Need for Speed Payback Adds Classic Cars in March Update, Out Today

Need For Speed Payback 15 March 20, 2018 by

A new update has touched down for Need for Speed Payback today. Alongside multiple fixes and changes to the game itself, it introduces two DLC vehicles that should be plenty familiar to movie fans.

New Rides

The two new additions are the Pontiac Firebird and Aston Martin DB5. Known for their starring roles in Smokey and the Bandit and the James Bond franchise respectively, these two bring some welcome diversity to Payback’s lineup.

Players can put both the Firebird and the DB5 through the Super Build treatment.

Each car comes as a standalone DLC purchase, at $3.99. Surprisingly, neither is covered by the Deluxe Edition of Payback.

In addition, Eddie’s Skyline once again makes an appearance in the franchise. Ghost Games is gifting it out to all players free of charge, so long as you’ve played both Payback and 2015’s Need for Speed. The R34 will also be the first ride to be making jump from a 299 tuning rating to 399.

Tweaks to AllDrive, Bait Crates, and More

Ghost has also made changes to the various game modes in Payback. AllDrive, which arrived in the last major update, will expand further still. Drift Zones, Speed Runs, Speed Traps and Jumps will all be available, allowing players to take on the challenges alongside their friends online.

Bait Crates, which trigger cop chases, have come in for an upgrade too. Gone are checkpoints, meaning players can find their own way from A to B. The crates will also spawn more frequently all across Fortune Valley.

According to Ghost, there will be a new in-game competition in the form of the Castrol Edge Titanium Trial. A trio of events found in Silver Canyon, Liberty Desert, and Mount Providence, it isn’t clear what exactly is up for grabs in terms of prizes. But this being a racing game, we expect players will no doubt get competitive to top the charts.

In addition to the above, there’s a serious list of patch notes, which you can find right here.

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