Max Verstappen Gets Hands On With Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport 8 September 22, 2017 by

Dutch Formula 1 prodigy Max Verstappen got the chance to play GT Sport at last week’s Singapore Grand Prix. The 19 year old teamed up with Tag Heuer to promote the latest GT game before the big race, heading up one of two groups that competed in a team battle. Max represented Red Bull Formula 1 at the special event to celebrate the launch of a new Red Bull timepiece.

Verstappen was joined by actor Patrick Dempsey to advertise the game. Dempsey is a known gearhead and more than suited to lead the rival team. Other drivers that got to compete were local kart racers from Singapore.

The event was hosted at the Tag Heuer Boutique on Orchard Road. Racing rigs for the competitors were complemented by a huge monitor for spectators to watch the competition.

Verstappen is no stranger to sim racing and has even competed at a high level in the past. The Dutchman signed with Team Redline in 2015 to race in the iRacing World Championships.

Even looking at the generation Max grew up in, it’s hardly a stretch to imagine he’s a huge fan of racing sims. In past interviews, he’s been quoted to say that realism is where it’s at and if you drive with a gamepad you’ll be slower. It’s fair to say Verstappen has the sim racer attitude down to a tee!

Following the team battle, Verstappen then raced a local TV host in a head-to-head. Racing in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 on Suzuka, the driver put an impressive performance and wowed the watching crowd.

Although Max had a frustrating DNF during the real Singapore GP, he at least got to play some GT Sport. With official FIA Championships to come during the game’s lifecycle, Verstappen would be more than qualified to compete. We already know of one F1 driver who will be associated with the game — perhaps Max will join team GT.

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