“La Festa Cavallino” GT5 Seasonal Event Features Ferrari

December 6th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The latest Gran Turismo 5 Seasonal Events feature a selection of the game’s Ferraris, which may have no more than 580PP and are limited to no better than Sports Soft tires.

  • Cape Ring Outside /5 Laps
    1: 345,100 2: 189,805 3: 138,040
  • Madrid City / 5 Laps
    1: 285,000 2: 156,750 3: 114,000
  • Trial MountainCircuit / 5 Laps
    1: 309,000 2: 169,950 3: 123,600
  • Nurburring GP/D / 5 Laps
    1: 339,800 2: 186,890 3: 135,920
  • Toscana (Tarmac) 103A / 5 Laps
    1: 348,800 2: 191,840 3: 139,520

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated; take a look here for a full overview of the new inventory. Thanks to ZachAttack1991 for compiling tonight’s race data!

GT5 Photomode image by driftinziggy.

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  1. Dec. 22, 9:31am

    Can someone please help me? I bought an Enzo couldn’t make it, today i bought a 458 Italia couldn’t make it? Can someone give me a light on how to tune the cars? Thanks in advance.

  2. Dec. 14, 8:00am

    A great, fun event. Won it easily in a “tweaked” Enzo. Only had to do each race once!
    Why, oh why could the Lamborghini event have been this simple!

  3. Dec. 10, 4:53am

    Really enjoyed this event and it wasn’t as manic as the Lamborghini event. I used a stock 458 Italia with Sports Soft tyres and won comfortably.

  4. Dec. 8, 10:12am

    As far as the seasonal events go this was one of the best, managed to win all events with the Enzo with sport sorts and no traction control

  5. Dec. 8, 8:39am

    I managed with F430 Scuderia 565pp. Pretty easier than Lambo events but one of the best.
    The graphics is lovely :*

  6. Dec. 8, 12:11am

    Ok i won…458 italia smoked them all!…this event was fun!

  7. Dec. 7, 4:29pm

    These were great, 458 Italia did it for me. And sports hard tyres!
    Anyways, over the past week I’ve been playing Need For Speed Shift 2, and it is IN NO WAY AS GOOD AS GT!! The handling is SHOCKING in any car, the graphics are CRAP, and the only way in which it is slightly better than GT is that it has more super/hyper cars e.g the Gumpert Apollo, and more GT/FIA GT race cars like the Maserati MC12 GT1 Vitafone, but I was so glad to be back in the ultra realistic and superb world of Gran Turismo 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NFS will NEVER EVER EVER be better than GT, and after playing that, GT is the best car game in the world at the moment!!

    • Dec. 8, 2:31pm

      Shift has a half second lag whenever you turn the car; and for a racing game that is an epic fail. The only reasons I bought it was because it was on sale and I wanted to see why the NFS franchise is so popular. I’m still trying to figure out why people still buy NFS. IMHO, it is a kids game and should only be played until you discover GT…or for Xbox gamers, Forza. I haven’t been a fan of EA in a very long time.

    • Dec. 9, 5:31pm

      I purchase other “racers” only after l’ve done enough with a GT (1, 2, 3…). That why I have XBoxes in my home. And time and again they just don’t measure up. Last 360 purchase was for Forza 3 and my friends there just couldn’t understand what Grand Turismo is all about. REALISM. Even with GT’s continued disappointments in content the feel of and look of the game always never fails to bring racing to life. Forza and PROJECT GOTHAM (my last gotos) had great stuff but just didn’t have “IT”. “IT” is the simulation of passion, beauty and liveliness of living in a world of automotive access. Sure the others had their share of exclusive whips but GT had theirs too and when there was a car you had your eye on, you usually have to work for it, ie… getting a license and/or winning a race. Sometimes cash (or credit) can’t get you want you want. Gran Turismo isn’t perfect – far from it – the GT I would most like to see is an open world where getting to the race venue would be part of the experience and the event officiating would manage the chaos of rookie pilots making a mess of other competitors’ progress and the burning hulks of something gone sideways with flags and traffic lights. Nice try Forza. Maybe I’ll try Horizon sometime next year… Or not? ’cause if Six is released? You’ll know where to find me ;)

  8. Dec. 7, 8:30am

    No problems at all with my 570pp 458 that I use for GT3 racing. All I had to do was switch my tires from racing hard to sport soft lol.

  9. Dec. 6, 10:09pm

    I tuned my Enzo for this event and so far so good ;)

    • Dec. 7, 9:22am

      Would u mind sharing that tune?

  10. Dec. 6, 4:57pm

    “The Party Pony,” indeed.

    • Dec. 6, 4:58pm

      Wait, nevermind. That’s what I get for using a cheap translator.

    • Dec. 17, 12:57pm


  11. Dec. 6, 4:51pm

    Only one real life race track is disappointing.

    My only real disappointment with Grand Turismo is the make believe race tracks-for the most part I can’t be bothered with them; sometimes even when they are in a Seasonal.

    I know many love those make believe circuits; just not me eh :)

    • Dec. 6, 9:20pm

      There isn’t just 1 real track there is Tokyo, circuit de Madrid top gear track, Laguna seca, Indy, Daytona and all the circuit le sarthes are all real..

    • Dec. 6, 9:42pm

      He was talking about the seasonals…not the whole game. Tokyo and Circuit de Madrid aren’t “real” tracks either. Yeah they’re based on real streets but they’re not tracks used for racing in the real world, like Nurburgring or Tsukuba.

    • Dec. 7, 1:34pm

      Theres a rumour they done costings to build a real fantasy track….hope it’s trial mountain…love it…it’s about time we had weather and time change on trail mountain bye the way…PD…please..

    • Dec. 12, 2:09pm

      I agree we need more of the epic tracks included in these events for replay value but I really dig Toscana, enjoyed tossing the Enzo around on that one (I’m not much of a drifter usually). And a big YES to weather/time change – that would really increase the replayability of these events, being able to change the weather and time to anything you like!

  12. Dec. 6, 3:12pm

    Great fun this seasonal, but I really wish the AI was better! Aside from that pd have done a pretty good job, very nice prize car. Just need an American event to get the Mark 4……

    • Dec. 6, 10:54pm

      If the AI is too easy, use less tires. If they use sports soft, use sports medium. Trust me, it actually makes their braking points more realistic compared to yours which is obviously a plus.

    • Dec. 7, 10:42am

      Thanks, I’ll try that out later

  13. Dec. 6, 2:57pm

    I have perfect setup for 430 Scuderia to easily win this event!

    • Dec. 6, 5:55pm

      Can you tell what did you make.
      Just tried a couple times with the F 40 but the rear us too slipy.

  14. Dec. 6, 2:14pm

    There is so much great Ferrari’s but we don’t get them. :(

  15. Dec. 6, 12:37pm

    So it’s Ferrari only… and they chose Madrid instead of Rome? Only PD… only PD.

    • Dec. 6, 6:39pm

      Rome would’ve been too predictable. You know how the team at PD like to be wild & spontaneous.

    • Dec. 7, 1:36pm


  16. Dec. 6, 11:55am

    Lol, ”Nurburring GP/D”

  17. Dec. 6, 11:37am
    Super Novi

    A lot of the cars I have I have already obtained are the cars they are giving out as prizes.

    Luckily I got the 330 P4 Race Car as a gift from one of my friends. In fact the only $20,000,000 I actually paid for was the Ford Mark IV

    @TomBrady That isn’t a very good alternative to this. If anything its annoying, under-rewarding in terms of money. If anything, I’d rather do A-Spec Challenge 4 (or is it 5?), the last race in the list. If offers half a million for first. If you have the online bonus at max you get a million per win. Plus I can use some of my favorite.

    • Dec. 6, 2:13pm

      It’s for the new adopters to get some of the rare and insanely expensive cars without having to do what most of us did back in year one. I’m happy I held off the 20 million dollar cars, these seasonals make it good to get one for free. I’m still trying to break 1,000 cars. So far I have 940 cars and 30+ in the delivery truck all unknown cars 1000km gift tickets. Wish the item list was infinite it’s a pain in the ass to have to delete something. Kaz lose the paint systems and just add a bloody color wheel, that would free up 3500 item slots in my item case.

      Ferrari land once again, where the hell is my F50? If I ever see that abomination the California in another game it will be too soon.

    • Dec. 6, 5:16pm

      You should’ve gotten the XJ13.

    • Dec. 6, 9:44pm

      You win the XJ13 I’m one of the endurance races.

    • Dec. 6, 10:34pm

      I meant it as a fun and challenging race to run, not something to earn credits with.

    • Dec. 6, 10:48pm

      Honestly Savage, I like having authentic manufacturer colors much better than a color wheel but I also hate it because of how long it takes the damn selection menu to pop up. I have thousands of colors and it takes like 5 seconds to show the colors, and what also annoys me is the little color icons can be very misleading. Plus, you never really know what the color will look like until you actually use it. That’s a stupid part about painting in GT5, you can waste colors like that. Like why would they not let you preview the color on the actual car or rim? They preview it with a stupid rim with no tire on it, that’s under different angle from the light source. Obviously it’s not gonna look the same.

      But I’m still happy we can use REAL manufacturer colors, instead of some crappy color wheel. Don’t know why people like those. There are plenty of times you can’t get what you want from those wheels

  18. Dec. 6, 10:56am

    If anyone actually whines about this seasonal, how bout shut up, and do this. Buy a Formula GT, and do the race at Cote D’ Azur (monaco) in the A Spec Formula World Championship or whatever it’s called. It’s actually a great race to run with competitive AI, on a difficult track. And it’s 20 laps so you’ll be having fun for 22minutes or so…

  19. Dec. 6, 10:47am

    Has anyone noticed on GT5s facebook, they made a post “What’s on your GT5 car christmas wishlist?” and there’s a picture of a Hennesey Venom GT. Hope that means something, that car’s a monster

    • Dec. 6, 5:39pm

      They have a Facebook page?

    • Dec. 6, 10:37pm

      Yea, if you have GT5 as one of your interests the same photo should’ve shown up on your home page with every other update

  20. Dec. 6, 9:15am

    So has any one won yet?..ive already used 3 different ferraris and the closes i get is 15 seconds..wow i love this event!..kinda made me forget how badass these ferraris really are…

    • Dec. 6, 5:17pm

      I´m doing good in a Ferrarri SP1.

    • Dec. 6, 6:41pm

      What race are you stuck on? I beat all 5 races with ease. Although I’m using a tuned Enzo. Have you tried the Enzo yet?

    • Dec. 6, 7:43pm

      The usual plan of attack… Run the gamut, search the dealership, run it again with another whip. This time I’ll start with the Scuderia (just finished with that one) next up is the 458. That SP1 is just plain fugly so I’ll skip that one. Great fun for the week. One thing PD? Why not more street circuits?

    • Dec. 6, 10:42pm

      It can’t be as tough as the Lambo seasonal. The Muira’s are so much faster than they should be when AI is at the wheel of them. Plus they put the leaders so damn far ahead. Really that Lambo event was the first time I’ve had trouble with seasonals but that was only until I used the Gallardo. I wanted to use the Muira but it wasn’t fast enough.

      For this seasonal, i’d like to use the F40 but I think I’ll have the same problem

    • Dec. 7, 2:00am

      I used a tuned F40 for this. 620bhp, suspension upgrades & TC turned off. What a riot. Managed to win all races first time but the Nurburgring was difficult and only passed the lead Enzo at the last corner of the last lap. Loved it.

    • Dec. 7, 9:17am

      Stiill in the first track..ive one givin it a day try..am gonna get back on it today..so the sp1?..any good tunes for the italia 458?

  21. Dec. 6, 7:08am

    Nice event, bad thing is that last week, i spent 20 million in the P4, oh well, better than nothing!

  22. Dec. 6, 6:50am

    Best seasonal for a long time .. Well done PD

  23. Dec. 6, 2:58am

    It’s back!

  24. Dec. 6, 2:36am

    Just received the 330 P4 Race Car as the Prize Car for this event … shame I already have one, still a great seasonal.

    • Dec. 6, 7:18am

      Great motivation to work on the Ferrari tunes. A real nice surprise would be an unannounced new Ferrari ie; 250 Testa Rossa, 250 GTO, 365 Daytona, 288 GTO or F50.

    • Dec. 6, 10:28am

      Wow. This smells too good to be true. Can anyone else (read lots of other people) confirm that you get the Ferrari 330 P4 as a prize car for this Ferrari seasonal event?

      Just skeptical cause 1) I haven’t had the chance to check it out myself, 2) we usually don’t get cars as seasonal event prizes, 3) that’s one of the three signature cars of the game(!).

      It also happens to be the last car of the trilogy that I need, so I do want this to be true : )

    • Dec. 6, 10:54am

      They have been giving away cars for some seasonals lately. I got the Suzuki Escudo for one of em

      @Infamous Phil Agreed. I’ve been playing Test Drive Ferrari and Absolute Supercars and both those games have so many good ferrari’s. There’s a ton of Ferrari’s they could add. Most of all I’d like some classic Ferrari F1 cars, the 1967, one from the 50s, F1 79, 87, etc. and definitely the 250 GTO, F50, F50 GT, 288 GTO, FXX, etc.

    • Dec. 6, 7:55pm

      Forza and Project Gotham have been my gotos for Ferrari jones fixes and they are BORING compared to GT. Gave up on Need for (lack of) Speed’s spin the steering wheel arcade years ago.

    • Dec. 6, 10:40pm

      Agreed. PGR is ok but I find Forza incredibly boring except for making wacky tuned versions of cars. I just don’t enjoy playing a game that’s setup like a sim. If it’s going to have physics like that it should not try to be like a gran turismo, Horizon seems like a much better direction for forza. Frankly they should drop Forza 5 and just stick to open world racing, because we know TDU 3 isn’t coming after they messed up with TDU 2, turned a spectacular game (TDU 1) into something that’s okay at best

  25. Dec. 6, 2:18am

    Cool event.

  26. Dec. 6, 12:52am

    Right on PD… least we don’t have to search the used car dealership for a qualifiable whip after each race session. LOL, yall even got the tyre regulations right. Now, if you will allow… Can we please get some actually tuned AI opponents instead of chasing the usual 30 head start wabbits? ¡¡¡Mucho gusto!!! GT FOR LIFE

    • Dec. 6, 12:55am

      …30 second head start wabbits? my bad ;)

    • Dec. 6, 2:55am

      I thought this was a rabbit chase as well, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy. Toscana made for some interesting fun.

  27. Dec. 6, 12:35am

    Hunting down those Enzos in the F40 at Madrid is great fun! Excellent seasonal event.

  28. Dec. 6, 12:34am

    I’d like for them to add the new F12 & couple more classic Ferraris.

    • Dec. 6, 12:48am

      Defintely agree about the classic Ferraris. The 250 GTO would be a great addition to the game, also the 275 GTS …

    • Dec. 6, 1:01am

      365 Daytona and 288 GTO are my first picks of many wonderfully and beautifully crafted automobilia.

  29. Dec. 6, 12:32am

    Sweet. I’m going tonyse my 512

    • Dec. 6, 2:02am

      All of the above plus the Dino, F50 & 599 GTO. Can’t wait to get on this after finishing work.

  30. Dec. 6, 12:26am

    Bad day for my wheel’s power supply to crap out. I love the Ferrari seasonals.

  31. Dec. 6, 12:24am

    Gran Turismo Forever.

  32. Dec. 6, 12:22am
    Maddens Raiders

    Gran Turismo Forever.

    • Dec. 6, 12:23am

      Heard you the first million times.

    • Dec. 6, 10:52pm

      HAHAH I love how even that annoys you. He didn’t even mention forza and you still got angry LOL You clearly hate GT5, and if it really bothers you that other people like it, why don’t you get off a site that’s dedicated to GT5 then? Though I may as well be talking to a wall as I’ve asked you this hundreds of times already everytime you decide to trash talk GT5 here. So I guess we’re both wasting time now lol

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