, layout of the game and overall quality of the entire content out of the box and extended online Seasonal Events, the GT5 title is by far the most complete racing enthusiast experience by light years. You don’t like the standard cars, lacking perfection, as all of us as humans lack anyway? Don’t purchase them. You don’t like the idea of owning 40 different Miatas, Skylines, Lancers or STIs, then only buy your favorite one of each, or buy none.

      Even after you strip all of that (quoting Smuttysy) laziness away, you still end up with an amazing end product. Unfortunately, Polyphony Digital are still plagued by 2 major things; human limitation and people expecting more out of others than they would ever consider putting forward themselves.

      I say, “cheers Polyphony and thank you for putting your best foot forward!” And, continue tweaking here and there, making improvements where available. And once you have DLC ready for purchase, I will be one of your first embracers and would love to see something priced relevant to perfection. You should be the most expensive game on the platform!

  18. suntoucher

    At least the Premium race cars are up to date….ha ha ha

    The audi R10 TDI WAS RELEASED IN 2005 WHEN GT4 CAME OUT…all we have is the 908 hdi FAP released in 2007……WHAT A JOKE!!

    at least we have the citroen race car, red bull x1 and the pagani zonda R which don’t actually race ANYWHERE????

    whats happening here people? they have given us extra helmets and racing suits!!!! why?? I’m in DISMAY

    1. SavageEvil

      What someone killed you cat? Here have a charleston chew and relax a little bit. Sheesh some people really need to get some more fresh air to the brain, not thinking clearly enough. This also goes to the other poster preceding you as well.

      Anyway I hope it’s more courses they add, I don’t care for new cars as I have hundreds to choose from, but missing many of my favorite courses to use them on. I would also think that they would have at least added ability to change the color on standard rims and possibly a paint shop with high resolution logos and textures for the cars.

      Anything is possible considering the amount of things they added post release. It’s a wait and see approach for me, but I will continue to enjoy my Super GT league races twice a week and tuned street car races.

    2. suntoucher

      How coincidental you say that…my cat died of a suspected brain tumor yesterday afternoon. How very very strange indeed.

      I’m not actually starved of fresh air as much as I sounded….I just find it a little strange how a game which I have always loved to play ( still do )could have been so much better considering the time it took to make, and how we get updates/DLC of things like racing helmets/ suits etc, when it seems almost certain that the high percentage of players want something completely different. Its as though we are being ignored while every other game designer/developer appears to listen to their respective customers and give them cars/tracks/weapons/storylines etc etc. I agree that the attention to detail of the cars in GT5 is second to none on any console and takes time, but its only on 20% of the cars. the rest were ported from gt4 ( and you can’t change the wheels now??) and a lot of tracks have been removed. We were told of bodykits, engine transplants…..anything is possible he said!!!
      The weather in F12010 looks much better and theres hardly any thought gone into the rally courses or championship modes, No endurance saves and where are all the new premium race cars (from the last 5 years) from GT, ALMS, touring car championship etc??
      As an online game its great, top marks all round, but everything else gets maybe 60%, and thats generous.

  19. Snjper

    LOL at the edited post…

    When them doing that, that doesn’t make me very confident in them ever releasing DLC. Or is it 10 years to make GT5 so its ~1-2 to make DLC?

  20. Olegonic

    PD must develop somehow DRIFT events and tandem drift, plus new drift tracks…This IS what I’d pay my 15 bucks

  21. CJSpencer77

    im still sure DLC means stuff like the helmets and suits, maybe im wrong i really really hope im wrong but GT5 gets more hype that is then proclaimed as fact for no reason than pretty much any other title ive played , so im expecting nothing at all , if some great DLC turns up then yay , till then i wouldnt get your hopes up.

  22. Lotus380

    I don’t know if anyone else on GTPlanet has seen this video. I did post the link in a forum, but it would probably be a better way to spread some good news by posting it here. Anyway, this video by fahyforever on youtube shows the PD team testing and photographing cars which have either been added to GT5, or have yet to be added to GT5. Most notable, PD is shown photographing an Ariel Atom, and a couple Morgans. When I found the video it had less than 500 views from its posting in 2007. Whether or not the new cars shown will be DLC is questionable, but it is nice knowing that the PD team has taken account of them. Here is the link:

    1. Normalaatsra

      That is a very old video. It actually derives from the GT4 trailer in GT4P! But it’s rather interesting that they were looking at the Atom!


    personally i hope in some Alfa Romeo like MiTo, Giulietta and most of all the glorious 75! And, a lot of times the first word is what counts.

  24. SuperGT500

    I would rather have them update aspects of the game rather than have DLC to be honest.

    Weather on Every track.
    In Race saves
    Better Menues

    What new content i would love to see are;

    More tracks (some Old GT favorites, as well as new ones)
    Porsches (not likely but a guy can wish)
    New Manufactures (Gumpert, Keosnigsegg, etc)
    More Premium cars ( More Austins etc)
    More Race cars (disappointing selection for me)
    Race creators (with editable competitors)
    Livery Editor (yes i still hope for this)
    More Endurance races
    Organized Used dealership (instead of the hit and miss system for the 800+ standards)
    Better replay system (who doesnt want this?)
    More photoshoot locations (as well as shooting more than 1 car)
    Better GT auto (whats the point of car washes?)
    Weather for every track (why do some only get that treatment?)
    Better track editor

    These are some of the stuff i would like to see but wont till GT6 most likely

  25. Chimera91

    I would love the introduction of flags, stop go penalties rather than speed limiters for corner cutting, etc. That would make online racing a whole more interesting experience!!!

  26. lalaurentide

    Proper translation of ” Il se pourrait que des DLC suivent, mais je n’ai aucune confirmation”, is “It’s possible that DLC might follow, but I have no confirmation.” meaning he said that out of thin air. This is shouldn’t make news, it’s not even a rumor, it’s lost in translation more than anything else.

    1. Jordan

      That was not the original quote – it has been edited on Sony’s blog since this article was posted.

  27. BeefyPeeg

    The number one thing to take away from this: “Don’t get your hopes up.”

    Remember the hype preceding the last update/patch? Yep, that’s right…speculation on what’s to come, and poof…gone. How are those new shiny helmets and fire suits?

    I’m certainly interested in what will come, but know better than to get all crazy-excited over a single article. If they do release DLC, I will not pay for it. Especially if it is something that should have been included in the game in the first place (ie., additional premium cars).

  28. TakumiFuji01

    Yes! Finally a DLC! Hope it’s going to be standard cars to premium. Blitz ER34 GT-T For the world! DG5 is the best suspension co.!

  29. MitsuStigi

    Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha.

  30. Passeyfier

    Definitely sounds promising, the regular seasonal event updates are keeping me busy as it is! Hopefully, if we do have to pay, the packages won’t be too extortionate either. By the way that photo is awesome!

  31. Nasseredine

    Guillaume Couturier changed his statement to : “Polyphony started with the new update, DLC’s might follow, but I have no confirmation.”


    It appears that judging by many of the comments here, many of you already seemed to have disregarded this advice:

    “as with all speculation in the world of Gran Turismo, be careful not to set your expectations too high.”

  33. AnPrionsaBeag

    “Polyphony a commencé avec la nouvelle mise à jour, il se pourrait que des DLC suivent, mais je n’ai aucune confirmation” actually means “Polyphony has started with the new update, DLC’s might follow” and certainly not “Polyphony has already started with the new update, DLC’s should follow.” There’s a huge semantic gap between “should” and “might”. Jordan, you ‘should’ make sure your translation’s correct before publishing it. See the effect it has on GTPlanet members.

    1. AnPrionsaBeag

      And I almost forgot about the “but I still have no confirmation at all” part. It’s equally as important.

    2. Awww Cwap

      Yes, it’s been about 20 years since I took a french class, but he’s right. And I wouldn’t be surprised if what he was refering to as DLC was the suits and helmets. There probably was some confusion at the time about PD including them in the update, or has seperate content.

    3. Jordan

      The original translation was accurate – the comment was edited after it was highlighted in this post. I have updated the post above so this is clear.

  34. GTi_16v

    It makes perfect business sense for Sony and PD to provide DLC just a matter of time, and I would be more then willing to get my wallet out for any DLC, but im not getting my hopes up for it anytime soon.

  35. CJSpencer77

    so two guys said DLC instead of update , wouldnt get your hopes up, seems to me GT Panet needed a story thats all.

    1. RACECAR

      You clearly haven’t here at all with that moronic comment. This isn’t some site that just throws random crap in the air for page hits unlike every major gaming site out there.

  36. Shmogt

    I’m morphology forward to anything in GT5 anymore. Every time they say something to excite us, it doesnt happen. I do think DLC will come eventually tho. This is the biggest ps3 game were talking about. When however I don’t no

  37. SeaWall

    i think the DLC for GT5 will come out when forza4 comes out in august or october also the t500rs Hshifter will be release at that time to counter attack forza4. i mean it only makes business sense. idk what you think?

    1. HKS racer

      It could be, but if you look at other games, they haven’t just a single DLC. Maybe they can drop something now and something later to challenge FM4. Let’s see what happen.

  38. Six Months Later....

    Guy #1: Say, didn’t some PS blogger, back on june 8th, say we were getting DLC?

    Guy #2: Yes.

    Guy #1: So were is it?

    Guy #2: I hear the release date got postponed.

    Guy #1: Dang, did they say why?

    Guy #2: Yeah, turns out nobody told Kaz that he was working on DLC, so he’s spent the last six months trying to find himself on a beach in Austrailia.

    Guy #1: Crud, So is he working on it now?

    Guy #2: I heard he just tweeted last tuesday that he’d like to get started on DLC, but he can’t.

    Guy #1: Why not?

    Guy #2: Sony refuses to give him the 3 years he requested apparently.

    Guy #1: THREE YEARS!?!?!?! Your kidding me right?

    Guy #2: Yeah, he actually requested seven.

    Guy #1: So we’re not getting DLC then?

    Guy #2: Well, now an exec at Sony Euro says it’ll be available march 2010….

    Guy #1: But it’s 2011 allready.

    Guy #2: Yup, but Sony is working on a time machine. Mainly so they can go back in time to erase stupid PR cockups from the PS blogs, but also so they can go back and release games AFTER they’ve seen the competition, but BEFORE the competition can see theirs. Think about it. After the headache goes away, it makes sense.

    Guy #1: Ahhh. Ok.

    Short pause….

    Guy #1: So why don’t I have DLC now, if it’s been released in 2010?

    Guy #2: Go home and check. You’ll see that you no longer have GT5 anymore. Kaz got wind of the time machine, realized that it gave him unlimited dev time, went back to november 2010, collected all the copies, and started over again.

    Guy #1: WHAT!?!?!?! BUT I PAID $300 FOR MY SIG ADDITION!!

    Guy #2? Don’t worry, you’ll get 5 free games on PSN, and a new theme next time you log on.

    Guy #1: Not good enough. Do they think that will cause me to just forget about my money? I still have my memories.

    Guy #2: Not for long….

    Guy #1: What’s that supposed to mean?….

    Guy #2: Nevermind….Do me a favor. Could you look at this silver pen looking thing for a minute? Yah, right there, the red light…


    Guy #2: Now, listen, I was never here, you don’t know anything about DLC for GT5, and you plan on buying every sony game ever released untill you die….

    Guy #1: Ok.

    Moment of silence…

    Guy #1: Say, didn’t some PS blogger, back on june 8th, say we were getting DLC?

    Guy #2: Darnit, forgot about the stupid blogs….

    Guy #1: What?

    Guy #2: Uhhh, nothing. Could you look at this silver pen thingy just a sec for me? Thanks….

    Six hours and 138 attempts later…

    Guy #1: Dammit, this is bull! I’m going to go by Forza 4 and an Xbox!

    Guy #2: Yeah, right, you’ve said that 112 times allready. Sony has your money allready. They’re laughing at you.

    Guy #1: Who’s Sony?

    Guy #2: oppps….

    Guy #1: Huh?

    Guy #2: Nothing. Say, did you hear the new rumor that…..


    1. Demon2139

      Definitely this is the best joke monologue ever!!!!!!!
      I laughed so hard I almost pissed my pantssss!!!!!!!!!

    2. opelgt1969

      I heard that “Guy 2” just received an email from Kaz that stated that GT6 was coming out soon!

    3. Skiddy

      bravo..excellent, stupendous, marvelous, amazing.. Remember this kid, he’s going placs, I tell yya!

  39. danjee

    Yeah, it’s been a long time, but I’ve always had a gut-feeling that when the DLC came, it should be big. Cars and tracks big.

  40. WangansGodHand

    What I’d like to see:

    More customization options
    More tracks
    A few new cars (Aventador, Ferrari SA Aperta, Veyron SS, Bentley Continental GT/C, Maserati MC12, Ferrari F50, some of the Ferrari 250 line, Ferrari Daytona, 2012 Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 Spyder, 2012 Virage/Vantage S/DBS/V12 Vantage and a few new RUF models)
    More photomode locations
    Stig outfit
    Upgrading cars to premiums (do the Veyron first, then the DB7, Vanquish, RUF models, and some others)

  41. Spongky05


  42. Kollosson

    Its hard for me to admit but GT5 aint perfect, there’s alot of gaps but they are slowly being filled via updates.
    One huge gap is tracks, i just can’t believe some of the great tracks that are missing. We already know that some standard cars are going to get the premium treatment which is fantastic news but what GT5 really needs is more tracks, classic GT tracks would add so much more to the game. DLC was mentioned a while back pertaining to new cars and Kaz did say he did’nt think that would happen.
    ( hey we got 1000 cars remember ) but i think with the release of Forza 4 and their more current car list there could be a chance of some new additions, koenigsegg and new Lamborghini Aventadore would be most welcome.
    I would be very happy with just new tracks though.

  43. Not Forza 4

    Laguna Seca, Tsukuba, Autumn Ring, Trial Mountain, Grand Valley, Deep Forest, Cape Ring, Rome, rinse repeat.
    REALLY getting OLD. Been playin some GT4 just to drive on the old great tracks we all miss & love.

  44. LordVonPS3

    Mini wish-list…


    * Spa Francorchamps location feat. Current layout, pre-’78 and pre-’39.

    * All the GT4 tracks.

    * Premium quality high-end cars such as the Bugatti Veyron, Ariel Atom 500, Gumpert Apollo, Koenigsegg CCX, Ferrari FXX (and Enzo), Ascari A10, Noble M600 and Lamborghini Reventon.

    Game features:

    * Settings menu option to force 720p mode (1024×720 native will do) with MLAA (as per God of War III) instead of 4xMSAA. In compensation – higher resolution shadow buffer & smoke / dirt / water spray buffer.

    * The option to modify / set up your car (tuning and assists) at the same time a track is being loaded.

    * Time trial top 100 leaderboards on every track for every car.

    * Function to convert replays in-engine to MP4 format (480p will do) & upload to YouTube.

    * Mechanical damage in A-Spec. Immediate cosmetic damage.

    * Showroom / photomode option to open car doors / hatches and take photos of interiors, engine, etc – on any photo-mode scene (without having to glitch).

    * The ability to create vector, text & shape based bitmap decals on which can then be imported and stamped onto cars (one for Forza fans).

    1. Sy

      Now, at least this guys thought about. But you forgot fast forward & rewind for the replays and I’d also like a helmet editor but most if all, all I want is more premiums and more tracks!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    2. GT_Die_Hard

      Yea, those are some really great features that should be in the game.
      Still hoping for some old good Gran Turismo tracks to come…

    3. Oleg

      Ok.let’s start by fixing that damn terrible engine sound in the game,will be great to fix that…I’m even ready to pay for this!!

  45. Here it comes

    I can see it now….
    Keychains and airfreshners for visiting GT Auto.

    Fuzzy dice for every month you log on.

    Customizable sponges for the carwash.

    A new museum section featuring “wheels you wish where included in the game” collector cards.


    Booster seats for players with kids.

    Pet carriers for players with obnoxious kids.

    Bumper stickers, trailer hitch decorations, and those fake arms people hang out of the trunk on holloween.

    Speaker boxes and amp combos.

    In car TV.

    Emmisions testing every July.

    And a new helmet/suit combo featurring dark brown and pink.

    Unfortunately, PD will also have to remove 5 tracks, and 100 premiums, to make room for this new content.

    1. lol

      Do you really think the OP is trying to convince people of things like “Pet carriers for players with obnoxious kids.”?
      Haven’t been paying attention to the last six months of huge expectations based off of tiny rumors followed by even bigger outrage when there’s nothing to the rumors?
      Obviously it’s just a joke based on the past repeated mistake of people getting much too excited over updates and rumors only to be let down every time. Some people still haven’t learned I guess.

    2. AnPrionsaBeag

      If this is trolling, let him troll all he wants. I completely relate to his sense of humor. Who’s ever asked for customizable helmets and firesuits in a racing game?

    3. Flavio Briatore

      @Here it comes
      Yeah, I think your suggestions are more likely than a few decent cars and tracks that should have been in the game in the first place.

      Guess what? I got a carbon helmet today! Whoopeee! I’m so happy, I’m dancing around the room naked! And I posted on GTPlanet how great these additions such as helmets and overalls are! I also posted a thread on how wonderful Kaz Yam is and how anyone that has an issue with GT5 is a “whiner”! Gotta go and celebrate the gaining of this carbon helmet! Whoopee! Whoopee……

    4. Skiddy

      I would actually love to see those fake arms hanging out of the trunk. Fuzzy dices too.. And dog puppets with wobling heads.

  46. Amac500

    Why does everybody want to see DLC stuff so bad??? If they were adding new things to the game, wouldn’t you rather have it right on the game for you, saving you the trouble and potentail money??? If they add new stuff like the hill climb and those 25 tracks, wouldn’t you rather have it in an update that puts it right on the game ready to go???

    1. GamerGT5

      I’m sure some people bought the game and thought that 1000 cars is going to have interior views. Now as far as courses, that’s a different story. They already mentioned about how many courses we’re going to get.

    2. Amac500

      Yeah I know that but why would people ask for DLC stuff when they could just get it added, without paying, free right to the game. It saves time, really make more sence.

  47. PS3LUV3R

    Yes! This is great to hear! Although rumors still I thought it was stupid of PD NOT to make DLC and knew they would make some at some point. I’m willing to drop some cash on these haha

  48. DawgCCCP

    Cool to hear! Still a rumor, It would already be nice to have more rims and a possibility to put spacers on cars to get more stance :)

    If its free thats cool, but I would not expect something really insane if it should be free.

    If I have to pay for it, not a problem either, but then I do expect lost of new content!

  49. ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

    Finally i hope this is true. Im happy with the game as it is i just want moreee carss!! instead of 30odd different skylines mazda mx5’s etc.. No doubt the DLC wont be as good as we expect though :/.

    1. RACECAR

      @GTP_Rcrcool9: Piazza del Campo was not removed because of “butt hurt italians”, it was because of a government in that particular town being overeactive of their flags being displayed. Seriously, that comment gets old.

    2. timwap

      @ GTP_Rcrcool9 Seriously you can just keep your moronic comments for yourself, Siena DOES NOT represent the whole Italy, they only represent their small city and tradictions, so if you want blame somebody blame them not all of us you fool!!

  50. Ryan

    they will not add porsche, ea and microsoft own rights they wont let the competition have it. Second I hope they do a substantial amount of cars/tracks for a descent price. I know on forza 3 they did. I love gran turismo and with the online seasonal events that keeps the game going for me, which I still havent finished/started a-spec endurance races lol. I hope a new update to allow mid endurance race saves will come. Finally Poly has done a outstanding job, they have gave us the best of both worlds and to create 1000 true premium cars way they did for the ones they gave would of taken alot longer so this is a great compromise. Step back and look at the he** pd had to take on with the earthquake to the radiation outbreak to the cyber attacks it just hasnt been a good year for them lol. The last thing is people booing them, they need our support after all thats why we bought game or collectors edition. Thankyou for reading and good day.

    1. Snjper

      Correction.. EA owns the rights. Even MS will not be using them in Forza Motorsports 4, though that hasnt been 100% confirmed but RUF is listed in the game.

    1. Josh

      DLC = Downloaded Content

      It’s commonly used in the videogame community and is not a term limited to GT5.

  51. Rekve

    I’m not surprised.
    The PSN outage obviously resulted in many people giving up on GT5, and the new update seemed to try and lure people back with triple prizes and race suits as well, if those count. This, imo, proves that DLC is coming in the near future.
    Can’t wait!

    1. Rekve

      Also, hoping that the DLC is the ‘unreleased’ tracks, only thing that I really think that GT5 needs. A few cars would be nice too, but they’re not as important.

  52. UAE_M4

    Hope they add Porshe in the game and they add more premium cars and make the bugatti premium model also i were shocked when i knew that the buggati are standard

    1. GamerGT5

      It would be really cool to see porsches in there also. But PD had an licensing issue with Porsche for that company to only license with Forza Motorsport. I would only say that they probably can turn RUF’s into premium though. That would be awesome to see.

    2. WangansGodHand

      Look at the press pictures of the interior of the Porsche 918. On the monitor, it shows the track select screen for GT PSP.

    3. alexlam24

      @WangansGodHand- OMG i researched it and it is the track selection screen from GTPSP. HOLY FACK!!!!

    1. timwap

      In case any Poliphony Digital employee will read this page I just want specify these users are joking ;)


  53. Bigmackattack

    Guys, one car is the FT-86 II. I wouldnt be surprised to see the Aventador be one, as I’ve seen it all over auto media lately. And dont get your hopes up for new cars, as dlc has already been released as the Chrome line, Stealth, and edge special camaro.

  54. Dan

    oh yes, hopefully they’ll convert some standards to premiums or even better add some new cars.

    I really hope for tahiti and midfield raceway to find their way into GT5, i love these.

  55. calvins48

    As all good GT fans know, don’t get your hopes up. Expect the least and feel elated when we get what we weren’t expecting.

  56. Stigsblackcousin

    I don’t think he was differentiating the two. I think he was saying that PD was working on the update(the actual code) and once its done we can download the content(DLC).

    I don’t think its a hint towards anything, I think people are getting over excited and kind of reading what they want to read.

    1. neema_t

      Agreed. Given the crossed signals when the release date speculation was going on, I don’t believe a thing anyone says until I see it for myself. Of course, believing and wanting to believe are different things…

    2. pasigiri

      Tis true because there was content downloaded with the 1.10 update. The extra helmets and track suits, remember?

  57. RPM

    It’s never been too late guys. Those who’s really into GT5 as “enthusiasts” like me, it’s never been too late for GT5. That’s how it is. that’s how they process. 20 usd – 40 usd worth of DLC? I think that’s too much brothas. The game is worth 54 bucks itself. it should be less than 20 bucks at least. But this is a good new about having new tracks which was from the past GTs and hopefully some new premium cards too!

    1. sdevos68

      In comparison, a 15 car DLC for Forza3 was something like $3-5. I don’t see PD and Sony being so arrogant that they would want to charge anywhere from 4-10x as much for the same thing. Why? Because only the hardcore GT-ers would pay it. If they released it at $5, they would get far more casual gamers to purchase it, figuring “it’s only $5.”, then over time they will make difference up several times over with each subsequent DLC.

  58. Snjper

    Sadly the DLC will end up being $20 USD, or $39 USD…

    All I can say is even now its almost too late to release anything.

    1. CorporateHammer

      Too late ?

      I seriously doubt that. For you maybe but there are still plenty of people like myself who will gladly buy DLC for GT5 now and even a year from now. Nothing sim ( FF wheel included )on PS3 is going to come close to GT5. I think we know how that NASCAR game turned out, right ?

    2. RACECAR

      And you know this how? Don’t go making assumptions on things you don’t know. Nobody even knows if the DLC will even be free or have a price.

  59. R1600Turbo

    You know, the 2011 Pikes Peak hill climb is next weekend… (26th) Would be a great time to give us a Pikes Peak themed DLC.

    1. Belisario93

      I sure hope so! I’m going to that event for the first time this year, and if it ends up in GT5 it would be awesome!

  60. MANU56BZH

    A real PC trac editor in 3D (like P-D use at work)will be amazing for 3D trac pro designer too.

    1. TheLoveNinja

      i was talking about this just the other day. i want to recreate a street track based on a nearby riverside town that has some excellent roads that could easily be a circuit :)

    2. HKS racer

      Woah that’s really too optimistic, in the meanwhile if you like track design you should try Bob’s Track Builder for rFactor :)

    3. TheLoveNinja

      @HKSracer Optimistic yes :) As for rFactor, I don’t think my laptop would run the game very well. If I made a good track I’d at least want to be able to race on it :p

  61. BlackIce

    I think it’ll just be a car/track pack, another 8-12 cars added to the premium list. I want there to be a more in depth car customization, that’s a DLC I’ll pay for if it means I get to make my car look like something no one else can every re-create again.

  62. TheLoveNinja

    more of the original tracks from other GT games.
    a ‘championship’ event creator.
    more cars, maybe some premium models of standards that deserve the quality and cockpit view.
    oh and free DLC please :) we have enough people taking our short supply of money from all angles. thanks

    1. HKS racer

      Championship event creator +1000 !!!!

      and I have no problem if they charge us for a good DLC, you can’t really ask them to give it for free, as every thing in life, if you want quality you have to pay it.

    2. GamerGT5

      An champion ship event/creator sounds awesome especially for online. But I think something like that should be focused on GT6.

    3. SergioMPS

      @HKS racer, i paid 60$ for GT5 and all i got was demo with 200 cars and 800 from GT4….so how much do i have to pay for some real quality

    4. GamerGT5

      @ SergioMPS, you have to admit that GT5 has probably the best car models in the industry ever seen. You see the beautiful back seats, floors, visors, gas pedals etc beautiful detailed. In a way it’s shocking to see a development team to do all of this to ps3’s limited hardware issues with updated physics.

    5. TheLoveNinja

      @GamerGT5 Something as simple as a Championship Event Creator is just a little bit of programming and would not take as long as say modelling a premium car. This could be included in a future update.

      @HKSracer As for what I’d be willing to pay for: New Tracks – Yes ; Tracks from previous GT games – No ; New Premium Cars – Yes ; Premium upgrades of Standards – No.
      This is all presuming the prices are reasonable.

  63. MANU56BZH

    Costa di almafita, City di Aria, El Capitan, some spécial asphat rally tracS in Corsica, and Croatia, A big trac like Nurburgring… I will looooove it.

    1. benja

      £150 for the sig addition, some stealth cars that no-one will let you race and a exclusive comp in B-Spec….. the B-spec comp was the biggest insult, big money and little extra decent content….. some if not all DLC should be free for those who were let down by the sig addition.

  64. BrianDennehy

    Hopefully one will be able to download finished versions of several of the tracks like Laguna Seca, Deep Forest, Autumn Ring, Trial Mountain, Grand Valley!

  65. undeadMonkey93

    Ooh! This might finally give me a reason to dust off GT5. The single player events were much too short and hopefully this’ll add some variety and relevant new cars :]

    1. Rafy

      I had the same though until I enter and play online, now I love this game. Don’t forget seasonal events…

    2. caasimun_18

      i get annoyed in online play its frustrating when you have ppl bumping into you all the ****ing time! :'(….so whose up for some gt5?

    3. R1600Turbo

      Go into the GT5 online section here and join a couple racing series. Best online drivers on the planet.

    4. Geo_212

      I think iRacing’s drivers have GT5’s drivers beaten… The dudes are awesome, and none of them sabotage the race. I’d definitely say GT5’s drivers are above Forza’s, though.

    5. Tvensky

      I hope there will not be 5 new maps and 5 new cars for 15$……. that will remind me EA and Activision politics…

      Hope PD will make DLC value for money and/or create the DLC for free or very cheap, So we all could play together online with all maps, features and cars.. othervise a lot of people will not buy it and online with friends will become a terrible expirience! Just like in COD games!

    6. JasonMann

      yes, im not at all bored with gt5 because of online and the infinite supply of cars but a dlc will be awesome

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