Need for Speed Payback Comes Free to PS Plus in October

If you like your racing game action well onto the arcade patch of the Venn diagram of driving, October looks set to be a decent month for you. Need for Speed Payback, the 2017 release from Ghost Games, will head to PlayStation Plus as one of the month’s two free games.

For those unfamiliar with Payback, the 23rd title in the very long-running Need for Speed series, it’s a story-driven, open-world adventure, based around grand automotive set pieces rather than pure street racing. The game’s action takes place in the fictional Fortune Valley, neatly nestling into the action game/movie Las Vegas trope.

Unlike previous NFS titles, you’ll get to play as three different characters as you engage in spectacular heists: Tyler “Ty” Morgan; Sean “Mac” McAlister; and Jessica “Jess” Miller. Each has their own different abilities and skills to carry out their missions as they try to take down a crime syndicate called “The House”, and get revenge on the traitorous Lina Navarro (played by Dominique Tipper, who also plays Naomi Nagata in The Expanse).

There’s 79 cars to get to grips with in Payback, ranging from the Koenigsegg Regera down to the Volkswagen Beetle. As you’d expect, there’s also a lot of vehicle customization, with both performance-enhancing parts and “vanity” items like body kits and neons. You can even find old “derelict” cars and bring them back to health — and beyond.

If this quick and frantic action sounds like your kind of thing, you can pick Need for Speed Payback up for free as a PS Plus subscriber starting October 6. You can catch the original 2017 launch trailer below:

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