Minor Gran Turismo 5 Update 1.12 Now Available

September 3rd, 2011 by Jordan Greer

In a surprise move, Polyphony Digital has released a new GT5 update less than one week after 1.11 brought a batch of bug fixes and a Jeff Gordon driving suit.

Update v1.12 continues with the bug-fixing theme, though the only documented change is a correction to a glitch with the Limited Slip Differential controller for FF cars. As such, this update is very light, weighing in at only 13MB. Thanks to all of you who sent this in so quickly!

GT5 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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  1. Sep. 20, 4:41pm

    The AT gearbox still bit f’d up, because when slightly pressing throttle it should change upper gear. What it now does is sticking at high revs. I noticed this because i wanted to race in normal tires in wet but it is impossible this way.

  2. Sep. 19, 12:03pm

    Sorry i meant peugeot 908….

  3. Sep. 19, 12:01pm

    Amac500 3:27 on sarth in that car. peugeot 905. I can do 3:15. See if you can beat. Hope to see you all around sometime online. Im usually in my 787B stealth.

  4. Sep. 6, 5:13pm
    Rob Johnson

    There are two features I would like to see in GT5. Caster settings and tire pressure adjustment. I think that those two featurs would make GT5 more realistic.

    • Sep. 6, 6:26pm

      Tire pressure is probably the most important set up.

  5. Sep. 6, 4:39pm

    Then why don’t we have a little series of GT5 races to settle this. Me (Mangusta36) and magic ayrton versus amac and tj?

    • Sep. 6, 5:37pm

      That has to be the best idea i’ve ever heard :D A GT5 showdown…. :D No driver aids allowed , real grip , 3 Lap Nurburgring24H ……
      Now you have 2 options , in adding TJC_69 ( My main account ) I cannot use that account until the 29th of this month , I was temporarily blocked for reasons I cannot disclose here. But I will let you guys add it and you can check out my stats out on the 29th……

      Any races will have to be done through my duping account , TJ_McBigCack ( No stats as I never use it )

      So boys what will it be ? GT500 ? This would have to be clean , fair & respectful tho , as I do not race with Top Gear Test Track noobs.


    • Sep. 6, 6:17pm

      I don’t have time to do it for a few weeks, but honestly it won’t make you any righter Mangusta, you are still going be a wrong out of touch air head. Plus you would easily me nothing to me Mangusta I am fairly certain. Just in my 100% stock Peugeot 908 I can run 3:27’s on also of La Sarthe without pushing hard, and I run easy 1:27’s at toyko, up to 3:26’s and that is with a controller, as my wheel won’t be ready until the end of the month.

    • Sep. 6, 6:21pm

      We have to get the other. Two.

    • Sep. 6, 6:24pm

      I say recommended list NASCAR at daytona, pagani at monza, sls amg at nurburgring ( non 24 hour ), and karts at autumn ring.

    • Sep. 6, 6:26pm

      I can wait until the end of the month , thats no problem for me as I will have access to my main account. I say we teach them a lesson Amac….


    • Sep. 6, 6:32pm

      Those races will take too long I think , a 3 lapper at Nurburgring24 hour will suffice , 20 minutes , 1 race. Ring is King.

    • Sep. 7, 3:47pm

      Again Mangusta, it can’t always be what you want. Why would we race your exact preferences? Plus drafting at Daytona would so us nothing. And is Mr. Ayrton even doing it, no.

  6. Sep. 6, 5:06am
    Magic Ayrton

    You sound just as retarded with that comment.. (on boy)

    • Sep. 6, 10:52am

      If you want to talk about retarded comments MagicAyrton, then how about these beauties that you’ve dropped….

      ” Forza 2 was the best one…. ” ( Then what are you doing here?? )
      “I am not a forza fanboy but you most certainly are a fanboy…. ” ( You can’t take the truth I see , and your reply is as lame as your opening denial )
      ” No DLC Cars/tracks….. by Christmas then I am one of the first to stop buying GT games ” ( Bye Bye, you won’t be missed :D )

  7. Sep. 5, 9:22pm

    Then why do they have the 2005 le mans track? And yes I see the repley button, plus I’m not weird, just stop acting like retarded fools and grow up.

    • Sep. 5, 9:24pm

      I also don’t live near a golf course, plus, road atlanta is only 20 years old, has no significance, and I never said anything about spa.

    • Sep. 5, 9:25pm

      And I just used the reply button, dock face.

    • Sep. 6, 5:00am

      Le Mans 05 / 09 is featured as it’s one of the most famous racetracks and racing events in the World. I remember hearing about this track when I was 5 years old .

      I never heard of the track you mentioned ever before , probably because it’s C**p.

      Why are you talking about this disused track anyway ? It’s never coming to GT5.

      I didn’t say you lived near a golf course , reading before you post may help you.

      * Wild Applause * Took you long enough to find it….. ( After I told you twice lol )

      Your’e not on the same intellectual level in any subreference plane as my train of thought entirely escapes your most basic grasp of the hitherto conversational reality dimensional subspace.

      Dock face ? Are you 12 ?


    • Sep. 6, 6:06pm

      Ring, ring***** this is common sence calling you again Mangusta. Le Mans, the worlds most famous and popular endurance course. The 2005 version was on GT4, which at the time of release was the surest Le Mans track. So just like they included the GT4 cars, they included the GT4 Le Mans layouts. No surprises there. So clearly your home track of Like Rock and the Thompson golf coure will not be included in the game. There is 0 reason to put them in the game, and te racing leagues you think should be in and think mater won’t. No British touring cars and MX5 cup won’t matter to anyone now and forever, unless they race in it, a even if they do they would rather be higher up. You are just jaded by yourself and have a huge sence of entitlement you stuck up little snob.

  8. Sep. 5, 7:08pm

    I know an obscure track that I would like, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb (the WHOLE course). I will admit that it is local to me, but it is fun on the very few games that have it. Any new tracks would be good though!

    • Sep. 5, 7:33pm

      Colin Macrae DIRT the very first one, Pikes Peak in a Peugeot 405 T16 is awesome!!!!

  9. Sep. 5, 6:16pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Spa and Pikes peak, RUF RGT-8 and Multi layered sound using exhaust, induction and engine note for that one car as a showcase for all future premium cars = My happy christmas!!

    • Sep. 6, 10:58am

      Your happy xmas is Forza 4….. You’re not fooling anyone.

      Enjoy your rewind feature when you crash.


  10. Sep. 5, 12:03pm

    And it is not a high speed style track. It has the esses, chicanes, fast straight, slow straights, tight bends fast bend, various degrees of banking

    • Sep. 5, 3:35pm

      Still can’t find that ” Reply ” button huh ?………. /Facepalm
      Yes , just like High Speed Ring then !


    • Sep. 5, 4:38pm

      You continue to appaul me Manguesta36. You seriously say a track that doesn’t exsist anymore and Lime Rock should be in the game over big international tracks like Spa and Road Atlanta? There is literally 0 good reason to put one of your ideas in the game in any capacity. You want an unrealistic amount of things added and they are all little tiny obscure things that would make 0 sence compared to more ILMC tracks and Le Mans cars.

    • Sep. 5, 5:38pm

      LOL Amac ! xD
      I think the only reason he wants it in the game is because he lives near there or likes golf courses or…… something ??
      Strange guy……..
      Who incidentally can’t find the reply button looool


  11. Sep. 5, 2:53am

    My GT5 has never been the same for about a month. My only saving grace is that Forza is coming out.

    • Sep. 5, 5:49am

      I’ve been the same for 31 years …… doesn’t stop me having fun


    • Sep. 5, 6:12pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Forza 2 was the best one, FM3 and 4 will rob the sound department to feed the graphics department!.. that and it looks like a cartoon and feels like mush.

  12. Sep. 4, 8:32pm

    Hey Kaz and PD! How about you fix the bug where hard tires wear out faster than medium and SOFT tires. That is a huge bug that you ignore!

    • Sep. 4, 11:38pm

      you need to warm up hard tyres for a couple of laps before you can properly push. glitch? i don’t think so. don’t burn up your cold tyres and they’ll work fine

    • Sep. 5, 7:38am

      the game doesn’t need to be fixed, your driving style does. and i don’t mean that in a bad way friend. peace

  13. Sep. 4, 7:42pm

    Tj, you’ve got to be kidding me. Thompson was a technical course, unforunanately, there has not been a race on the road course since the late 70s. Thompson had three road course layouts. Two were connected to the oval, and third road course, the most challenging, very very technical track. It us next to the little t quarter midget track. You can the remnants on both golf courses, (both sides of the street)

    • Sep. 5, 5:45am

      1. There is a reply button , located in azure blue over here —->
      2. Ring is King , there is no comparison to your High Speed Ring style track
      3. I hate golf


  14. Sep. 4, 7:04pm

    I’d consider this seasonal with David Coulthard driving the merc to be features/content…….PD just create all this hype with statements that could have so many meanings. After 2 weeks off GT im getting back into it now although i cant actually define what the 2 recent updates have done as i havent noticed anything different.

  15. Sep. 4, 5:23pm

    WHAT!? WE COULD PAINT OUR GoKarts!? LOL NICE! hahahah

  16. Sep. 4, 4:53pm

    I want gold and silver chrome paints pleaseee :( psn Xmboy

  17. Sep. 4, 4:30pm

    Well some of you guys keep saying that PD should fix the black screen problem, but its due to connection problems, not yours but others players can have problems and that affects the hole server,.

    and for the stuff coming soon i would like to see
    at least 2 or 3 more cars, or more RM for some cars new tuning parts, and ability to choose the rims you want from a aftermarket rim list like in gt4, also at least make some standard cars Premium/standard :)

    if you dont know what a premium/standard car is, check the r35 prototype nice HQ model from outside view but no interior. :) at least that.

    • Sep. 5, 5:36am

      There were 2 versions of the black screen before the update . The most common one was when your lobby started to fill up and you encountered players with different quality broadband and / or nat types. The race would often start for a few people but the rest would be stuck on the grid with the black screen causing even more issues as the black screen guys still had to finish the race….

      The other version of it would occur after disconnection from a lobby and on trying to rejoin the same lobby it just wouldn’t load in visual , audio always seemed to connect though.

      Haven’t seen these again since 1.12 but we will always have a slight issue with nat types as no server is perfect. I was in a championship lobby with a large group of people on patch release day and it was my best online GT5 experience to date , very smooth quality .

      I love the race mods , I have all 17. Wish there was more to race and collect.

      I have that car also , it’s kinda weird driving a premium without a cockpit view isn’t it ?


  18. Sep. 4, 3:49pm

    So Treyarch have released 3 SETS of new maps for black ops (along with patches to fix bugs etc) and PD have so far just given us new suits and helmets whilst fixing bugs (seasonal events dont count as updates since theyre just code)

    GIVE US SOME TRACKS PD, EVEN IF THEY ARE JUST PORTED GT4 ones!! And some new cars!! (or premium up some standard ones!!)

    • Sep. 5, 6:09pm
      Magic Ayrton

      And the award for the most silly comment goes to Blackex99, I am not a forza fanboy but you most certainly are a fanboy.. I’m glad that you’re content with the same old rehash. Most of us others aren’t.. and it’s because we love the series so much that we want it to evolve. So STFU.

  19. Sep. 4, 7:25am
    Magic Ayrton

    Here it is simply put.. No DLC Cars/tracks and better sound (induction for example (faceplam)) by Christmas then I am one of the first to stop buying GT games. I mean they are making fun of us. “Just give them some old rehashed rubbish to keep them sweet springs to mind, they seem to take two steps forward, 1 step back in this series.

    • Sep. 4, 9:32am

      Alot of GT5 fans feel this way Magic Ayrton , you are not alone in feeling that. I hope we do get some nice things added this month/next. Let’s wait & see :D

    • Sep. 4, 10:24am

      Probably just some online leader boards from GT5 Prologue.

    • Sep. 4, 10:30am

      @Magic no one cares you Forza fanboy. How are they making fun of us when everything they give us is free.You on here complaining like your even good at the game. Go troll somewhere else or buy Forza 4 and play with dollar store steering wheel.

  20. Sep. 4, 6:56am

    expect to sees the sema winners car in the dlc and possibly the runners up

  21. Sep. 3, 11:41pm

    As an amuater racing driver, I’ve had the privilege to race a wide variety of cars on a wide variety of tracks (ovals, road courses, dirt, asphalt, and concrete) and very little else has compared to the excitement and challenge of racing a sprint car around a dirt oval. Obviously this is just my opinion but what could be more fun then driving a 635 Kg monster with 800 bhp?!? Sprint Car racing can be found all over the world.(except maybe in Japan…) If we can have go-kart racing in GT5 couldn’t we also have some non-rally dirt racing?

    • Sep. 4, 7:33am

      friend, create a dirt track, can get them to be oval if you reduce difficulty for sectors to 0 and go for your life. what they haven’t provided, they’ve provided an alternative for. have a crack and see if it works

  22. Sep. 3, 11:15pm

    Holy quad post. . Owned by iPhone app.

    Please Mods, remove all but one.

  23. Sep. 3, 8:53pm

    Fia gt1 is amazing. But ever since maserati and Aston Martin left, its not bas cool.

    • Sep. 3, 9:18pm

      aston martin is still in gt1 and gt3???

    • Sep. 4, 7:33pm

      Aston Martin the factory team.

    • Sep. 5, 3:09am

      i’m not aware if any factory teams are running…

    • Sep. 5, 7:36am

      aston martins were too good. its still cool

    • Sep. 5, 7:37am

      sorry, i’m stupido. maserati was too good, my bad. before people start having a go lol

  24. Sep. 3, 8:43pm

    I love how most people speculating about DLC haven’t even considered the FIA GT or DTM championships. Kaz said the FIA GT was originally planned for GT5 but had to be taken out. Wouldn’t it make sense to see some GT1 and GT3 car packs and FIA GT race locations(remember that they had studied Spa….)? I would trust PD to release their DLC as one big bundle though, you know, a few cars and a few tracks?

    • Sep. 3, 9:22pm

      Yes that would be just awesome ….. =D
      Do you have a link that tells you that GT5 is getting cars and tracks btw ?

    • Sep. 3, 11:01pm

      Unfortunately no, anything surrouding DLC has always been guesswork, but this seems more likely than anything else in my opinion.

    • Sep. 5, 7:35am

      i hope so. unfortunately i remember reading somewhere that EA Sports – NFS Shift 2 has the rights to GT1-3, for how long i’m not certain. hopefully only 2011. that’s why we don’t have current FIA gt1-3, dtm. peace

  25. Sep. 3, 8:40pm

    Playboy mx5 cup is an actual racing series, and I never said for gt5 to go that deep into NASCAR, plus road atlanta has no meaning, it has only been around since the 90s. Have Thompson international speedway in Connecticut, the track that Carroll Shelby, Phil hill, jaun Manuel fangio, John fitch, and Mario Andretti plus many other racing greats said that that was the number one track one their lists. Thompson was the first oval/road course built in America. It was built in the early 1930’s.

    • Sep. 3, 8:55pm

      This is in iracing already. I had a quick google and the layout looks simple and uninspiring. It reminded me of High Speed Ring actually , a few straight bits , some fast banked turns and a couple of tighter corners. I don’t see anything that would make me want to drive there.

      Norschleife is king to many past & present drivers. :D

    • Sep. 4, 9:01pm

      Wow you managed to go further down hill. Road Atlanta is big because the Petit Le Mans has already become a huge event. It’s one of the biggest endurance events. It is a solid footstep to Le Mams, because the winner is given an invite. The biggest races in ILMC are Spa, Sebring, Petit Le Mans (at Road Atlanta), and Le Mans. The game is already based with Le Mans cars at the top of it, so big Le Mans and international tracks are most likely. And if you want to get obscure like you seem to, it is also a place all the big legaues in north America test at, NASCAR Indycar Grand-Am, those guys. Road Atlanta has already became an internationally acclaimed track. So Road Atlanta has a big meaning in the racing scene. Now you are digging deeper to the obscure saying Thompson Raceway??? Is that even around anymore??? It certainly isn’t doing anything big or hosting anything worth noting. Your super obscure East Coast stuff won’t be part of the international scene GT5 operates on. And you did want to dig into NASCAR, you want dirt ovals and more NASCAR tracks. I would be scared if you were in charge of putting things on GT5.

  26. Sep. 3, 8:15pm

    Additionally , in my opinion I would class things like Remote Races and Racesuits as ” Features & Content ” …..

    Maybe the people begging for it should think about that for a little while , as tears will spill on keyboards if the DLC pleaders don’t get their own way.


    • Sep. 5, 6:33pm

      The first thing that comes to mind is a livery maker, as it is something Forza has had since before GT5 and would thus make since with the timing. A lot of people have asked for that for a while to. I do think we could see a few good new cars. One I think is very likely actually, is the current Audi and Peugeot Le Mans cars. The Peugeot because Playstation and Gran Turismo 5 are big sponsors, so I can see that maybe. However the one I see the most is the Audi R18 TDI. I am not saying this because this is my favorite car or anything, but I won’t lie, it is my favorite Le Mans car now and I’m not even a fan of one big manufacturer but the engineering and technology of it is simply brilliant. I see this car resonable because PD has a good relationship with Audi, with the nice R8 race car as one of the games big prizes and that GT5 is creating that simulator with the R8 race car. Audi has also marketed the car hugely, I’m sure we have all been seeing the ads Audi has for their ultra light weight technology with the R18, and putting that car in the game would be some pretty big advertising. So there for you could easily see some exciting fast cars, it is a possiblity. I also think those 25 tracks or however many from past installments that they posted those logos to on their website or whatever, could be seen in the content. Those in-race saves they are working on could be added. Spa could also be added as it is the most wanted track voted on and I don’t remember what it was, but didn’t they have some simulator deal with the track during the 1000km of Spa? Those are possibilities I see.

    • Sep. 6, 4:33am

      Great train of thought there Amac , very logical too.

      A livery maker , Spa plus more LMS cars would all be welcome additions to the world of GT.

      Waiting for any news of PD’s plans for extra content feels like waiting for GT5’s release date all those months ago.

      I think we won’t be disappointed.


  27. Sep. 3, 8:11pm

    i want 1.10 back…..

    • Sep. 4, 4:54am


  28. Sep. 3, 8:06pm

    Right then , here’s my opinion on the DLC situation…Here’s what we know in a nutshell , bear in mind the actual term “DLC” or “Tracks and Cars” have to my knowledge NEVER been written , said or broadcast by PD or Kaz. What Kaz did say was “Features & Content”. Now that might mean what every GT5 fan wants it to mean , but it might NOT. Okay so next point…. “Features & Content” are due to arrive either this month or next. Has anyone looked at that a little closer and seen that Forza 4 ( GT5’s only competition on the console market ) , is releasing between 11-20th October ? So I find Kaz’s twitter very interesting regarding the features/content release , especially from a business point of view as in business the best way to compete with a rival is to get the upper hand over them , which in turn leads to more consumers & profit. Best way to sell more copies of GT5 ? Give it more content.. For all the people begging PD for “DLC” , I challenge you to provide ANY link where Kaz has said that specific term.

    • Sep. 3, 8:42pm

      I can’t take sides fuse I have xbox and ps3.

    • Sep. 4, 9:28am

      FYI: The C in DLC stands for “content”. The only way to get content that isnt already on the disc is to download it. That is what the D and L stand for.

      Just sayin’.

    • Sep. 4, 1:59pm

      I know that already Brandon. An interesting point to remember is that Remote Race and Racesuits were NOT dlc , they were an update.
      Dlc for games is downloaded via Playstation Store , correct ?
      At the minute everyone saying ” Omg DLC cars and tracks are coming !! ” , is an unfounded statement , PD are very secretive and this is just GT5 gamer speculation.
      Do you see my point?

    • Sep. 4, 8:39pm

      Oh I totally agree with you bro. Doing this when Forza is coming out to me would possible be adding “content and features” like Forza has, to eliminate the differences in the competion. I see them trying to add the wow factor that Forza has with all it’s bells and whistles. Plus idk why people want in-game DLC stuff when they could just have it put right in in an update without needing to go download stuff in-game.

    • Sep. 5, 5:14am

      Good point Amac500. I like what your’e saying there…

  29. Sep. 3, 6:30pm

    Thank you pd for continuing to make progress

  30. Sep. 3, 6:28pm

    Its amazing how Premium car DlCs, with all the massive details for GT5 are less than a megabyte and download super quick, but their patches take an hour.

  31. Sep. 3, 5:13pm

    It’s not my opinion, it’s the truth,

    • Sep. 3, 9:48pm

      No, it is your opinion.

    • Sep. 4, 7:19am
      Magic Ayrton

      the truth for you.. really it’s your delusion.

    • Sep. 4, 8:26pm

      Just because Lime Rock is your home track doesn’t mean it should be in the game. I’m from the East Coast to, so I know whats up in our racing scene, and that isn’t what’s up. You want some obscure things and you want ALOT of them. Things that are more likely are fast race cars, Aka Le Mans GT cars and prototypes, and big tracks like Spa and other iconic ILMC and F1 tracks, and MAYBE Bathrust. Also could expect some curent cars to be premium and and tracks they already have to have time and weather changes.

  32. Sep. 3, 5:11pm

    I like gt5 awell as the next guy but to say its the real driving sim is a joke this game is too easy and becomes very boring very quickly yes it is very good value for your money and the best visuals of any racer but i found pgr 4 the most fun and addictive game and gt could do well to copy some of there ideas the weather being one bikes against cars whats not to love bring on pgr5

    • Sep. 3, 6:15pm

      LOL sure you play with pad, super sticky tyres and all aids on

  33. Sep. 3, 4:17pm

    Oh boy, here we go from square 1. DX

  34. Sep. 3, 2:51pm

    What gt5 really needs is oval dirt tracks, more NASCAR tracks, less Japanese crap, more American, there’s not even a boss 302 in the whole freakin game! And v8 super cars and the btcc, and last but not least, lime rock park, the road racing center of the east. That is the only track that has american le mans series, grand am rolex and continental, playboy mx5 cup, the NASCAR whelen modified tour, classic historic races, 30+ different car clubs, ferrari challenge, NASCAR k&n east series, and many car shows.

    • Sep. 3, 2:56pm
      Magic Ayrton

      That’s your opinion 0_0

    • Sep. 3, 6:29pm

      you forgot Ken Block LOL

      gt is ruled by euro sales and made in japan, no one except a few Americans care about your truth lol

    • Sep. 3, 7:11pm

      It’s not a NASCAR game bro, it is a racing in general game, international racing. They aren’t going that deep into NASCAR to get K&N east series and I don’t see them adding many more NASCAR tracks. Infinion will come when they add those 25 tracks or whatever, and the Motegi oval. But NASCAR is a very small part of the game, big road race courses you will see. I like Lime Rock, but it isn’t iconic. For an American track try Sebring, Road Atlanta, or Long Beach. Hell even Bell Isle, that held F1 races before. And historic class races / club races are ran on every road course. Rolex and Contentinetal are the same thing, they go in the same places so don’t treat the schedule separate. I’m also a racing nut, into it all and I have NEVER heard of Playboy MX5 Cup, so let’s not even count that. I can see a few V8 touring cars, yes, but btcc cars are a stretch when their aren’t any GT race cars anyhow. A couple standard GT cars but not premium. But Lime Rock park is hardly the racing center of the east. Not when you have Indianapolis, Daytona, Sebring, Road Atlanta, historic courses like Waltkins Glen and Bell Isle, and NASCAR based in Charlotte (which also ran ALMS in ’00) and all those Indy boys and many Grand-Am and ALMS teams are in Indy. Speaking of Indycar, I can see them before btcc as well.

    • Sep. 4, 2:56pm

      You’re really dumb.

  35. Sep. 3, 2:16pm

    Ya know what I think would be a cool change, Class Racing. In endurance races like Le Mans, split it into GT and LMP class, which would include group C of course. Or just call it Class 1 and 2 or whatever, but I would love to race the prototypes around GT cars and such, would be fun.

    • Sep. 3, 3:56pm

      Yes. Just so much YES. That would be lovely to have.

    • Sep. 4, 7:24am

      yeah i’ve thought about that a few times over the months. would be too good to be true but highly agree with you

    • Sep. 4, 8:46pm

      Or maybe just add class races in addition to endurance, so there can be the endurances races like Indy and the roadster challenge, and then some class races. But just class in some capacity I would enjoy.

    • Sep. 5, 5:51am

      +1 to this idea


    • Sep. 5, 4:56pm

      Well since people seem to like it, I made a page for it on the feedback section of the website for you all to give your votes to. Here is the link to the page:


  36. Sep. 3, 12:10pm

    DLC Cars should be
    1. 2011 Shelby GT500 Supersnake
    2. 2011 Mustang GT
    3. 1995 Cobra “r”
    4. 1993 Cobra “r”
    5. Hennessey Camaro
    6. Bugatti Venom
    7. Gumpert Apollo
    8. Ultimate Aero
    9. Corvette C6r
    10. Koenigsegg Ccx

    • Sep. 3, 1:27pm

      i like your list of cars but which hennessey camaro?

    • Sep. 3, 3:55pm

      I see none of those cars coming. And most of those people haven’t said a thing about, so I wouldn’t even expect PD the slightest bit to add them in.

    • Sep. 3, 5:16pm

      Probably the 2010 Hennessey HPE700 LS9 Camaro. They should also give us the Callaway SC572 Camaro.

    • Sep. 3, 9:43pm

      Wish lists are all well and good but Polyphony hasn’t even stated whether or not they’re adding cars or tracks in the “features and content.” They’ve stated jack-all about it.

    • Sep. 4, 2:58pm

      Too bad it’s never going to happen. DLC/GT6

  37. Sep. 3, 10:19am

    I bet it’s gonna be “NO TURISMO IT ISN’T! WE WANT DLC!” XD

  38. Sep. 3, 10:15am

    @Magic Ayrton
    That’s probably what PD’s saving the new cars and tracks for. For christmas It’s all perfect with me, how about all of you?

    Btw the Kart looks godly in gold. ;)

    • Sep. 3, 10:42am
      Magic Ayrton

      Yes man!I can’t wait.. I am also getting the 7 speed Thrustmaster Shifter to go with my T500RS!!

  39. Sep. 3, 8:52am

    They turned off the function save replay in two player mode…

    • Sep. 3, 8:55am

      thats pointless

    • Sep. 3, 9:22am
      Magic Ayrton

      What? no replay in 2 player mode?? Also online is still freezing my PS3 :-(

    • Sep. 3, 6:56pm

      I know, right. The one time I go to use it, I can’t because they got rid of it. Can’t make everyone happy, at least they fixed other stuff.

  40. Sep. 3, 8:47am

    I wonder if they fixed a very minor glitch where you cant change the 1st gear setting on the go karts.

  41. Sep. 3, 8:41am

    So What’s In The New Update Then? & Has The OCD Been Updated?

    • Sep. 3, 3:54pm

      1. Read it and figure it out.
      2. No updated OCD.

  42. Sep. 3, 7:55am
    Magic Ayrton

    And this is why I love PD, they correct issues quickly and efficiently and they listen!!
    All we need now for Christmas are some tracks and a few premium cars with a demonstration of their multi layer sound capabilities (seperate induction, engine, exhaust not and meaningful realistic dump valves) :-)

  43. Sep. 3, 7:50am

    The first thing i do when i wake up is check EVERYTHING on my iPhone.
    E-Mail, Gtplanet etc.
    So i saw ‘Minor Gran Turismo Update 1.12 Now Available’
    I thought like ‘WTF! I TIME TRAVELLED???’
    I was half-sleeping xD

    • Sep. 3, 3:53pm

      Lol. Must’ve been quite the shock.

  44. Sep. 3, 7:42am

    The only way forza till ever beat gt5 is if they have v8 supercars around bathurst

    • Sep. 3, 8:07am

      The only way Forza will ever beat GT5 is if XBOX’s magically start supporting Logitech G25s or Forza comes to Playstation.

    • Sep. 3, 8:19am

      Forza or any other sim-racing game will beat GT5 immediatly when they will be released. Can’t imagine if anybody who has XBOX too will play GT5 any more after F4 will be available. GT5 is till a half finished product with plenty of bugs and planty beautyful racingsuits..

    • Sep. 3, 9:31am

      V8 Supercars are not the be-all and end-all of a racing game.

      And Fanatec’s wheels are better than the G25 is. And that’s coming from a G25 owner and regular (ab)user.

    • Sep. 3, 10:40am

      @Mohamu realtime 24h, realtime weather, night racing, snow, gravel, infinite track generator, logitech wheels and 3D salutes you LOL

      F4 is outdated even before anyone can buy it LOL LOL

    • Sep. 3, 10:47pm

      Mohamu will probably be on the Turn 10 forums the day after Forza 4 is released saying exactly the same thing about it.

  45. Sep. 3, 7:17am

    One can be (understandably) unsatisfied with GT5, but one thing for sure, no one can blame PD for trying to correct it! There are still many things to be tweaked here and there, and the stiff competition promised by Forza 4 might have set the level pretty high; so to me, PD is on a process to overcome the threat of being over-throned. Am I assuming too much? Yes, only future will tell! Let us all be patient

  46. Sep. 3, 6:53am

    How about fixing the big that drags you back to home after finishing a seasonal event race instead of putting you back to track/race page?

    • Sep. 5, 6:03am

      That’s not a bug , it’s by design.

  47. Sep. 3, 6:41am

    I love GT5! Played last night online and found a ‘Shuffle’ race at Nurburgring. Brilliant feature! Provided some excellent close racing with a photo-finish seperated by just one hundredth of a second (Merc 300SL and FTO).
    Complainers – seriously don’t moan. This game is the mutt’s nuts and provides hours and hours of fun. If you can’t see that you’re clearly not racers – chill out and go buy a Wii.

    • Sep. 3, 7:19am

      i like this guy :)

    • Sep. 3, 4:27pm

      *slow clap*

    • Sep. 3, 9:30pm

      *praising whistle*

  48. Sep. 3, 6:23am

    Does anybody know if 1.11 fixed the online black screen (worst in NASCAR races)?

    • Sep. 3, 10:57am

      It doesnt seem to have gone away completely, but the black screens I’ve encountered since 1.11 have been significantly shorter in time.

    • Sep. 3, 11:18am

      Yes they fix the black screen problem

  49. Sep. 3, 6:22am

    Look, all complainers who want DLC, what would you rather have, a really buggy game with no balance, which means rich people get the best stuff because they bought DLC, or an unbuggy game with balance and no new people can get the best stuff early on as to win them you need skill.

    • Sep. 3, 2:19pm

      I certainly would rather have all the kinks wold out then DLC’s. I don’t really get why people are asking for DLC’s in the first place, when they could just add all that stuf right into the game in a free update.

  50. Sep. 3, 4:23am
    Boring YAWN

    Wow another update another fumble ahahaha
    can’t believe people are actually expecting something good in the near future!
    Before all of you start saying if you dont like the game play something else.
    Do the letters FO mean anything to you!!!!

    • Sep. 3, 4:48am

      No…please enlighten me with your wisdom!!

    • Sep. 3, 5:39am

      boring…yawn. oh, and go play something else

    • Sep. 3, 6:12am

      I’m not so sure there was any reason for your comment. Maybe best left unsaid?

      GT5 is such a massive game, it’s little surprise there are bugs. Well done PD on all these fixes. They are doing this for you, so have some appreciation.

    • Sep. 3, 6:20am

      Obviously an X-Bot troll . Lamest attempt at trolling GTP i’ve ever seen too .
      I’m so glad that kids like this are not on GT5 , they can’t handle real physics so they hide in Forza where they can play ” Car Soccer ” and think they’re actually driving a simulator….
      Microsoft © ….. babysitting your kids since 2001

    • Sep. 3, 8:48am

      Sounds like someone here needs a hug.

    • Sep. 3, 10:14am

      Ahwww did someone get out of the wrong side of the bed?

    • Sep. 3, 11:42am

      The letter F*** for you know…but i´m starting to believe that i can find something interesting for you with the O…

    • Sep. 3, 1:15pm

      Fire Operative?
      Fixed Orifice tube (as in A/C systems?)
      Flamin’ ‘Ot monster munch (as said by stereotypical London builder)?
      Fat to the extent of being Obese?
      Please enlighten us to your version before you decide not to read news articles that don’t interest you where as others are glad for all/any updates that PD can be bothered to sort out even after having been paid for the product.

    • Sep. 4, 1:27am

      I guess you haven’t checked the previous news feeds. Maybe the reason people are talking about new features and DLC coming in the near future is because it was mentioned not to long ago in this section. Please do us a favour and think and/or read before you post your idiotic comments. Thanks.

  51. Sep. 3, 4:17am

    What are the updates in the new version 1.11 and when wil dlc come?

    • Sep. 3, 6:29am

      Bug fixes in 1.11 and 1.12. New features and content coming this month and next.

  52. Sep. 3, 2:50am

    There is a camera option when watching replay that is a placed a bit highee and more to the back than the usual bonnet camera. Having that option whileracing would be sweet :)

    • Sep. 3, 2:36pm
      Tenacious D

      I completely agree. I miss this view from GT4.

  53. Sep. 3, 2:31am

    How about they fix the glitch when you buy a turbo upgrade and not install it, it doesn’t appear in your parts list and you have to re-buy it.

    Or, more importantly, how about they fix the HUGE error of the suspension settings being backwards.


    • Sep. 3, 11:54am

      Are you sure there’s a bug? Have you checked your inventory? It’s the button with the suitcase on it in the GT Home screen.

    • Sep. 3, 12:36pm

      Under Items where you go to see your paint chips, horns, helmets, etc… It also holds parts and tires. Glitch LMAO

  54. Sep. 3, 2:27am

    SURPRISE!!! Hahaha. This is probably PD’s idea of humor. Oh, and that kart looks great in gold.

    • Sep. 4, 4:52am

      Haha, I like that sense of humor. Next week: SURPRISE!!! DLC :D

  55. Sep. 3, 2:16am

    So, the FF diffs are fixed? Woot!

  56. Sep. 3, 2:00am
    Killer Tiller

    Sweet go cart, I used my 1 and only gold chrome on an SLS. never ever thought of painting my go cart

    • Sep. 3, 4:20am

      There’s a way of getting unlimited chrome. Add me on the PS network if you want to know.

    • Sep. 3, 3:46pm

      Search up how to duplicate on the forum. :)

    • Sep. 3, 11:07pm

      I could send you a batch of 5 gold chromes. ;)

      PM on the board with your PSN name and I will send you a Friend Request on PSN

    • Sep. 3, 11:09pm

      I could send you a batch of 5 gold chromes. PM on the board with your PSN name and I will send you a Friend Request on PSN

    • Sep. 3, 11:10pm

      I could send you a batch of 5 gold chromes. PM me on the forum.

    • Sep. 3, 11:10pm

      I could send you a batch of 5 gold chromes. PM me on the forum.

    • Sep. 3, 11:13pm

      Private message me on the forum and I will send you gold chromes.

    • Sep. 3, 11:15pm

      PM on the forum and I will send you 5 gold chromes.

    • Sep. 4, 12:58pm

      Owens could you please send me some gold chromes?:)
      thanks psn: kcampos12

    • Sep. 5, 10:03am
  57. Sep. 3, 1:58am

    Finally, now i can use my civic for car soccer. Btw havent you guys realise that the veyron isnt in OCD anymore, DLC is coming. All premiums are in NCD. It pretty much points out to a Premium

    • Sep. 3, 2:07am

      No, it doesn’t.

    • Sep. 3, 2:11am

      No it doesn’t. The OCD changes all the time. The only somewhat permanent car is the FGT, probably just because you need the car to do the FGT races, and waiting around for it in the UCD can be quite a long wait.

    • Sep. 3, 3:09am

      first of all. The Veyron has been in the OCD since the OCD first went online Second of all, it wouldnt go away for no reason at all. And third Kazunori San has mentioned DLC coming in a few weeks time

    • Sep. 3, 3:17am

      i don’t think anyone was arguing with you alex. just pointing out a fact.

    • Sep. 3, 4:07am

      OMG OMG OMG! The supra hasnt been in the OCD EVER! that totally means it’s going to be premium in DLC!

      BZZT, WRONG! it means nothing… he probably took it out because he remembered that every GT player who actually plays their way through A-Spec gets one anyway…

    • Sep. 3, 5:34am

      (doc) …then never uses it as theres atleast 100 better cars, minimum.

    • Sep. 3, 1:24pm

      Interesting theory Alex but the Veyron hasn’t been in the OCD every time. *Nearly* every time yes but I believe the FGT is the only car that’s been there every time.

      daics69 I really don’t get why you think there are 100 better cars in the game than the Veyron though, unless you mean fun to drive rather than fastest. Test the 10 road cars you would expect to be the quickest around any track of your choice, and see how many beat the Veyron. I did this (actually for 100 cars) and the result was 0.

      The Veyron posted the quickest time of any road car (concepts don’t count and then there were just 2). People who complain about the Veyron I think just don’t realise how much faster it is, and for some reason expect it to handle like a race car when it’s clearly not a race car. Give it to me over the Enzo any day.

    • Sep. 4, 7:21am

      *sigh* at tiger. i was referring to race cars being better and obviously the veyron is the quickest road car…in a straight line!

  58. Sep. 3, 1:56am

    Thanks whoever deleted the guy who said first (Jordan?)

    • Sep. 3, 3:14am


    • Sep. 3, 9:12am

      Awesome! (Both the updates and deleting the firster)
      At least this seems PD is going to be on top of things hopefully.

    • Sep. 3, 11:02pm

      It so doesn’t bother me when people “First” a post or such.

      Not sure why it’s a big deal. I don’t practice it. However I chuckle when I see it. Internetz are serious biz. :) relax and look over things you don’t like.

  59. Sep. 3, 1:53am
    Hacki Roku

    things get better and better, keep on good work PD !!!

    • Sep. 3, 1:54am

      Pretty sweet. Still anxious to see what pd delivers next update

    • Sep. 3, 11:44am
      Nabil Abdulla

      Way to go PD for keeping the game alive with constant attention.

    • Sep. 3, 1:33pm

      Things keep getting better and better? How is that relevant when they’re just patching their own errors and mistakes?

    • Sep. 3, 2:31pm

      Don’t you think fixing something makes it better?

    • Sep. 4, 8:20am

      What is the difference from this update? What is the difference between ff cars before and now?

    • Sep. 5, 8:49pm

      Pd great job!! Keep up the work . Btw can wait for the amg sesonal event!

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