Watch Live: Gran Turismo World Finals – Manufacturers Cup Final

The first Gran Turismo World Series champions of the Gran Turismo 7 era will be crowned later today, November 26, as the Manufacturers Cup final gets underway at 1600 UTC.

In its traditional place as the prelude to the solo Nations Cup, the Manufacturers Cup will provide a little more insight into who’s coming into the live event in Monaco in the strongest form.

For the Manufacturers Cup, there’s 12 qualified brands including the series sponsors Genesis, Mazda, and Toyota. Each has three drivers representing them, consisting of the top driver for each within each region — Americas, Asia-Oceania, and Europe/Middle East/Africa — during Online Season 2.

There’ll be two races in the final, each of which requires the drivers to drive their brand’s car one each and with minimum stint lengths.

First, the teams will tackle a 30-lap race around Deep Forest Reverse, in a race worth 12 points to the winner — scaling back to 10 for second, 8 for third, and one fewer point for each position thereafter. That will be followed by a double-points race, a 20-lap challenge at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. These points are added to the teams’ season tallies, and the overall points winner will take the title.

Coming into the event there’s two former champions tied on ten points each. 2020 champion Subaru, with its Showdown squad of Kylian Drumont, Daniel Solis, and the returning Takuma Miyazono is level with defend champion Toyota and its fearsome-looking line-up of Igor Fraga, Ryota Kokubun, and Nikita Moysov.

Mercedes is just three points further back, with the in-form Lucas Bonelli racing with Baptiste Beauvois and finalist debutant Syunsuke Tsuboi, while the Porsche squad of Angel Inostroza, Jose Serrano, and Takuma Sasaki is also particularly robust.

We also get to see a first-time finalist. After being selected for the very first invitational events in 2018, McLaren has never qualified for a live event and makes its debut with Hayato Imazato, Konstantin Konstantinou, and Ethan Lim.

You’ll be able to pick who you think will come out as champion in the special, in-game “Bonus Campaign“. Correctly select the eventual winner — you’ll need to pick before the stream starts — and you’ll earn 1,000,000cr for your GT7 bank balance, to be distributed next week.

There’s also the matter of the “Viewer Campaign“. Carefully watch the stream and answer the related question on the in-game portal — and as a quick hint, both questions thus far have related to the events of the final race of the stream — to win an Engine Roulette Ticket. If you haven’t already answered question 2, you have until 1559 UTC today, and the answer is Adriano Carrazza.

The race will broadcast at 1600 UTC, and you can watch it in the embed at the top of the page or via one of the alternative language streams below:

Alternative Language Streams


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