Monza & Monaco in Latest GT5 B-Spec Seasonal Events

Gran Turismo 5’s B-Spec mode unfortunately returns to the game’s Seasonal Events this week, but at least you’ll have some nice scenery to watch as your fastest drivers make their way around the Côte d’Azur and Monza circuits. Here’s a closer look at the details:

  • 400PP Monza Circut / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.178,400  2nd: Cr.108,600  3rd: Cr.95,400
  • 500PP Autumn Ring / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.223,900  2nd: Cr.136,300  3rd: Cr.119,700
  • 650PP Côte d’Azur / 10 Laps
    1st: Cr.441,900  2nd: Cr.269,000  3rd: Cr.236,300
The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated; take a look here for a complete list of the new inventory.

GT5 Photomode image by The R!CE Guy.

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  1. Bushby_23

    Whoever at P.D. thought it would be a good idea to use Monaco as a B. Spec race, should be shot.

    1. Bushby_23

      This genuinely painful to watch. Cannot make a clean pass, spears himself into a wall half the time. Yeah this is fun.

    2. JackC8

      My idiots move up 3 or 4 spots with no problem at all, then either run into the wall before the chicane or else run into the wall before the front straight. Then of course they’re back where they started. Or else they’ll sit behind some car for 6 laps refusing to pass, and when they FINALLY manage to get past the guy, leave him behind like he’s sitting still.


  2. Supertom14

    If there are people that have not passed Côte d’Azur try using the XJ13. I passed it on my 2nd try.

    1. KiroKai

      I guess it also has to do with what opponents you get. Usually I beat every B-Spec 650PP event with my McLaren BMW F1 Race Car (has a nice setup, I also use it myself for 650PP races), but when I tried this one with the car, I became 2nd two times. Reason was that my driver (level 38!…) was not able to pass the 1st car and stayed 10 metres behind for the last 2 laps… and the 1st car was an F1 Race Car too.

      I gave up after becoming 2nd again, re-entered the event later that day and got another car as leader of the A.I., it was a Ford GT LM Race Car… I thought I wouldn’t even once see his back in the race this time, but my driver really managed to overtake him – he also had luck because the Ford crashed twice at the final corner in two different laps.

      Went back to the Nürburgring 650PP B-Spec event to earn quick money from bob racing after winning Côte d’Azur… winning Monaco happens way too randomly, it’s also possilble that my own driver crashes into the walls and loses 1st position in the last lap like he likes to do in offline B-Spec races on that track.

  3. Pit Crew

    GTAcademy download tomorrow, New though probably not improved seasonal ASpec Wednesday. Should be an interesting week.

    1. Pit Crew

      100% sure there will be a seasonal event this week. not first time PD has done multiple events in same week. gtacademy event shouldn’t effect this in any way.

  4. lldantell

    The Monaco b spec race is just the worst because it’s Impossible to dodge the wall every time when I leave out the tunnel and try to overtake but it took me like 10 times to gold it and the way to gold it is you have to be 3rd in the 8th lap then overtake the other cars when you pass the corner when you exiting the tunnel and the last car overtake that car when it almost the 9th lap and when you are in 9th lap, you have to be first all the way to the last lap and keep the laps clean and then you win.

    I won a ford gt ’05 during this event it a pain in the butt and I not gonna do that race again. It just as bad as the historic race car race

    1. Pit Crew

      well least the no miles 05 ford gt is nice. popular amongst the supercar crews does 260 no draft at ssrx or special stage route x 240 plus at lemans no chicanes, great drag car if thats your thing ave fun lol.

  5. LeeMoldon

    And you race the same cars everytime 2 – 3 gt cars and the rest gt500’s …..out of a 1000+ cars….odd

  6. Supertom14

    One thing people do not understand and might not ever understand is that you have to have special permission to put real cars in games. And that’s just one step for a long road of putting a car in a game. So for all of the bitching people get a clue, this is not easy to do. Just chill out and wait.

    1. Quakebass

      You mean licensing, right? Yeah, pretty much EVERYONE knows that, you’re a little late… That’s why we don’t have Porsche, EA robbed it from most games.

    2. TokoTurismo

      +1 Ooooo Quakebass just silenced Supertom14 good. Hahaha! I agree with Pit Crew, you tell him Quakebass. :D

    3. Pit Crew

      Supertom you seem to be only 1 bitchin bout lack of dlc in this comments section. the majority of posts here are bout the bspec seasonal. stay on point.

    4. Supertom14

      It’s okay. The stress is getting to all of use. We all want the new DLC and changes in the seasonal A-spec, and B-spec challenges. More people are vocal then others.

    5. Quakebass

      Turn 10 has had Porsches in previous games (from what I’ve gathered 30 in the DLC are from previous games) and had gotten it through a sub-license deal… probably by paying a fortune for them. EA initially denied access to Porsche at the release (probably due to NFS: The Run coming out at around the same time, which heavily sponsored the 2012 911), so now they’ve re-allowed the sub-licence deal. THAT is a BIG reason why I hate EA, and specifically Shift 2. Also because the NFS series has gone down the drain.

    6. Dr.Frogg

      You do know GT5 has a budget of $70,000,000 right? Not to mention PD wanted Porsche for 13 years. So not matter how much money they throw they won’t accept it. Weird.

    7. Quakebass

      EA can still refuse a deal, no matter how much money they through at them. They do it to “keep sales up”, by having content most other games don’t have. That’s what pisses me off.

      Imagine a Call of Duty devs. or Battle Field devs. buying licenses to a gun brand; they’d look like BIG @$$holes when the other game loses a favorite weapon.

    8. Dr.Frogg

      Actually, MW3 does not use the name of the real gun. They gave it another name to keep it a bit ‘different’ from its real counterpart. Infinity Ward would even save a penny. Dice on the other hand, does use real names for their guns. All Call of Duty games after 2007 suck though.

    9. Quakebass

      But you see my point, right? If a one developer “steals” content from another game, people will get upset. Devs. will try to grab what they can to make sure they can get SOMETHING in there games… this’ll only happen if more than on developer takes a brand or multiple brands are taken, though, either way, it will be worse for the consumers.

  7. masaki7026

    I think people are too dumb to notice that the Seasonal events are in a repetitive pattern. As soon as you get A-Spec, YOU WILL get B-Spec next week. As soon as you get B-Spec, YOU WILL get A-Spec again next time around. So people should stop complaining about B-spec races. They asked for it when Seasonal Events didn’t exist anyways!

    I will admit the game is just about dead now with “overdue DLC” and issues that still exist. Loyalty is really a hard thing to keep, especially when your trustee is not doing their part, and people have long given up already. People who are still there are complaining the hell out of it. And for loyal players, it can REALLY be a pain.

    But why can’t people just shut up and face the truth? I tried to do some research, and I’m not so sure about my numbers, but Polyphony Digital only has some 150+ employees. Turn 10 has 300+. That’s just about twice the amount of employees. Who’s doing more work?

    PD=less employees, more time. Great results.

    T10=more employees, less time. Great results.

    Anyways, PD doesn’t have that much help in numbers yet they’re cranking out a game of this magnitude. It NEEDS fixes and stuff and we WANT more content, but who are we to blame?

    1. MuoNiuLa

      There’s no need to insult anyone. I think the pattern is pretty obvious by now. Most people don’t want to see B-spec events period when PD could have used that time to create A-spec events.

      And you’re forgetting about DT/TT so it’s A-spec every THREE weeks, which is far too long.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Agreed with both MuoNiuLa and Pit Crew. Someone didn’t thought twice before he attended to write, without INSULTING others.

    3. Quakebass

      It’s not the fact that we don’t know the schedule, it’s the fact that most if us don’t WANT B-Spec, and the schedule should be changed.

  8. Gwenbors

    I just can’t figure out why they thought it would be a good idea to feature a track (Cote d’ Azur) that highlights every single one of the glitches in their underdeveloped AI for competitors and for B-Spec drivers…

    1. KiroKai

      Maybe even PD is so much bored of B-Spec that they stopped testing it after a few tracks :P…

  9. KYD302

    Kaz promised bi-monthly DLC didn’t he its been longer then that it’s been four months now and not a hint look at Forza new DLC constantly all the cars GT5 fans want Forza gets most of my friends and myself included have switched to Forza just because of the cars they release they have more appealing cars GT5 is depressing yes GT still has more cars but with half of them being Nissan’s that maybe 40% of people want it gets old and i hate how they make the Jap cars better under tuning the American V8’s are make 800hp with no problem yet the Camaro and Mustang wont hit 700hp not to mention the American Car selection blows along with Australian and German cars the game designed in japan is way to Favorited to jap auto makers the game sells more copys around the world then in japan and would sell more if they played into that most Americans favor American and German Cars over Japanese cars hands down and what ever happened to the FPV’s and Holden’s from Australia they where my favorites on GT4, GT5 shows how little that pd knows they spent over six years on this game and it’s worse then the fourth one was sure some of the cars look better roughly (200) and the graphics are slightly better but after six years thats all PD can show in improvement with another 2 years that Kaz wanted the game might of had another 20 premium cars GT5’s fan base is dieing at an alarming rate and myself i’d still rather play GT4 and Forza 4 Forza’s graphics are worse not by much but the game as a whole is about 300% better then what PD could do in twenty years Kaz should kill the franchise now because if six is anything like gt5 people will disown the game completely. ITS TIME FOR PD TO WAKE UP AND LISTEN TO THERE FANS WHILE THEY’RE STILL THERE!

    1. Pit Crew

      WHOA boy now thats a running rant if I ever saw one. he kinda has a point, but im tired of the GT VS Forza debate. If you feel so strongly about it, just play F4 and be happy. Oh yeah and commas and period use is a good thing.

    2. Quakebass

      Ok, in the first “sentence” (I should say “subject”) you mention that Kaz “promised” bi-monthly DLC. He never promised ANYTHING. He only mentioned that PD’d TRY to get new “content” out APPROXIMATELY every two months. Is GT Academy downloadable? Yes. Is it content? Yes. Therefore, it IS DLC, just not for GT5 specifically. Turn 10’s got WAY more workforce on Forza 4 than GT5… which has been said MANY times now. About 400 at Turn 10 (if divided equally that gives you about PD’s entire workforce for all three games they’re working on), and 140 at PD (who’s working on two games, I’m unsure of how the workforce is divided in both companies), so of course Forza will get content out faster. I agree, GT5 has a less appealing car list, and is filled with unnecessary duplicates of Japanese cars, but honestly, look at how many American cars and brands there are in Forza (an American game) compared to how many Japanese cars and brands are in GT5 (a Japanese game). Although, I do think the amount of Japanese cars in GT5 is excessive, and there aren’t NEARLY enough exciting European, Australian, and American cars. PD had to rebuild the physics engine for GT5 from the ground-up (for the brilliant physics we have now, which has been stated MANY MANY times by MANY MANY people), and that took away a LOT of time from other areas of the game, hence the long development time with poor results. I’d say if Kaz and PD weren’t so quick at announcing the game and saying it was ready to release, (and if Kaz hadn’t said: “I want to release it as fast as I can, but GT5 for us, when you talk about its status, it’s at a point we can release it any time we want, but we can always keep working on it. It’s very important for us to make sure everything is done perfectly and everything is done in detail” – it makes it sound like the game was about finished, yet it wasn’t, saying as we got an incomplete game about a year or so later.) the wit for GT5 would’ve been easier, Sony might not have forced the release, and we could’ve ended up with a COMPLETE and perfect GT5.

      I’d like to defend every little bit of GT5, but there’s just too many flaws and incomplete areas. I defend what I can defend, and I admit failures, but the DLC comment was based on no background information. Please, do your research before posting. And really, KYD302, you need to use punctuation. The “period” key is two keys to the left of the far right “Shift” key, an the “comma” key is one to the left of that, it isn’t hard to find.

    3. KYD302

      I was on my phone and when i’m on my phone i’m not very punctual. When Gt Came out it was fun but it feels like a NFS game really it’s fun for a short time then just gets bland and repetitive. Forza on the other hand listens to the fans and gives them what they want which is what PD should be doing. An with the lack of add ons the game is getting lamer what we need is a drag strip which everyone wants after GT4 had one and a Giant Skid Pad with testing areas like the ones from the license test’s.
      They could fix some little things to make the game more entertaining, i don’t care if the surrounding area is a brick wall and point to point races under the create a course option would be nice for drift and rally. They should give away free content to make up for the wait and the lack of tracks is getting old i wouldnt care if the surrounding environment looked like crap. The best part of Gt5 is there physics everywhere except rally. I love GT series but Forza is the better game if you can handle the more arcade style feel. An last of all as i said in the “running rant” they need to get out of Japan’s ass as far as car selection and tuning goes.

    4. Pit Crew

      Players seem to be getting along without true drag strip using SSRX (SPECIAL STAGE ROUTE X) DLC, and though there is no actual prize money associated with drag during online play, those that dupe giveaway lvl tickets paints(GOLD SILVER CHROMES,MATTES. to the winner.

      it seems you dont tune much, or dont play online when you get a chance to play. many of us have been able to extend our fun on this game tuning fave cars and league races. GT has flaws yes, but it can also be as fun as you want it to be with what you have. Ive had to lvl 40 twice and collecting my fave rarest muscle car (27/27 Cuda paint chips )kept me going a little bit. the seasonal events kept me in the money, and my online crew kept me competitive. it takes way more than dlc to make this game fun bro. though my path may not work for you , you get out of it what you put into it.

      the constant comparison of F4 to GT5 gets old. it really seems people are looking for some kinda approval or something when they threaten to play quit gt5 and jump to forza. its a matter of choice and if thats what your heart tells you to do then go for it. im die-hard gt5 so illjust wait on Orbis and GT6.

    5. KYD302

      Pit Crew i run online 90% of the time i’m on GT5, I just get sick of the red lighters while drag racing i’m lvl 36 or 37 on the game without using any of the money glitches that the game has had on the Nurb and SSR7 so in my opinion i’ve concurred the game, and with the circuit leagues i’ve joined a few and it always seems that on tracks where your able to cut corners people take advantage of it and i’ve brought it up before within the league and they don’t or won’t penalize the racers for cheating and it aggravates me. I can spend four hours setting up a car just right for one track only to have a cheater beat me by 9 seconds because he cuts threw chicanes or takes the final corner on the concrete to the right of the track which can shave 4 seconds off a lap. The worst of it is in over half the leagues i’ve ran in it’s usually the host who or series creator who’s doing the cheating. So i gave up on the league racing on gt5, I play on Sim Raceway quite often which is imo the best interpretation of a League and Race Sim it’s very competitive and difficult and the drive to improve from race to race is what i love. If i could find the right people on GT5 i might race a league but i hate when people have to cheat to win, i’d rather lose fairly because it pushes you more but when people cheat to win it gets under my skin. If someone spun and was at the back of the pack i don’t mind if the cut corners to catch up to the closest car but at that point the cutting corners should end

    6. sanesh21

      @ KYD302 I really don’t think people can beat u by 9seconds just by cutting corners. 9secs is huge.

    7. KYD302

      @Sanesh21 When your running anywhere from fifty to 100 laps nine seconds is actually a short gap. Most races we ran the gap is under 3 seconds but on certain tracks pulling a 9 second lead is super easy if one person cuts corners and one follows the track. Take the Ferrari Challenge for example you could run almost 14 seconds faster by cutting the chicanes and the final s-curve and i believe it was turn 5 or 6 where you could shave 6 tenths a second in that turn alone so pulling a big lead is easy with cheating.

    8. Pit Crew

      well KYD302 its unfortunate you joined a undermanaged league, i also never used the money glitch, thought most were fixed anyway. regardless if you racing in gt5 online 90% of time and are respected by your peers, it should be no shortage of lobbies for you to race in. SSRX and SSR7 are 2 different tracks, and im confused are you lvl 36 or lvl 37? when i started second profile i used the aspec seasonal with the 500 % money/exp bonus. this was prior to the log in bonus we receive now. i started out racing strictly muscle cars online. my first couple races i got destroyed, annnihilated, ravaged lol, but for as bad as i did ( Chevelle and Camaros suck on Daytona. Challenger 70 too) I drove clean and peeps help me get fast. (No miles Cuda 440 six pack is a beast).

      Any league worth its salt will have penalties activated so joining and participating in a league without those standards is a no no. gtplanet has a massive list of online leagues that have worthy hosts and clean experienced drivers, so its definitely something out there for everyone. the league i participate in now reviews whole race and penalises accordingly, taking away points from those that are over aggresive. its something out there for all bro you just gotta hang in there. far as dlc, i got a feeling PD has something cooking beyond gtacademy download, so dont give up yet.

    9. Dr.Frogg

      All you against him are ignorant fanboys. This is the truth and now I don’t even play modern racing games anymore. I stick back to the older ones. Second of all, KYD302 has a HUGH run-on sentence and should take that as a note.

    1. Rushton1996

      Oh come on. You, me and most of the GTP members know we all want DLC or at least an update. It’s past the scheduled date and should have been released about a week ago at the latest. We’re all starting to get impatient and that includes you. I am a loyal GT5 player and I love PD, as you probably do too. However there is a point where they have to stop treating us like idiots. Your near fanboyism respect for PD is blinding you from reality and making you stand up for them no matter what the situation.
      Wake up man!

    2. MyFavoriteGame

      @Supertom14 – Yup, that seems to be PD’s plan. Give us DLC when no ones asking or begging or pleading anymore, Just wait till no one gives a f#@k.

      Great business strategy if I ever seen one.

    3. Quakebass

      Ok, really, he’s just trying to get people to stop WHINING about it, he wasn’t actually SERIOUS. (I think…) I know that it would be a TERRIBLE marketing strategy. It’s pretty obvious that PD’s been focusing on GT Academy ’12, but I think that is our “new” content coming to the GT SERIES, not just GT5. I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to get SOME sort of new content for GT5; (though I’m not sure when) it seems PD was working on SOMETHING along with the PhotoStream update, I can’t imagine that that feature would take so much time to develop. But for right now, GT Academy ’12 is a perfectly reasonable excuse for no GT5 DLC.

    4. Rushton1996

      Now that I think about it, DLC wont be coming for quite a while because they want full attention on GT Academy which is about to start. DLC would possibly take attention away from GT Academy. That means worst case scenario, DLC will be 8 weeks away. I really do hope I’m wrong.

    5. Quakebass

      ^ I don;t think that it’ll be too hard to support, the hard part was getting the leaderboards and other features ready… all PD really needs to do is add in the events (either through weekly updates or by just “unlocking” each event when the time comes). They could probably still work on DLC while GT Academy is underway, but I may be wrong. We should be getting some sort of new content at or during the release of GT Academy ’12; we’re still missing (well, Asia isn’t) the PhotoStream update, and the NSX is an uncertainty. I’d love new content to come out, but we’re already pretty much getting a free “event pack” of sorts with GT Academy, and a MAJOR set of leaderboards. I hope PD can bring some of the leaderboard features into GT5…

  10. FlyingW44

    bspec is stupid, gt5 is a waste of a great game platform, no imagination in execution, the game could be so much better.

    1. binbin90

      depends, as long as it can reach the 1st car in under 10 laps :D the first cars are always mad fast….(except the Ford Falcon)

    2. AFS

      ‘Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motor Sports ’11’ works well. Fully tuned up, then capped to 650pp for this race.

    1. Quakebass

      That’s the main reason I can’t play B-Spec – the IDIOTIC Bob’s! How many times do you see Vettel and Hamilton sleeping at the wheel and crashing on 50% of the corners they take? A B-Spec diver at level 30 – 40 should have this occur only at RARE occasions, or under a large amount of stress (like when you force them to do 24hrs of Nurburgring 4 times in a row). B-Spec (and the entire game) would be WAY more fun with AI twice as challenging, and Bob’s that actually LEARN and PROGRESS!

    2. Quakebass

      You know, he may be on to something… We may need to consult the ESRB to inform them that there is use of alcohol in the game…

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      I actually watched the West Indies play Australia today. Def more fun than B-Spec…..Well, “watched” is a strong word. Let me just say I was there.

  11. Pit Crew

    got lucky this time in 650pp class for bpec. used bmw mclaren and got easy random draw of computer opponents. like most posters have stated my bob hit first and second chicane on first lap. i didnt watch race after that, but was surprised he actually pulled out win in 1 try.
    if not for the fact some of the lvl 14 cars are sought after amongst my group of gt5 chronies i wouldnt waste my time.

  12. binbin90

    Finished mine, and my driver’s just level 29. Used the premium spec II ford gt. Crashed one time on the turn before the starting grid. I believe many suffered there as well, even the opponents. Mostly the driver just trades paints with those two corners

  13. binbin90

    Finished mine, and my driver’s just level 29. Used the premium spec II ford gt. Crashed one time on the turn before the starting grid (I believe many suffered there as well, even the opponents). Mostly the driver just trades paints with those two corners

    1. Pit Crew

      You should have at least one. click on the helmet in your gt mode home screen. other than that you arent really playing much.

  14. 1337cheata

    anyone else having alot of trouble with how dumb the ai is on cote d’azur? i swear that race is near impossible unless your some total nerd at gt5. 2 corners in particular are impossible to make passing moves on because there is a barrier in the way.

  15. tillbot8

    at biftizmo:I think we as a whole on GTPlannet speak for the majority of users for this game. Sure, we are the ones who only signed up for the specific game forum in the first place didn’t we! There are three close friends of mine who bought this game. They are at Aspec 18, 16 and 11 respectively. I’ve asked them why haven’t they played it that much. In unison the response I received back was ‘the game is all over the place’ why isn’t it like GT4? And these guys are serious car enthusiasts, one races!I would probably of put the game down by now but for the fact I have such fond memories of previous titles! My brand loyalty is bigger in GT5 then any other game I have ever possessed!

    ‘PD are computer experts they don’t need your opinions or complaints’

    I did marketing in College and I can assure you that attitude as a supplier will bankrupt you in no time! Customer Feedback is vital to how a product finds its niche in market segmentation practices!

    ‘just a mere few moaning ungrateful teenagers with no other aspect to there lives…’

    Baseless assumption!

    ‘Thank goodness someone is thinking about the future of GT and not money’

    They go hand in hand my friend! Cant have one without the other!

    I don’t think it’s a fan club you are looking for more of a GT5 Lust club. We all love most of the aspects of the game it’s why we are here. Constructive criticism is just that, constructive! Sure some People just like to bitch and moan but will you find very little substance in their comments. It’s easy to weed out the trolls to the People who really care about the game and where it is heading. The majority of us GTPlannet members are the latter, good sir! As I said before a small portion of people enjoy Bspec and that’s fine I hope they love every minute of it! But in Business… Politics…Hell even Life ‘The needs of the many outweigh the few’

    biftizmo I hope you can see that not all of us bitch for the sake of bitching many of us actually care just as much about the game as you do! We just don’t want to see the same mistakes in GT6 as we did in GT5, and by piping up and voicing our concerns we make it more likely that it wont happen……..ahhhhhhhh finished sorry about the lost post lol!

    1. another_jakhole

      Everybody has different opinions, and that has to be taken into account all the time. It’s the way they’re expressed that annoys us.

      Very good post, by the way.

    2. another_jakhole

      You made posted this comment one minute after I replied to that Dylan guy. An observation, that’s all.

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ Agreed. +1000 tillbot8. There was a part I liked in your sentence.

      “I did marketing in College and I can assure you that attitude as a supplier will bankrupt you in no time! Customer Feedback is vital to how a product finds its niche in market segmentation practices!”

      And all the rest.

    4. Quakebass

      I was going to say something along the lines of that, thanks, tillbot8, you’ve saved me a novel!

      But something I want to point out; researchALLwars has some GREAT points and ideas for B-Spec; an earlier post states: “The entire concept/premise of GT5′s B-spec is to BABYSIT a professional race driver. I could understand if early in his career we would have to constantly tell him to heat up, or cool down… But at level 20? 30? Why? Shouldn’t a professional know not to cool down so much he goes to sleep while the rabbit in forst place increases his lead from 30 sec to 90?”

      – The AI needs A LOT of fixing, especially in the B-Spec area… your B-Spec driver seems to be the WORST AI driver in the entire game.

      “Also the whole “cool down”, “heat up”, and “overtake” thing is pretty unimaginative, to put it very kindly. We should be able to tell him to: Slow pace, remain calm, maintain pace (indefinitely!), increase pace, drive like mad, pass on the inside, pass on the outside, pit in 2 laps, …”

      – We need more realistic commands for B-Spec, because to be fully honest, you don’t feel like a crew chief, you feel like a babysitter of a misbehaving child.

    5. researchALLwars

      @ Quakebass, muchas gracias!

      My #1 goal, despite how much of a smart-ass I sometimes sound like, is to be constructive with my criticisms of gt5 in the desparate hopes that someone at PD or even Sony will see this stuff and question what is going on in that studio. Before change can ever be enacted somebody has to question the status quo, and I’ll tell you something right now- the status quo at Polyphony’s Studio is not cutting it. Are they on a path to doom and ruin? No. But, much more importantly, are they on a path of solid progression with legitimate priorities of motorsport simulation? Hayyyell No.

      Someone else in these comments (i tried to go back and find them to give credit, for it is surely due) mentioned another important concept concerning Baby-spec (lol): This crew of drivers that we cultivate needs to be part of OUR Race Team! There is a huge disconnect here that could be EASILY mended- if these bobs were to actually help us win races and championships, how much more would we all care about raising them properly? They should be able to fill out our 4-man teams for the big endurance races, and they should be able to participate in multi-race championships in their own car, alongside us, to gain points for our team.

      Are these ideas programming-intensive? Not a chance. These are DECISION-MAKING failures originating at the top of the company. Something. Has got. To give.

      To hell with DLC. A simple update containing easily-added features like these would go a long, long way towards improving the fun-factor, playability, and longevity of our beloved Gran Turismo. Let’s have it!

    6. TokoTurismo

      ^ This. I’ll actually like B-Spec if it was like GT4’s A and B spec again. :) Annd you know what researchALLwars, your right. I think updates are much better then “so called D.L.C.” which could really be fun to giving ideas for updates to PD. Even though I wanted DLC, but it’s time for me to change my mind finally.

      Imagine if the updates came out every single month, now THAT would be cool and better. My wish to have in the update is a Event Creator, and more give for freedom like in modnation racers, where you able to create your own tracks, and add stuff like trees, buildings, villages, you know stuff like that for specific themes in GT5. Or just add more themes and add a point A to B generator to either have circuit tracks or point to point tracks. That will make my day. :D

    7. Progress823

      +1 ….event creator with point A to point B….

      With this I could create my own Targa Florio (wishes for such an thing).

  16. DYLAN777-is-not

    More bs b-spec! I almost broke my tv again because my best driver level 30 CANT MFing pass a car even on a straight away!!! Complete useless BS! Wtf is the point of b-spec it feelslike he legitimately doesnt want to win. Ive seen him break earlier on corners purposely cuz hes close to another car and it lets an untuned stock car pass him… The cars i use can get to first in half a lap and the fking game cant get to 2nd in 10. Plus why the hell is it always 400pp, 500, 650 race car for everything. Im nearing the end with this game. Theres still a ton of desire for most of my cars but i havent any use for them! I dont really want dlc i want better gameplay. Its not hard to do just change the numbers on the screen, it takes no effort. Wtf

  17. honda32v

    Hey I am really disppointment…..I look Forza and they getting 10 cars next week, they getting good….a Tranist van, Jeep, Lotus Cortina, VR4 (we have this VR4), 89 Legacy RS, awesome 2012 Venom GT, Pacer X, Smart fortwo, new shape Chrysler 300 SRT8 and 1965 Austin Healey. I am very jelous coz I want some of these in GT5…..Come on bring the news for dlc…..10 or more cars please….

    1. MadmuppGT

      What, you mean youre not happy to click X and watch a really dumb AI driver smash your car into walls?

      tut, and I thought you guys were GT fans :P

    2. honda32v

      Hahahaha press x and crash wall as u get pens lol……..Yes I am big fan of GT5 but I need new dlc more than what forza got……you know it been three months now

    3. Progress823

      This is how Turn 10 will draw people from GT5 to Forza 4…. PD/Kaz: WAKE THE F**K UP!!! You were the guys that promise bi-monthly DLC for GT5. This game is incomplete – please complete this prior to working on GT6 (I know it is impossible as they have started on it already)…..

    4. Quakebass

      ^ I highly doubt ALL of them will be released, but it’d be nice to see a return of some of the favorites. The more thats left out of GT5, the better GT6 will seem to be.

      @Progress: There was no “promise”.

      @Pay: 1000 cars isn’t enough if some great cars are missing, and we’ve got 160+ unnecessary duplicate cars.

  18. biftizmo

    I get it now ..this is not a GT5 FAN forum.
    The concept of GT5 was invented a long time ago when the majority of people here were still in diapers.
    PD told us they wouldn’t be releasing any more GT for a while until they’d built the ultimate racing game.. not just a few weeks or months..but years we missed our wonderful game..
    This is maybe why there will never be enough content in the game for you as your sitting around in your bedrooms complaining about what your not getting quick enough.there may be a couple of hundred users here bitching that some one should be listening to You the Majority of Gt5 players..full of your own self importance..well your not the majority this game sold more copies than any racing game before…so as you see the majority are not represented here, but just a mere few moaning ungrateful teenagers with no other aspect to there lives…
    GET REAL…. PD are computer experts they don’t need your opinions or complaints…..they have things called …DATA..which they gather every time someone plays…so they, more than anyone else knows, what we want from a driving game…
    As far as i’m concerned they have delivered on every count…a complete master works of computer engineering like never before seen..well done PD keep up the excellent work..these ungrateful children will one day grow up..and there children will play GT5 and i’m sure it will be even greater than it is now.and still called GT5 the real driving simulator.

    Thank goodness someone is thinking about the future of GT and not money..we might never have got this game..

    This site has no more insight to the GT5 world of Polyphony digital than any of us can get from them ourselves through the…Good try GTplanet.. but UNFORTUNATELY i don’t think you will ever be in favor with the man himself..
    Kaz Yamauchi..Putting down his game to an audience..Tutt! Tutt!

    I’m off to play my wonderful game and maybe look for a real GT5 FAN club..

    1. MuoNiuLa

      Cool story.

      Btw, GT5 is not the highest selling racing game. Don’t know where you got that from. GT3 still sold the most.

    2. Maddens Raiders

      @biftizmo you sound like my kind of GT advocate… and I agree with just about every single issue you raised. I think what you meant is that GT is the highest selling racing title on any console game system of ALL – TIME. Feel free to add me up or send me a message. I’m away on business right now, but don’t worry, I’ll be back on this great title as soon as I fly back home.

      PSN: Maddens_Raiders

    3. MyFavoriteGame

      I’d say GT5 has about 150,000 – 250,000 active users according to the DT and TT records, which is very impressive for a yr old game. However the people on this site may not represent the Majority, but that doesn’t mean their opinions are not important.

      Its like if something offensive were to show up on Network TV, and the TV network received 500 calls about it,….but 10,000,000 people watched that program. That company would be foolish to right off the complaining minority as whiners or children, but they would take into consideration the number of people who are indifferent, passive or offended bases on those numbers.

      GT5 being the highest selling racing franchise of all time does not take away ones ability or right to complain or voice the grievances, This is not a dictatorship, This is America (F**K YEAH)….But seriously, I understand where you’re coming from…sorta,….but no matter how much you love GT5, you gotta admit that it fallen short of the revered Gran Turismo name.
      And I think a lot of the people who complain, are the ones who bought their PS3’s exclusive for GT5, fell for promises that were not met and were left hanging on a lot of things that have never come to pass.

      I believe if PD made no promises and no excuses, that would’ve been better.

    4. another_jakhole

      “This is America (F**K YEAH)”

      haha I love saying that when appropriate. I got it from Team America.

      I agree with biftizmo, obviously. Not fully about the normal people that complain alot, but more about the people that take it WAY too far. It’s only in the comments section too. The people who aren’t exactly the smartest bunch.

      The reason why biftizmo and me are fed up with some of these posts is, because a lot of people don’t know how to make a point without being total *bleeped out word*.

    5. MyFavoriteGame

      Same here, Love that movie!! Just watched it yesterday.

      but Yeah the constant whining and bashing does get old, but this guy is way out of line when he says the voice of GTP community is unimportant…. if the people at PD were half as arrogant as he is I would avoid GT5 like the plague……I’d rather play an inferior game than a game which the devs don’t give a crap (not referring to PD btw, Just generalizing here).

    6. TokoTurismo

      ^ Agreed MyFavoriteGame from reading this part.

      “but this guy is way out of line when he says the voice of GTP community is unimportant…. if the people at PD were half as arrogant as he is I would avoid GT5 like the plague.”

    7. another_jakhole

      The fact that GTP IS one of the main sites that PD surveys tells me that GTP IS important. I wouldn’t take him saying “GTP is unimportant” all that seriously. GTP isn’t the only site PD looks to for suggestions and ideas, but it’s one of the main ones.

  19. Reydawg

    I agree! Why is the competition programmed to get out of your way when clearly they had the racing room to give you a challenge getting off a corner. That’s so baffling!

  20. DaScouser101

    quakebass agree with 9/10 of the comments you make but dlc would refer to GT5 GT academy is as stand alone title there for its not DLC for gt5 :D

    1. Quakebass

      You never stated that you wanted DLC SPECIFICALLY for GT5, only that you wanted DLC, but I get it. PD’s gotta work on GT Academy (we may still get DLC along side it, who knows) right now, but we could see new GT5 content afterwards.

    2. teppischfresser

      @Quakebass please don’t talk about calculus. I had my integration final today. I beasted the first half and got clobbered the second. I’m pissed off

  21. dautolover

    Is GT5 the only racing game out there where you are actually given events where you don’t actually race? Please, PD… End B-Spec seasonals. I wanna have a reason to get my racing wheel out and play some GT5…

  22. GTPmrpotsworth

    Im sick and and tired of waiting for this DLC ! B Spec events are good for people who are still needing Cr / Xp but when you have done everything and online is all you do then DLC is the next best thing come on PD get a move on you can make millions from 1 DLC !!!

    1. Quakebass

      We’re getting DLC on May 1st. DLC stands for (D)own(L)oadable (C)ontent.

      Is GT Academy 2012 downloadable? Yes.

      Is it content? Yes.

      C’mon, this isn’t calculus!

  23. Youngun

    B-spec done……Next!

    Hope this pack is big and good after this long wait, but they have a habit of delaying something then releasing it unfinished, dont they.

  24. DaScouser101

    and as for dlc we still havent got the nsx concept which is shown driving around special stage route x so can imagine that is somewhere in the pipeline

  25. DaScouser101

    hentis the game was only half finished as the boss of pd said so you comments are not valid he said he needed 2 more years 2 complete the game so 2 12’s are 24 months noob

  26. Hentis

    OK first things first.
    Whether its A or B Spec r time trial then if its a seasonal I will give it a go. I personally dont see a problem with them. other people do, oh well that’s life. If people haven’t worked it out we get an A Spec event roughly every 3 or 4 weeks. I dont see no problem with it.
    I do have concerns with the amount of people complaining about DLC.
    Yes I would love to see more DLC, but so what if we haven’t got or are not going to get anymore DLC for GT5, I can live with that.
    I would rather see them working for more content for GT6. Obviously at the moment they are working for the release of the GT Academy 2012 stand alone game and just because some of you cannot be arsed to give it a go you slag off PD complaining about wanting more DLC. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves .
    You should think yourselves lucky that nearly 18 months down the line since launch you have been getting updates, DLC and seasonal events STILL, Some other Software companies will offer less if any DLC at all. PD do tings there way and if you dont liek it well thats just tough. Live with it.

    1. Pit Crew

      hentis get over yourself. the fact some want more than others doesnt make that selfrighteous rant you just spewed justifiable. pd should just communicate better about the DLC thing, and no one is really complaining about lack of dlc this week so….

    2. another_jakhole

      No, Pit Crew. Don’t be so sure that you’re in the right. If you’re constantly complaining this far down the line about any extra content, then you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you’re complaining about how much you don’t like B-Spec on this News post, then that’s fine, actually.

      “the fact some want more than others doesnt make that selfrighteous rant you just spewed justifiable”

      poor, poor, poor man.

    3. Pit Crew

      hentiss is complaining about how much we want dlc and posts tout dlc werent really heavy in this news thread. im saying dont feel as though you or anybody has a right to tell me what to ask for. he came off selfrighteous and he ranted. you dont have to agree but he brought up the dlc issue.

    4. another_jakhole

      I’m sure he’s talking about the people that overdo it and attack PD about how terrible of a job they’re doing. I completely disagree, and I’m sure those people can at least try to post without sounding crazy and disrespectful. Some people are like that 100% of the time. Some people are like that 99% of the time.

      He’s talking about the general ME ME ME population that can’t formulate non-offensive thoughts on anything about GT5 or PD.

      I have negative things to say about GT5, but attacking an entire game developer and it’s boss for the sole fact that they aren’t happy? I’m not happy about a lot things in GT5. I can’t even use the online that much, because it doesn’t have certain options/settings I need in order to stick with it.

  27. Mac K

    Not really enjoying B Spec, it’s great PD gives us weekly free races, but they’re getting a bit stale and it’s frustrating as we all know PD can be a lot more creative, it’s shown in the past.

  28. TokoTurismo

    If PD continues to not listen to their fans. Kaz’s tweeter we’ll be the main target to spam, just to freakin’ get attention from them. >:)

    1. another_jakhole

      Damn dude. That’s so disrespectful and nasty. I hope no one does that. It’s quite sickening.

    2. another_jakhole

      I’ve checked a lot of the tweets people tweet Kaz’s twitter a while ago, and actually, I didn’t see any foul comments. Let’s hope it stays that way. There were a lot of tweets like, “DLC?”, “Where are you, Kaz?”, and a bunch of suggestions being made.

    1. another_jakhole

      Tellllll me about it.

      The reason why I’d want to try it is for the camera angles, or replay-like gameplay. I like me some replays, but I rarely use B-Spec. It feels like it’s missing Quite A BIT.

  29. TheTester

    In reference to my last comment, you may as well wait for this year’s GT Academy if you live in the suitable areas for it.

  30. lyzheng

    GT5 is getting very boring, just like any other racing game(forza 4). Seasonal events are not even fun. Need something new and exciting, waiting for GT6.

  31. TheTester

    Personally, I am pretty bored of B-Spec now and I only do it to obtain the money from it. That may sounds greedy (?) but I use that to tune my cars correctly for the time trials, drift events and the A-Spec stuff too. I do not dislike B-Spec but as it can get tedious after 10 minutes. Sure, it was a neat little feature in GT4 but in GT5, it needs a lot of improvement and to start it off, just improve the BOBs by 200% or develop them so they can learn from the player. Now that would be pretty awesome.

    Also, if you are bored of the B-Spec stuff, just head back over to A-Spec mode or even the Special Events if you haven’t tried them before as they are a challenging twist in the game.

    Anyhow, its personal preference on how people play GT5 but the majority of plays would probably be in favour of more A-Spec events which are interesting to say the least.

  32. Lupo

    It seems PD is giving excessive care to B-spec events. It should already be obvious to them that A-spec is what most people expect from a game like this, where we are supposed to drive ourselves. Preferably with the wheel we spent money on… ?
    Instead of simply alternating A & B each week, they could limit new B-spec events to, say… once a month. Or even less.

    And, most important, why the heck does PD infinitely insist with the same PP requisites both on B as on A-spec events ?
    Don’t we all already have the proper car tuned for 400, 500 & 650 PPs ?
    I’m getting tired of just smoking the competition with my Civic Type R or the 2J !

    Being on level 40, having a few BOBs at level 40, owning all the premium cars (including duplicated Ferraris, Aventadors, …) the only thing I have left to do in GT5 is to tune the ideal car for… anything else than 400,500 & 650 PPs…on the seasonals. Like they recently did f.i. with the 560PP german road cars.

    Of course I can go to Training, invent my own requisites, and tune the cars. And… I do so. But… I would prefer doing that on A-spec and earn credits. Wait… I already own pretty much every car that matters… why do I need the credits for ?

    Maybe I should start “whining” about GT6 release date ? ;-))

    1. Quakebass

      It’s already 1 B-Spec per month… but I get your point. There should be an A or B-Spec counterpart for each event (not the time/drift trials, though), It would seem easy enough.

  33. Toyota2jz

    Can someone please tell me when is the best time to get an Xbox 360? Never bought one, want to know if the machine is any good? Lifespan?

    1. HKSBro92

      Its an excellent system. Not a lot of exclusives but still cool. Online is better. You can find it cheap used but make sure the owner took good care it and not leave it in dusty area or you can buy a brand new four gig and just upgrade the harddrive. Its an great system with awesome games like forza, pgr, gears of war. The lifespan depends on how well you take care of it.

  34. JasonMann

    Like seriously. The GT series in just trying to please an audience that is simply too wide. I have nothing against people complaining, Jordan included, but c’mon guys, even if they had some major updates in this game it will still feel the same. I personally liked GT5 but theres just not much to do in in anymore. New cars won’t help either because they all feel the same. I just think that this game lost its touch, and we just don’t want to admit it because we are trying to be loyal GT fans.

    1. another_jakhole

      I won’t admit it even though there are stints (weeks) where I only play a few hours.

      When I go back to play it, I know what I’m going to be doing and don’t expect much more from it. If it lost its touch to most loyal GT fans, 160 comments wouldn’t have been made overnight about a B-Spec seasonal event.

    2. Quakebass

      Thats why PD should add more minor features or additions to feature to bump up the replay value. Something like additional parameters in the course generator, ability to add simple livery adjustments ( a few stripe types, numbers, flames, among others) or a full-blown livery editor… Just SOMETHING that can give us a lot to do. I don’t care how basic or simple it is, as long as it gives me something interesting to do, I’m sold. I’ve gotten tired of just changing the paint of the car and wheels, the track generator isn’t making anything else that’s interesting, and I’d like to get some trophy additions to upcoming or current DLC.

    3. another_jakhole

      I’ve been waiting so long on new settings for the Course Maker! Ever since that one time they added extra settings, I’ve been expecting more.

  35. MyFavoriteGame

    I think there’s another European or Japanese “GTPlanet-type forum site” where everyone’s demanding B-SPEC, Don’t have any complaints about the game and despise DLC…..That’s the site PD visits daily, not this one.

    P.S…I don’t hate B-SPEC. “Hate” is a strong word.

    1. TokoTurismo

      WHAT!? O_O Please MyFavoriteGame, you must tell us where that is. Were willing to jump on all of those guys, then tell PD how we feel. I’m just joking, but. Is there away to find it?

    1. another_jakhole

      This News post was posted before someone made a list of the new OCD, which is why it isn’t on here.

  36. calico

    Who says only 5% of gt5 players like b-spec when was that survey carried out.
    If you don’t like it don’t play it and if you bought GT5 and only play b-spec and say what a waste of $60 maybe you should try a-spec. You clearly don’t care about people who have not had the game long and would like to earn easy money like the rest of us.

  37. fordskydog

    What, now our Gran Turismo 5 news has to show personal bias too?

    Just the facts, please. There’ll be plenty of whining in the comments…

    1. researchALLwars

      actually it’s GTPlanet’s news, and it’s CERTAINLY not ‘yours’. Also, a quick rundown of the comments will show that you have dropped a steaming turd on everyone else’s… So who will be whining, exactly?

      PA System Announcement:

      “Will the owner of the mangy fordskydog please come pick him up from the lost and found? His cage is full of poo, and he’s really just stinking the whole place up. I repeat, will the owner of this dog please come to the lost and found…. Thank you”

  38. Dan360

    While people are complaining about the new B-Spec seasonals, nearly everyone has forgotten about the refreshed OCD ;) Jaguar and Pontiac cars in the OCD this week

  39. XXI

    We are drivers, and wish to drive sir. Please, no more B-spec. It was a neat idea years ago, but has become very boring. Keep your fan base engaged and intrigued through driving challenges.

    I will be boycotting all future B-spec races. If the entry numbers fall drastically, perhaps they’ll remove the upcoming B-spec events, and put us back in the drivers seat.

  40. MadmuppGT

    I really wish BOB would stop crashing in the wall on the chicane at Monaco, it wouldnt be so bad if he didnt keep the hammer down like he’s trying to driver through the wall… grinds my gears so much because its happening nearly all the time… and he’s level 36

    1. fureddo

      Browse the forums. Some lads details how you should tune your Toyota 7. I was stucked till I finally followed their instructions and won with minimum instructions to my driver!

    2. MadmuppGT

      Lap 7, right on the tail of 1st place, missed multiple chances to pass easily and cleanly, last corner BOB decided that ‘over take’ means plough nose first into the wall and let 1st place get away… F U BOB

    3. Pico

      I guess that’s your Bob’s problem; none of my Bobs have trouble navigating that chicane at full pace.

      But the chicane at Nurburgring GP track is a whole other story.

  41. Haitauer

    I really dont understand all the whining on B-spec. Dont play it if you dont like it – its as simple as that. Me myself like B-spec when the events are challenging enough. Anyone whining about the B-spec apparently didnt try the notorious Circuit de la Sarthe some time ago. I really would like to see some more events like that. :)

    And I think the A-Spec seasonals are mostly as useless due to too low difficulty settings..

    1. SimonK

      Yes we don’t play B-Spec but the problem is PD keep spending time on it when we would much rather they focus on spending time on the parts of the game we ACTUALLY PLAY!

    2. PIGBOY

      that le sarth b-spec was great fun,i could only win with the audi r8 ’01 or ’05,then i finished with no tyres,some times i got caught out ,not enough of a lead to hold off 2nd,those were the days.we need more,im bored of bf1943 :(

    3. HKSBro92

      GT5 is a racing game, so everything should be a- spec and a-spec only. If you really must put b-spec at least make it optional like on gt4. I didn’t spend $250 on a wheel just to sit there and watch BOB ruin an easy race I could’ve easily won by myself.

  42. researchALLwars

    hahaha! Even Jordan is saying this is unfortunate. Jordan, you rock man. The entire concept/premise of GT5’s B-spec is to BABYSIT a professional race driver. I could understand if early in his career we would have to constantly tell him to heat up, or cool down… But at level 20? 30? Why? Shouldn’t a professional know not to cool down so much he goes to sleep while the rabbit in forst place increases his lead from 30 sec to 90?

    Also the whole “cool down”, “heat up”, and “overtake” thing is pretty unimaginative, to put it very kindly. We should be able to tell him to: Slow pace, remain calm, maintain pace (indefinitely!), increase pace, drive like mad, pass on the inside, pass on the outside, pit in 2 laps, …. what else? You guys got some other ideas?

    Also we should be able to set a more detailed pit strategy in the pre-race screen, and adjust it as we go. We should NOT have to sit there and constantly tell this monkey what to do. This is nothing like being a race team manager. At all.

    : l

    1. Progress823

      Agreed. This B-Spec mode is not too great, just a slight update from the one in GT4.

      Furthermore, the Endurance Series A-spec and B-Spec should have been combined. I have not done the 24hr races, and I have no plans of doing them on A-Spec.

    2. TokoTurismo

      I agree man. :) You see, even Jordan agrees as well. Why can’t B-Spec just be over with, not like everyone is enjoying this Boring-Spec anymore. Isn’t this game called, “The Real Driving Simulator?” Aren’t we suppose to be the ones driving? I don’t even know where PD got the idea to make this, but it just needs to get kicked out of the GT Series. B-Spec is nothing but Bordom to all anyways, me included. And PD, even KAZ is not even attempting to listen soooo, I don’t even what to say to that… :\

      I bet some others are only forcing themselves to like it, I know they agree with us. They’re just trying their hardest not too. Remember, I said “SOME” others. l:\

    3. fordskydog

      I don’t appreciate reporting with a personal bias.

      The point of Bspec is to learn about how to run the strategy side of a race from behind the pit wall.

      Don’t play it if you don’t like it but stfu.

    4. Progress823

      Actually it is a good thing that we are getting reporting with a personal bias – after all that is the whole purpose of this site and these forums. This is where we stated our OPINIONS about this game/simulator/whatever you choose to call it.

      If some of us feel that the B-spec is f**ked up, we should be able to do so without someone saying “shut the f**k up and don’t play it if you don’t like it”.

    5. researchALLwars

      Strategy?! Cool down, Cool down, Speed up, speed up, speed UP! (runs to the bathroom for 45 seconds, returns to find Bob has cooled back down and is losing by 2 miles, not caring in the slightest) HEY I SAID SPEED UP!

      Yeah. fordskydog calls this “strategy”. Then he tells people to stfu. Tough.

    6. MyFavoriteGame

      @fordskydog – Did you not read anything researchALLwars said? Are you that much of a fanboy, or are you just f**king retarded? Toko and researchALLwars are both die hard GT fans and regularly defend this game, even when many others are bashing.

      He wasn’t saying B-SPEC should be done away with entirely, but was actually making and asking for suggestions on how it could be made more exciting and realistic.

      Why do people think that because this is “GTPlanet” we should all come here and praise GT5 to death hell or high water. How does that help anything?.

    7. another_jakhole

      To be fair, fordskydog didn’t call them “trolls” or anything like that.

      I don’t find any use for B-Spec though.

    8. MuoNiuLa

      I actually think B-spec in GT5 is a huge step down from GT4. You didn’t have to keep reminding your driver what to do in that game.

    9. TokoTurismo

      @fordskydog Don’t tell people to stfu when it’s their “OPINION” to say. All I can say, is move along. U_U

  43. tillbot8

    This is appealing to less than 5% of of the GT fanbase! Just focus on us driving Kaz Please. When do you see Modern Warfare, GTA 4,Fallout, Halo, Forza etc where you do not control the protagonist? It does not happen because people don’t want it. The only other genre I can think is Football Manager. But the level of detail in that makes it worth it! B-Spec is a lucky dip of what you’re driver does next regardless of what you tell him to do. And I have a level 40 driver. I appreciate the level of content PD gives us but it really needs to managed much better than this. B-SPEC is not wanted by the majority, especially because of the fact that it is so un-finished. You can only tell you’re driver to do three things? It’s like you’re telling WALL-E to race the car!

    1. MadmuppGT

      True, I mean who dreams of being a racing manager… you always dream of being the driver when youre growing up

    2. fordskydog


      I hate aspec. It’s so boring setting my tire to race soft for everything and using the max pp allowed and beating the field by a minute. Its just such a grind. At least I should be able to do other things while all this is going on…

    3. HKSBro92

      @fordskydog you hate a-spec? So that means you hate driving then. I think you’re the only person I’m the world that like b-spec or as I like to call it: let an AI drive your car while you go on porn-spec

    4. MyFavoriteGame

      You hate A-SPEC?….guess you hated Gran Turismos 1,2 & 3. OR….or maybe you’re just trolling.

      This is you; “I’m gonna buy this racing game right here,…..but I don’t care for racing much, I just wanna manage”…. Insanity.

      But you know,…… A LOT of people buy Forza and don’t race at all, they just Paint and do vinyls or tune. Pretty strange, but I guess to each his own…… and to be fair I did spend more time designing than I did racing in Forza 3, but thats because the racing sucked.

    5. Progress823

      Apr 26 – 10:48 am

      I hate aspec. It’s so boring setting my tire to race soft for everything and using the max pp allowed and beating the field by a minute. Its just such a grind. At least I should be able to do other things while all this is going on…

      I would never want to race you in one of my rooms lol…you would not survive the first turn…

      “set pp to max and slap on race softs”…. How juvenile.

    6. TokoTurismo

      fordskydog hates A-SPEC!? You must be kidding and not be serious right? I just laughed. fordskydog makes a new record for that.

      GTPlanet Globle News Report: (Female voice) On todays news on April 26th 2012. It occurs that “fordskydog”, had said in the news section that he “hates” A-Spec, to try and shut everyone up. Now, the GTP Members are trying to ask him many questions for some answers in the questioning room, as to why he hates it so much. We’ll return shortly with “fordskydog’s” answers after these messages. *smiles at the end*

  44. tillbot8

    I’m sorry but this is PD not listening to their fans! If their would of been 1 or 2 B-Spec events ever then that would of been fine. But

    1. another_jakhole

      Come on, man. Don’t attack other members like that.

      The game mode is in the game already, so it’d be silly not to add a Seasonal Event for it from time to time. People DO use B-Spec. Believe it or not, some people don’t even use GT5 for racing or driving. Photographers use it for that sole purpose. They’re not even close to being in the majority, but this game was made to be used for all kinds of purposes.

    2. Pit Crew

      @fodskydog dude dont dis peoples moms or family just because peoples dont agree with your skewered logic. your problem is you cant tune worth Shugar Honey Ice Tea.

    1. HKSBro92

      @fordskydog Are you high or something? Notice how you’re the only person on this site defending b-spec….

    2. another_jakhole

      I don’t agree with the way fordskydog’s going about this, but he has a point when he says “keep updating it like the rest of the game”.

  45. Biggles1961

    I really cannot believe all the whiners! GT5 is a brilliant game! Gaming has really come a long way in a really short time. Perhaps it’s time to get of the couch and get a life!
    I love this game!

    1. MadmuppGT

      But if I get off the couch and go outside I cant play the awesome game your telling me to play…


  46. TokoTurismo

    I agree with both Lupo & MuoNiuLa. Jordan has every right to voice out his opinion, and I highly agree with him as well. This site isn’t yours xGuNzABLaZiNx now is it?

  47. GMurphy

    This is pretty frustrating because im doing the monaco race and everytime my driver goes to pass on certain corners he smashes into the walls and spins out putting me straght back to last :/

    1. MadmuppGT

      same here, and its not like he bounces back, he’ll keep the power on like he’s hoping the wall will move… my level 36 BOB has done this about 3 or 4 times in this race… surely its a glitch, not even BOB can be that stupid

  48. Lion-Face

    Why is it unfortunate that B-Spec returns? I think it’s great we get new events every week to play with over a year after the game came out! Keep it up! I tend to complete the B-spec seasonals more so than the A-spec anyway

  49. DaScouser101

    i dont agree with most of the moves pd make but i do think all the whinners and complainers will eat there words 1 day soon and i cant wait :D:D:D:D

  50. DaScouser101

    1 thing i dont get is why dont pd have blogs on there site for us to complain and voice our opinions instead of us using a none sony site i never understood this maybe if they had 1 out views would be looked at more than gtp (love gtp best site) just saying though

  51. TheKitten

    Many people who work at Polyphony Digital suffered great personal loss during the tsunami, losing many family and friends. Say whatever you want about the game, but your comments suggesting these people were not affected by that horrible natural disaster are inaccurate, insensitive, and inappropriate.
    7 hours ago From GTPlanet{FAcebook}

  52. DaScouser101

    For every 1 who says is there any more DLC Remember the NSX Concept which we still havent got yet must mean its in the pipeline somewhere because it was shown driving round Special Stage Route X i dont understand what the hold up is but do you really think they are going to leave it the way it is They are Probably trying to get together a mega dlc to catch up with what forza ect. has already released that is just my opinion and as for the person who said jordon has no right to make the comments on the title of this post i disagree he plays the game like the rest of us and if anything he is sticking up for us and how we feel

  53. TheKitten

    Aldoi Maybe SOmething Happened in PD NO one Knows.

    SO STOP F*** B***** And Play The GAme And The DLC &Update will Probably come out in May

  54. TheKitten

    Look Everyone the Tsunami Affected Many of PD Workers because of loss of Family and Few People Left. SO just PEOPLE CALM DOWN. PD Will Come with new DLC. And Also PD SAID THAT THE UPDATE IS POSTPONED Ok so Just wait. If you cant wait come to PD

  55. fotochap

    My hope for an update – PD allows a system where users can suggest online events, then they are voted for.

    I’m confident we could come up with creative options, and it would breathe new life into the game, whilst reducing PD’s workload!

  56. Lupo

    Come on PD ?! 400, 500 & 650 PP ?! Again ? At least, couldn’t you change the requests ? Everybody has cars already tuned for these. PLEASE… be more criative!

    1. Foxiol

      Already bitching?…oh man just go and play and stop with this bullsh**…i am really tired from people like you bitching all the time about everything…you can live with that or not but i don´t want to see you making useful posts for nothing.

      (and then comes the other guy telling me that i am bitching about the people who is bitching and i need to get a life blah blah…no man this need to stop…every news the same thing…enough)

    2. Lupo

      Well Foxiol, unfortunatelly the net is full of people like you. What you call bitching is simply a suggestion for PD. Because I love the game and want to see it get better. People don’t write their opinion here for you, They hope to get PD attention, not your comments, which are in fact the true bullsh** here.
      If you are tired of people like me go take a nap; or better still get a life. (It seems the “other guy” is absolutely right about you!)

    3. Foxiol

      But Lupo, every day the same thing. EVERY DAY over and over again. My opinion is as valid as yours. And i took your comment as example no more no less. (look at the comments after yours…lol) You just won the lottery.

    4. Lupo

      Of course both our opinions are valid. That is precisely why you shouldn´t tell me (or anyone else) that you “don´t want to see [me] making useful posts for nothing” (sic). That sounds like fascism. And now you are contradicting yourself when you say that “your opinion is as valid as mine”. Of course it is. But it wasn´t me who told you to shut up.
      I understand that you may be tired to read this kind of posts. But you could think… why does that happen? How come that so many people is saying the same ?
      Easy. It´s because all these users care about GT5 and take their time to come here and ask for more from PD !!!
      That shouldn’t bother you. We are all trying to get more from this (really) great game(simulator).
      Be well.

  57. sid_chiclana

    B-spec is totally pointless, should have never been included in GT5 in the first place. What’s the point of playing a game, while you’re in the kitchen making a cup of tea :(

    1. Passeyfier

      I sure do miss the old varied seasonals! 5 or so different events with specific vehicle entry requirements, not the same-old 400, 500 and 650PP requirements! I do enjoy the seasonals but a bit more variety with the entry requirements would be great!

    1. lemans2005

      Tired of B-Spec already… rather better go play other racing games than expect PD update fresh and delicious single player content…

    2. lemans2005

      Sorry for the wrong reply… and yes, the OCD has updated, including some Jaguar (even XFR~), some Pontiac, a Opel Astra DTM, Veyron and Formula GT.

  58. Tvensky

    “Gran Turismo 5‘s B-Spec mode unfortunately returns to the game’s Seasonal Events this week”

    lol that sounds so weird..

    PD could stick with the B-spec in future, they just have to create more difficult setting , more controls and really smarter AI..
    and combine A + B spec, like in GT4… B-spec can be saved..

    and I know tons of people who plays B-spec alot, and I doubt they would like if PD removes it….

    removing stuff is easy but creating it is hard..

  59. xGuNzABLaZiNx

    “Gran Turismo 5‘s B-Spec mode (unfortunately) returns to the game’s Seasonal Events this week”

    In my opinion, for a website that is supposed to be all about promoting the GT series, that’s a pretty stupid thing to say. If your going to promote Gran-Turismo, you should be promoting every aspect of it. Even if people don’t like it, insulting the creators decision to add more B-Spec to the seasonal events just makes GTPlanet look bad. This was posted on behalf of GTPlanet, not your personal opinion, no??? No offense Jordan, but you should know better then that. :|

    1. Lupo

      Pointing out the faults in the game is a good way to contribute to improvements. GTPlanet is just repeating what most people feel about those issues. Jordan, as we all, has the right to give his opinion. GTPlanet (or Jordan) have no obligation to agree with all aspects of PD development. Which is lacking creativity for some time now.

    2. Progress823

      The only true way to get feedback to Kaz is (assumption only) start tweeting to his Twitter account. It does not appear that he is reading these forums, because with all the constructive feedback and even with some of the derogatory feedback posted in the past month, I am sure we would have seen an update other than the GT Academy mini-game coming on May 1st.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      I agree with Lupo. It’s not like GT Planet is affiliated with Sony or PD. This is only a fan site after all.

      In the grand scheme of things, this is Jordan’s website and he’s allowed to do what he wants with it, whether people like it or not.

    4. xGuNzABLaZiNx

      Not everyone agrees that B-Spec is a fault? Hell, when this game first came out, EVERYONE was doing it, including Jordan. For all you know, half of the people playing GT5 love it and that’s why it continues to be a part of the seasonal events. You can’t just come out and say its a complete fail because you don’t like it. On top of that, when you use somebody’s product to make a website, you should show a little respect. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t need to make a public news letter insulting them because you don’t like it. In my opinion, it looks bad for everyone.

    5. researchALLwars

      looks bad according to who? The company that obviously couldnt give a rip about what gets written about them? GTPlanet has NOTHING on all the other gaming/automobile/motorsport websites when it comes to trashing PD’s decisions.

      PD needs a proper spanking. THANK YOU Jordan, for saying what we all want to say.

    6. TokoTurismo

      Agreed researchALLwars. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Jordan. You’re the best. :)

      Ignore what xGuNzABLaZiNx said about you, he’s losing it…

    7. Jordan

      It’s “unfortunate” because B-Spec Seasonal Events consistently generate an overwhelmingly negative response. I also touched on this in my blog post on the last B-Spec Seasonal Events.

      Acknowledging fan’s general feelings in posts here is not “stupid”, disrespectful, or “insulting”, it’s realistic.

  60. mercgoat

    The last ticket should be in two weeks (lvl 16)….Maybe just maybe there will be better seasonals after that. They could do a lvl 0 ticket or just give away car refreshes though. The 5 race one brand/series racing was fine…this not so much. That tesla race Japan got I want to try so bad!

  61. TokoTurismo

    ……. *Sighs* PD I really hope you’re visiting this site to see and listening how we feel about these seasonal events… I’m starting to believe that you guys at PD aren’t even listening to a word we’re saying on here… It’s really becoming seriously difficult for me to actually believe that you are listening. I’m sorry to say this, but it really is…

  62. lancashire lad

    I found my PS2 in the loft the other day and started playing Toca Race Driver 3 again. Races are more enjoyable than GT5 and the engine sounds are better.PD should concentrate on playability/AI instead of churning out B spec and easy formation A spec races.Hope they get their act together soon as i have always played the GT series from day one but i’m rapidly running out of excuses to play it now and i’m not looking forward to GT6 if someone at PD does not listen to the fans of the game.

    1. Rushton1996


      Yes, PD, tell us if you’ve finnished with upates/DLC for GT5. That way we don’t have to wait and get our hopes up for nothing. Also tell us if we’re posting these comments for nothing and if you ever visit GTP and listen to our feedback

  63. Kobooi

    Never understood why you need more than 1 B-spec seasonal; if it’s just for earning cash while you’re doing something else, who cares what the scenery is, nobody is looking at it and Bob doesn’t care either.
    I’m expecting PD to kill off the seasonals completely, just like they killed off RM modifications, special events and DLC.

    1. Quakebass

      You need SOME variety in the B-Spec races, but I think there should be an A-Spec and B-Spec counterpart of every race, kind of like how you get a time trial and a drift trial, you’d get an A-Spec and a B-Spec race.

  64. kingstang5oh

    Personally i always liked B-spec but the way they have implemented the seasonal is stupid. Enough with the “Chase the chicken” crap and give us some proper races.

  65. Rushton1996

    OMG, Why don’t PD give the seasonals a break and give make an extensive A-Spec DLC which would make us a lot happier. And also they need to acctually learn from Turn10 about how to put out DLC. Forza is getting the best DLC this month and they get 10 cars every month. PD please put out DLC because its past the Schedule and being Delayed again. And learn what to put in you DLC packs, make sure it’s at least 10 Cars. Do this and we’ll all be happy.

  66. biftizmo

    nothing better than a few B-Spec races whilst making the dinner for the hungry teenagers who are waiting for food to be put under there noses whilst grinding there Xbox’s 6 hours a day.

  67. blue cat

    I think they should just update the game to make all events support interchangeable spec modes, then we can choose to play in Aspec or Bspec.

  68. TheeFrogmanlego

    Why aren’t b spec seasonal’s added to remote racing WERE WE NEED THEM , and i know some one came up with the idea here! Ima find the post and oh buddy your gona wish you never said that =D some ones gonna be disliked by everyone…

    1. mef

      Yes, even Jordan can’t hold back the bitterness at this stage.
      B-spec is a laughing stock, and the fact that PD is paying somebody to work on b-spec updates. But hey it’s PD. You have to take the good stuff with the bad stuff.

  69. Quakebass

    I saw B-Spec coming… But I still wished it wouldn’t. Seriously, PD, we don’t want or NEED anymore B-Spec seasonals. B-Spec is enjoyed by some, but a large majority DESPISES it. Please PD, no more.

    On the bright side, We’ve got drift and time trials next week, and GT ACADEMY 2012!

    1. biftizmo

      Don’t DESPISES it..just don’t play it….not all people have the time to grind races for dosh or come on GTP to tell us they love it.. ….B-Spec is ok for the minority who got busy lives lets us keep the dosh coming in so we can still keep a hand in the game…so please pd bring us more don’t listen to the masses.

    2. TomBrady

      Sure that’s fine, but for those of you who do use it, you’re not driving, so why would you mind doing the same races over and over in B Spec. There’s already a bunch of seasonals for you to choose from, so I don’t see why you would mind if they stopped for the sake of not irritating the rest of us. Like I said, you’re not driving the cars yourself.

      I’m only a level 30 B spec and I haven’t even done the B spec events. It’s just too easy to advance your career and collect cars in A spec, that I just don’t see the point in B spec. It certainly should not be coming out as often as the a spec events, most people do a spec events and not even touch the b specs so it’s weird that they treat them as equals, they’re not.

      I do realize that it’s better than most racing games, which of course get nothing and are just released and left in the dust, BUT, I think PD could make much better choices.

      Unlike some people I don’t think it gives me a right to hate on PD, but sometimes their choices really don’t make sense to me. From this, to the car list, and to cars that should be premium and other stuff that doesn’t make sense. (Supra mkIV standard, really? thought they loved japanese cars. Jaguar XFR? Brand new car to the series, why standard? b-u-g-a-t-t-i? ???)

      Like I said though, we have a lot to appreciate, but we also have just cause to question their judgement sometimes.

    3. Pit Crew

      aspec needed more than bspec. pd should cut it back to one every 2 months. make aspec bigger and tweek a.i difficulty. been racing and chasing the same aspec cars for 4 months pd what gives. not every (just me) 650pp race gotta use the same cars ( MCLAREN ZONDA etc). using race hards no aids i catch the mclaren in the same spot everytime. why a.i cars drive like zombies i’ll never understand,but im sure you can do better. its just to repetitive.

      @bifitizmo odd that you say you dont play bspec much but then ask for more bspec events….and if pd dont listen 2 the masses they risk losing alot of support. bspec should be upgraded to gt4 style bob racr so we can split time with him.

  70. Evolvedsoul

    At first, I was like “OOOHhhh! Monza!, Cote d’Azur! I love those tracks!!” :D .. .. .. .. .. wait.. its B-Spec? DAMN! I wanted to drive that.. :'(

  71. Grayghost001

    OMG there’
    is a new cr in the UCD… a 2010 Jaguar XFR!!!! but it’s standard..WTF!! I’m not complaining but really….

    1. biftizmo

      you can’t be surprised ..its bin like this for several weeks now…ha ha.. every Thursday. A then TT, DT then B. at leasted you get cars on b-spec day…

    2. AcenSpades

      although i’m not feeling the bspec, but being that a prize car is on the line is the only reason why i do it. Otherwise, my drivers are just for remote racing to collect paycheck.

  72. biftizmo

    Great stuff PD..thanx…love it..B-Spec or A-spec its all good every week…is there another game that give you something new every week?..mmm…no!

  73. HuskyGT

    I loved the “B-Spec mode unfortunately returns…”

    These sound cool. They should make them into A-Spec next week. And PD, PLEASE make 450, 550 and 680 from now on.

    1. King Something

      That would be keeping with their pattern of A-Spec/Time and Drift Trials/B-Spec that they’ve been doing for a couple of months now.

  74. King Something

    Any restrictions besides the PP limit? Like tyres and vehicle type, I mean.

    Also, has the online UCD been updated?

    1. The R!CE Guy

      Thank you! I never would have thought that one of my photos would actually be used…. too bad it’s about B-Spec lol! :P

    1. another_jakhole

      lmao Quick must be your middle name.

      When I saw “Cote d’Azur – 10 laps” I was so excited, but then I noticed it was B-Spec and I don’t use B-Spec.

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