McLaren F1, TVR Tuscan Speed 6, and More at the ‘Ring

The latest videos from Mimaximax have taken an interesting turn over the past few days, as he begins to feature some of the more unusual and exotic cars found in the demo. Most notably, we get to see the highly-anticipated McLaren F1 in action on the Nurburgring, along with a race-prepped TVR Tuscan Speed 6. He’s even thrown in footage of a Mercedes SLR and in-car replay from a Nissan GTR V-Spec for good measure!

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  1. Lachlan1662

    i like the vids an all but shoulnt they quit with the filming of this well over due UNFINISHED game and do more with actually making the game . i mean it would be fine if they actually stuck to the dead line (last month) but all i see is pretty much the same prologue but diferent cars’n traks so next dead line i hope is the last.

  2. Strikey182

    Stop whinging! The new realise date is October (i think) well its quite a bit later in the year, so there is plently of time to make all these tweaks all the loser geeks are complaining about.
    They have said that the damage will be determaned by speed and angle of the crash, i’m guessing that is only in WRC and NASCAR, but it still shows that they have plans for damage, so just be patient.

    Just because they aren’t like EA who churns out games every year with barely any difference between each release, you think they are being disrespectful towards the customer. “James” said he had no complaints about the producers of Call of Duty. Thats because they realised it speedily because barely anything has changed but because its got a new cover and a 2 after the title you are satisfied.

    Its only the idiots with short attention spans who will stop playing GT when the next big game comes out that are whinging for it to be OUT RIGHT NOW ZOMFG! 5 YEARS BLAH BLAH BLAH, SELL PS3 OMG RUBBISH NO TYRE SMOKE WAHH WAHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHh… oh wait, they have half a year to make all these changes..

    Rant over :)

  3. The Stig

    I forgot why I was watching these videoes. It just happened automatically, then I started to remember that this is from a game. Game, game, sounds weird doesn’t it? Some time in the future, maybe, just maybe I will be able to drive around the Ring in a car, in this game they are making. GT4, I can’t wait. Or was it GT5, GT4, GT5.. it’s all the same now.

  4. su

    kewl, 1 issue I can see I hope this isnt the final build, when the camera gets close to the cars the panels are glitching, sometimes they are showing reflections sometimes they glitch out and go black, you can see it
    its really bad

    and before anyone goes envying this guy, clearly its filmed at the last big event, you can see in the reflections its in a big environment, a big function room. so he just set up a tripod and filmed replays etc after hours, hes probably got a friend who’s a cleaner or something. either way its very kewl,
    This is all sony and PD need to do is release a car on a track each week till its out that would wet the appetite for everyone and keep the chatter up.
    So big Props for the guy doing what Sony and PD wouldnt do.

  5. BWX

    I want to see rain too, who doesn’t? Where are those vids? It makes me wonder if there will be weather affects in GT5 or not. Hopefully we’ll see some examples of that soon.

  6. James

    RedSuinit Says:

    “I feel sorry for developers”

    I don’t. The Call of Duty (Activision) and Grand Theft (Rockstar) developers are doing pretty well for themselves. No complaints from me towards either. A squillion copies sold. Acceptable development duration and a high quality end products. They listened to gamers worldwide and delivered. I would love to be on Activision’s payroll right now……

  7. Geo_212

    Check it out… On the second video at 2:17, the Tuscan Speed Six hits the bumper of the Audi. Where’s the damage on either of the cars?!

  8. Geo_212

    Also, does anyone know if we’ll be able to play our own music while racing? Killswitch Engage would make GT5 sound pretty epic haha.

  9. RedSuinit

    Geez people do nothing but complain! No wonder developers don’t put more effort into their games, they get ZERO appreciation! All people want to do is b*tch about what they didn’t get, or what they didn’t like. I feel sorry for developers, and never want to be one.

  10. Black Chamber

    Great. Awesome. Photo-realistic graphics but…..


    Night racing has been confirmed – but where is the confirmation of weather effects?!?

    Gran Turismo 5 simply has to have weather effects – or the multiple delays were not remotely necessary. I could care less about 3-D – I WANT RAIN!

  11. ravellron

    Praggia you had wrong forum…..

    look at the tuscan tuned car, look at the tyre brand on it… look at the livery in decal….

    this will be livery editor…

  12. Praggia

    Boring boring boring boring
    boring boring boring boring
    boring boring boring boring

    they will never get the sound right cos after 6 years they still disappointing
    tyre screeching unrealistic, cars understeering at very low speeds
    proper damage modelling not implemented

    this game is going to suck no matter how good the cars look
    and PD have only themselves to blame
    they have allowed so much hyped to develop around this title and they struggle to deliver the goods

    I’ve sold my PS3 after waiting too long for this game. Good luck to whoever is hoping for anything soon

  13. Mike

    I don’t understand. Kaz can justify programming in dust kickup, but not tire smoke? Where is the logic in that?

  14. Joshua

    @ CeeJay,

    There was a Version of GT For the ps3, that was released back in 2006, it’s was Called GT-HD Concept. It was Mainly a new interface, menus etc… With Tracks from GT4, that were upscaled to full 1080p HD. That wasn’t released to the public, but there was a version available to download. It Only Had 1 Track, with 20 cars. Now In GT5 you can really tell the difference from the two, the Graphics has vastly improved from GTHD. Look at Fuji in GT4, it looked really dull, but Now it’s extremely vivid and Vibrant. So theres isn’t going to be any upscaled tracks from GT4. They will have the same layout, but they are going to look extremely different. Just Like Laguna Seca in GT3, which was during the evening. And in GT4, which was during the day.

  15. Geo_212

    Yeah, that’s what I thought, and I’m almost completely new to the world of racing. I have to admit, Forza 3 definitely got the tire screeches a lot better… And the engine sounds of Forza 3 actually make me worry a little about GT5.

    You know what I realized? Just by saying that one thing, probably about four people went berserk and started an argument… You people are all awesome haha.

  16. AMG

    GT5 will have more then 20 full tracks

    tracks confirmed seen on videos

    Suzuka , fuji ,londen , highspeed, daytona ,Eiger Nordwand gt5p

    Indiana polis speedway timetrail

    rome, madrid , special route 5 , tokyo , nurburgring , topgear track, teskuba trailers

    el captian ferari california trailer

    unknown track toyota ft trailer

    unknown desert highway track ferari 458 trailer

    unknown rally track subaru trailer

    18 tracks confirmed almost 20 i think they mean 20 world locations and 70 full tracks without variations

  17. freshseth83

    the tires do squeal in real life. every video you see of in cockpit, race cars engines never overpower the tires in a way in which other games display like NFS Shift and Flopza. That’s unrealistic. In real life racing you are inside a cockpit with a helmet on, that helmet itself knocks out a lot of the noise from the engine, as does being inside a tub of metal or carbon fiber. The tires screech a lot because of the level of speed pushing the level of grip. Watch real life racing and all sports car racing is that way. The only exception is F1 and maybe LeMans prototypes or Nascar. In LeMans prototypes they have over 600HP and weigh very little, with Nascar it’s almost 900HP and F1 it’s around 750HP. Go watch these videos on youtube and you’ll see that they are taken from CES and they are NOT from GT DEMO COLLECTION! Get your facts straight here people, these are the same demos from late last year just with new tracks and cars. This is NO INDICATION of the final build

  18. maxpontiac

    Keep on them “blademask” !!

    These comment sections have been littered by trolls, whiners, and individuals who lack common sense!

    It’s a Youtube video.
    It’s not the final game.

    Perhaps Jordan needs to post this as the header of each article.

    Anyways, that Tuscan Speed 6 with the race treatment is nice. Thanks again for posting the vids!

  19. coolmanx

    really i like the trailers but i think gt should be working on the game not clips please give us the release date pd

  20. James

    To follow on from the above comments, I hope that PD are not relying that online gaming is the reason for GT5 to be much greater than just GT4 HD.

    Online gaming is enjoyable, but is pretty old news really. ‘Online’ written on any plastic PS3 game box is a bit ‘meh’. An online lobby is almost expected nowadays and not a groundbreaking feature. Man, I even had my PS2 online!

    My 486DX had a modem!!!

    Everyone is talking about these trump cards that GT5 will have…. fingers crossed eh?

  21. CeeJay

    Eh, all of these replays are nice but they’re starting to run together. Nothing really exciting happening and it really is starting to feel like GT4 HD.. which isn’t bad but it’s not what everyone is expecting. I hope PD can deliver something more than that though.

  22. devin

    well this is just me, but i think a zr1 could overtake just about every car on that track, but i am biased towards it, being my favorite car and all. just the fact that the zr1 and enzo are there make me tear up a little lol.

  23. BASE

    Again when I see this, I think as other people here has said….. WOW!!!!!! GT4 HD looks great. Obviously this is not the final version, but I hope you can feel 5 years of development. I want it to be more raw and brutal.

  24. blademask

    Oddly enough, when I drive in GT5p/TT.. theres little screeching. When I drive like a moron, theres tons of it.

    People need to learn to stop crying. You’re not going to play the game, or you are. Im willing to forgive a meaningless tirescreech, for a photoreal physic accurate fun simulation.

    Why not complain that the grass is 2d?

    and that you can’t hear the interior plastic and fittings creak…

    Such nonsense.

  25. TokyoDrift

    @Geo_212, no it’s not, and for that’s the only thing they need to fix in the game. It’s unrealistic in pitch, and induced at far too low speeds. In that in-car GTR video, the first corner he takes after taking control of the car is at roughly 70kph or 43mph, yet it screeches…WTF? My small pocket-rocket with skinnier rubber takes such corners at that speed without so much as a wimper.

  26. Geo_212

    I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to racing, but is the fact that the tires screech for most of the race realistic?

  27. Gran Turismo Vet

    I guess this is the way of PD to make it up to their fans, better than nothing if you ask me… thanks Mimaximax

  28. MihaiF355

    damn that v-spec is a quick car….just look at the speed build…he is in some pretty ‘serious’ company on the ring there….it’s nice to see that they dont ‘over-do it ‘ with the drafting!

  29. Flagmo-T Aka Team_MoFF-No2

    I’m having a ball with NFS Shift, and driving in Championnat Noname with Gt5p.. I have pre ordered GT5, and Hmm this isn’t better as we can’t feel it our self..

    The ancient Race sim Donkey..

    Pd, you should be careful, The history channel has a strong each for making old things in to a story, and the story of GT5 is getting closer.. :O)

  30. RedSuinit

    @ KamyKaze

    Not even close to true, you can clearly see several instances where one of the AI cars will get into a position to pass, but since they can’t do it cleanly, they don’t. THAT is good AI. Not AI that will push bump and scrape in order to get the next position. That kind of crap doesn’t fly in real life, why should it here? I realize you probably don’t care and just smash every AI car that you see into oblivion in order to make the pass. Keep going Kaz, the games looking fantastic on all fronts.

  31. ismellbacon611

    pretty awesome i must admit. but just imagine if they had released it during fall – winter of 2009 this is the ai and damage we would be getting …. soooooooo glad they held off and kept working … now all they have left is minor tuning and polishing to due. … and people i dont think the 3d is the part that is making the game delayed because they (polyphony) has used that technology almost 2 years ago after prologues release… the 3d part of gt5 is definetaly complete. the motion controller may take some time… or not who knows it will be a great game anyways.

  32. GT_Nige

    How often do some of you go to real race meets? Quite often they can be boring with no overtaking, excitement or driver error. Not every race is a drama. I do agree in some respects though. You do usually see a driver wanting to overtake to move off line and try to out-brake etc.

    That Tuscan certainly is nice, shame we can’t hear it though :(

  33. KamyKaze

    I’m really getting worried…
    The AI cars just follow their line without fighting each other.
    Very desapointing. Reminds me of Tourist trophy and Ferrari Challenge. ;(

  34. Racer28

    This is becoming a little boring…its just the same replay of a different car. Oh and I wish they would remove the jump over Flugplatz its not realistic or there in real life..

  35. GTracerRens

    The sound of the SLR in the begin of the first vid is amazing. Indeed, the cars don’t overtake, but they do make mistakes. :) In one video you could see a car get off the track. This AI is good enough to my opinion. They’d better release it or something. :’)

  36. northcong1500

    NIce virtual driver and very impressive improvement, however didn’t see any shake of the virtual driver, come on Kaz make this perfect, this is shaking Nurburgring……..

  37. Cruiz Dwyer

    Does it seem like the AI has improved?

    In the last vid it does look like the AI seemed to be attempting to overtake one another etc

  38. icleolion

    I do like how some of you still think these videos are coming from the “demo collection”.

    Has any one actually bothered to go to youtube and read the comments Mimaximax has been putting for every single video he has uploaded? In every single one he states where these videos have come from.

  39. shwtt

    6 years and still damage effect not yet implemented and still on testing phase, is this a ps4 title?

  40. priesty_lfc

    No overtaking in any of those videos :(

    also I’m pretty sure that’s not a private demo as why do some vids have shitty music in them?

    I reckon there from a motor show or something

  41. tameem

    does anyone know where Mimaximax got the 2010 demo from?
    also does anyone know who Mimaximax is and if yes can they contact and ask?
    i think that would be very helpful thanks

  42. Vivian

    aaahh….I see myself driving in the McLaren SLR…..Niceeee!!!!

    A little bit off advertising for the Nissan GTR V-spec that overtakes all the cars (not the SLR :D:D)

  43. TokyoDrift

    @Fredo, assuming this has nothing to do with PD, I don’t see what they can do to stop them. As far as I am concerned, they are simply off-screen videos of a game demo already made available. It’s not like GT5 is just a movie, and people are using these videos as a means to avoid buying the original – quite the opposite.

    I’m sure that SONY and PD are well aware of these, and are happy for somebody else to do a bit of viral promotion for them – if it’s not SONY or PD themselves.

  44. Guidzit

    Hear at the backsound in the first video… Sounds like Japanese, isn’t it ?
    Would it be videos recorded from PD office ? That would explain why we have some strange musics instead of ingame sounds…

  45. high-center

    @josh I LOL/ROFL’d that one! –> paging ADHD 11 year old translator, please report to thread.

    Dear PD,
    Take all the time you want, I’m still going for all golds in GT4 licenses.

  46. Fredo

    This is getting excessive. These are becoming spoilers. Also, these are obviously PD approved or else this site would be getting a smackdown of C&D orders from the Kingdom of Kaz, and it that makes things very weird. Perhaps they don’t care about it and consider it free publicity, in which case they could easily trump this little leaker with their own regular video updates if this kind of publicity is what they want. If not, then why do they allow it? In any case, that is a SICK Tuscan!

  47. BWX

    @rocketboi336 – I’m thinking they probably have worked on AI since this demo was first made. Just a hunch though.

  48. BWX

    So PD and Sony must be approving these vid releases right? If so, why wouldn’t they put out their own vids? Just wondering- I mean the guy with the demo must have signed an NDA or work for PD or Sony right? I like the vids, don’t get me wrong.. just wondering about that.

  49. Russ

    not bad, some clipping of the hands here and there, but it looks like the feeling of speed and bumps and stuff are well implemented.

  50. josh

    paging ADHD 11 year old translator, please report to thread.

    In other news, that McLaren is great! I’ve been looking forward to that.

  51. AMG

    my best track greenhell i can confrim that all tracks will have day dawn and night maby also rain all this is not dynamich do you all have seen the citroen trailer you can see the track londen at day , dawn and night , also the highspeedring and daytona at dawn

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