Kazunori Yamauchi on GT5’s “Lean” August Update

August 9th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi made a wise statement on Twitter today, offering up information on when the next Gran Turismo 5 update will be available while simultaneously tempering expectations. Here’s a translation of his post by Shirakawa Akira, in response to a question on the subject:

Most probably at the end of August. First there will be fixes for bugs occurred with the previous update. Sorry if this one will turn out to be a lean update.

In other words, don’t throw a fit when there’s no major new features or DLC in GT5 v1.11. It has now been over two months since the release of GT5 v1.10, which brought quite a few changes with it.

GT5 Photomode image by Abraxas.

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  1. Aug. 22, 5:07pm

    Does anyone know if this update will include the ability to upload replays to youtube? PLEASE RESPOND.

  2. Aug. 22, 4:10am

    C’MON POLYPHONY! We need more premiums cars in the game, every tracks from GT4 and more! We need a big update, please.

  3. Aug. 16, 8:21pm

    what region will this be available at?

  4. Aug. 16, 1:40pm

    Is it the end of the month yet? i know, its a “lean” update…..and tragically, even with pd’s past update history im still excited. love the game but i wanna finish it without bricking my ps3

  5. Aug. 15, 2:02pm

    I hope they can work on barrier impact, like having it give when I hit a tire barrier, and having the Armco indent

  6. Aug. 14, 5:47am

    Er…you know that the car cloning glitch is hardware-related, right?

    • Aug. 14, 6:40am

      Could you elaborate please? I don’t know about this…

    • Aug. 14, 1:14pm

      Borrow your friends car, delete the game data (Not the save) run game, do not install patches, change to another vehicle, run game again, install patches and there you go, your new car.

    • Aug. 14, 5:42pm

      Ty… I did not know about this one…

  7. Aug. 13, 4:54pm

    as i don’t have access to the required internet connection i am only able to play offline. i have used my friends connection 2 update 2 v1.10. since updating i have not seen the formula gt cars in the used car dealer and would like to know if other people are still seeing it there.
    also the ai lifts off the accelerator when i am very close to them, usually mid corner or on the exit of the corner when i am a little to the outside of them. is this something others have noticed also. i find it 2 be annoying that the ai gives up the position to easily to me yet see ai v ai going side by side without difficulty. thx

  8. Aug. 13, 3:02pm

    Simply and easy and random comment…PD look at the competition…GTR Evo/Race07 (the sound of the cars and revs + real damage + real and accurate rules and all the way that you feel that you are really in “real” a race), GTR2 (time day and night transitions on every circuit and you can choose the time of the day that you want to race, and also full 24hs or scaled time of day), rFactor and rFactor 2 coming soon.
    I love GT5 and it is on my favourite racing games and i have and play a lot. I was playing some races in Race07 with the new GT Power expansion pack and it is awesome. (i paid for it) And if i have to pay for some DLC in the future for GT5 i will do it. But something is real…we need more.

  9. Aug. 12, 4:37pm

    what daytona glitch?

  10. Aug. 12, 10:31am

    I see a lot of people expressing thanks for fixing bugs and glitches. Personally, I feel a game with GT’s pedigree ought to have minimal bugs and glitches, not as delivered. The most disappointing aspect of the francise is that the game has ALWAYS been designed around what Kazunori san wanted the game to be, not what racing game devotees actually want. So many positive things were “left out” in order to include so much stuff very few of us wanted. (Based on my immediate peer group and friends list). When I buy a racing game, I do so because I like to race. I could very well do without B-Spec, photo mode and “dress up”. This is my personal preference, not an attack on B-Spec’ers and photo affectionados. While the game is still deficient, I am so disappointed in their efforts to produce more crap that I don’t need instead of just fixing the game as it was intended to be. Helmets and driving suits ? Come on, are we little girls now playing “dress up” ? All the time and effort to create this crap could have and should have been applied to conversion of standrads to premium or fixing the horrible engine sounds or any number of issues already mentioned here. Please Kaz, with your endurance racing experience, create a real “racing game” without all the little girlie and superfluous stuff. Since inception, the GT francise has been built around the concept of a “driving simulator”. After 15 years, I’m tired of driving ! I want to race now !

    • Aug. 12, 3:42pm

      I agree with everything you just said. Those “extra features” should’ve been at the end of the list when gt5 was in development and they should of focused on the important stuff first.

    • Aug. 13, 7:01am

      I sooooooooooooooo agree!

    • Aug. 13, 7:11pm
      big ron

      damn good statement, I couldn´t agree more.

      Best sentence was: “After 15 years, I’m tired of driving ! I want to race now !”…awesome :D

  11. Aug. 12, 10:09am

    Guess i’m going to have to wait a while longer to do the 24hr races. Still I expect this to be a good update.

  12. Aug. 12, 12:40am

    *GT4 lol

  13. Aug. 12, 12:39am

    GREAT JOB KAZ AND PD!!!!! You guys have definitely given us a fantastic successor to GT5.

    Thanks for taking great care of us all of these years!

    Don’t listen to these crying babies. They don’t represent your true fan base. They represent the kids that nobody wants to play with! Lol

  14. Aug. 12, 12:33am

    Dammit! It cut the “shut” off lol!! BUT YOU GET IT!!

  15. Aug. 12, 12:31am

    @Sam & Asim ……..……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….,..,………………………wait for it …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

  16. Aug. 11, 1:15pm

    they spent so much time on GT5 graphics and in the end u dont even get to see them properly..no 360 view from cars` interior or exterior..big shame..they should maybe add this in the small update..wont take up so much space now would it..? :S

    • Aug. 11, 1:25pm

      and i dont mean photo mode..talking about in-race camera angles and garage..i mean you could even watch a car better in NFS Porsche Unleashed by opening doors, hood, trunk, roof ! for God`s sake this is 10 years later and still u cant do any of those things…Kaz needs Forza 4 to wake him up..let him wait..lol

    • Aug. 11, 1:43pm

      I think you whiners need Forza 4 to wake you up. You do know only a select few cars will be viewable 360 and it is far less than the number of premium cars in GT5. Seriously, I guess everyone forgot about the awesome promo shots and vids of Forza 3 and how the finished product turned out. Kinda like insidesimracing.com talking about Forza 4 in a vid and all they could say is what a great party.

  17. Aug. 11, 8:31am

    i wish the new dlc has like a CTS-v coupe or some bentlys or rollsroyce. also some SUV`s might be good toooooo

  18. Aug. 11, 7:55am

    Wow!!! Can’t believe the impatience and ignorance of some of the critics and naysayers posted on here….and let’s clarify ignorance as lack of knowledge. I’m all for opinions,but alot of what I have read on here are complaints of what PD hasn’t done for you. Does anyone remember reading not long after gt5’s launch that Kaz was not satisfied with the final game, but was pressured by Sony and public anxiety to release the game. PD could have very easily cut they’re losses and moved on to gt6 with no regard or consideration for this game…instead they have steadily improved it with updates and added content. There are things I myself would like to see or be improved, and am optimistic we will see them. Great job Kaz and PD for what is shaping to be the great game you wanted it to be.

    • Aug. 11, 8:21am

      So basically, disagreeing with you is ignorance?
      You think we don’t know that Yamauchi was not satisfied with releasing an unfinished game? you’re completely missing the point: how can a game producer not be able to propose a finished and untested game after 5 years? Is it Sony’s fault now?
      So when exactly does Yamauchi take responsibility for GT5’s flaws? When can we start wondering if Yamauchi did his job correctly? Serious question…

  19. Aug. 11, 1:16am

    Yeah you nay sayers are just a bunch of spoiled, whining, cry babies. I remember when we would shell out money for a game and we would be stuck with whatever we got.

    PD has been actively involved with the satisfaction of its customers since the release of GT5. They’ve opened up a user interface that had never existed in the series before and they do it for free.

    Here’s some advice for you nay sayers, SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Hit the eject button on your PS3, stop playing this game, attempt to go out and get a life, and leave the driving to more sensible people because this game is wasted on the likes of you!

    • Aug. 11, 2:43am

      AGREED!! the game is getting bigger and better and that is pretty impressive since alot of games are sold “as is”. 90% of my games haven’t been growing since i bought them so why would i give this game so much $h!t? cuz in a effing baby! or i could grow up and realize every update is kind of a return on my investment…

  20. Aug. 11, 12:49am

    You guys moan and moan. Calm down and give them a break. Sony pushed PD to release GT5 by the end of the year, so it’s bound to be incomplete.

  21. Aug. 11, 12:27am
    H. Kesellijnen

    Yeeeeha. New Seasonal Update just now. DTC German touring car challenge and the Online Dealership is refreshed. That’s nice. Good racing.

  22. Aug. 11, 12:18am

    dude there is a procedure to get the disc out even with YLOD if you switch it off at the back then turn it on while holding down the eject button the disc comes out, also just to add putting the motherboard in the oven fixed a PS3 i had with the YLOD saves a lot of money.

  23. Aug. 10, 10:35pm
    H. Kesellijnen

    JMHO=just my Honest Opinion.

  24. Aug. 10, 10:12pm
    FORZA=Arcade casual

    I cant play GT5/4 for 3 weeks.
    Yes. After 4 years, it has finally happened. YLOD.
    System-2007 60gig fatty, full backwards compatibility.
    Cost to fix-$144. Sent to Texas.(big hole next to my TV)
    &…guess what disc is stuck in the machine?

    • Aug. 10, 11:35pm

      Wow. Didnt really think it was real… I own an old 80gb from 2007 with backwards compatibility. The old ones do heat up alot more and are alot louder. What was the main cause? Left on too long?

  25. Aug. 10, 5:00pm
    D X S O

    I believe it is strange than Official info comes from twitter. Why not the official web page or here? So informal, even unprofessional.

  26. Aug. 10, 4:50pm

    Jordan –

    The only way for people not to throw a fit is to remove a certain group of people off this website.

  27. Aug. 10, 3:31pm

    Lets hope we can keep the triple payouts in seasonals a bit longer.

    • Aug. 10, 3:36pm

      It’s not on triple payout. It’s on double. Explanation: It said in the update that triple payout would be for a limited time only. x3 payout lasted around a week and a half and decreased to double. I saw it with my own eyes, an example: x3 Super Car Festival Eifel: 690,000 Credits – Now Super Car Festival Eifel: 490,000 Credits. You see? Double, not triple. Sorry if I went a little to far with explaining this. :s

  28. Aug. 10, 3:13pm

    Fix the PERSONAL BGM settings. Also would like to see the STANDARD CARS have the COCKPIT VIEW. Make it happen!

    • Aug. 10, 3:23pm

      The best they could probably do for that is give them GTPSP cockpits with some sort of interior going on. Not so great, but it’s something.

  29. Aug. 10, 3:08pm

    I think we should all be gratefull they r trying to finish the game and ill take any update.

  30. Aug. 10, 2:13pm

    More bug fixes and nothing new… Bravo PD… ¬¬

  31. Aug. 10, 12:15pm

    Why would you want to hear the big idiot clarkson talking. Gt5 has seb vettel and seb loeb :p

    • Aug. 10, 2:33pm
      D X S O

      I rather hear Clarkson than vettel and loeb any time. Clarkson “might” be an idiot but he is entertaining. Vettel and Loeb Are NOT .

  32. Aug. 10, 12:06pm

    I’m in two minds about this.

    in a way i’m not too bothered that it’s a small update, because i’ve not even complete the game yet. Nearly, but not quite. I’m doing it the old fashioned way and not cheating! And i’ve been playing since release.

    But then again I would like more, just because it’s a great game. But if the bugs get fixed then that’s great. As someone said above, back in the day the game would just stay broken forever.

  33. Aug. 10, 11:58am
    H. Kesellijnen

    Hey Kaz you listening. Forza 4. Check it out. See how to do a game right, upon release. They got Clarkson. Jezza talking!!!! what have we got Hm. 800 japanese cars. Ugly styleless japanese cars. I don’t know I might have to buy an xsatanbox and really enjoy some racing for a change.

    • Aug. 10, 1:30pm

      Your fangirl skirt is showing.

    • Aug. 11, 12:03am

      I really wish you would buy a xbox so you’d stop with I should junk. Then maybe when you post about Forza you might not look like so much of an A$$.

  34. Aug. 10, 11:49am
    H. Kesellijnen

    I remember the days not so long ago when games came out and they where complete upon release, like perhaps GT4. Now though it seems the companies deliver works in progress to be developed as time goes on. I guess it’s a good way to get your employees paid but, on the other had such actions make video game companies look amateurish, inexperienced and unprofessional.

    • Aug. 10, 1:29pm

      Kaz said in an interview that he wanted 2 more years to finish the game, but Sony pushed the date. You can’t fathom the amount of time it takes to render this game, with the memory constraints it has to work with. Do a little research before making amateurish, inexperienced and unprofessional “humble” opinions public. ;)

    • Aug. 10, 3:32pm

      Slick is a fanboy!

    • Aug. 10, 5:05pm


      I don’t see any fanboy remarks in slick’s comments. Slick just corrected and gave out facts towards H. Kesellijnen’s opinionated comments.

    • Aug. 10, 6:29pm

      @slick-> Well… You still believe what Kaz says ?
      Kaz aka “GT5 is 90% complete… we can release it whenever we want… the framerate will be 60fps (in reality it s always varying around 50…which is very disturbing… this is a fact: proven by framerate analysis…don’t even try to argue)”
      Or is it Yamauchi saying there would be a big update for GT5P in autumn (in 2009 I guess)… that never came?
      Or Yamauchi who said GT4 would have an online mode?
      Or Yamauchi who wanted to make “GT for kids”?
      Ho, maybe you talk about Kazunori Yamauchi, the guy who tweets to announce patches to fix 3 months old bugs of the previous patch… and NEVER tells clearly what DLC we can expect, IF we can expect some DLC…
      NOTHING in GT5 justifies 5 years developpement: nothing. You have to be completely naive to think GT5 is so much bigger than other games: it isn’t. Fact (800 cars were just taken from GT4! Just to give you the illusion that they worked sooooo hard to propose you the biggest game ever!).
      GT5 is just a complete production disaster: an unbelievable mess. Yamauchi has no vision. Wake up guys.

    • Aug. 10, 9:36pm


      I respect your honesty and your good debate in regarding about your issues with the GT series. I’m not going to give out stupid comments and bash you.

      “Kaz aka “GT5 is 90% complete… we can release it whenever we want…

      This happened in 2009. GT5 was 90% complete at the time but the same time Kaz even said not everything he hoped for would be included in the game. It’s just shows that he had to polish parts of areas and sacrifice other features that weren’t finished to get taken out just to release a schedule that PD weren’t expecting. So yea I agree the game had to be rushed and came unfinished in certain areas. We still don’t even know what kind of features got taken out of the game. All we know is just some features were planned but got taken out from GT5.

      the framerate will be 60fps (in reality it s always varying around 50…which is very disturbing… this is a fact: proven by framerate analysis…don’t even try to argue)”

      No, the fps runs at 60 fps in most areas even on my TV screen. I wouldn’t say it’s a solid 50 fps. I already seen it. It was already confirmed that the FPS lowers because of the weather conditions with amount of cars in the race.

      “Or Yamauchi who said GT4 would have an online mode?”

      Yea GT4 were supposed to have online mode but didn’t pass in the beta stages for GT4. It got taken out because of GT4 had to be release and took too much time. The online mode later got released in certain area’s but were only used for testing for GT5’s. That’s why it didn’t get released. It only featured Local area connection.

      “Ho, maybe you talk about Kazunori Yamauchi, the guy who tweets to announce patches to fix 3 months old bugs of the previous patch… and NEVER tells clearly what DLC we can expect, IF we can expect some DLC…”

      DLC wasn’t planned because there’s other important areas that has to be worked on before we hear about dlc.

      “Or Yamauchi who wanted to make “GT for kids”?”

      You mean GT for boys? We don’t know whether if it’s still in development or not. I wouldn’t say it’s not. He just said he hopes that feature will be implemented in GT5. In the gaming industry many game developments get’s cancelled for different reasons. It’s just speculation.

      ” You have to be completely naive to think GT5 is so much bigger than other games”

      Those are your opinions mate. There’s people thinks GT5 is better than some other games. It’s just opinions.

      “Yamauchi has no vision. Wake up guys.”

      I have to disagree with you on that one. GT5 is known to have the best physics on consoles. I would say he does have a vision. GT5 IMO has the best concepts that defines a “simulator” such as Day/Night, weather, physics, rally, low beams, high beams (different colors for certain cars), pit crews etc. These are your basic elements aspects of racing. But I wouldn’t say all these are fully completed but it just shows how much staff can do that actually dumped GT4’s coding and revamp their engine, developed GTpsp at the same time with 140 staff took in 5 years.

      Out of all of this I agree with you on other things. But between me and you these are just speculation and we don’t even know how everything runs inside PD’s office. IMO I think kaz’s problem is that he gives out too much information about his current/future development in different area’s. But good criticism makes a good game and that’s why there’s a feedback section.

      Sorry for the long writing mate.

    • Aug. 11, 8:56pm

      Sam: Presenting opinions as facts since 2000.

    • Aug. 13, 5:02am

      Come on man… I started waaaaay before 2000.

  35. Aug. 10, 11:22am

    even if PD just include the bits from all the GT series and GT5 will still get a better game…

    GT1: Qualifying before Race, tuning options where you could change the turbo boost aswell for turbocharged cars.

    GT2:replay forward rewind, some if not all the tracks like Tahiti, Red Rock Valley, Gindlewald, Pikes Peak

    GT3: chase view camera and a useful car wash.

    GT4:different race setups, combined A and B spec, b-spec race commands, track day with same car CLASS and not same car, and NOS.

    machine test from all the series :P

    other things u ppl have in mind right now?

    • Aug. 11, 7:01am

      Oops…sorry …wrong post.

  36. Aug. 10, 11:03am

    It is really easy Yamauchi, please answer this little basic question: If you walk every time, taking a step 50% shorter than the previous one, when do you reach your objective ahead? Man, I can’t stop laughing…

  37. Aug. 10, 11:00am

    I only have one question for PD and KAZ , are we going to see an update that gives us cockpit-view for the standard cars.


  38. Aug. 10, 10:58am

    so that means there will be no cockpit-view for the standard cars.
    dam after a year you would expect they give us this update, but no.
    come on PD forza4 is coming out soon, we want cockpit-view for al the standard cars.

    • Aug. 10, 2:39pm
      D X S O

      Even if it is a STANDART cockpit view for all standart cars.

  39. Aug. 10, 10:54am

    On line racing is what forza do best, GT5 sucks at this.

  40. Aug. 10, 10:54am

    Too late. He has now got a bunch of leaches expecting freebies every week, who will cry and moan like 2 year olds that are denied their blankies when there isn’t a huge free update monthly or a new seasonal event each week. There is more then a few GT5 fans who increasingly are just becoming more and more pathetic. They paid the going price for a video game. For the VAST majority of games, that’s ALL you get, you don’t get updates weekly for month after month. If nothing was ever added to the game after purchase, everyone got MORE then their money’s worth. Deal with it. Truly tired of the whiners.

    • Aug. 10, 5:24pm

      Spot on mate. I’m also sick of hearing people whine.

  41. Aug. 10, 10:51am

    The most amazing thing is that “huge enthusiasts that will never have a Platinum btw” still believe that something revolutionary is “coming sometime”… That has been the attitude for the last 6 years LOL… Saving the best for FORZA 4? Haha, Yamauchi is a genius, you know it, he doesn’t even look at competition, he is wise, very wise… LOL

  42. Aug. 10, 10:37am
    Bien Cien

    I hope the bug fixes include some futile attempts to enter a lobby. Instead of a function of “timing out” and heading back into the lobby list, we are forced to have it load infinitely before deciding to quit game.

    • Aug. 10, 10:55am

      That’s your Internet connection.

  43. Aug. 10, 10:00am

    if you guys read one of the post that was put up here before they even said the 1st thing to get fix will be the bugs in the game before any DLC comes out so dont get your panties in a twist..i mean..you’ve waitied this long..just be happy they are finally in the processes of making changes..yes its long over due but kaz and the crew at PD arent machines lol they can only do so much 1 step at a time

  44. Aug. 10, 9:48am

    I would be content with the fixes being for waiting 5 minutes to load my garage in an online lobby and for waiting up to 5 minutes to leave an online lobby after hitting exit.

  45. Aug. 10, 9:38am

    an “lean” update will not fix the various list of bugs in the game…
    last time i saw a special bug in formula gt championship, i was 1st with slick (!!) on suzuka rain race and during the 3 last laps all the opponents made super lap times to rejoin me…. very strange….they earn 10 sconds per lap!!!!
    and i finish second, with my best time at the last lap….

  46. Aug. 10, 9:23am
    Mário Diniz

    I’m a huge GT fan and have been waiting inpatiently for the realease and now I just don’t want to play it anymore, I think I stopped playing it 3 months after the release.

    What a boring game, it is as same of you said a complete disappoiting flop, boring out-of-date game, why are so happy about theses patches? They don’t bring anything relevant to the game, that’s how the game shouldn’ve been released, they had more than enough time for that… Most of my friends who are GT fans aswell agree with me, it’s boring.

    GT 1-4 were great games but I guess PD couldn’t keep with the evolution of tecnology and with how fast and how well things are done now-a-days, they just couldn’t keep up and now they are behind the competition and it will get worse in my opinion when GT series gets completly out of date. Just listen to the car sounds, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Playstation 1 really? Sorry PD it’s time to move on… bring on Forza 4 turn10.

  47. Aug. 10, 9:09am

    Nothing they do will steal any thunder from F**za 4.

  48. Aug. 10, 9:02am

    WTF PD……one update leads to another to fix the previous one, sort it out! Everyone pull your tongues out of PD’s ass, they arent making the effort at all they are just fixing little bugs that frankly i dont give a toss about and doesnt affect my gaming experience, give us what we want instead of fobbing us off with tiny updates/bug fixes here and there thinking it will keep people happy. The only reason they keep doing bug fixes is cause of the people who lick PDs ass see the tiny update/bug fix and go off on one praising them left right and centre thinking they have massively improved the game when really its fixed something so miniscule we probably didnt even notice. Some serious fanboys on out there that think whatever PD does is simply amazing when really it just isn’t…….PD probably to busy to care and are working on Tourist Trophy for the PS3

    • Aug. 10, 11:03am

      true..im afraid Forza 4 is looking like its gona take the lead from PD.

  49. Aug. 10, 7:50am

    Agree with you Angel, I would have thought that improving / adding to the Replay funtions would be an “easy” fix.

    Other racing games now have Replays downloading to You Tube !

    Saying that, I appreciate all of the efforts PD have made to improve / refine GT5 for us gamers. I’m just a little bit greedy for more stuff like added tracks all with variable time of day/night and real time weather.

    Not much to ask really !!! LOL

  50. Aug. 10, 7:48am

    Hopefully they are saving the new content for just after the release of Forza 4 to steal some of the games thunder. That’s what I’d be looking to do if I was Sony/PD anyway!

    • Aug. 10, 7:56am

      Agree, they’re saving precious ammo before the real war starts. Don’t expect any big change prior to Forza 4 release.

  51. Aug. 10, 6:58am

    This game needs FF and RW functions on replays, and a better time gaps on races to be almost perfect … seeing only the gap from the first position is very frustrating! .. than we could think about a DLC. What do you think ?

    sorry 4 my english.

  52. Aug. 10, 6:58am
    big ron

    Maybe they fix the asleep-feature. You hear a loud ring tone, when the game realises, that you fall asleep while playing the game.

    • Aug. 10, 10:58am


  53. Aug. 10, 6:55am

    Had they actually developed the game, they wouldn’t need to make lean updates to fix there mistakes

  54. Aug. 10, 6:16am

    After this patch, if you find a new glitch, PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

    • Aug. 10, 6:41am


  55. Aug. 10, 6:09am

    yes this game is proving to be a complete flop

    • Aug. 10, 9:21am
      Mário Diniz

      I agree with the complains, I’m a huge GT fan have been waiting inpatiently for the realease and now I just don’t want to play it anymore, I think I stopped playing it 3 months after the release. What a boring game, it is as same of you said a complete disappoiting flop, boring out-of-date game, why are so happy about theses patches? They don’t bring anything relevant to the game, that’s how the game shouldn’ve been released, they had more than enough time for that… Most of my friends who are GT fans aswell agree with me, it’s boring. GT 1-4 were great games but I guess PD couldn’t keep with the evolution of tecnology and with how fast and how well things are done now-a-days, they just couldn’t keep up and now they are behind the competition and it will get worse in my opinion when GT series gets completly out of date. Just listen to the car sounds, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Playstation 1 really? Sorry PD it’s time to move on… bring on Forza 4 turn10.

  56. Aug. 10, 5:43am

    Others do it better i’m afraid.

  57. Aug. 10, 5:42am

    no DLC, no leaderboards.

  58. Aug. 10, 5:30am

    I was disappointed when GT5 first came out, but I’m very impressed by the follow up from PD. There is still a lot to do, but so many fixes for free is just awesome! Just like computers’ OS, games get better with updates! I’d unfortunately daresay that PD is shaping what games in the near future will be: “beta” or unfinished final versions customized and enhanced through users comments. Less development cost and time (alright GT5 took 5 years) for a more accurate content that matches gamers’ wishes.
    Will the competition with Forza 4 get stiff enough (they announce 1M polygons per car, twice as much as GT5!) to force PD in speeding up the process? Wait and see! For sure it is very likely to expect major changes in GT5 as Forza 4 is released.
    Can’t wait actually!

  59. Aug. 10, 4:45am

    Yes they promising more than they could do in time, but I’m looking forward, because they planned to extend their company and hire more employers!
    Also they working on GT Platform, all those researches and fixes will help next GT, so they don’t loosing a time!

    Except they really need to throw out standard cars and don’t waste their “gold” time to fix cars, that wouldn’t exist in GT6. 200+ cars is really enough if the game is good. (GT1,3)

  60. Aug. 10, 4:18am

    G25 gated shifter/clutch still barely works though. Getting worse actually.

  61. Aug. 10, 4:12am

    Game of bugs and glitches. Great.
    I play next time with it when update 2.0 will come. Somewhen around 2019… :)
    Oh, I almost forget, they’re already working on GT6… I wonder if it will be a better game (if it will be ever finished, but as I see they love to sell half finished games lol)

    • Aug. 10, 5:49pm

      maybe you should just trade it back and not play it again, then we wouldn’t have to read your pointless comments!?

  62. Aug. 10, 4:08am

    I was disappointed when GT5 came out, but I’m very satisfied by the follow up from PD. So many fixes for free is just awesome! Just like computers’ OS, games get better with updates! I’d even daresay that PD is shaping what games in the near future will be: “beta” final versions customized and enhanced through users comments. Less development cost and time (alright GT5 took 5 years) for a more accurate content that matches gamers’ wishes.
    Will the competition with Forza 4 get stiff enough (they announce 1M polygons per car, twice as much as GT5!) to force PD in speeding up the process? Wait and see! For sure it is very likely to expect major changes in GT5 as Forza 4 is released.
    Can’t wait actually!

  63. Aug. 10, 3:44am

    I’d more than happy if PD releases an update taking down the arcad-ish exhaust notes on EVERY car, uploads REALISTIC engine sounds, and adds the Cadillac CTS-V, the Shelby GT500, Audi RS4, Audi RS5, and a bunch of other sport cars left out to put in the million of Skylines, Miatas, and the little useless cars which wont go faster than 60mph… C’mon!

    • Aug. 10, 4:32am

      27 are S2000s
      30 are NSXs
      59 are Skyline GT-Rs
      18 are Z33/Z34
      27 are Lancers
      33 are MX-5s
      31 are RX-7s

      I don’t see the problem with them, and the variety is quite nice. Those little “useless” under 60 mph cars are fun and are classics. If you don’t appreciate them, don’t drive them. Your post irritates me as your just another whining player.

    • Aug. 10, 10:56am

      That reply with a car breakdown to support the point was an ode to idiocy… I never cease to be amazed at people’s capacity to commit intellectual suicide.

    • Aug. 10, 12:26pm

      Something no one ever seems to realize is all the standards are just imported from gt4/gtpsp. PD spent liitle or no effort getting them into gt5. That’s why we have 30 skylines instead of newer cars. Its also why the Buggati is a standard. (Its straight out of gtpsp)

    • Aug. 10, 3:21pm

      @ groupbmonsters
      I don’t think so. Is see better graphics for the standards then any Gran Turismo 4 car. And of course better then GTPSP. So what’s this talk about it being the same? Seriously, take a look at GT4 with your own eyes. Real life, not youtube. You’ll see a difference I’m sure.

    • Aug. 10, 4:47pm

      @EliteDreamer When I first bought GT5 I’ve thought a couple of them were premiums but weren’t when I get close to them in a race. GT4 cars and GT5 standard cars does have a difference probably because it’s has an upscaled HD resolution for them.

  64. Aug. 10, 1:10am

    I just downloaded the PS3 update and I see that the screens are loading faster again.

    If lean means they can get even faster with no changes to the game I’d be happy.

    • Aug. 10, 1:29am

      I’m downloading it right now, and if what you’re saying is right, then hopefully this will put an end to some of our online woes.

  65. Aug. 9, 11:12pm

    its good to see moar.

  66. Aug. 9, 11:00pm

    this game is the only games they produce right now so of course they cant forget it. im already abandoned seasonal events because its too boring now.

  67. Aug. 9, 10:21pm

    Please someone remind me as to when have we had MAJOR FEATURE changes in an update since this GT5 farce started? Why would people expect the amazing through “updates”… Please don’t mention Seasonal Events, they are just a lame copy of the career mode…

    • Aug. 10, 12:51am

      Because they’ve done a good job on major updates. Better A.I, different suits (now it seems FM4 is trying to have customization suits just like GT5), remote races, removable hud, driving in pit camera changes etc. IMO PD has the best racing concepts out there. Many fans are happy with the updates. Now there’s more coming along the way to see what more PD gives us.

    • Aug. 10, 4:05am

      I’m with you mate. But my posts keep getting censored here…

      GT5 was released unfinished, unpolished and untested (unthought basically) but people here are happy with it…and they even thank Yamauchi when, 3 months after the last patch, he finally releases a patchs to… fix the previous patch!
      And people clap! “Thank you yamauchi for not letting us down” !!! Seriously? I mean: SERIOUSLY?

      Gtplanet community shows the reason why GT fails to evolve: players are not demanding enough… they are in total denial just like Yamauchi. Whatever he does or says is right.

      Even when he obviously lies to our face.
      If there is no big DLC within 2 months (at least fixing the catastrophic framerate), I ll say bye-bye to GT and buy a XBOX360 with Forza. At least Turn10 delivers (even if they basically copy GT, they do it well and push PD’idea further).

      Again: GT is declining in front of Forza just like PES declined in front of FIFA… and nobody here seems to admit it.
      In both cases, it s because the community is not demanding enough, AND because the devs (Seabass and Yamauchi) kept lying and not rethinking their game.
      Good job GTplanet.

    • Aug. 10, 10:37am

      Couldn’t agree more with you Sam, but let them have it… They will clap, get excited and one day they will really see the farce, fake grandeur, fake happiness they want?, so be it. Fortunately I left my prejudices long ago and ALSO play Forza, and many FAR superior PC offerings.

    • Aug. 10, 10:42am

      Speaking of Winning Eleven… That game was amazing back in the day, now it is FIFA’s little bitch trying to catch up… Feel something Gran Turismo? No, Yamauchi is much of a genius to be bothered… LOL

  68. Aug. 9, 10:05pm

    Not a lot of bashing on this thread. I think the masses are pleased that we are getting updates. I still would like to see the tire choice be factored in to the Performance Points. Much like it was on GT5 Prologue and early GT5. All in all, kudos to Polyphony Digital.

  69. Aug. 9, 8:17pm

    Could this be the Update like Call of duty have to support the Oncoming DLC maybe??

  70. Aug. 9, 5:57pm

    maybe Kaz mispelled Mean Update.

    • Aug. 10, 4:42am

      in japanese

  71. Aug. 9, 5:56pm

    It’s really good to see mostly positive comments on this article.

  72. Aug. 9, 5:51pm

    Yeah true.. Lean update is better than no update.. It’s true that PD is always in touch with its game unlike the other games which when released doesnt have any updates.. hehe… Well, we real enthusiasts are always patient to wait for the big update soon hopefully. :)

  73. Aug. 9, 5:50pm

    The GT5’s players high levels of anxiety are not PD fault. :D

  74. Aug. 9, 5:20pm

    Can someone plz tell me what DLC is ?

    • Aug. 9, 5:49pm

      DLC = DownLoadable Content

      Add-on packs available on the PlayStation Store.

    • Aug. 10, 5:44pm

      to elaborate, downloadable content for a nominal fee, requiring a credit card transaction

  75. Aug. 9, 5:04pm

    No surprise tbh.
    The promise of tons of updates was just another example of PD thinking above and beyond their means and/or ability. Why do they make promises or say things they will never be able to deliver.

    I’d rather they said nothing and surprised us with random updates.

  76. Aug. 9, 4:57pm
    H. Kesellijnen

    i betcha it’ll be huge, cause polyphony is in opposite land.

    • Aug. 10, 5:43pm


  77. Aug. 9, 4:28pm

    Ai Fix? :)

  78. Aug. 9, 4:17pm

    In the other update, didn’t he say he fixed the login bonus problem where if you didn’t log in for a few days, you’d lose out on paint chips and museum cards? Because after that update, if I missed a day, I’d only get 9 instead of 10. Let’s hope Kazza fixes that this time.

    But this update probably means that it’s goodbye to the Daytona glitch, just like the Nurburgring and SSR7 glitch.

    • Aug. 10, 9:18pm
      Gt player who gets out & pushes

      Can you tell me what ssr glitch I’ve had no problem with it I don’t understand???

    • Aug. 11, 1:07pm

      It was a money glitch people would use to get cash quick

  79. Aug. 9, 4:16pm

    Its cool they fix the bug and glitch but now they have to fix the previous patch… Its like they don’t work seriously on that game.

  80. Aug. 9, 4:00pm

    What I’d like to see is the REVERSE gear being added ‘into’ the gearbox! No more seperate button for gear changes!!!! Down the box 5 4 3 2 1 then another click R :-)

    • Aug. 9, 5:53pm

      yeah that makes sense and i’m sure it’s not that hard to fix right? Reverse and neutral just before 1st gear. :) That would be cool for wheel users.

    • Aug. 9, 7:45pm

      yes this is a big problem for racing with dfgt and perhaps other wheels when you crash and need to reverse and turn the wheel lol stupid with the triangle button imho.

    • Aug. 10, 4:09am

      First thing I thought about when I started playing with the dfgt. This would be great, especially if they included neutral as well.

    • Aug. 10, 12:09pm
      Dj smurph

      I use the flappy paddles for gear changes and remap the stick to pull back for hand brake push forward for reverse not a fix but a damn good work around

    • Aug. 10, 8:49pm

      @Dj smurph: haha well thatès creative mate! But I wont do it since I enjoy more shifting using the stick…

  81. Aug. 9, 3:49pm

    my concern, is why no firmware updates for PS3, since the Sony Hack? Sony used to release them , well, much more often than not at all. Perhaps all is well now, and we just wait…

  82. Aug. 9, 3:32pm
    Bu++ers bestest buddy

    A definitive ‘this will be a bug fix only’, rather than: ” Sorry if this one turns out to be a lean update” may have been wiser. However, the ‘if’ does imply that they’re getting closer to releasing what we’re all craving. I still reckon another three months to wait though. . . But hope they prove me wrong.

  83. Aug. 9, 3:26pm

    I am glad Kaz is fixing up, GT5. It has turned out much better than it was at release. So much has been fixed, and Kaz is still fixing and improving the game. I still have faith in GT5 and trust Kaz to provide us with amazing future updates. GT5 is finally coming together.

    • Aug. 10, 4:42am

      Well said :D

  84. Aug. 9, 3:17pm

    What, omg? What about cockpit view in all cars? When standard cars will be update to premium? We still waiting, and waiting and waiting and what? Nothing. They really pi….. me off.

    • Aug. 9, 4:19pm

      Well, if you don’t like what they’re doing. Then how about you, go apply for a spot in PD, make your way up the ladder, and take Kaz’s spot. Then we’ll see if you can not only fix the game, but give every one what they want on every whim.

      Untill then, I wouldn’t complain.

      I myself and glad he’s fixing the bugs, I’d rather have a fixed game with the content it has, then a buggy game with even buggier DLC.

    • Aug. 9, 5:54pm

      @NewfieBangaa: Well said

    • Aug. 9, 6:54pm

      At least hes fixing the game, would you rather play a game with 1000 premium cars that crashes or freezes every two seconds or this :(

    • Aug. 9, 11:11pm

      It would’ve been better if pd just scrapped damage and focused on getting as many cars as possible to premium level . they tried too hard and got an incomplete package. I dont care about being thankful–its a video game and it is what it is. and in this case it wasnt a total success. You don’t see the other gt’s having features missing that they promised. pd tried to run before learning to walk with this one.

  85. Aug. 9, 2:51pm

    Whoop dee freakin do!

    Honestly who cares. Oh no… people are cheating let’s fix that then give people what they want so they spent less time trying to find cheats and glitches.

    • Aug. 9, 5:53pm

      What about fixing the online problems? the Black screen for example.
      I hope the online mode runs smoothly after the update. Then DLC.

    • Aug. 10, 5:56am

      Black Screen???? I thought that was the game waiting for the other players to catch up online is this something that happens to everyone?

  86. Aug. 9, 2:50pm

    I have no problem with that. Curious tho, does that mean no new seasonals or OLD either?

    • Aug. 10, 2:39pm
      geoff allan

      I’m pretty sure the seasonals are ongoing and they certainly aren’t attached to the updates.

  87. Aug. 9, 2:48pm

    Didn’t Kaz say the update wasn’t gonna let us down?

    • Aug. 9, 5:50pm

      I think he was talking about the DLC. He said the glitches will be patched first.

  88. Aug. 9, 2:47pm

    I’m excited about this statements from Mr. Yamauchi. Waiting doesn’t matter as long as we get a nice DLC with many tracks. Can’t wait to play on Costa di Amalfi, Citta di Aria and Paris. I know I’m only daydreaming about this, but it feels nice.

  89. Aug. 9, 2:46pm

    We’ve gotten plenty of fixes for bugs and glitches, unlike some other racing game *cough*F1 2010*cough* that were pretty much out the door and forgotten by the developer… PD seems genuinely committed to GT5, and hopefully we’ll see some DLC cars soon :)

    • Aug. 12, 5:23am

      I hear they’re working on a big update to be released a year after F1 2010 was. It’s called F1 2011.

  90. Aug. 9, 2:29pm

    Its sad to see all the bad comments, I mean how much stuff have they already updated for FREE. Every other game I have thetre are charges for everything. So be a little nicer

    • Aug. 9, 2:43pm

      That´s exactly what i was thinking. Every other Publisher would charge us for every single extra in the game. So thumbs up for PD.

    • Aug. 9, 3:58pm

      I actually said pretty much exactly this earlier today. Since PS3 was released we have gotten following for free.

      1. Full game with 1 track (2 variations) plus 10 cars (20 variations), 2 game modes without time limit and an online scoreboard.

      2. Update containing pretty much half a game for GT5 Prologue. Which was a huge game containing many hours of fun and an online mode. Retail price was well below avarage too.

      3. New features for GT5…

      Actually I think it’s time we pay for something, this game needs so much work in development e.t.c. I have no idea how it can cost as much as the crap the typical game developers spit out.

    • Aug. 10, 4:39am

      Exactly guys, I think PD have been very good to us :tup: thank you Kaz and team! :D

    • Aug. 10, 7:32am
      big ron

      What are you talking about? There have been no feature, where PD may require the money for. Suchch dinky things like Seasonal events or online car dealer are nothing, you can require anything for, because they aren´t really new features but just available features, managed by PD.

      Every other thing was just bux fixing and optimizing….so updates and patches. And no publisher or developer ever required money for patches ;)

    • Aug. 10, 11:58pm

      @ big ron

      1. Mechanical Damage ( well an attempt )
      2. Helmets
      3. Suits
      4.including weight and power restrictions on which cars can be driven in an online session
      5. a car performance rating system
      6. handicaps such as ballast and engine restriction
      7. ability to use the built-in course maker in online multiplayer races
      8. friend rankings

      I mean come on, anyone who plays GT5 should know there has been major additions and improvements. Just because it’s not what your looking for doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’m pretty sure they could have charged for the suits, helmets, ability to use custom tracks in multiplayer, etc…. Companies charge money for unlocks, or the option to unlock a car with real money ( shift 2 ).Yet still PD is somehow the worst out there. Sure.

    • Aug. 11, 1:30am

      @CorporateHammer You are right except that they also fixed things that were never asked for. Is it too much to have in race saves? Is it too much to have the same capabilities as GT5P and GT4? Nice try. You guys will take anything,

      EA gave more free content on BFBC2 and had some paid DLC Specat uniforms and weapons and BF Vietnam. Thats added value. It this had not been fixed this game would sitting on the wall at your local Gamestop.

    • Aug. 11, 2:10am

      @ BadLt58

      What makes you think there aren’t going to be any race saves? They already confirmed in race saves is already in development. Hopefully that fixes part of your problems.

      I see your comparing BFBC2. But what about MK9? They charge for additional costume skins that I had to pay for. About the suits and helmets, it may not be something you wanted to have so of course you wouldn’t see it as an added value compared to others users here. And what exactly what makes you think GT5 isn’t going to have the same capabilities as GT5P when we still don’t know what the future updates are (except this month) holds for us. So nice assumption.

      Just saying your expectations and wants doesn’t speak for everybody else here except for in game saves because most others requested that feature in the feedback which recently, PD claims it’s still under development.

    • Aug. 11, 7:42pm

      I understand GT5 is not going to please everybody. As for me, the sheer quality and attention to detail while using a FF Wheel trumps all the negatives. I will admit I am sorely disappointed in the lack of leader board system but again using my GT3 and clubsport with GT5 is just pure satisfaction.

  91. Aug. 9, 2:29pm

    reading between the lines i sense we will see NO actual new content, i think kaz is trying to hint that 1.11 is a bug fitch update and actual new content may come once the bugs are gone, but i imagine 1.12 will be more bug fixes, and so on and so on

  92. Aug. 9, 2:24pm

    He’ll probably just fix the “permanent borrow” trick, if he can…

  93. Aug. 9, 2:11pm

    I appreciate every update. Large or small. Remember the days when you plopped down 60 bucks for a game & received no updates! I do. If you don’t your expectations are probably a little warped.

    • Aug. 9, 2:29pm

      Yeah. That really sucked. Broken games remained broken forever.

      And if you believe that wasn’t the case, then your memory is warped.

    • Aug. 11, 1:18am

      Or when they released a seriously buggy game then released a new version to retail with bug fixes ala Metropolis Street Racer on Dreamcast. What a fixed game? Pay up again.

  94. Aug. 9, 2:07pm
    GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

    Be in mind, this game is prone to glitches. Might as well fix a broken game while you still can. I’m happy Kaz is fixing this game :)

  95. Aug. 9, 2:06pm

    A lean update is better than no update at all.

  96. Aug. 9, 2:05pm

    he means that its not gonna be a big one, just glitches I reckon. I still think they will release some DLC for the 1 year release date, well I hope so…

    • Aug. 10, 2:21pm

      @VBR You’d be surprised. But I personally am happy that despite all that’s happened with PD and Japan, they are up and back to business.

  97. Aug. 9, 2:02pm

    This will be interesting. And what does he mean “lean”?

    • Aug. 9, 2:05pm

      “Lean” as in “small”.

    • Aug. 9, 3:28pm

      Lean probably only means “bug fixes” and not much else.

    • Aug. 9, 5:47pm

      Thanks for the responses.

    • Aug. 10, 10:54am

      @ Eric: If the bugs fixes are for the black screens & disconnections from online lobbies etc, then I’m sure many people will be glad nonetheless.

    • Aug. 10, 2:30pm

      I completely agree, I certainly hope that the next patch corrects the issue with the black screens on start. Black screens are soo annoying!

    • Aug. 10, 2:35pm
      geoff allan

      You know, the opposite of fat?

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