More GT5 Spa Francorchamps Videos with Weather, in Full HD

October 16th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Since Amar212 offered our first hands-on look at Gran Turismo 5‘s new DLC content, he’s been hard at work with R0M of TaxiGamer capturing more top-quality videos of Spa Francorchamps which showcase the track’s weather changes. You can watch a few of the clips on YouTube below, or head over to TaxiGamer to grab the direct, 60FPS, 720p video files.

Spa Francorchamps, along with a host of other content, will be available to purchase/download this upcoming Tuesday, October 18th.

Another direct-feed video has also been posted by videogamesfrontTV:

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  1. Oct. 19, 11:07am

    Just finished some thirty laps of Spa in the F1 2007 for the first time. This has got to be the best Gran Turismo experience I’ve had so far. I can still feel my heart pounding. Spa is such a demanding, challenging AND rewarding track. Imo, Kaz deserves a statue at Eau Rouge. I’ve been there numerous times and took my bike for a spin a few times, too. No track even comes close in terms of awesomeness. Thank you, Kaz. Well… gotta go!

  2. Oct. 18, 11:00am
    The GerMan 89


  3. Oct. 17, 10:46pm

    Gotta wait till the 25th now guys……but they will be giving a special gift for the wait…….look it up yall

    • Oct. 17, 10:48pm

      Only those in the US

    • Oct. 17, 10:49pm


    • Oct. 17, 10:52pm

      thats the same day battlefield 3 comes out… going to be one busy gamer.

  4. Oct. 17, 8:56pm

    I’m not sure if this has been noticed by anyone else, but there isn’t any tire smoke…?

  5. Oct. 17, 5:17pm

    8am in AUS,not up yet in ps store……….

  6. Oct. 17, 1:34pm


  7. Oct. 17, 8:37am

    Oh, and since when is Full HD 720p?

    • Oct. 17, 3:46pm

      Maybe he lives in another dimension… I mean he did get that dlc before us!

  8. Oct. 17, 8:33am

    Is t me or is the head vibratino much less?

    • Oct. 17, 9:02pm

      Definately incar feels much less headachy now, much more fun.

  9. Oct. 17, 7:38am

    1 more sleep now.

    I haven’t felt this way since christmas eve 1990 (when I was 10) 8D

    • Oct. 17, 1:34pm


  10. Oct. 17, 7:12am

    The new Spa looks just like Nordsleife, which is a litte shame, It ‘s again very polished, which Spa isn’t – But Hell ya i will buy it, because i do love This Track – But one thing i do seem to miss, is that the camera on the track would show a little more of the altitude of the track, all through the video from the outside, is showing SPa Rather flat and borring, which it deffo isn’t, so a little more Drama in the replays would gain the fun of watching the race afterwards :0)

    • Oct. 17, 2:27pm

      amar212 stated that Spa has 3 different sets of camera angles. He made a 3 laps race and he saw 3 different sets.Read his post.

  11. Oct. 17, 5:46am

    As nice as Spa does look, and as pleased as I am to see it added to the game I have to say the track does look a bit lifeless. Much like most of the tracks in GT5 (except the Nurburgring Nordschleife 24 layout). It’s more like a track day than a full on race weekend.


    • Oct. 17, 5:55am

      Brilliant videos , GT5 Spa looks like the real one .

    • Oct. 17, 2:40pm

      I understand what you mean. Its one of the few things i miss in GT-Games. The Circuits are brilliant, but there is no race atmosphere…

  12. Oct. 17, 5:40am

    rain effect is pathetic, is like f1 97 on psx, well it looks better there. they should take note from codemaster at pd.

  13. Oct. 17, 5:37am

    The track has the same quality as the nurburgring which I’ll give PD credit for. All the track needs is day/night cycles which would be fantastic!

    • Oct. 17, 7:11am

      If I didn’t knew better, The new Spa looks just like Nordsleife, which is a litte shame, It ‘s again very polished, which Spa isn’t – But Hell ya i will buy it, because i do love This Track – But one thing i do seem to miss, is that the camera on the track would show a little more of the altitude of the track, all through the video from the outside, is showing SPa Rather flat and borring, which it deffo isn’t, so a little more Drama in the replays would gain the fun of watching the race.. :0)

    • Oct. 17, 1:36pm

      24hr Silverstone is a great idea for the next dlc ;)

  14. Oct. 17, 4:34am

    Looks great, I just wish they added day/night transitions to Spa!

  15. Oct. 17, 3:19am

    When should we expect the DLC to come online in Australia?

  16. Oct. 16, 11:43pm

    Can’t wait to drift that track!

  17. Oct. 16, 8:46pm

    Kazaunori and PD must be really happy to see everyone, including myself. :) Is enjoying the DLCs alot. This track is gonna be the SPA to really have fun in. Must get it. Can’t wait to see what else Kazunori and PD will bring up next. :D

  18. Oct. 16, 7:49pm

    And slipstream physics(vaccum).nobody noticed this yet?it looks like drs in f1.AND ferraris f1 have super grid.THREE THING THAT REALLY LET ME DOWN.PLEASE PD FIX THIS

    • Oct. 17, 3:28pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Erm.. there is now the ability to adjust the Slipstream (since spec 2.0), might be in online events online.. can anyone clarify this please??

    • Oct. 17, 3:44pm

      On’s GT5 website they state that slipstream restrictions apply only to the online race lounges.

  19. Oct. 16, 7:37pm

    Loved the one in the TVR! I´ll test al my cars to see which one´s the fastest in this beautiful track :D

  20. Oct. 16, 7:32pm

    First thing that every racing game must have:good IA.SPA is fantastic,but against who will we play?ive never played against AI because i know it wont be funny.

  21. Oct. 16, 6:28pm

    Looks like fun. Getting it on Christmas

  22. Oct. 16, 6:23pm

    RIP Dan Wheldon.

    • Oct. 16, 11:42pm


    • Oct. 17, 7:06am

      Ya Sad News R.I.P Dan … “Horrible Crashes all those 15 Cars”

    • Oct. 17, 1:37pm

      indeed :(

  23. Oct. 16, 6:22pm

    Honestly at this point I don’t care if they come out with a 500mb update JUST TO FIX THE AI. Everything else in this game, I love.

  24. Oct. 16, 6:19pm
    HKS racer

    Oh No
    No the Jag from the 60’s once again. Check the first video.
    Why not keepin all those old glories for a proper historical racing class PD? Why oh why?

    I guess there wont be any DLC content cars to race against.
    Just keep racing vs. that Jaguar and random stuff, brilliant… NOT.

  25. Oct. 16, 5:39pm

    Looks really slick, cannot wait to try this out in a weeks time.
    Also really impressed with the interior in the lambo, since theres no shadows obscuring the dashboard and details, it really brings the car to life. Would be nice if you could turn those off without choosing cloudy weather. It’s not as if shadows in sunny conditions are that noticeable IRL anyway.

  26. Oct. 16, 5:33pm

    One of my favorite tracks. I had fun with this track on Need For Speed: Shift 1 and GRID. The 18th is closing in quick! :)

  27. Oct. 16, 5:16pm

    That rx7 sounds niceee.. Spa is going to be awesome.

  28. Oct. 16, 5:12pm

    720p is Full HD? :D “More GT5 Spa Francorchamps Videos with Weather, in Full HD” – “Take a closer look at GT5′s upcoming track in these 60 frames-per-second, 720p videos.”

  29. Oct. 16, 5:12pm

    Thanks PD – Hopefully more DLC’s with new tracks will arrive shortly, because I do miss New york badly, and Mount Panorama Bathurst would make me pee in my Panties :0) Uhhhh MP Bathurst at night wow that could be awesome in Online racing – Just saying!! More tracks – hell I would even be Happy with some ported GT4 tracks for GT5, as long as we know they will be done in GT5’s amazing style later – hehe Laughing your are :P well Me too – the Standard Cars looks like a big Laugh up close, so why not just do the same with some of the Tracks – ohhh Bad for The GT5 rumour, and not so good for ? :P

  30. Oct. 16, 5:02pm

    will be buying, another feather in GT5’s pimp hat.

  31. Oct. 16, 4:41pm

    Does anybody know if the other Grid/pitlane on the other side is usable?

    • Oct. 16, 5:09pm

      Doubt it. No point in having it. Just use the real F1 pit lane.

  32. Oct. 16, 3:52pm
    Mac K

    Very cool, looking forward to Tuesday!

  33. Oct. 16, 3:51pm

    Is it the video, or are the winshield wiper graphics choppy?

    • Oct. 16, 4:35pm

      720p. It’s probably the video.

      These videos aren’t completely representative of how good it’ll look on your tv. Trust me, just another 2 days.

      And it’s not because it’s 720p.

  34. Oct. 16, 3:39pm

    Looks like the AI have trouble around the last corner…

    • Oct. 16, 4:28pm

      The Jag cut the grass. He needed to line himself up and accelerate cautiously so the tires wouldn’t loss grip. I thought the same thing you did at first, but I checked it again to see what was wrong and that’s when I saw it.

    • Oct. 16, 4:34pm

      The jag cut the corvette at the last second. AI aggressiveness is likely to be set higher than 5.

    • Oct. 16, 4:37pm

      its just a bad driving car that went off, it was a funny moment tough

  35. Oct. 16, 3:32pm

    Can’t wait to get hold of this track,it’s the one I most wanted above all others..Well done Kazunori and the team…

    What time is the DLC out on tuesday ??

  36. Oct. 16, 3:19pm

    Do we get a night setting for Spa? I thought we would since they have 24hr events.

    • Oct. 16, 3:27pm

      Just weather effects for Spa I think

    • Oct. 16, 4:27pm

      Just weather.

  37. Oct. 16, 3:09pm

    looking forward to playing this!

  38. Oct. 16, 2:58pm

    Wow…just wow wow wow…it looks totally realist. Amazing job by Poliphony Digital again. Gran Turismo 5 The REAL driving Simulator.

    • Oct. 16, 3:33pm

      one word ‘iRacing’

    • Oct. 16, 4:26pm

      who cares about iRacing?

      BESIDES, iRacing isn’t as natural looking as GT5/Spa.

    • Oct. 16, 5:14pm

      sorry but i gotta agree with BAKEMISTER.. as much as i really like gt5 and how it is starting to really improve, nothing can compare with iracing.

    • Oct. 16, 6:16pm

      iRacing is a better simulator but the prices are just plain ridiculous! You have to pay actual money for every single car, and if you don’t have a racing wheel it’s really hard to enjoy the game at all.

    • Oct. 16, 6:19pm

      Well i play and have a lot of games on PC. (rFactor, GTR2, GTRE Evolution, Race 07…and more) “PayRacing” is not my favourite at all. And btw if you want something new, fresh and a possible very good sim for the near future take a look at this : C.A.R.S.
      It is the NFS Shift 2 engine (only and thank god for that because Shift sucks even compared with arcade games lol)
      Pretty much improved graphics and with simulation physics.But this time is for real and it has nothing to do with that crap of NFS. It is 10$ now and you have a beta per month and when they release the final product you don´t have to pay for it. Yes, the game will be yours. It looks amazing compared with any simulator on PC. Lighting effects, tracks and cars looks fantastic. Doubt of the level of design compared with Gran turismo 5 Premium cars in the overall. But just take a look. C.A.R.S.
      I found this in a rFactor forum.
      Still i´m going to play GT5 more than any of those. But PayRacing…sorry iRacing?…no thanks.

    • Oct. 16, 8:38pm

      No camparering please…

    • Oct. 17, 8:32am

      Not to be a nagger, but C.A.R.S. is probably the worst name you can think of. Do they know that there is a Pixar movie with the same name and that with that name comes a whole bunch of merchandise including games?
      Got tired of going through google results that seemed to point in the right direction, yet sent me to another site about the Pixar game.

      OT: This looks good, can’t wait to get my hands on the DLC.

    • Oct. 17, 12:29pm


      “Gran Turismo 5 The REAL driving Simulator.”

      Red Bull X2010…….

    • Oct. 17, 12:48pm

      Okay, I’ve heard this statement plenty of times before (about pc sims being best)… but what is it that makes them better? GT came out in 97 (I believe… don’t feel like doing google), meaning they have 14+ years of experience simulating racing. Not to mention the CEO of PD is an actual race car driver. I have played GT since part 1, and have seen the driving physics get more and more realistic every time. GT5 has all the data coming in from the data logger (lat./long g’s, rpms, etc), weather effects, precise tracks (nurburgring is ultra realistic… by far the best one out!), mass-demanded fictional tracks and with the track editor you can make actual highways! As far as damage is concerned, I don’t care because when I go back and watch those BEAUTIFUL replays and take photos I don’t want to see scratches on those wonderful car models. As far as crash physics, GT has it’s bugs, just like forza, just like iracing (I’ve seen them on youtube). So someone please explain to me how iracing is better. And don’t say “iracing is recommended by real drivers, because I have seen PLENTY of videos of real world drivers being blown away by GT5’s realism (even that highly-talented driver from Top Gear America). I just have to know, because these pc sims are put on a REALLY HIGH pedestal and seem “untouchable” if you will.

    • Oct. 17, 12:50pm

      And GT has mechanical damage as well… forgot to mention that because I see lots of people using that against GT.

    • Oct. 17, 1:28pm
      HKS racer

      marcivic GT5 completely lack of engine and gearbox inertia while downshifting and upshifting. This is the main issue with GT5 physics. Let’s just hope PD will stop to deny us this feature.

    • Oct. 17, 1:51pm

      HKS racer
      Could you elaborate a little further on that? Not saying I don’t believe you, but that one statement doesn’t give me too much insight.

    • Oct. 17, 2:22pm

      For “iLex”. I´m not going to post the link for that game cause this is a Gran Turismo site. I play more games not only GT5 but still GT5 is my Nº1 game on my personal list. (imagine if GT5 in the near future implements real car sounds -engine sound,revs- and little more features as it made now with the weather and day/night changes as PC simulators, GT5 is fantastic)
      For “blasos”. And what about the rest. You didn´t understand the concept of why they put this CONCEPT car in here.
      For “marcvic”. Totally agree. I play GT series since the first game.

    • Oct. 17, 3:41pm

      @marcvic What HKS racer’s saying is that in most cars, depending on when and how you change gears, the car can shudder in the midst of up or downshifting. One instance that I’ve noticed in the game is that it doesn’t really seem to matter whether you take your foot the accelerator or not when shifting; Where in reality if you kept your foot on the accelerator while shifting between gears you run the risk of seriously damaging the engine. I think that’s where something like iRacing is slightly more realistic in physics, but there prices are outrageous! You get a lot more in GT5, and other than the shifting, the physics are superior to anything else on the market.

    • Oct. 17, 7:12pm
      HKS racer

      @HPUnleashed spot on that’s exactly what I mean, hopefully in GT6 we’ll find a full simulation. In Italy we call this effect “freno motore” literally “engine brakes” meaning the car slowing down by its own when you downshift, for instance 4th 3rd 2nd gear -> inertia. Of course if you down shift by mistake to 2nd at 300km/h the engine should blow up and the car have a dangerous spin. So I hope PD will go in this direction because the car behaviour is good, with 2.0 they improved weight transer and the overall feeling with the car.

    • Oct. 18, 5:08pm

      Okay… thanks for clearing that up. I never knew that’s what is was called when the car slows itself down on a downshift ( I had to teach myself how to drive stick so I lack the terminology). I have to say though, I never even realised it wasn’t simulated, but now that you mention it, that would make the game a lot better. I’ve never driven a car with paddle shifters, so is it the same effect with those?

  39. Oct. 16, 2:55pm


  40. Oct. 16, 2:54pm

    Nice, Spa looks very detailed!

  41. Oct. 16, 2:52pm

    It’s probably just me, but I think the replay views look a lot better on the Spa Circuit. The cameras are a lot closer to the ground.

    And that RX-7 actually sounds like a race modified RX-7 for once. Yay!

    • Oct. 16, 4:24pm

      Replay camera views are random now. That may be a reason why the good shots aren’t just in the laps after the first. It was always the decent shots that were used for the first lap.

  42. Oct. 16, 2:51pm

    Is it me, or the 3rd person cam is a lot less stiffer on that Gallardo video?

    • Oct. 16, 4:23pm

      At first I thought you said a lot stiffer.

      I agree, it does seem to be a bit more “flexible”. The car actually looks alive.

  43. Oct. 16, 2:48pm

    I like how the AI stops during the last chicane.

    • Oct. 16, 4:18pm

      Yeah, that simply is killing the whole game, AI is ubber dumb!

  44. Oct. 16, 2:48pm


  45. Oct. 16, 2:48pm

    That RX-7 sounds really good. So glad this DLC is coming, Kazunori said he’s happy to receive all of the good things said to him on twitter and he said it motivates him and his team. So this should be a mesage to all complainers to not complain and keep your comments positive for MOTIVATION!

    • Oct. 16, 3:51pm

      FD3S!!!! Mazda should of re-considered retiring the FD back in 2002

    • Oct. 16, 8:41pm

      I like your comment. :) Made me smile.

    • Oct. 16, 8:41pm

      no homo mind you. ;)

    • Oct. 16, 10:07pm

      I paid 100 bucks for the game. That should be enough damn motivation.

    • Oct. 16, 10:33pm

      i dont care whether the dlc is priced or not id buy the damn thing even thought it was another $100 why because i just love gran turismo no matter what…so suck on this you whining dinning hitcarinfrontofyousoyoucanmaketheturn drivers!!!! :P

    • Oct. 17, 9:25am

      Agreed 100% having played lots of racing games, GT5 is the final end to all means
      The level of detail is amazing: cars, weather, replays, photo mode, track creator
      During weekend I did some on-line racing and the response time has improved dramatically
      I played probably +200 hours and have not yet completed the game, between on-line, time trials, on-line events and trying new cars and taking picture, have not yet focused on finishing the career mode.

      Now it comes GT5 Spec 2.0 for FREE and it is a real treat. As for the DLC, we have to remember that it is an optional item, I will definetely grab it! I have heard that other DLC will become available, there is one specifically for European racing!!!

    • Oct. 17, 2:55pm

      The 2.0 is just beautiful. I didn’t even want to come it when it was atleast 2:00A. :) The DLCs will rock the house. :D

    • Oct. 18, 4:31pm

      Everything looks so damn good , EXCEPT for the engine sound. It’s just awful. I swear it sounds like an old Atari game in the 2nd video. I WISH GT would fix their engine & tire sounds. They’ve gotten everything else so perfect, this aspect detracts from the game way too much.

      I know it sounds like I’m just another complainer, but it’s just so exasperating when everything else is top notch, but a C5-R sounds like a tiny 4 cylinder engine with asthma. Some cars sound good (not great) and others sound terrible! Come-on Kaz , I know your team can do it! Get a new sound team if you have to.

      Much Respect

    • Oct. 18, 7:56pm

      Yea I know what you meAn man but try just Adding a different exhaust, you might lose some power but oh well, the car actually sounds better imo

    • Oct. 18, 9:12pm

      Yeah , that’s what I normally do DJM1666. Which is silly because in real life cars like the C5-R , Viper GTS , 69 Camaro , C5 Z06 , AMG Merc or any big inch car sounds like thunder. Other games can get it, but not GT it seems. At least we have the visuals and physics down pat!

  46. Oct. 16, 2:45pm


  47. Oct. 16, 2:44pm


    • Oct. 17, 8:35am

      one more day

  48. Oct. 16, 2:43pm

    Wow !!!

    • Oct. 16, 3:30pm

      same WOW!!

    • Oct. 16, 10:04pm

      same MEOW!!!

    • Oct. 16, 11:14pm

      LOL, look at 2:35 from the first vid! WTF?!?!?!

    • Oct. 17, 8:37am

      jag cut the corvette, which he (AI Jaguar) did by cutting through the sand/grass, his tires would lose grip because of that, so he had to line up before accelerating. The cars behind were just following the rules. hahaha

    • Oct. 17, 6:28pm


      nice way of saying, “ohh you stupid AI”

    • Oct. 18, 9:15am

      Looks like a good track for X2010 or atleast a good test track for X2011. Wonder if X11 will be faster than X10, same power or less.

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