NASCAR Featured in Latest GT5 Seasonal Events

March 13th, 2013 by Michael Leary

The latest Seasonal Event challenges are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring NASCAR. Cars are limited to a maximum of 650PP and Racing/Hard tires or less.

  • 650PP NASCAR Challenge: London City Course / 7 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/14 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.445,000  2nd: Cr.244,750  3rd: Cr.178,000
  • 650PP NASCAR Challenge: Autumn Ring / 7 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/14 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.475,000  2nd: Cr.261,250  3rd: Cr.190,000
  • 650PP NASCAR Challenge: Fuji Speedway / 7 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/14 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.517,100  2nd: Cr.284,405  3rd: Cr.206,840
  • 650PP NASCAR Challenge: Monza Circuit / 7 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/03/14 03:00 –
    1st: Cr.550,600  2nd: Cr.302,830  3rd: Cr.220,240

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by ceiling_fan.

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  1. Mar. 31, 7:10pm

    Super easy, 530pp great amount of bonus +200% great

  2. Mar. 20, 9:32pm

    This was way to easy only had alittle hang up on London but with right settings super easy

  3. Mar. 18, 10:12am
    I roll engineer

    Long time reader, first post!

    Did London with a stock (except gearing) ’10 Toyota. 1st place after half the race.
    Did Monza with a 100% stock (except power limiter) ’10 Toyota with 650hp. Don’t know how many PP is was. Did 1.45’s and won by more then 10s. Wonder if I can make it with 500hp?

    Come on PD, give me a challenge! To bad you need to make up your own challenges within the challenge to make it interesting…

    • Mar. 19, 8:47pm

      I love making my own challenges/achievements, I hate when game companies now have to make acheivements for you >:(.

  4. Mar. 17, 1:40pm

    I’m a bad driver, but finally I won London Nascar race. After trying it more than 3 hours. I still can’t believe it. With Montoya car. Full aero,(reducing power to 650 PP, obviously). automatic gear box, ABS-1, traction control-1. I always play with joystick !. If I could do it, you can also do it. Good luck for everybody.

  5. Mar. 17, 8:33am

    It’s great to see PD mixing it up with NASCAR on different tracks but please let us turn all the aids off I did it at 600 pp with no abs tcs or asm and was still in first by start of 3rd lap for the more advanced players its not a challenge

  6. Mar. 16, 7:33pm

    Everyone who moans about the game…you do realise it’s not real? It’s really not that important.

  7. Mar. 16, 5:29pm

    “Comes back to read lastest seasonal article again, finding complaints about PD choosing London for NASCAR.” You guys who are complaining about that are seriously noobs! XD What’s the matter, can’t handle racing on London?

    Bock bock bock chickens. LOL!

  8. Mar. 16, 6:17am

    IMO, setup is to comp. for lack of driving skills. I`v done almost all seasonal events with stock cars, and won. I have, ofcourse added more hp if needed. And ofcourse without any aids like abs etc. Too bad srf is forced on.
    I did nascar/london with stock – not tuned in anyway, nascar – 636 pp i think it was, and won.
    My point is, you dont “need” setup for any of seasonal event races or time trails. It is fully possible to get gold with stock cars.

    As i said, it is very sad SRF is forced on, and i vonder why?? I want to choose what help i want or not.
    All aids destroy what a car can do or not. Pleace turn of forced aid.

    • Mar. 16, 12:27pm
      Pit Crew

      To each his own, but not setting up a car doesn’t necessitate a lackof driving/racing skill. Plus NASCAR vehicle are stock with racing parts,the ability to tune/setup just comes with the car. Also with london being so tight and Nascar vehicles carrying a long gearing arrangement, Id shorten my tranny considerably to get the most out of my gearing on a circuit like that, so no need to criticise players driving ability, for tuning/setting up a purpose built race car…

      Oh yeah try and consider that many of us competed in last summers Community GranTurismo Academy, with stock vehicles for 8 rounds with no ability to add HP tune tranny or setup suspension, and most did just fine, golds in every round, and not everyone had a Wheel either.

    • Mar. 17, 2:12am
      Both Barrels

      You’re both right. It’s possible to find a way to win in any stock car. The London race became easy after realizing I was trying way too hard on the first go-round. The second attempt I let the track come to me and had the lead by the 5th lap. The gearbox was the only thing that really had to be tuned, these cars handle superbly. That said, I tweaked it to corner much quicker, as they’re made to be tuned, as Pit Crew points out.

    • Mar. 17, 2:18am
      Both Barrels

      And refusing to tune a car points to the inability to process feedback from an ill-handling car, not a lack of skill. Your car is a cow on ice? Don’t drive it that way just because you can, adjust it to the limits of your own ability, not the limits of the car.

  9. Mar. 15, 9:32pm

    Oh nice.

  10. Mar. 15, 9:29pm

    For the Monza race you can limit your car down to about 600pp (625HP) and still win, giving you a massive PP bonus, so you end up winning over 2.5mil credits – if you’re looking for some really quick cash

    • Mar. 20, 9:04pm

      I did 610pp (somewhere 613HP or more) and won giving me 2.2 million credits.

  11. Mar. 15, 6:32pm

    Did someone say that seasonal events would be easy ?. What do you want, only easy races ?. Then let the Nascar race in London for daring drivers.

  12. Mar. 15, 6:10pm

    So many complaints about a great track, London city is one of the best multiple apex courses in the game. And I can understand the frustration if you don’t understand the track or if you can’t use racing soft tires to compensate for lack of skill. Great event just want more laps so tire wear is a factor

  13. Mar. 15, 5:31pm

    For those of you who are complaining, DON’T PLAY!!! btw, Nascar is one of the most popular spectator sports in North America, if not THE most popular:)

  14. Mar. 15, 4:13pm

    Dear PD – London is a waste of megabytes. I hope it NEVER appears in GT6, either from day 1 or as DLC.

    • Mar. 15, 11:09pm

      A DLC that gets rid of tracks, you got to be kidding me, you would pay money to get rid of a track.

    • Mar. 16, 12:42pm
      Pit Crew

      I love racing london in the 1.3 Mini Cooper… No braking needed lol.

  15. Mar. 15, 2:54pm

    Yeah, ok, I see… Yall rather witch and moan about what you cain’t do than run a series races with all this depth? No wonder no one ever visits HighPerformanceStreet on a regular basis ;(

  16. Mar. 15, 11:26am

    Great event went without abs London was tough took me 3 races for gold level 21 prize was a lamo Kyle bush Toyota

  17. Mar. 15, 11:02am

    Remember: The car is heavy!

  18. Mar. 15, 6:21am

    Haven’t even turned on GT5 in many months. Is it still the same ridiculous chase-the-rabbit “ai” and boring rolling starts?

    Man.. what a huge waste of time. They never fix the actual problems in the game. If GT6 has these same problems, the GT era is over.

    • Mar. 15, 10:37am

      Sorry, the reply below should be here.

  19. Mar. 15, 5:29am

    Got the Bentley speed 8 in my OCD. Wondering if I should pick it up.

    • Mar. 15, 7:23am

      I think you can win that in one of the older seasonal events, cant remember which one!

    • Mar. 15, 8:43am

      The british Lightweights championship. With a Lotus Evora it’s easy to win.

    • Mar. 15, 10:34am

      I agree, it could be easily fixed. Ok about rolling start for nascar, but the cars should be aligned for that and looks like a race, not those stupid chases.

    • Mar. 15, 10:39am

      Sorry, this is for BWX post.

  20. Mar. 15, 3:58am

    Once again, you guys are moaning about the srf. Shut up and get on with it, or set up a room online with no aids. NASCARS are way out of their comfort zone on most of these circuits, I don’t care how many people say its all about set ups, they were never designed for short, tight city courses

    • Mar. 15, 10:57am

      Online multiplayer is not a cure-all for anything related to the bad AI in this game.

    • Mar. 15, 5:03pm

      It’s better than nothing

  21. Mar. 15, 12:47am

    put in the gen6 nascars

  22. Mar. 14, 10:40pm

    STOP WHINING, just say you don’t like SRF on in this event and move on with your lives.

  23. Mar. 14, 9:21pm

    You mean..these cars can turn right?

    • Mar. 15, 5:42pm


  24. Mar. 14, 5:38pm

    Never really liked NASCAR but it put me and my good for nothing GameStop Camry to the test, nice seasonal PD!! Thanks!

  25. Mar. 14, 3:55pm

    There’s a reason that for 36 dull rounds Nascars only drive ovals: they’re EXTREMELY TERRIBLE CARS. Yet this reason clearly escaped PD when they chose London. Highly overpowered cars that handle terribly on a tight enclosed street circuit. Definate recipe for success there. Though I’ve heard Monza’s easy, but I don’t care. I’ve only got silver 3 seconds behind on London, but I’ve not been on GT for a month so I’ve got the hopefully more enjoyable Real Circuit Tours to do.
    London + Nascar = STUPIDITY

    • Mar. 14, 5:25pm

      NASCAR races on two road courses…

    • Mar. 14, 5:27pm

      Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, but ‘I can tell you one thing with regard to the challenges of NASCAR this week .. with a se3ttaggio optimal nascar are as docile as lambs, of course if you use car cracked and very complicated .. London is not ‘an easy trail, and technical as monte carlo or valencia in fact, it’s all about setup.
      Now we come to talk to me, and I think a lot of players fans of the series is close to my heart, the issue of the collapse of the game that some of you and ‘was first discovered and then used still …
      personalemnte I believe that each of us must play prorio what ‘they want, but that does not mean the criminal aspect that could take …
      You have been good with those changes to finish the game, but how many of you really Sannno driving on gt5 without the rubbish? a Fiat 500 with the performance of a X2011, but please … the racing car painted and brutalized by a bunch of brainless idiots, selfish, and only think about stealing, because this is all about … I’m not accusing you specifically, I would never, not even know .. just before cosideravo that members of this forum, very close to Yamaguchi san were respectful of other communities and instead is not so.
      You have brutalized this game, you have uncovered a Pandora’s box at the end, as always happens in real life, we go away all those

    • Mar. 14, 5:47pm

      To say they are terrible cars is inaccurate. They are terrible for tight slow tracks like London because they aren’t built for that. Each racing series, be it NASCAR or F1 or rally has cars that are specific to certain conditions, and as a result don’t translate well to other circuits. Hence why NASCAR sucks on London, because it is so far from what they are supposed to be. So don’t say the are terrible cars, they’re just misplaced.

    • Mar. 14, 6:24pm

      SkierPS3 Thats true! Even my Ford Focus would kill an F1 on a non tarmac rally stage :)

    • Mar. 14, 6:30pm

      nascar = stupidity, full stop :) Remove it for gt6 and put in 50 more skylines :P

    • Mar. 15, 8:43pm

      Funny because if someone told me they were a great driver I’d ask to see them try to handle a NASCAR on a tight twisty track like London. It’s easy to be a great driver with tons of downforce and sticky tires, but the minute you have a high powered heavy beast and a tight twisty track you get to see who really has quality car and throttle control.

      Sounds like you should stick to the 400pp all wheel drive cars. ;)

    • Mar. 16, 5:31pm

      NOOOB. Only chickens will say NASCAR racing on London is stupid. Get over yourself.

  26. Mar. 14, 3:53pm

    Nice, people still complaining about car choices on tracks, don’t do it then. Simpletons I tell ya, like it’s that hard to learn how to drive any car on any course, if you can’t then that is your limit. At least they are still tweaking this thing, which means GT6 won’t have half as many problems as this game landed with.

    • Mar. 14, 6:43pm

      We have right to complain. We want fun events, and SRF and other driver aids ruin the fun. We waited a week for a new event, so what you’re saying is just wait another week for one that will also probably be the same. We complain to get changes made.

      It’s like waiting for DLC, only to get a small pack of new GT-rs or Skylines, and then being told to not buy it since we don’t enjoy it and wait for the next pack. Of course no more GT5 DLC is coming, but you get my point.

  27. Mar. 14, 3:13pm

    Could anyone please tell me how I could watch 2013 F1 races on my computer in the US? NBC has the rights for F1 for the next 4 years but I can’t find a way to sign up for their NBC Sports Extra to stream the live races. Their web site is super confusing and searching for “Watch F1 online on NBC Sports” brings out their Sunday Night Football instead of F1.

    It’s frustrating that these big companies buy shows/sports and then make it so hard for fans to watch them. If I were NBC, I would have an app for Windows 8, iOS, Android, etc and make it super easy for people to pay and watch the races. Please note that I’m often away from my TV so I can’t just get the NBC Sports on my cable, but need to have the option to watch it on my computer.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Mar. 14, 4:03pm

      This isn’t the best place to ask about that. Head to the motorsports forum here.

    • Mar. 14, 6:53pm

      ….. So where’s the best place to ask about deleted items ? .. !! Can you direct me please ?

  28. Mar. 14, 2:34pm

    These events are great fun, takes tweaking of the gear box for the tracks, and I haven’t gotten the London one yet but the others are pretty easy for the most part. And they give you a ton of XP/credits

  29. Mar. 14, 1:55pm

    You should try it before you complain. I can get 1.17:800 on trial mountain, so this event is a good thing so you all know a Nascar can do more then only turn left. Nascars are very good racecars.

    • Mar. 14, 1:56pm

      O yes i drive them whitout assist only ABS

    • Mar. 14, 2:06pm

      Nascar are great also for road course, just need to fix the gearbox for this. A classic tranny trick can make a big difference since you don’t need to perform a grid standing start.

    • Mar. 14, 4:17pm

      To bad scid recovery was on :-(

  30. Mar. 14, 1:46pm

    Still Skid recovery forced on?

    And why on earth they not do these seasonals as championship?? I cant understand it.

  31. Mar. 14, 1:42pm

    We can’t win this. Nascars don’t know how to turn right!

  32. Mar. 14, 11:09am

    GT5, the ONLY thing that makes NASCAR somewhat interesting. Left, Left, Left, Left…

  33. Mar. 14, 10:10am

    Quite a decent seasonal. Thanks PD. The London stage took me quite a few try’s (about 2 friggin’ hours. lol), but managed it in the end.

  34. Mar. 14, 10:07am

    On a more positive note – that picture looks incredibly realistic. :tup:

    • Mar. 14, 1:25pm

      errr no it doesnt
      PD got the lighting engine all wrong in GT5 amongst other things
      it looks good i will admit. but not realistic

    • Mar. 14, 1:38pm

      ^ He’s talking about @ceiling_fan’s picture dude…

    • Mar. 14, 1:45pm

      @Praggia…why don’t you create a better one then?

    • Mar. 14, 2:33pm

      Morons read what I said
      Why dont i create a better one??
      like i said “lighting engine”

    • Mar. 14, 3:30pm

      Praggia, I disagree.

    • Mar. 14, 4:32pm

      @Praggia I did read what you said, and I’m telling you that @Guardian was talking about @ceiling_fan’s picture looking realistic (which does look too.)

      Btw in my eyes, GT5’s lightling engine is just fine, nothing wrong with it at all. And please don’t insult thanks…

    • Mar. 14, 5:10pm

      Thanks guys — most of you, at least! :P

    • Mar. 14, 6:46pm

      Toko – you can see clearly that the front of the car fades to white, so no, the lighting engine isn’t as good as it can be. It’s good, but not the best. Look at the glitchy shadows we get, for example.

    • Mar. 14, 6:54pm

      ^ I didn’t see the lighting engine being the “best”, I just said it looks fine meaning alright. I don’t really care about the shadows either, cause I know they’re crap anyways…

  35. Mar. 14, 9:36am

    @Rionmoon: The Europeans have the European Touring Car Championship(ETCC) and (specifically for the British) the British Touring Car Championship(BTCC).

    The BTCC specifically has some of the best racing in the world with modified sedans running side by side and nudging each other at 100+ MPH

    • Mar. 14, 1:47pm

      Yes, as were in GT2 im for GT6 version of that racing. Speed is not fun itself.

  36. Mar. 14, 9:19am

    Welcome to NASCAR Europe!

    I always thought EA had the lock on NASCAR so it never made sense to me why PD thought they needed to include it; need to capture a the ‘Mercan audience? I think not.

    Euro gear heads help me out here, don’t you guys have something similar to NASCAR with modified sedans? THAT would be more appropriate for a GT game.

    Oh and don’t nock NASCAR to much, they DO run road corses just fewer people watch that cause the wrecks aren’t spectacular. Still, NASCAR London??? Not a great idea or even challenging…just dumb.

    • Mar. 14, 11:05am
      Pit Crew

      ^ Nascar INC dropped contract with EA back in 2005 or 06, sighting disappointment with EA portrayal of the series as an issue and subsequently went with PD.

      Personally PDs portrayal is too vanilla for me. The road courses used aren’t really Nascar style and well…Ovals should be in any Stockcar Seasonal.

      You do know DTM (Deutsche Touring Machines) & Federation International Motorsports (FIA) was scheduled for GT5 but Kaz/PD dropped it prior to games release.

    • Mar. 14, 12:12pm

      Pit Crew: DTM means “Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft” literally German Touring Car Championship

    • Mar. 14, 1:06pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ Thanks Flaco13, thougnt M stood for Machines.

    • Mar. 14, 2:15pm

      @Pit Crew, the EA contract ran through it’s completion in 2009. EA did not want to rebid for the rights so NASCAR opened it back up to being a non-exclusive license that anybody who wants can pay the fee & use it in their games. PD, Piranha Games, Firebrand Games & Eutechnyx have all used the license since then.

      NASCAR didn’t “go with PD”, PD simply opened their checkbook when they legally could (after EA’s contract expired) and licensed the NASCAR branding for the game.

      Also the way you say “Federation International Motorsports (FIA) was scheduled for GT5” makes me think you have no idea what the FIA even is. The FIA isn’t a series it’s a sanctioning body that sanctions hundreds (if not thousands) of different racing series around the world (including NASCAR via ACCUS), and all it really does as far as sanctioning is provide legal advice as far as rules & insurance go as most of the FIA sanctioned series are owned & operated completely separately from the FIA.

    • Mar. 14, 2:43pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ FIA GT was a planned series for GT5, the interview was featured here in gtplanet News.

      I was remembering off top of head about Nascar EA and PD, so my bad got timeline wrong but Nascar officials did voice displeasure in EAs handling of the series

  37. Mar. 14, 9:10am

    Maybe PD is trying to get everyone to learn throttle control having nascar at london

    • Mar. 14, 1:04pm

      and throttle control you will learn.

  38. Mar. 14, 9:00am

    NASCAR on Monza???? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    • Mar. 14, 2:20pm

      NASCAR races at Monza this year on the weekend of September 28th/29th.

      They also race at Nogaro, Dijon, Brands Hatch, Motorland Aragon, Le Mans Bugatti & a temporary track in Tours France in 2013.

  39. Mar. 14, 7:49am

    There must be a troll in the event creator team…

  40. Mar. 14, 7:44am

    Some of you people crack me up.

    • Mar. 14, 9:17am

      The feelings mutual. ; )

  41. Mar. 14, 7:28am

    Looks like they’re focussing more on seasonals than the hacking scene. YES!

    • Mar. 14, 12:58pm

      They should make it un-usable online. But I must admit hacking cars is so much fun just for the heck of it. I startet a second account to just play around and hack stuff. It’s very fun!

  42. Mar. 14, 6:15am

    NASCAR on London? No PD, just no! I so hope we get an event creator in GT6, but I’m not holding my breath.

  43. Mar. 14, 5:40am

    NASCAR on Autumn Ring and London?!


    • Mar. 14, 7:04am

      I do agree – this is ridiculous!!!!

  44. Mar. 14, 4:33am

    Leave it to the newbees who need the credits! Organize online!

  45. Mar. 14, 4:26am

    As a little green dude once said do or do not there is no try, stop bitching about SRF, for the past TWO months you’ve been moaning about SRF being on and where has it got you……… No where! Do it or don’t simple as that. It’s an excuse for me to buy a NASCAR since I’ve restarted.
    Also to the guy expecting 2012 or 2013 Nascar’s, where did you get that little idea too!
    I’m 99.999% certain you WILL not see any more DLC for GT5.

    • Mar. 14, 6:50pm

      If its causing a problem, as fans, we have right to complain. And now even more since it hasn’t been fixed for two months.

  46. Mar. 14, 4:13am

    Might not do this event, london ain’t no joke especially having to do it with a nascar.

  47. Mar. 14, 3:46am

    srf on = not worth even starting ps3.

  48. Mar. 14, 2:42am

    Too late.

    No Porsche 4 You!!!!!!!

  49. Mar. 14, 2:35am

    NASCAR + London + SRF = My Worst Nightmare

  50. Mar. 14, 2:19am

    SRF!!!! ON no fun!!!!!!!!

  51. Mar. 14, 2:19am

    I play with controller anyways, so I don’t care about assists ON or OFF.

    • Mar. 14, 2:41am

      There’s a difference with the assists on or off on controller… TC, ABS, SRF, all of it. Try comparing braking (in some car with at least 500pp) with ABS on or off.

  52. Mar. 14, 1:36am

    Please stop complaining over nothing. SRF will stay for sure and these events look fun.

  53. Mar. 14, 1:22am

    If you all of you guys stop whining about SRF for 2 weeks I’ll sell everything I own and buy PD a Porsche licence.

    • Mar. 14, 3:35am

      Not bad idea :p
      If every member here would pay 50 € would it suffice for porche licence?

  54. Mar. 14, 1:06am

    I’m glad PD didn’t add any course made tracks, don’t like them. Maybe PD are gonna be more serious with GT6 (which I like), and are just messin around with GT5 now. XD TTs & DTs forever.

  55. Mar. 14, 1:00am

    We need the 2013 Nascars ! ! ! ! !
    by the way what happened whith the Nascars 2012? though we were gonna have them, same as the 2010 & 2011

    • Mar. 14, 1:06am

      Uh no we don’t. Last thing we need Chevrolet having 23 cars listed in the NCD and 15 of those being freakin’ duplicate nascars.

    • Mar. 14, 2:38am

      The game started with the 2010, and Spec II introduced the 2011 models… Where on earth are people getting the idea that PD was even going to add anymore…? If anything, they’d expand on other classes… GT500, LMP, Rally, etc.

  56. Mar. 14, 12:54am

    NASCAR in London…?

    April Fools Day isn’t here yet, PD…

  57. Mar. 14, 12:26am

    That picture is impressive. If it was not on this website, I would not second guess someone who told me it was real.

    • Mar. 14, 12:51am

      The only thing that keeps my seeing as a GT5 photo is the odd lighting on the 99’s front bumper – it fades to white, and almost looks photoshopped in.

    • Mar. 14, 5:02am

      Photoshop? ;)

    • Mar. 14, 6:52pm

      You know what I mean – cropping an image from somewhere else (where the light hits it differently), and then pasting it into another image. This reflection though is a fault in the lighting engine.

    • Mar. 15, 12:39am

      I don’t have a particularly fine eye for that sort of thing, so I won’t argue. Sound is more my department. :)

  58. Mar. 14, 12:25am

    This seasonal makes no sense.

    Hello, PD! Indy and Daytona? Heck, even Mazda Raceway would work. It’s just like the A-Spec American Muscle car event… in Monza.

    I have faith these things won’t happen in GT6.

  59. Mar. 13, 11:44pm

    In PD’s deference, NASCARs aren’t ment for street circuits and will torque like crazy, so they needed to do something for street courses. However, that begs to ask the question why the choose London back in the 1st place. Remember back n the day when there was a NASCAR seasonal at Nördschlife, and I probably spelled that wrong, but we all know what track that is, lol.

    • Mar. 14, 12:07am

      Nurburgring. I sometimes like to refer to that particular version you mention as “nordy”.

    • Mar. 14, 2:04am

      There’s never an excuse for using SRF, never. This isn’t NFS, this isn’t burnout, hell this isn’t even Forza 4. It’s bad enough these unrealistic aspects of GT5 are allowed to be used online racing but seasonals? It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what car it is, SRF should not be on there, ever. They could do a NASCAR race and force comfort hard tires, and it still wouldn’t need SRF because SRF is a joke. You can’t just randomly add grip to tires when it spins. It distgusts me that they would force such a thing

    • Mar. 14, 4:04am

      Let us leave the SRF seasonal events for the newbees and just enjoy the online events. It’s been awhile, since I’m on the road, that I’ve turned a wheel in anger, except when avoiding hazards in a 40 ton truck, but there was a real shortage of seriously organized racing rooms like… GT1 or GTS (those non-specific classes) with which we could really enjoy our prowess.

      I’ll try again when I return home but too many of us waist our time in miss-match rooms that we’ve left the real organizing to PD. They’re (PD) leaving it up to us to get this done guys!

    • Mar. 14, 12:41pm

      I totally agree Phil! What I really want to see is a room for RM and TC cars, and I guess that Citeron race car to. Legit GT racing is my favorite but you never see rooms for it. Everybody just drag races at Indy and drag racing doesn’t really have the same appeal to me.

  60. Mar. 13, 11:36pm

    WTF? Nascar on city courses with skid recovery forced on and chase the rabbit AI? I’m not quite that gullible for new events.

  61. Mar. 13, 11:35pm

    NASCAR at London???? That’s crazy, I’d rather drive the Ferrari P4/5 at London ;)

    • Mar. 14, 12:31am
      SZRT Ice

      Every thing mentioning that has been wiped from existence here. It’s like a conspiracy! Lol

    • Mar. 14, 12:43pm

      Indeed it is, I’ve been screen shorting all my posts about it that have been removed, even my one that said “I smell a conspiracy” lol. I’m assuming its because PD means to have a surprise and told GTPlanet to squash it, which is fine, but I’m still being pushy :P

  62. Mar. 13, 11:32pm

    NASCAR on a city course. With SRF on.

    For the first time, I’m not doing this.

  63. Mar. 13, 11:31pm

    Time to put my NASCAR cars back on running again.

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