“Lamborghini Exclusive” GT5 Seasonal Event Now Available


The latest Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring a series of five expert level racing events exclusive to Lamborghini supercars with no more than 550PP and no better than Sports/Soft compounds.

This week’s challenges are as follows:

  • 550PP Lamborghini Exclusive: Monza Circuit / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/10/24 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.367,000  2nd: Cr.201,850  3rd: Cr.146,800
  • 550PP Lamborghini Exclusive: Tokyo Route 246 / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/10/24 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.385,600  2nd: Cr.212,080  3rd: Cr.154,240
  • 550PP Lamborghini Exclusive: Madrid City Course Reverse / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/10/24 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.371,000  2nd: Cr.204,050  3rd: Cr.148,400
  • 550PP Lamborghini Exclusive: Spa Francorchamps / 4 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/10/24 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.370,000  2nd: Cr.203,500  3rd: Cr.148,000
  • 550PP Lamborghini Exclusive: Toscana (Tarmac) 104A / 6 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/10/24 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.395,000  2nd: Cr.217,250  3rd: Cr.158,000

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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    Sounds like fun! Although I rarely use a lambo, I just might do this 1. I prefer Ferrari’s over Lambos. Let’s face it Ferrari has way more racing history than Lambo will ever have!

    1. Quigz125

      not to mention i absolutely love the looks of Ferrari’s. Don’t get me wrong, Lamborghini’s look awesome too, but i love the curves of the Ferrari’s. To me Ferrari’s show pure racing/driving pleasure.

    2. racingRAW

      Most of both manufacturers look awesome, sound awesome. But I just don’t like the fact that almost all the lambos (particularly premiums) are 4wd. The Miura is an awesome car, might have to get it out for this challenge!

  2. Pvig73

    Rarely ever post but didn’t we have a Lambo seasonal recently? I find they are awful handling (albeit fun) but the PP is too low.

    I’m still having trouble with the last two races on the pick up truck seasonals. I’m losing my touch.


      Yes stock lambo’s handle poorly. Lambo’s are for show offs’ and Ferrari’s are for enthusiasts. I believe it was Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson that mentioned something like that after test driving a Lambo.

    2. HuskyGT

      Be we all know Jeremy is a cynical douche, that although he is very knowledgeable and a respected figure in the auto industry, his opinion is of very little value when it comes to one’s personal taste. But I guess that old geezer is better than having to watch those three annoying clowns from Top Gear USA.

      Even though I will never drive a Lambo or a Ferrari (even if I had the money), I feel that Lambos, even though more rough, they have a little bit more substance into them. In my own personal opinion, Ferraris are awesome machines, but only the front engined V12 ones. That’s a real Ferrari.

  3. ralph89

    Fell for it again… At first glance I thought it reads like ““Lamborghini Exclusive” GT6…….” I need to stop visiting this site till GT6 arrive. :lol:

    1. Ferrari458Italia

      Lamborghinis ARE supposed to look funky. If they don’t look funky/exotic/hyper then it’s no longer a Lamborghini ;)

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