Need for Speed: Payback Update Adds Highly Requested Online Freeroam

The highly requested online free roam is now available for Need for Speed Payback in its latest update. Dubbed “Alldrive: Hangout”, this new feature allows gamers to cruise the streets of Fortune Valley with their friends.

Weirdly, when Payback launched this feature was surprisingly absent. For an open-world game surrounding cars and car culture, it seemed like a given. Perhaps it was Ghost Games overcorrecting after the always-online of NFS 2015 drew criticism? We can only guess.

With several other features failing to make the launch — most notably six cars — this might just be one more thing that fell through the cracks.

The newest update also features a whole host of other additions and improvements too.

To help with the grind of getting your cars and trucks to peak performance, Ghost has also introduced Catch-up Packs. Available through the tuning shop, these packs will help you boost your car to either level 6, 11, or 16.

There is a catch though: you need to reach certain parts of the story in which to unlock these packs. You get the level 6 pack upon the completion of chapter 3 and continue unlocking them through the end of chapter 5.

Packs also cost in-game credits as well. Although at 71,400, 131,000, and 180,000 respectively they do seem like a bit of bargain if you want to skip the grind.

Other vehicle-related add-on improvements also come with some additional cosmetic options. There are now five new underglow and tire smoke colors to pimp out your car.

On the inventory management side of things, Ghost also added the ability to scrap all unequipped parts. While minor, it is helpful for players who have a boatload of tuning parts they don’t want to scrap one-by-one.

Finally, with this update Snapshot Pro gets a few enhancements. In addition to bumping up the quality of background details, you can now use the Snapshot Pro feature during a takedown cutscene. Also for those looking for the perfect shot of their rides, there are several new filters to play around with.

For those looking to do photo shoots with friends, Snapshot Pro is also available in Alldrive: Pro.

You can view the entire change log on here on our forums.

Featured image courtesy of Carbon_S15.

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