Motul Nismo GT-R GT5 Gameplay Video from CES

Thanks to forum user bladecerco for capturing the first in-car gameplay footage of the Motul Nismo GT-R at CES 2010!

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  1. lewis

    5 years for a more polished gt4

    did i mention how terrible the single file running starts are?? You are already 6s behind by the first split!

    Yamauchi get your head out of your ass and fix this game before it comes out!!

  2. Luke

    > vampire63
    > O whe forgot to mention you gt6 is now in stores we can’t tell you If it’s about cars cuz we > > are not saying you a s..t also

    I would like that :) I don`t care what they reveal before the release date. I have absolutely no benefit knowing that car xyz is in the game. It would just increase my expectations. In the end i want to experience the features myself.
    Once again let me all remind you of GTA4. Nothing was revealed before the game was released, absolutely nothing, not even screenshots out of the gameplay. That way the gamer could experience every feature on his/her own.
    If you know about the features you try them out like “Oh, this works, but would be great if …. “. If you absolutely don`t know about any of the features you discover them eventually, going “Oh cool, didn`t know this was possible”. It`s part of the experience.
    So i think it`s great that they keep so many things a secret, like night or rain racing, or the tuning possibilities.

    So, just wait and experience for yourself if the game stands up to your own expectations.

  3. vampire63

    NOBODY HAD SAID RELEASE IT NOW ( + i don’t care about skidmarks im just saing its stupid to not have them ) IM SAYING that they can annoince the release date is 12.21.2012 for example and there will be that that and that ( not all just some fautures ) there will be this this and this car ( reveal like 1 car a week THERE ARE F…ING 1000 CARS whats the problem )

    cuz one day GT6 will be revealed like this

    O whe forgot to mention you gt6 is now in stores we can’t tell you If it’s about cars cuz we are not saying you a s..t also

  4. Big Ron

    It´s not recorded from Youtube, it´s recorded from a TV with a (maybe) ten year old camera :D You just find it on Youtube

  5. Chris

    Why was the movement in chase cam so stiff? I thought they had corrected this. I’m not liking these new chase cameras they keep changing back and forth. I however think everything about this game is going to be amazing. Great so far if you ask me. Just not thrilled about chase cam. I use in-car view primarily because it’s realistic and I just love using it, but you gotta have a nice chase cam. It’s jut mandatory.

  6. S3 Racer

    Sony market Gt in a good way. They would probably kill games by releasing them all (exclusive) in 2 months in a row. If they would release it now what major game would they have for the financial year 2010??
    And they surly don’t kill the customers base with a delay because sony is well aware of the importance and uniqueness of the game, and that everybody, no matter how pissed he is, will buy this game. And if not you’re a very little %.
    Want skidmarks, damage, maga style colors and big padaboom effects… play nfs, want physics and photorealistic graphics play gt

    And you’re complaining on a featurette that maybe is included, so stop crushing our nuts with your stupid shitchat

  7. Luke

    Would be nice to read through an entire comment section only once without having people always complain about release date, no damage in demos, skidmarks and reverse lights.
    At least wait for the final version, there will be mamy features they don`t show in the demos.

  8. Big Ron

    Marketing is work for the Publisher and not for the producers. You wonder, why you see videos and screenshots every two days? Then ask Sony and not PD.

  9. vampire63

    Then Sony i dont care who is and if KY don’t care about marketing only creating the LETS create skidmarks it stupid ( nfs 3 i repeat 3 from 1996 or somthing like that HAVE SKIDMARKS)


  10. fade

    Viejaloca…. well, people are talking about the sound because it’s always been Gran Turismo’s achilles heal. Compared to Need for Speed Shift it sounds placid, tame and boring. (mostly because of the engine/crash sounds)

  11. Luke

    First think about which company is marketing GT5. It`s purely Sony, PD has nothing to do with it, and as Kaz said many many time, he is not interested in marketing his product, he only cares about creating.

  12. vampire63

    And still The great marketing ( don’t tell a shitt to the fans ) Seriously CONSIDER hiring Monkeys for GT6’s marketing

    PD if you are reading this ( i doubt ) PLEASE CONSIDER MY PROPOSE

  13. gtkiller

    It’s awesome how people are making comments on the sound based on a youtube video recorded in a environment with lots of other noises happening around the convention center.

  14. caribbeantopdriver

    i tought i was the only 1…. why do the camera sticks to the back of the car…. no movement in bumper cam view… thats the only thing i find wrong with granturismo….. too stift at the rear… ( bumper cam view). makes it look unrealistic… my opinion.. LONG LIVE GRANTURISMO…

  15. spawinte

    I don’t know if I’m remembering correctly but wasn’t there an option in gt4 to adjust the rigidity of the camera as the car turns. I’m sure it’ll be adjustable.

  16. E30 Evo Sport

    The sounds are awesome, and the cockpit view seems even better than what we have in GT5p, maybe thats due to the complicated lighting in the R246 track. Hard to judge the physics from this setup since it’s a race car on race tires, physics being the most important thing for me.

    However if the physics are similar to the Demo, then it’s instabuy for me, it beats out most sims on PC and that’s saying something. None of the previous GTs even came close to the realism of the Demo we had in Dec, so overall I’m really excited about that. As a simracer everything is a bonus beyond the physics aspect of the game, so it is nice to see such a nice immersion waiting for us around the corner.

  17. Spazza

    PLEASE GET RID OF THE STIFF OUTSIDE CAMERA :( please make it like GT4 with a bit of sway, i find it so hard to make the corners with the camera being so stiff :(, i mean, i will probably play inside car view nearly all the time, but when i do play looking at the back of the car, i just don’t want the camera to be so stiff :(

  18. Khlad

    @ Sheep0r
    – It’s ‘Cause on the screen hud, it’s in mph, while in the car, it’s km/h

    @ eckenflitzer
    – So much agree with you, if there is a speedo in the cockpit view in every car, why is there a screen hud showing the same speed ? It’s annoying, I wish you could turn the hud on and off.

  19. Zenith

    It’s PD’s job to create a quality game, it is our job as players to help them create that game so they can make money, and we get what we want. Quit giving ultimatums every time someone points out a (potential, video is low quality) flaw in an unfinished game.

    Internet fanboys…X[

  20. vitz

    i adore that racecar, and i can see myself spending many miles in it, it’s my weapon of choice for the Grand Valley 300 endurance event, the quintessential classic race in the GT series.


  21. johnny

    japanese are know as great freaks of videogaming, true? and I say: why do we always have the exceptions testing gt???!!??? what have we done to deserve this!!!!!!!

    good game.

  22. ismellbacon611

    i want to see how far they have come with their damage modeling because one im american and two i just want to see what they are capable of as the real driving simulator. the graphics and physics are phenomenal but i can only hope the damage will be the same. or if they just stick with minor deformaty and sum bumpers falling off i can understand because they want the beauty of the car to stay but . .. from what i seeing now and what i know about pd they can do much better.

  23. Cru_Jones

    There seems to be a lot of tweaking and bugs being worked out of the cockpit view which isn’t a bad thing. Wasn’t impressed with the paddle shift movements, they can be improved a bit. The sequential hand shift is a nice new addition though! Is this the first cockpit view of one of the actual GT race cars?

  24. madaz75

    Not really a fan of Tokyo R246,
    But for some reason it’s looking better than previous incarnations, and there seems to be a few minor changes
    (Walls a little further back from the ripple strips Etc)
    Could just be the crappy camera work.

    Hope they give us a full track and car listing soon.

  25. LIVEfromNY

    @GamerGT5 you think its improved? i thought it was way too slow and sluggish… i like the shift animation better off screen lol

  26. Flagmo-T

    Tja Seen it, and nothing new..
    But i watched the next video in the packets, and it was regarding the sls AMG, I guess it has been on GTplanet, but here you actually see some work in progress on the Nordsleife, and how the Mercedes is put together model wise (virtuel) now that’s interesting news to watch.(is old news). It’s been a while, since some solid News..

    I don’t need to see more of this Demo, it doesn’t tell me anything more, of what to expect in GT5.. :O) New News Please..Hehe

  27. ismellbacon611

    im amazed.. other than the slowness due to traction control and abs and stability control … it felt like a real race car, with acceleration speed and engine roaring and other cars passing him giving us breath taking engine notes to look forward to in gt5.

  28. Sheep0r

    Shame on you pd the speed on the steering wheel isn’t the Same on the screen hud! ;-) but the Sound is Great!

  29. acr86

    So, no bonnet view? Can someone confirm whether or not there will be a bonnet view in GT5? I will be simply aghast if there isn’t. It’s the only decent view in GT. I’m actually really worried about this, it’s a deal-breaker for me.

  30. Dom

    The AI still looks bad and the cockpit view (the only one I really care about) is overall to dark. I know there are shadows, but it’s not all black 99% of the time. I think they do this, to hide the very low texture quality the cockpits have.

  31. gamerGT5


    I think i know what you’re talking about. It seems like it a little but it could possibly be the cam doing that. I don’t think that it’s going right through the wheel but it looks slightly through it.

  32. eckenflitzer

    Now were there are cockpit views and shift lights at least on some cars, i`ld like to deactivate the hud. Also because i didn´t like the graphics of the speedo and rev counter except in the bumper cam view. Please PD, make a checkbox for disabling the hud!

  33. gamerGT5

    I see that they improved on the shifting animation since GT prologue. I’m sure that it’s going to be more features and more that we don’t know about on the final release!

  34. 11GTR11

    I’ve noticed many people complaining about the hands going through the wheel….well if that is ruining the all experience you gonna have with this game then don’t buy it…

  35. Soulfighter

    That’s why we have licenses in all Granturismo games from the 1st version to Gt4. This one won’t be different.

    @ all “perfect drivers” out there complaining about other peoples skills: Everybody at gameshows having a go at demo’s for the 1st time need time to get used to it. Even if all you do all day is play GT5p, a new demo is always different. Nobody jumps in and puts a flawless lap down. Take into account that there is a lot to distract you around, pressure knowing there are more people waiting in line, etc…

  36. Bernd

    Turbo – You must be new in GT-series ? There are in fact different classes in GT-games, which you have to complete to advance. I think, there were 5 or 6 in GT4. Amazing demo, I like the sunny atmosphere shown here, as well as the excellent in-car view and the sound

  37. noname

    Sounds are improved! Great to hear :) – The damage didnt seem to be too dramatic.. if you look real crashes up, you’ll find out that they are just as dramatic, perhaps even more.

  38. Mic

    Love the hand animations.So cool and collected.

    It’s like, “bah, it’s just another race. So long as I get paid”

  39. bladecerco

    yea. sorry about the bad driving, it was a long while since I’d played GT5:P on my G25, or used any high powered car so that was awkward. I’d do better had it been a street car.
    My main focus for the video was to get a in car view and chase cam of a car that wasn’t on youtube yet.

    @John Marine: I was trying to get some damage but that didn’t work =\

  40. Turbo_3800

    Lol oh goodness, they should have beginner classes or races that you can’t advance nowhere in the game until u complete a certain time trial like Modern Warfare 2 does until you reach a certain rank. Then again before I put my foot I’m my mouth, there are some really weak people with a level 60 rank lol so even though people would pass the time trial there still will be weak souls driving around horribly in a Enzo lmao

  41. TOLL~Scibba~HRT

    man that nismo GTR just sound like hey real JGTC japan GT championship race car but bad part is no damage and same track again

  42. Zenith

    Sounds are unimpressive
    The shifting animation seems to have the hand clipping into the wheel on the way back
    Driver had the brakes on the entire time…

    Unimpressive video with the exception of the interior of the GTR

  43. John Marine

    Honestly, I’m not sick of Tokyo R246. Never have been. And I’m not sure if that guy was trying to crash the car just to show off the crash damage or if he was intentionally having those monkeyshine moments. Everything looks great from what I’ve seen. Absolutely wish I had a PS3 and (eventually) Gran Turismo 5, but every little video regarding new GT5 tidbits are always welcome to see and experience.

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