Latest GT5 Seasonal Events Feature New Overtake Challenge

March 20th, 2013 by Michael Leary

This week’s Seasonal Events are accompanied by the introduction of the new “Overtake Challenge”, which places you in three different vehicles with the objective being to overtake as many vehicles as possible on a specific section of the track. Caution is advised in these new challenges as crashing or running off of the track will result in immediate disqualification.

Also featured this week are new Time & Drift Trial events. This week’s challenges are as follows:

Overtake Challenge No. 1

  • Subaru BRZ Tokyo Route 246: Overtake Challenge
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/21 03:00 – 2013/04/04 04:00
    Gold: Cr.300,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • Honda Weider HSV-010 Suzuka Circuit: Overtake Challenge
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/21 03:00 – 2013/04/04 04:00
    Gold: Cr.350,000  Silver: Cr.200,000  Bronze: Cr.150,000
  • Nissan GT-R N24 Nürburgring 24H: Overtake Challenge
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/21 03:00 – 2013/04/04 04:00
    Gold: Cr.450,000  Silver: Cr.200,000  Bronze: Cr.150,000

Time Trial No. 58

  • Formula Gran Turismo: Madrid City Course Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/21 03:00 – 2013/04/04 04:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • BMW Z4 M Coupe ’08: Grand Valley Speedway Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/21 03:00 – 2013/04/04 04:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 58

  • German non-racecars: Nürburgring GP/F Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/21 03:00 – 2013/04/04 04:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • Eiger Nordwand W Trail / Reverse Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/21 03:00 – 2013/04/04 04:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photmode image by Jamoru.

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  1. Apr. 1, 7:12pm
    Fire Yoshi

    Although frustrating, I enjoyed this event very much. It felt like a license test, only with added intensity.
    It came down to experimenting with lines and different passing spots over and over again, trying to find ways to pass each car faster and faster until I finally nailed gold on all three. I even managed to crack the top 1000 in the ranking system for all three challenges, and I’m happy with that! :D

  2. Mar. 29, 8:19pm

    I like how they included DLC cars into this event! Glad to pass a Impreza TC in a Nur GTR anyday :)

  3. Mar. 27, 6:51pm

    Does anyone have a problem with getting online in GT5?, I’m signed in and everything

    • Mar. 27, 7:58pm

      I noticed it too, but it’s just with GT5. Everything else I can access online features.

    • Mar. 27, 8:02pm

      It’s very wierd???

  4. Mar. 26, 1:12am

    Fun seasonal. I don’t really have time to play like most of you kids here. Lol Finishedvall in Silver except the Ring.

  5. Mar. 26, 12:31am

    At least this was a great challenge. AI cars had good pace and I had to work on getting by cleanly.
    Good One PD

  6. Mar. 25, 8:51am

    That wasn’t an overtake challenge, that was a time trial with other cars.
    Either way, the first two were fun, Nur took two hours just to finish. Got gold on all threee after lots of rage.

    • Mar. 25, 10:29pm

      What did u get from coupon?

  7. Mar. 25, 7:31am

    hi, i am sillysnapz, the lt5 chalenge is good..

  8. Mar. 24, 6:45pm

    For those who want to know if there is SRF:
    THERE ISN’T, IT’S FORCED OFF(or optional i forgot yolo) INSTEAD OF FORCE ON!
    i was doing the hsv and i was suspicious for it’s “amazing” grip, then i checked if SRF was on.

  9. Mar. 24, 4:12pm

    Wow…im humbled…silver in Tokyo and Suzuki and I haven’t been able to finish Nurburgring at all yet.

    Interestingly on the Tokyo circuit when I got bronze the first time I was in something like 90000th place.. Seems like a popular event. Big thanks this is fun

    • Mar. 25, 6:49am

      Funny you say that. I found Suzuka harder than the Nurburgring. Great fun though. I want more………lots more.

  10. Mar. 23, 5:51pm

    This was fun, thanks PD!

  11. Mar. 23, 12:15pm

    I like the new challenge. It’s fun and with no setting, we can see the real skill of each drivers to overtake (normally).

  12. Mar. 23, 10:14am

    I love the new challenge too. Especially I love the length of the challenge and it really make a fun challenge to me.

    This time you deserve a thumb up, good job, PD!

  13. Mar. 23, 8:25am

    This was fun!
    Thanks PD

  14. Mar. 22, 7:44pm

    Neat, BRZ

  15. Mar. 22, 6:33pm

    I like this Challenge idea – Than you for trying something new PD :O)

  16. Mar. 22, 2:58pm

    I’m not even going to take the complaints seriously anymore, and instead would just ignore them. “Oh why are you complaining about others complaining”… I understand about the SRF being forced on (which is stupid in PD’s part) but damn. I think PD should just stop updating GT5 all together, but than others would want that to happen for people to forget about GT5…

    • Mar. 22, 3:06pm
      Pit Crew

      Misery loves company TT. Some just can’t help it. If PD stopped doing GT5 seasonals the same people who B!@#$% and moan about the structure of the present events would gripe about the lack of anything new to do. You just can’t win with some.

    • Mar. 22, 9:32pm

      ^ I agree with you Pit Crew. GT5 is 2 years old, so theres nothing PD can do but add new events to the seasonal event list. Look like GT6 will need to arrive this year (which is likely to happen imo) to bring peace to this site again. :) Can’t wait.

    • Mar. 22, 11:16pm
      Pit Crew

      ^Yes TT me too im stoked, though with the growing popularity of Hacked cars in GT5 its release could be slowed so that PD can maybe write some new code to prevent it happening in GT6. I just hope we can still trade cars and parts.

    • Mar. 23, 9:25am

      Haha, I hope we keep those features as well. In GT5, at least they’re experiencing a lot of stuff that goes on in it, to prevent it from occuring in GT6. I’m hopeful that they’ve learned many things to not allow to happen again, especially the standard cars. XD:tup:

    • Mar. 25, 5:53pm

      Hey guys. As long as GT is playable online, it’ll never be dead to many of us… present company included. That said, PD could still make changes to make it’s product more enjoyable or interesting.

      SRF for one, then there’s the non-recognition of race car classes that exist in GT5 like GT1, LM/GTS… and so on. Unfortunately, it is not in them to change their thought process on what GT means to PD and Kaz.

      I don’t expect GT6 to be much better, other than dropping standard cars and a few other minute changes. The next GT for PS4, however, may be a lot better for tuning or hybriding because they’ve decided on a different operating program or engine? IDK… I am GT for life and will always feel let down by them in the end. Not complaining, but if I were to build mine own racer… ;)

  17. Mar. 22, 1:51pm

    stop complaining and go play iRacing :)

    • Mar. 22, 6:50pm

      Ya I agree – Enough is enough – No more Complaining, because It wont change anything, I’m sure PD listen to objective criticism or suggestions, but not if it’s just Complains with no objective ideas to follow it, and to be honest it’s killing this Forum as well..

      I do play other games, and that’s a Good thing in my Mind, because then i’ll go back to GT5 sometimes and enjoy what it has to offer – Regarding Your example I-Racing – Many people don’t have a PC that can handle games like Iracing – and is only using the PS3 for racing, but then they can buy Shift 2 or ? they are all on sale these days ..

      See you on the other side :P

    • Mar. 22, 9:27pm

      “Ya I agree – Enough is enough – No more Complaining, because It wont change anything, I’m sure PD listen to objective criticism or suggestions, but not if it’s just Complains with no objective ideas to follow it, and to be honest it’s killing this Forum as well..”

      My thoughts excatly. That’s why I can’t take some of the complaints seriously anymore, they IMO became mindlessly tiresome to the point the complainers starts talking smack about Kaz and PD… The fourms are just as worse. I’m seriously starting to think about taking a long vacation off of GTPlanet till at least June where E3 starts, to much whiny babies on awesome site like this one.

      I mean come on, GT5 is 2 years old and people are STILL expecting some changes to be made and DLC (which are saved for GT6 again IMO). I may love playing GT5 a lot, but I play other games too. I think it’s time for those who pointlessly whine 24/7 should DO the same till GT6 arrives, not hard at all…

    • Mar. 22, 11:25pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ I do love the Marketplace and would miss it terribly if I tried to step away from gtplanet for a while, but I feel your angst Toko. Sometimes that grain of salt just wont dissolve properly. Heck even poor Jordan came close to losing his cool responding to some of the Malcontents who just have to hate on some good news stories they try to deliver.

    • Mar. 23, 9:39am

      You’re very right my friend, GTPlanet is just as additive as the GT series, I just don’t want to walk away from it. XD But I do feel bad for Jordan a lot at times, when he has to deal with all the bellyaching that usually goes on around here. I really hope PD can make GT6 as aswsome as the old GTs with more content and new features like a community feature, livery editor and leaderboards. GT5 is great yes but I do agree its incomplete and not up to high standards. Hope everything becomes better by than again. :)

    • Mar. 25, 6:24pm

      Agreed… GTPlanet works for me because my line of work keeps me away from home most of the time now.

      OMT… iRacer and lots of others just don’t hold a candle to GT. Imagery… the shear look of of the game blows me away like no other. That’s why I dig it so much. People visit my home, see a replay of GT and wonder if it’s real. I don’t get that from any other “simulator”… not even FM.

  18. Mar. 22, 11:16am

    Heh, no matter what PD adds as an event, folks are going to say PD is lame and GT5 is dead, where’s the DLC, why not the Event of My Personal Dreams, where’s Kaz, the AI STILL sucks etc… I know I complained about forced SRF enough myself. One could be cynical enough to say this Event is only added in an attempt to sell more DLC with the newer cars. Or even that this is some kind of response to the Evil Hybrids. Maybe all that’s true, who knows.

    Or just enjoy the challenge of competing against other drivers in the leaderboard, working on driving skills and that PD has added a different type of seasonal challenge. That’s what I’m doing. I’d rather be content at this point and enjoy driving.

    • Mar. 27, 12:53am

      Yes, I agree. When in doubt, ALWAYS take something at face value. Saves a lot of thinking and calories. :)

  19. Mar. 22, 10:42am

    What I don’t understand with these seasonals is that I don’t rate myself any good but end up say 2500th ish. I just wonder how many people actually participate ??? Just sayin

    • Mar. 22, 5:23pm

      Just drive with activated handbrake and you’ll find out :D

      No problem end up ranked in 50.000th place

    • Mar. 23, 10:27am

      Yeah, just park up for ten minutes and go make a sandwich or something then complete the race – you’ll see how many people do these – it’s alot.

  20. Mar. 22, 10:01am

    I like the new timed passing event. It is different in that it ranks your ability to pass cleanly and swiftly, not just ability to run hot laps. So to those complaining that this is yhe same as the hare and hound races, it is not. It is a way for mr to rank myself among my friends on the ability to actually race, wher sharing the track and passing is involved. And it is fun. And it is new. And they gave us these as extra events, no instead of the normal tt

  21. Mar. 21, 11:29pm

    Sweet, a new seasonal type! Thanks PD! :)

    • Mar. 23, 10:30am

      True, I enjoyed them a lot. For those early comments about it all being the same ‘chase the rabbit’ as usual, I disagree strongly. I’m happy that a new type of event has come our way and periodically PD do add a new, or special event for us to try.

      Also, I had no problems with the penalties – I suppose it just depends on how people drive really…

  22. Mar. 21, 10:36pm

    Cool, I’m glad they are introducing something new. I still want Enduro seasonals, give us something like 15 laps of Le Mans and see who can use strategy to turn 15 laps the quickest. Could have leaderboards like TTs. But hey, not complaining, I’m thrilled to see a new event!

    • Mar. 22, 6:58am

      I want 15 laps of Le Mans or any other circuit (maybe without opponents) TOTAL TIME Leaderboard, that will show the true speed of a racer :)

    • Mar. 22, 8:59am

      Ooh I would love that too. In most forms of racing consistency comes before outright speed.

      It would be interesting to see some kind of scoring system where not the one with the fastest laptime, but the one with best mix of consistency and speed wins.

    • Mar. 22, 9:14am

      Right on Amac. After 58 TTs and DTs they finally come up with something new. Too bad they haven’t done any proper 30min or 60min races. Hope I find time to, while at home, do the overtake challenges. I haven’t had a good reason to use the Subaru HSV-010 or Kaz’s GT-R N24 before now. Is that N24 Kaz’s 2012 seat? If so, I don’t recall anyone mentioning it’s limited tuning.

    • Mar. 22, 9:18am


    • Mar. 22, 9:19am

      I mean agree with Amac500. :)

    • Mar. 24, 1:05pm

      I agree they need to do SO MUCH MORE with the seasonals and a-psec in general, and have needed to from the start. I have not started GT5 once in many months now, and got sick and tired of the boring seasonals, the horrible “chase the rabbit” “ai”, and ridiculously short and poorly thought out a-spec.

      I suppose this is a reason to start up GT5 and see one new thing, but I do not think I will. I’m really done with PS3 old hardware, last gen gfx. It looks really bad to me now after building a new gaming PC when I am used to true 1080p and lots of aa and af and DX11.

      The ai is just not fun, and multiplayer is best done on the PC on other titles. I guess, roll on GT6 on the PS4.. it better be good or GT is dead for me (and lots of others I presume).

    • Mar. 25, 10:24pm

      IDK about that GT6/PS4 business. Hope it doesn’t hurt too much when you don’t get what you want ;)

  23. Mar. 21, 10:17pm

    Man..the whiners and haters always speak up..I want to compliment the new update. We drift for hours every night. This is a new and refreshing seasonal event. Then ill go back to drifting. If anyone wants to go door to door on c. Hards…join me.

    • Mar. 21, 10:33pm


    • Mar. 22, 6:50am
      Magic Ayrton

      Yeah and it sounds like you are one of them complaining whining and whingeing about everybody.

  24. Mar. 21, 9:32pm

    I just can’t get excited by any seasonal they pull out the bag, a severe lack of imagination but everyone to their own I’m sure their will be many people happy and excited to do this but I’m defo not one of those

  25. Mar. 21, 6:16pm

    Finally something NEW and FUN to do

    • Mar. 21, 10:35pm

      Agreed I love it. New ideas are always welcome. Please keep the new stuff coming.

  26. Mar. 21, 4:59pm

    That challenge sounds awesome

  27. Mar. 21, 4:28pm

    If only ALL online dirty drivers could be so careful to make their way through traffic…

  28. Mar. 21, 4:12pm

    Nice that we get something for a change, at least its better than just the regular time and drift trials. The challenges are short but more intense than the regular races as you have to do clean passes while still racing against the clock without much time to spare.

    The Nürb one was a bit tricky but I golded it after a while. I found the Suzuka one the easiest as I managed to get gold on my first try. Tokyo took a couple of tries, but then I also managed to cross the line in 1st.

    • Mar. 21, 5:36pm
      Both Barrels

      It’s a liscence test with big payouts. Remember those?

    • Mar. 21, 8:48pm
      Pit Crew

      @Both Barrells Totally True.

    • Mar. 22, 6:58am

      You are correct, the concept of overtaking challenges is not new in itself. But I golded the license tests 2 years ago and haven’t touched them since. Now I at least had 3 new events to gold. It’s better than NOT suddenly getting 3 overtake challenges in addition to the regular seasonals.

    • Mar. 22, 11:04pm
      Both Barrels

      Oh I’m on board, I enjoy these. I didn’t mean to sound like I didn’t like it, to me anything new is fun.

  29. Mar. 21, 3:39pm
    Both Barrels

    I’m enthused about the prizes, car restoration and 1000 tickets.

    • Mar. 21, 4:36pm

      i got a suzuki econbox with my 1000 ticket…

    • Mar. 21, 5:33pm
      Both Barrels

      Belly Laugh! Sorry. That’s the fun of 100 tickets though. You just never know.

  30. Mar. 21, 3:25pm

    This sounds nice and it’s cool that they are still paying attention to GT5. But unfortunately I see myself playing GT4, Dirt and even that crappy V8 Legends from the PSN (see, I not even sure if the game is called like that).

    It will take a number 6 after Gran Turismo to spark my interest again. GT5 is a superior game, a dream for any car enthusiast, masterfully designed and a pleasure to play, but if I’m constantly going back to GT4 and even wanting to play GT2, then there is something wrong.

    I still play GT5 every once in a month or so. Arcade is probably the only part of the game that offers genuine fun since you can exploit the A.I a little bit better than in GT Life.

  31. Mar. 21, 2:44pm

    Is SRF forced on for the overtake challenge?

    • Mar. 21, 4:35pm

      i don’t think so, i got all golds, took about an hour

  32. Mar. 21, 2:43pm

    Beat the Subaru without much issue, driving the HSV now and requires a little more finesse. Maybe I’ll give it a Scandinavian flick

    • Mar. 21, 4:10pm
      Both Barrels

      I hear that Scandinavian flick. And I’m not even Scandinavian.

  33. Mar. 21, 2:28pm

    So this is how they’re combating hybrid cars..?? I’ll give these a miss too, barely touched a Seasonal since the introduction of forced SRF.

    Here’s an idea, why don’t you embrace the community and allow us to hybrid cars legitimately (and sensibly). Give us what we want so we don’t have to pull your game apart and put it back together…

    • Mar. 21, 3:16pm

      I don’t think that hybriding conforms with the Gran Turismo ideology of ‘real driving simulation’. Sure, customisation has a long way to go, and we all want 1000hp Supra’s with removed spoilers etc., but hybriding can’t be legitimate because it’s near limitless and subsequently very unrealistic.

      I’ll support legitimate hybriding when I see a 300hp Civic with no aero mods and a stock interior.

    • Mar. 21, 5:02pm

      I meant 3000hp

    • Mar. 22, 6:41am

      I should have perhaps been a bit more specific. When I talk about hybriding, I’m talking about fairly straight forward chassis and drivetrain swaps. I’ve no interest in bonkers JDM motors, running 1000’s & 1000’s of horses. I would, however, like to drop a regular Ford Focus ST body onto a Ford Focus WRX chassis and running gear. Or slip a lightweight straight 4 into a Caterham. Maybe strip out the drivetrain on a GT-R and converter it to RWD.

      All very simple things to do and it really wouldn’t take PDiddy too much effort to trawl the internet, look up some common things that people do to convert normal cars into track killing monsters. So, yeah, when I say hybriding, I’m really talking about heavily modifying cars, within reasonable parameters…

  34. Mar. 21, 2:21pm

    Yes, yes, yes, this kind of challenges should come out way more often since there’s still a lot, and i mean A LOT of people playing this game that have absolutely NO IDEA what racing, racecraft or even PASSING is all about.
    I really think that Grandturismo should work hard the pedagogic part and pull out more of this kind of challenges to aloud people to learn the basic tricks of racing.

    • Mar. 21, 2:25pm
      Magic Ayrton

      I agree, I raced some morons at monza last night and kept getting rammed by a German twit, people bouncing off the walls etc what a joke…

    • Mar. 21, 2:29pm
      Both Barrels

      Fair enough, but the AI are either oblivious to your presence, or they slow to a crawl to let you by when they should be giving you both barrels. It’s no way to learn fundamental racing.

  35. Mar. 21, 2:01pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Made a couple of mil from these, the nordschiefe one is hard, got silver only after 4 attempts… Has anyone noticed the headlamps on the Gt-R flick from low to main beam .. the lights are very trick

    • Mar. 21, 2:33pm

      yes, i noticed it as well. Took me a while but i got gold. Key to speed in the first section is to turn a bit early on the chicane, you can get two wheels over the line and carry more speed. Then just watch out for the dodge through the middle section, pass it clean if you can before the first downhill section, then pass the subaru before the big right, then try and pass the falken skyline before the final turn. I would make really good time then ever so gently tap the falken skyline and get DQ’d. Also watch out for the armoco wall on the right hand side when you get back on the ring from the GP track, any contact DQ’s. The DQ detection is so inconsistent.

  36. Mar. 21, 1:36pm


    A challenge where you actually start a race after qualifying, and then fight to hold your position and battle for first place. IMAGINE THAT. Might actually require proper coding for AI though.

  37. Mar. 21, 1:28pm

    The tougher the challenge, the better. At least it keeps you on your toes ;-)

  38. Mar. 21, 1:07pm

    I love it, still introducing new concepts to a game that is this old. AMAZING!

  39. Mar. 21, 12:37pm

    The gripes continue… How about you burn out fans use the opportunity learn the fine art of passing a competitor without crashing them out? Judging by the negative comments, I can tell who desperately need the practice. ;)

    • Mar. 21, 1:00pm

      The fine art of passing a competitor that’s sticking to a single racing line lap after lap. A competitor that brakes way too early, and takes every corner way too slow.

      Sure, many people don’t understand what GT is supposed to be… but I’m one of the ones that does know. And unfortunately GT5’s AI is just as poor as GT2s. Unfortunately for GT5, GT2 is a far more enjoyable game all round.

    • Mar. 21, 1:06pm

      Its just very inconsistent in how the game polices contact though. You can bump into the back of them sometimes and nothing happens, you can be side by side or ahead of the guy, and he DRIVES INTO you and you can get DQ….

    • Mar. 21, 1:35pm
      Both Barrels

      It’s true Phil. The AI pull over and park instead of racing you hard. Then they are oblivious to you when they SHOULD pull over and park. You can’t justifiably expect to be able to react to that without initiating contact, thus, failing. *RAGES*

    • Mar. 21, 1:40pm

      I agree with Andy here, the AI is shocking and honkingly poor.

    • Mar. 21, 5:05pm

      Ok… My point is that my particular lack of skill behind my favorite whips, because I drive what i like, am slow to warm up and break a little early in order to stay on track… puts me in harms way. You know… Like those dreaded AI? I wish I was as quick as those who don’t bother to warm up or practice then start at the back of the pack so they can enjoy driving around the slow pokes, like yours truly ;)

      I personally don’t give AI a second thought. Patients is my thang. It helps me deal better with those who are slower than me. And those who get around me? I try to let them know, through the next few turns that, when they make a mistake, I’ll be right there to pick up the pieces.

      There are fast guys out there who don’t need to push and shove you off the circuit to win a race. PATIENTS

    • Mar. 21, 5:21pm

      OMT… Yes AI can and will surprise you in the braking zones and
      rearend you as well. But I don’t call it bad AI programming… I call it terrible stewardship? ;) another subject perhaps.

    • Mar. 21, 5:47pm
      Both Barrels

      Taking away someone’s line is a punishable offense. Like interference in hockey. The AI don’t acknowledge the fact that you’ve got position on them. On the other hand, they pull over when they HAVE the position, catching you way off guard.
      And I LOVE roasting my tires on the first lap to get ’em warm!

  40. Mar. 21, 12:06pm

    I thought it was going to be point to point races alas the World Tour or whatever it was called in the Seasonal Events. Rather disappointed.

  41. Mar. 21, 10:59am

    Overtake Challenges? Hasn’t every single event in GT5 been nothing but one big overtake challenge?

    • Mar. 21, 11:34am


    • Mar. 21, 12:57pm

      But true.

  42. Mar. 21, 8:44am
    Sick Cylinder

    I think a lot of the people criticizing these seasonals haven’t tried them yet. The overtaking challenges are very similar to the ones in last years GT Academy. Personally I’m finding them difficult, but like the academy events I am learning more about where to overtake and my lines.

  43. Mar. 21, 8:09am

    An overtake challenge!? Are you kidding me.

    Every single seasonal so far has been an “overtake challenge” and “chase the rabbit challenge”.

    At least PD are publicly recognising now GT5’s AI is a pile of crap. Please get GT6 right, GT5’s actual gameplay has been driving me up the wall since after the 2 month honeymoon period.

    • Mar. 21, 1:40pm

      I agree with you Andy mate, the game is boring after a while, I’ve moved on months ago from this game, Although I keep an eye on any progress, the game is going nowhere.

    • Mar. 21, 4:04pm

      Sounds like you need a divorce or at least a separation.

  44. Mar. 21, 8:01am

    Interesting, overtaking challenges, but why don’t we just have these INSTEAD of the TT’s and DT’s, not with?

    • Mar. 21, 9:32am

      Wait, so you want there to be fewer options available to people? There is, effectively TOO MUCH currently on offer for you?

    • Mar. 21, 11:40am
      Pit Crew

      TTs and DT are very popular and right now, to many more enjoyable than the SRF forced seasonals. If its not your thing (TTs DTs) thats understandable, but they have their fun factor also, and as a result belong.

  45. Mar. 21, 7:38am
    Super Novi

    Look, some more useless seasonal events that are more frustrating and broken than before.


  46. Mar. 21, 7:36am

    sweet love the change up!!

  47. Mar. 21, 7:07am


    • Mar. 21, 7:22am

      That is rather rude cover your mouth!

  48. Mar. 21, 6:15am

    Well these look absolutely fantastic, I’m excited to see what they can do with this, what interesting variations they create. Also, that picture is absolutely stunning.

  49. Mar. 21, 6:14am

    Nurb was a right pain until a found out I could lean on other cars but hsv Suzuka first try gold ranked 28th unreal how clean a run I hooked up Tokyo wasn’t much of a challenge but enjoyed the new format of it keep it coming PD

  50. Mar. 21, 5:43am

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but we actually never had any Seasonal Rally Event before? Would be great if we did.

    • Mar. 21, 6:18am

      Amen to that. It’s upsetting that WRC cars only get used about three times unless you put them in other events. Off-road is a big part of racing after all, and we have the rally cars, the dirt and snow tyres, the decent off road physics engine. All we need now is someone to make some rally seasonals or new rally courses and stages. GT4 had loads of events, it would be great if we had the option to do as many different stages as were on GT4 in GT6.

    • Mar. 21, 7:31am
      Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Yes we did. Check the forum.

    • Mar. 21, 8:06am

      Sorry SCER but the off-road physics aren’t really that good – on dirt the cars pivot on the central point rather than where the braking load is. I’d happily have rally events though.

    • Mar. 21, 9:34am

      MeanElf I don’t know much about rallying so you’re probably right, but for the amount of effort that they appear to have invested in dirt tracks, different physics etc., you’d expect it to be a more supported part of the game

    • Mar. 21, 10:41am

      I hear that – it is a shame indeed.

  51. Mar. 21, 5:20am

    This sounds fantastic. I really hope they add a ‘global’ Heavy Damage option in GT6 (maybe give you double XP points as a carrot for doing so!) for the entire game (hence ‘global’). Heavy damage is the game changer for me. It makes the practice and arcade races the best place to be for real racing and not just catch the rabbit type games.

  52. Mar. 21, 4:31am

    I gave up playing GT5, a while ago when I gave Rfactor a chance! Mamma mia! That Blancpain Mod is absolutely unbelievable..depending on the aggressiveness of the AI they might bump on you while trying to seize a place but they know where you are, they overtake, they crash, they act very much like real players! No chase the leader either
    either! I played gt2 –> gt5, and I’ve seen only minimal change in AI train-like, follow the race line behaviour..

    • Mar. 21, 9:23am

      much appreciate this input, stephanos. grazie!

  53. Mar. 21, 3:32am

    i finished all 3 gold (gtr was a ****), but when i finished the last one, the gtr, i got a connection error with pd’s server. now my gtr ranking couldn’t be ranked and i didn’t get a car ticket. do i get my ticket after pd fixes this mess? it couldn’t even find seasonal events anymore after i golded my third race. this sucks.

  54. Mar. 21, 3:30am

    Finally some TT that require skill as well as the really fun OC.

    OC FTW.

  55. Mar. 21, 2:00am

    PD… Well done! This is excellent, you guys did well here. PD reminds me of Saab, many crazy ideas, half fantastic, the other half dreary, but overall constantly worth being supported

    • Mar. 21, 2:58am

      Well said, m8. your comment is pure gold :D

    • Mar. 21, 5:59am

      Hope they won’t get bankrupt!

  56. Mar. 21, 1:34am

    So on my birthday, PD decides to introduce one of the best seasonals in quite some time. Thanks!

  57. Mar. 21, 1:25am

    As fun as this is, I don’t really agree with what they class as a disqualification. Drafting someone coming to the Suzuka hairpin, executing a brilliant overtake on the inside, then being penalized because the AI decides to follow its racing line and turn down into me isn’t want I’d call fun…lost about 5 in a row because of that. Same car everytime as well, so forgive me if I suddenly have a dislike for the red Direzza Lexus.

    • Mar. 21, 6:12am

      I have problems with the Wedsport Lexus.

  58. Mar. 21, 12:55am

    No SRF = good, car selection = good, track selection = good.

    AI and the overtaking rule is like the license test, which means if they hit you, you are DQed, you gotta pick your line ridiculously carefully. Car setup for the Nurburgring GTR is dumb….I hope the person who did that does not get to touch a real car…super stiff ride and low downforce is totally the opposite of any sane person’s setup around that track….

    • Mar. 21, 1:30am

      Agree with you about the N24 setup mate. It gave me a goddamn headache -.-

    • Mar. 21, 1:54am

      Good lord that GT-R is horrid to drive! You are most certainly right about the setup being incredibly wrong for the ‘ring.

    • Mar. 21, 1:56am

      ^ Yes! x1000 Picking my war around the Viper was a headache, and I lost track of how many times I got DQ’d from that other N24 GTR moving over on me mid-corner going, and shoving me off. But I think it was worth the 1.4 million all in all. It really just became a contest of how much contact with the AI you could get away with before getting DQ’d.

    • Mar. 21, 6:19am

      Worst gtr setup I’ve ever seen my 4 yr old nephew could have done a better job complete opposite of what a gtr should be never had a car handle so bad frustration was a understatement on that tt

  59. Mar. 21, 12:42am

    I’m sure they used to have something like this in Project Gotham Racing 2, maybe?

    • Mar. 21, 7:47am

      lol alot of racers has stuff like this. It’s pretty fun if you ask me.

    • Mar. 21, 11:36am

      The events like this in Forza are pretty fun.

  60. Mar. 21, 12:27am

    Will we ever get any more DLC’s? I’m tired of PD/Sony being so super secretive about all this stuff. If you got something coming, like say Porsche, just let us know so that we can start dreaming. Also, let us know about GT6’s development. It’s not like it’s nuclear/national security secrets or anything. At the end of the the day, it’s just a game and fans should not have to wait so long for new content and news.

    • Mar. 21, 12:35am
      Pit Crew

      Ok but whats that got to do with the Seasonal event for the week? Just keep beating that “Dead Horse” if you gotta…

    • Mar. 21, 1:07am

      What makes you think anything new IS coming, anyways…? Was there any hint to it…? Are you trying to hold on to that “2 month schedule”, that isn’t actually a “schedule” of any sort…?

      Seriously, GT6 is right around the corner. There’s no way new DLC content will be coming for GT5. Last time we got a look at PD’s next game, they couldn’t live up to the release schedule multiple times. They want to keep things under wraps until they know absolutely 100% that they can meet the deadlines they set. Even if they show something with no release date, people will speculate that it will be “coming soon”. This was in fact mentioned a while back – Kaz said – I don’t remember his exact wording, so this isn’t perfectly restated – that he wanted to be more secretive on GT6, and not announce anything too early. And a Sony executive also made a similar comment. Name another game developer releasing a particular game in a franchise around once every 3-4 years that gives development updates constantly. I can’t think of one. It’s only been two and a half-ish years since GT5’s release, and there WILL be more info coming. I will bet good money on an E3 unveil.

      Most “news” we get from games come in the form of leaks, anyways, not exactly the “news” you ask for…

  61. Mar. 21, 12:12am

    Overtake Challenge? LOL! I’m having a bit of deja vu…

    I think its… It may be from….. Playing against gt5 A.I. with no option to qualify for the last 2.5 years.

    : l

    • Mar. 21, 12:28am
      Both Barrels

      This should be a piece of cake then ;o)

    • Mar. 21, 12:43am

      My exact thought reading the article title… GT5 “races” are all just overtake challenges!

  62. Mar. 21, 12:10am

    Please tell me SRF isn’t forced. This looks like a great season, especially can’t wait to do the Forumla GT time trial, love that car

  63. Mar. 20, 11:57pm

    This is going to be real interesting.

  64. Mar. 20, 11:36pm
    Pit Crew

    Finally an exclusive event for our DLC cars. Unless I missed one…

    • Mar. 20, 11:38pm

      It’s not exclusive to buyers of dlc cars. Everyone can play ’em..

    • Mar. 21, 12:32am
      Pit Crew

      Yes I see that now that ive tried em out. Funny thing though SRF is forced off for these. LOL PD be tripping.

    • Mar. 21, 1:09am

      It slightly irks me that you can use DLC content even if you haven’t purchased it… I mean, the only real exclusivity you get from it is using it in Arcade mode if it’s a track… And now anyone can use these cars…

    • Mar. 21, 1:57am

      @Quakebass Actually, if I’m not mistaken, the DLC karts can be used in arcade. At least they used to..

    • Mar. 21, 3:40am

      ^ I believe you’re right – I remember driving them well before I could get my hands on a PSN card for DLC. So aside from a majority of the cars in the DLC being able to be used in arcade and A-Spec (and tuning of course…), what is the point of purchasing the DLC…? I’ve used Route X and TRM extensively in Arcade, but not much else…

    • Mar. 21, 7:25am
      Both Barrels

      Pit Crew- Hearing that SRF is forced off is the best news I’ve heard all day. I’m looking forward to this when I get home now.

  65. Mar. 20, 11:34pm

    Yeah time to have some fun, a new event too. :D Thank you PD, you guys rock!

  66. Mar. 20, 11:31pm

    Oh, something new :)

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