More Leaked Copies of Gran Turismo 5 Out in the Wild?

As carefully spotted by our highly observant forum users, what appears to be more real, legitimate copies of Gran Turismo 5 are sneaking their way out into the world. The first leaked disc originated from Australia – and they’re now showing up in Europe. Early copies of the German GT5 Collector’s Edition (just the game box, without the extra goodies) were posted to a Czech Republic auction site and quickly snatched up.

UPDATE: A lack of proof from the source of these images has cast their authenticity into doubt.

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  1. pasigiri

    I don’t care if the image is real or not. That fact still remains that I CAN’T PLAY IT YET!!!! I don’t want to LOOK at the disc, I want to PLAY THE GAME.

  2. iucidium

    well, as soon as the ‘jail breakers’ have dumped the discs..we’ll know if its legit – and kicking ourselves at the same time for updating our PS3’s

  3. williamk_85

    if you look at the first picture the bar code looks like a regular bar code but if you look at the more clear third picture the little bit you can see under the disc looks like a scatter code not bar code. Whats up with that?

  4. Foxiol

    Sorry Jordan but i had not a news but something that i want to share: The CEO of Polyphony, Kazunori Yamauchi has declared that the Playstation 3 has restricted him when it came to developing their anticipated game, Gran Turismo 5.
    He added that the software has to be created under restriction of the hardware, With each new PlayStation, the vessel has become bigger, but it’s still not enough.
    The upcoming title has been developed very clean and amazingly beautiful within the confines of the limited gaming console but the developer wants to implement more in the project.
    According to the Kaz, Gran Turismo 5 is getting pressed as we speak, and the other improvements will be add in Gran Turismo 6 which is currently under development.

    Note: i know that the PS3 is not powerful enough to handle this…i have a proof when i put the demo of Harry Potter and saw the frames fall down or in some parts of GoW3…seeing GT5 and with a PS3 who is 6 years old almost…we need more power!…by the other hand if my PS3 can do that with GT5 wow! but imagine what amazing could be GT6 :P (PS4 in about 3 or 4 years not more)

    1. DarthTurismo

      for any number of reasons actually…. let’s say for example someone on the inside was able to take a couple of photos of the product that is being produced by one of the factories…. they can’t actually take the game because they probably would get busted… that’s plausable.. and they have to remain anonymous otherwise they could lose their job ;-)

    2. DarthTurismo

      When i worked in electronics like mobile phone distribution i used to have access to new phones that weren’t going to be released to the market for 3-6months… i used to take pictures of all the awesome ones.. but i couldn’t actually take the phones from the warehouse i would have lost my job! i imagine it could be a similar situation here…

    3. LTX

      Is it possible they did NOT use 3.50 SDK but some future SDK that will come with a firmware update as the game launches? Speculation obviously.

    4. Skidmark

      It’s normal that the collateral materials (packaging & art) are produced prior to pressing the disks. These could be non-functional artwork samples.
      @ RT Solvalu…you’re right on. The verbiage in the bullet points is very lame.
      Most likely these are the product of a devious mind…much like Lady (maybe) Gaga.

  5. JasonMann

    have u guys realized there is between 16 and 25 days til release? and i dont care if that disk and package is real or fake, i just care if there is a real disk. just imagine, after 6 years of waiting, you pop the disc in, only to find a rickroll.

  6. RTSolvalou

    They spend a ton of time creating actual cars and we’re supposed to believe they then make one of the screenshots on the back of a Go Kart, yeah right.

    Also the “Vehicle Damage and advanced effects – Cars Smoke and spark”
    ^This is way too unprofessional a sentence to be legitimate, especially from using the word Advanced.
    That is the kind of thing you would expect on the first title of a would-be series by a B grade developer.

    1. RTSolvalou

      In fact, all of the descriptive text is unprofessional.
      This is more fake than lady gaga, which is quite a feat.

    2. Garto

      Oh no! Lady Gaga is real? I thought she was the new boogeyman. Watch out for the bugbear’s tonight, children :D

  7. Mr Big Balls

    I am the greatest legend driver of all time, you better all believe that.. you are nothing compared to my might.. no go and weep somewhere under a rock LOL

    1. Magic delayton

      The only time I’m playing online is with my friends in a race I set up!!! They are all fair drivers, will have nothing to do with the 3 year olds online.

    2. FlareKR

      @ Mr Big Balls
      You seem to be over compensating for something. You’re trying a bit too hard my friend, and the more you look down – well, I guess you still can’t find it can you?

  8. Greyum

    I’m inclined to agree it’s a bit of a fake – if you really had the game, you’d provide a few screenshots that prove beyond any doubt that you have it.

    The text on the back of the case reads like it is from a 5 year old too.

  9. MSH

    Looks fake.
    – All existing screenshots (would expect at least one new)
    – Description under the screens looks rather strange.

  10. fredyellowone

    Seems it is legit.

    Well in that case, POLYPHONY DIGITAL, you guys should…

    FIRE THE TRANSLATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. recca

    makes no sense. if someone really had the game I’m sure there would be some footage and photos that had never been seen, or even just new info but there has been nothing

  12. Dark-Cloud4

    Im sure the game will come near 3/12 or 14/12 … the game finished :) .. but why they don’t sell the copies that they already finished copy them ?… what they are afraid of ? … T_T

  13. ken_b

    Man, rarely in my life have I truly felt like Veruca Salt, waiting on GT5 is most definitely one of those moments! Google her, if you don’t get it!

    If Sony is looking to release on 11/30 in the US, I’d think they’d announce some time this week. Anyway, time will tell, but this wait blows. Peace, and have a good week ya’llz!!

  14. paytonlow

    *sign*, here we go yet again…low resolution and unclear pictures. Wait, where is the “barcode” on the cover? Oh, it’s “hiding” conveniently under the disc.

    So what’s with the barcode – it’s “Universal Product ID”. You can’t really make it up without knowing the rules, or risking being discovered by using other products’ barcode or making up a fake one.

    Well, it’s fake to me.

    PS: I like Jordan being careful this time ;)

    1. MaruchanSoup

      It’s the collector’s edition…

      The Disc comes in a box, which comes in a another box which has the barcode…

    2. paytonlow


      Look at the second picture again. Or go to check your PS3 game covers.

      Don’t defend those people who think their smarter than others. ;)

  15. Foxiol

    Oh man thats enough…we are not fans…we are adicts…nobody have a copy of nothing…it is impossible right now…we haven´t got any news about Sony or Gran Turismo web site and thats all…everybody wants this game now but until the stores will have a copy we can never see or play it.
    Jordan close this post!…(if you want :P)

  16. Nato_777

    Please someone at PD or Sony put up images of the real disc and release late on your respective websites so we can lay all this fake disc crap to rest!

  17. Shrinkwrap

    How about this:
    Untill release day, anyone posting that they have leaked copies without: 1. Providing proof to GTP staff prior to posting, and 2.; Posting without exspress approval of said staff, gets immediately banned. I need more reading material on the banned list anyway. Funny stuff.

    1. Sigmaviper11

      So let me get this straight. CZ decides to have a little troll fun with false hopes and promises of GT5 info, and the resulting hysteria caused the temporary crash of GTP? ****!

    1. GT5_delayHATER!

      Cool to know you have it.
      Now, just show us some pictures.
      Or some info that have never came up since now.

    2. pasigiri

      If you have a copy, that’s great news!!! If I had a leaked copy, I personally wouldn’t say anything (probably too busy playing it). But seriously, if you’ve got it, ask around to see if someone can help you post up vids and/or pics. It’s not like anyone here can prove you DON’T have it anyway.

  18. forzastinks2

    I got the leaked copy and it worked. I show you all of the tracks in gran turismo 5

    Autodromo Nazionale Monza

    Circuit de la Sarthe I

    Circuit de la Sarthe II

    Circuit de la Sarthe 2005

    Daytona International Speedway Superspeedway

    Daytona International Speedway Road Course

    Fuji Speedway F (2005)

    Fuji Speedway GT (2005)

    Fuji Speedway 80’s

    Fuji Speedway 90’s

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval Speedway

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Couse

    Laguna Seca Raceway

    Nürburgring GP/F

    Nürburgring GP/D

    Nürburgring Nordschleife

    Nürburgring 24h Strecke

    Suzuka Circuit

    Suzuka Circuit East Course

    Suzuka Circuit West Course

    Tsukuba Circuit

    Autumn Ring

    Autumn Ring Mini

    Cape Ring

    Cape Ring South

    Deep Forest Raceway

    Eiger Nordwand

    El Capitan

    High-Speed Ring

    Trial Mountain Circuit

    Clubman Stage Route 5

    Circuit de Monaco


    Curso Del Sol

    Piazza del Campo

    Rome Circuit

    Special Stage Route 5

    Tokyo Route 246

    Rally Toscana

    Top Gear Test Track

    1. James

      Post a video or a picture of the screen.If you do not you aren’t credible.After todays events without proof positive most people will ignore you.

    2. GT5_delayHATER!

      to “sure”:
      Man… how did he came up with the “Clubman Stage Route 5” ??
      It isn´t listed anywhere we know.


    3. DarthTurismo

      oh and dont forget we already know there are 2 versions of Eiger Nordwand?? where is that on his list?? haha

  19. blackzc

    You know what im really excited about? Gettting gold on all the license test? I love that!! Also a tuned up ZR1, ahhh yeahh. And i have the cash for my new TV. Ah life is good.

  20. Elmer F.

    Bwakin News:

    Acme Twuck Cwashes, Spills GT5 disks down wabit hole. Waskly Wabit to welease gameplay wideos for the wansom sum of one hundwed million dollaws.
    Weleaseing my own shots at the wabit shortly.
    Shhh. Be warry warry qwiet.

    Ahhh, what a day….My condolences to the staff. It’ll all be over soon…

  21. momo

    Lol! This is hilarious, it’s probably just an advertisement copy. Who knows, that “Exciting 16 player online races” on the front of the cover could just be a sticker or something.

  22. Andrew R.

    Imagine how stupid we’ll all feel if the retail case actually says “cars smoke and spark.” I can hear the response from posters already… “Oh well it actually doesn’t seem like bad grammar come to think of it. I knew Polyphony would deliver.”

    It’s coming 11/9/2010! The release date, that is.

  23. stevo_mahony

    The 16 players online just does not look rite. I couldn’t see them ruining the front cover with it. And honestly who read the back cover without “cars smoke and spark” standing out. At first i thought it was legit for sure casue it was the same as the other disk but now i think about it, If ya made one who’s to say ya can’t make another.

  24. Granturismo5fan

    I from germany and the disk is fake. I got the leaked copy and its fake. I hope the real gt5 copy comes :(

  25. Shadow106

    I want to believe these pictures are legit but honestly I don’t think I can. I can’t help but feel Sony would have said something by now if they were truly legit copies that were somehow leaked to the public….

    1. kyleh613

      The Madrid Launch Party is the week before Tuesday, November 30th. That is the most likely date for GT5 in North America. It is also possible that GT5 is released the same week as the Madrid Launch Party, but the idea originally was that the launch party was the week before GT5’s release.

  26. Foxiol

    And i found some differences with the Australian copy…in this one it says Made in Austria and the other manufactured in Australia …both are from SCEE (Sony Europe).
    Other difference is form the mature simbol: in Australia the rating for this is a green G and for Europe is a grey USK polygon.
    And i found one more: Australian has a “BCES-00569/ANZ” (the code for the game) and this one “BCES-00569” without the “ANZ”.
    And only one more with others new games witch has this type of cover…at the bottom when it says all about trademarks:”All rights reserved” always is next from “Made in Austria” and now is at the bottom.

    1. Foxiol

      and more more thing…i can´t see well the entire picture but 14 On-line players??? they said 16…but never mind…

    2. Nato_777

      As already suggested the BCES-00569 code is considered fake and belongs to Dungeon Seige. I am certain this is just a hoax and someone is sitting back having a good laugh.

  27. 2005pierric

    I’m not convinced it’s real… IT says size taken on hard drive is only 2056MB, which seems very few considering kaz said it could go up to 10 Gb !
    Plus the screenshots on the back are screens we have already seen so far….

    But I could be wrong

  28. Foxiol

    It looks real…and the car is grey because it is the Collectors edition…the normal GT5 comes with the red one SLS. Maybe…let´s wait a few more days or a couple of weeks.

    1. JustCause

      I say wait a few more years for the game to get properly released.

      In all honesty I’m finding it to believe its real.

    2. Mango

      It’s fake. Just look at the capitalization and punctuation errors on the back of the cover. Not to mention that it sounds like it was written by a 9-year-old. Very unprofessional looking. I would find it hard to believe that Polyphony would put out a game they’ve worked on for that long with a cover and disc that look like that.

    3. Foxiol

      “Just cause” Only one question for you (and i don´t know if it is real or not)…have you ever look at the back of the all games that you have for more that just 1 or 2 seconds reading some bul$%$???…and if you take some time all games says 4 things about it and nothing more…we want to play the game put in our consoles and thats all folks!!

  29. OkeyD

    So why is everyone ignoring the fact that the disc is the same as the other “leaked” copy of GT5 from Australia? Don’t you think that’s too much of a coincidence?

    Looks real to me.

    1. Ikiowan

      Returns to the scene of the crime and posts to himself about how great it was. Mabey not so great a troll afterall.

  30. DrTrouserPlank

    Ought to edit that red text to 500point Jordan. Given how this has whole episode has transpired it would probably be the only noteworthy sentence of the whole article.

    Within 6 weeks this will all be over thank god; then a whole new breed of chaos will begin as far as site traffic is concerned.

  31. terminator363

    The disk looks so stupid. It’s almost like the machine missed the hole and the hub cap is off center.

    1. Inggrish

      They arn’t supposed to be screens of the trophies, isn’t it meant to be proof that someone is playing on the actual game? (Hence the fact it says Gran Turismo 5)?

    2. James

      I posted those it’s not supposed to be proof.I saw it in the general discussion and thought i might post them there as well.Take from it what you will.

    3. kyleh613

      In case it wasn’t obvious (someone seriously asked why GT5 had a kill 500 people achievement), those achievements shown in that screenshot are from Red Dead Redemption.

    4. Stune

      Good grief! Ive seen bad photoshop images but that is more like ms paint, The Gran Turismo 5 is just placed added like the silly white squares

    5. Red_9

      The trophies shown on your user card are only the ones you’ve most recently achieved. They don’t pertain to what you’re playing at that moment. For all we know, some other douchebag decided to play RDR after this guy got GT5.

      Not that I’m saying it’s real. ‘Cause I still think it’s fake.

    6. idlestation

      There was a trophy in gold which looked like it was part of a key. It could be referring to a car key trophy in gran turismo.. just saying.

  32. Red_9

    It’s fake. The descriptions on the back sound incredibly childish and poorly structured; There’s no way a dev like PD, who adhere to the highest standards of perfection, would put that kind of drivel on the back of their box like that.

    1. idlestation

      Yea I know what you mean..

      Part of me wants to believe its real, but the quality of the cover doesn’t match that of the game inside it.. unless they were really rushed for time?

  33. Johan

    Where’s the ‘DUALSHOCK 3 Vibration function’ icon on the back of the case? It really smells like a fake.
    Unprofessional description, ugly screenshots, missing icons..

  34. AGNT009

    Well, this is just great. We’re all blowing our wads early over whats looking more and more like an Ashton Kutcher episode of PUNK’d. I wont believe these discs until I see new game footage and full track reveal intel, etc.

  35. gast1976

    i want it all, i want it all, and i want it now !!!!!
    (thanks to freddy mercury and Queen for that circumstance’s sentence !!!!)

  36. Tintorera

    “Cars smoke and sparks” says the text on the back of the cover.
    This dont sound like some japanese-english google translate sentence.

    I smell a fake…

    1. AGNT009

      Yeah, my face IS slowly starting to fade from big grin to face plain. Really bad grammar, no capitalization at the beginning of sentences. If someone is this talented to make a fake look good, why cant they spell right? Seems very fishy I’ll admit. Conspiracy by Europe to PUNK the US fans? lol

    1. GT5_delayHATER!

      Noooooo! Not again!!! Really? Would you please strongly ask why is it this time? Maybe from you we can hear something.
      Yeah! Give Sony some inspiration! Show ´em how to do it!

    2. Shrinkwrap

      Ummm, a bit red in the face, but apparently my software needs updating due to being recently violated by unautorized 3rd parties…

  37. TruenoGuy86

    well thats because SCEI published or developed games in UK gets the worse of everything box quality cheap manual is thin most of them r black and white and the box picture is lame compare it to US sony games which r better in design and quality.

  38. lthe stigl

    not impressed with the back of the case…too many speech about multiplayer…old and not the best car pictures…looks poor,hope it is fake.

    1. Shrinkwrap

      WTF is up with “cars smoke and spark”? Not exactly a major feature, and not one I would expect sony/pd to focus on….

  39. raceur

    The day will come when production issues such as this will no longer exist. That will be because all content will be downloaded, or just played in the cloud, no need to create and distribute discs.

    And while I wouldn’t mind the game out soon, a part of me wants another delay just so I can laugh at some of the comments here when it is announced ;-)

  40. Johan

    I absolutely dislike that blue PSN logo saying “Exciting 16 player online races.” That stupid logo should’ve been left out…

    1. AGNT009

      HOLY S***!! Fellas, I think it may be a Black ERRRRRR Glorious Friday after all Nov 26th! If some retailers are getting copies, Sony is trying HARD to make it for Black Friday. Hey, guys with reserve copies get first service! Screw all those moms who waited till then to go buy it. RESERVATION Beotches! lol.

      And Im off that day too! No fighting the crowds, I’ll just go into game stop, get my copy, and run for my truck, peeling out of the parking lot with poor sports hanging onto my truck as I leave. Maybe even gunfire, lol. Its going to be crazy! I will not be surprised one bit if someone in the world gets shot and killed over a GT5 dispute on release day, ESPECIALLY if that day falls on Black Friday in the US. Can you imagine dying with the game in your hands before you get it into your PS3. THAT would suck beyond words.

    1. Magic delayton

      Me too, there is a video of a guy unboxing GT5 on youtube, I wouldn’t be surprised if it all wasn’t a hoax.. why aren’t Sony speaking up? Honestly I have never felt so anxious over a Game.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

    1. sweatynumbthumb

      It must be getting hammered with hits, I keep getting;
      “Database error.
      The database has encountered a problem.”
      Been like this for at least an hour, can’t progress beyond forum index.

  41. BeardOfChuck

    Forum is out…

    @James ,
    yes , someone said that he will post a vid. But we won’t see it because the forum has been fubar.

    1. James

      Why?Some guy on the Facebook feed said that someone was uploading videos as we speak.Is there any truth to this?

  42. ismellbacon611

    anybody else getting database errors when trying to go onto the forums? great job keeping us all updated jordan!!

    1. James

      Yes it has happened to me several times.Something like error connecting to database but then i refresh and it’s all good.

    1. Luke

      Makes sense :)
      I hope we still get a release date, instead of Amazon just shipping it to me as a surprise. I wanted to use the rest of my vacation days for GT5, still have 9 days left and no need for them beside GT5.

    2. Johan

      The German rating is USK, but it seems to be a promo-edition I think.

      I got several promo games here, and they often have only the USK logo or Aussie-logo on the disc. I even have a (promo) game with only the Aussie logo on disc and box, while I live in the Netherlands where we use PEGI..

      My MMA-promo for PS3 has both Aussie 15 and German USK18 logo on it. But no PEGI..

      Also, my retail GT5 Prologue has a USK-logo on the disc, while the box has PEGI. I think everywhere in Europe this is the case… All have only the German logo on the disc, while the box has the country-specific logo..

    3. De-JaY

      It’s on the disc because the whole EU gets the same discs.
      If you have any EU games check the disc you’ll find the German rating logo on a few of them.

      Sometimes you can even find the German- and the Australian rating logo on the same disc.

    4. DrTrouserPlank

      We covered this in the forum. Loads of games that are PEGI rated have USk on the disc and no PEGI rating.

      It’s very common.

  43. TJ31

    Can’t believe we are so close now…
    Just a little longer and we can finally play after nearly 6 years of waiting. Just need find something to do for the next 3 weeks… it’s gonna be hard, because only thing i can think of is GT5. -.-“

  44. kyleh613

    I wonder how big the manual is and how comprehensive it is. I hope someone also scans that and throws it up on the internet. I would read that thing over and over again.

  45. tijay

    I call fake ;) The karting pic seems to be taken from a screen and the language used on the cover seems way too unprofessional…

    1. DrTrouserPlank

      I’ve gotta be honest.

      The karting picture is what I wondered about, and imo it does look like it’s an off-screen shot rather than direct feed, and I conveniently don’t remember seeing any direct feed footage of karts but only moderate quality cam stuff.

    2. wakenabeb

      If you look at the official karting screenshots that was released, you will find that most of them have an overexposed tinge to it.

    3. Stune

      Still not 100% convinced myself. Im not sure about the language “driver face tracking, course maker and karting” – its like someone got a list of the games most unrelated features and tried to make a sentence out of it.

      Only time will tell is guess.

    4. Patrocles

      I concur!
      The last pic is too clean for myself.
      I guess someone already mentioned the text on the case spine of this (supposedly) GT5? It appears to say Collecto(r’s Edition?) of the game?

  46. Squozen

    So what happened to all those people that were so sure the previous disc was a fake because the wheel was off-centre? Scurried back into the woodwork, I suppose.

  47. Ner0_sol03

    this is awesome. im happy someone got this game i was wondering this today what would happen if workers on that ship took a couple copies and sold them..

  48. Detroitbb

    I’m still waiting for confirmation that the G27 clutch will work for GT5… hopefully that will be answered sooner as opposed to later.

    1. Detroitbb

      It doesn’t work in GT5P’s ‘arcade mode’ (only in ‘time trial’ and ‘event races’). Now, for me, I’ll be using GT5’s career mode mainly, but the online activities are via the arcade settings (so it’s questionably as to whether the clutch will work online and in the offline arcade mode). When I show the game to people who will come over my house, they will only be accessing the arcade mode. And most of the time, they will want to use the clutch.

  49. kyleh613

    Ooh man, these people who get the game early need to start giving some information! Track lists and premium cars, RIGHT NOW! I badly want that information. D: That will tie me over until I get my own copy.

  50. madaz75

    Sony better hurry up and announce a solid release date (And it better be soon)
    Or some one is going to ruin their party

    1. Detroitbb

      Agreed. They need to get out in front of this. Staying silent only allows others to control the conversation!

    2. Gamer GT5

      I’m sure they’re going to give the release date after black ops to give treyarch a little space of their release party. Then they’ll give us a release date soon i’m sure.

    1. Tweetman_277

      Noo!!! I want at least some surprises!!! Give us screenshots of on-track action, but not menus and stuff!!! I’d be upset!!! DX

    2. Dr.Boss.

      Hopefully review copies are in the hands of major gaming news site and the embargo for releasing reviews is bumped up to prevent us from getting fed information through unofficial sources.

      I’d prefer professional commentary, screen shots, video reviews, etc… over camera phone garbage.

      That said… i will take any information i can get.
      i really really really really want to official car and track list.

    3. Gamer GT5

      Why do you guys want the whole car and track list? Don’t y’all want to be suprized especially after 6 years of waiting. I rather be shocked!

    4. Dr.Boss.

      surprised… game reviews with this information will be released prior to the disc being in our hands. Those reviews will spill all the elusive details…

      if we are going to get this information pre-release, why not sooner rather than later?

    5. Sum1s2pid

      @Gamer GT5 — Part of being registered on a site devoted to all things Gran Turismo is that a large number of us welcome such spoilers. I know I’d sure like to see such a list.

    6. HugoStiglitz_420

      it’s just a track & car list. I don’t understand how it ruins the surprise of the game. The game is going to have surprises that you have to experience, those are what’s important. The track & car list would be great info. Plus you don’t have to read them

    7. Bernd

      Of course, game-reviews will show most of the details to attract people which haven’t heard of GT to this very day – yes, there are still some!

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