Latest GT Sport Off-Screen Video Shows Horse Thief Mile & Improved Sounds

Gran Turismo Sport was playable at the Taipei Game Show this past weekend—on the new PlayStation 4 Pro no less. While the build doesn’t appear to be much different from the one shown at the PlayStation Experience last December, it nonetheless shows us some new aspects of the game.

If you’ve been curious about the latest addition to the track roster—Willow Springs’ Horse Thief Mile—you’ll want to skip straight ahead to the 2:00 mark. With a pack of Gr.4 machines duking it out as the sun sets, Horse Thief Mile looks like quite the point-and-squirt challenge. The landscape also looks impressively detailed off-track.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it instance, we see the other Subarus in the video wrapped in slightly different liveries than the player car. Similarly, the VW Scirocco Gr.4 showed off a variety of different looks in a collection of images Polyphony released last month. Hints at what the new livery editor will be capable of?

The first half of the video sees the 2017 Nissan GT-R going around the comparatively-longer Brands Hatch Indy circuit alongside other pure road cars. Here, we get a better chance to hear the turbo V6 engine be put through its paces.

Listen closely, and it’s a meatier note than what has come before in GT games, signalling continued improvement in the sound department. It’s good to know the improvements we heard last year (Hellcat direct-audio capture, Mercedes-AMG direct-audio capture) weren’t isolated examples. The sound when cars make contact has changed too, though the tire squeal seems largely the same as it was in Gran Turismo 6.

Unfortunately, there is still no word on when we’ll be able to play Gran Turismo Sport in our own homes. Stay tuned for more news on the game as it comes in.

Hat tip to community member queleuleu for finding the video!

Gran Turismo Sport is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 at some point in 2017.

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