New B-Spec GT5 Seasonal Events, OCD Update

March 1st, 2012 by Jordan Greer

This week’s Gran Turismo 5 Seasonal Event update brings three new B-Spec races to the game. Here’s a closer look at:

  • 400PP Deep Forest Raceway / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.150,000  2nd: Cr.91,300  3rd: Cr.80,200
  • 500PP Cape Ring Inside Course / 7 Laps
    1st: Cr.223,800  2nd: Cr.136,200  3rd: Cr.119,700
  • 650PP Suzuka Circuit / 10 Laps
    1st: Cr.519,900  2nd: Cr.316,500  3rd: Cr.278,000

GT5‘s Online Car Dealership selection has also been updated; you can find a complete listing of the new inventory right here. As always, stop by GTPlanet’s GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more discussion and analysis. Thanks to bkeljda for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Tangled Web.

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  1. Mar. 11, 6:02pm

    le mans..who wont it

  2. Mar. 5, 7:12pm

    So many people’s posts and comments go against the AUP. Is being a fanboy against the rules? and LIKE I’ve said many times before, this site is dedicated to GT. Some of you don’t care to take that into account when you’re acting like you have a right to be offensive.

    @nellinoz if only you were just a teeny tiny bit smart, you’d see that if you care to talk crap, TokoTurismo intentionally reply with the inconsiderate comments some people make of us FANBOYS. We’re, actually, don’t make biased, irrational statements whenever talking about FM. If we were, it’d be fair to call us fanboys in the negative connotation some of you use, which in turn, makes you look pathetic.

  3. Mar. 3, 6:05pm

    TokoTurismo, ur a star because you have no life and sit on GTPlanet all day -_-

    • Mar. 3, 6:34pm

      Wow… That was, unnecessary to say. So besically what your saying is I’m not wanted here or on the internet period is that it? Funny how I’m the only one getting targeted and being hated and getting called a fanboy in which I’m not trying to be. Wow… Some people can be a$$holes when ready…

      Sniff. It’s just sad that some people are just JEALOUS OF ME!

    • Mar. 3, 6:49pm

      And where did you get the idea that I sit on GTP all day. You sit on GTP all day? Understandable. What are ya, a GTP spy or something? Such a “low level” if you ask me. Bye bye, HAHAHAHA!!!

    • Mar. 3, 10:20pm

      You’re not just a fanboi, but a total tool as well….
      Every thread, there’s some dumb-ass comments from you..

      Jealous of a 14 year old who thinks he’s a star?


    • Mar. 3, 11:59pm

      Sorry, come again? You can try and bring me down or piss me off all you want, they won’t work on someone like me. What I’m saying is comments like yours are useless and amentur…

      I’m now stepping into the intelligent side, and don’t need to waste my time with those like “you” who are hating me for pathetic reasons. Why you two are focused on me and going off topic is beyond me. Go take your negative hatred elsewhere, they’re not wanted here.

      Ignored… Conversation over… “Walks away with no worries with his hands in his pants pockets.”

    • Mar. 4, 1:13am

      Oh btw, if you were a “star” that everyone admires so much on this site ( haha funny, congrats… You’re a star on a website for a video game :D) then you wouldn’t have replied in the first place

      Considering “haters” don’t bother you

    • Mar. 4, 9:38am

      I got your back TokoTurismo….there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something, and defending the things you love. We’ve all done it, no matter how trivial, if you think it worth it then it is. Don’t let this guys discourage you…I’m a fanboi as well, I just say some “not so nice” things about GT5 sometimes that i think need to be said :D. But besidess that I’ll hate on any other franchise first chance I get (except for anything by CodeMasters)

    • Mar. 4, 10:37am

      If you have BMX in your name, chances are you’re not old enough to drive a car. Anyway, who cares who is on GT_Planet all day? Good for you if you have the time and if that’s what you like!

    • Mar. 4, 11:33am

      “Ignores iDomBMX”

      Thanks you very much for your backup @MyFavoriteGame and @Ezekiel76. :) There are good souls in this fantastic website to meet. ^_^ I’ll be more professional for now on, but I’ll like to only speak with you two and @another_jakhole and the others who are also nice as well. ;)

    • Mar. 6, 4:58pm

      Just because I have BMX In my name I can’t drive a car?

      I’m 16 faggot… Wow TokoTurismo ur a real faggot huh? you got these dudes suckin ur little cock xD

    • Mar. 6, 5:27pm
      Lord Voldemort

      iDomBMX… I’m gay and I take that word very seriously. First gay driver in racing… woot XD!

      Stop acting like an immature baby… such lessers on this forum, some stupid, pimpled, ticked off 15 year old trolling all night long, like you. XD

      I feel like it is necessary for an intelligent person to have a final say on this conversation, so how about I report some of these things that you said about someone’s sexuality or whatever?

      You have no right to be here if you are going to behave like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Mar. 6, 6:00pm

      “Ignores iDomBMX”

      @Lord Voldemort Super +1 to you my friend. :tup:

    • Mar. 7, 6:59pm

      Report me faggot… IDGAF lol…

      I’m 16 not 15…

      Obviously your gay, look at ur name..

      You honestly think I care about what you think?

  4. Mar. 3, 1:46pm

    +1000 Why did the even introduce them in the first place. Would also be nice to have GT1 events with the correct cars most of which are already in the game. And how about a SUMO RWD GTR, just to break up the fleet of 4WD GTR and Skylines?
    Come on PD, give it up dudes.

    I am sure re-working thing like physics can cause a chain reaction of problems in other parts of the game. But it’s really time to square away the driving physics, damage and various classes of cars and races tace tracks for each type of racing people do.

    I dont like drag, but there should be drag strips. We have drift tracks, but not street drift tracks. And I am no drifter.
    I do like GT1 and GT3 FIA racing, and there shouild be more of those cars (PORSCHE) and real world tracks.
    One place we dont lack is F1 type tracks. Maybe they just dont have enough machine/CPU, memory and band width to do it.
    Maybe we’re just wishing/asking for things that can never be.

    • Mar. 3, 6:00pm

      Wish list in comments.

    • Mar. 3, 6:03pm

      That’s very well said but 1 problem, GT5 can’t have Porsches because EA already has a contract with them.

    • Mar. 4, 10:48am

      ^That doesnt mean that much, Licensing exchanges hands all the time. EA owns all the licensed rights to FIFA and all the Football Clubs, But the allow Komami (who is their direct competitor) to make PES. Its cost Konami more, but i think it worth it to take away EAs monopoly in that genre.

      Sooner or later those licenses will shared….especially since EA hasn’t really put out a strong racing game in some time

  5. Mar. 3, 10:42am

    It will be great to have a touring car event

  6. Mar. 3, 9:46am

    I want a herp to be in GT5. I wish for a derp as a DLC.


  7. Mar. 3, 4:27am
    HKS racer

    A weird omen in the Galaxy…

    • Mar. 3, 12:52pm

      Thats hilarious. XD

  8. Mar. 3, 1:16am

    I love bspec

  9. Mar. 2, 11:30pm

    Im happy for every seasonal we get. However I must say id enjoy a greater variety in PP for both A and B-spec though. Also, an A-spec seasonal endurance race would be awesome. A 400, 500, and 650pp each (They’d be worth so much!). An A-spec race on SSR7 would be a great source of income as well. I know this is a bit off topic, but I really hope PD makes the next DLC full of supercars. Ferrari 612, Koeniggsegg, Pagani Hyera, A premium Ruf (!!!), CLK GTR Road Car, Jaguar XJ15, premium XJ220…Im probably getting carried away but Im just happy to be making my first post. :)

  10. Mar. 2, 10:27pm

    As always, there will be people complaining.
    There is also be people complaining about people complaining.
    Can we just shut up and have a clean comment line?

    • Mar. 2, 10:44pm

      I searched the same post you’d just wrote. But had never found any to be like that… :'(

    • Mar. 3, 12:26am

      that’s enough for me to enjoy it and knowing things like the march update(details soon pd please) is a good thing

    • Mar. 3, 12:59am

      That’s never going to happen.

    • Mar. 3, 12:53pm

      Internet physics state that a “clean comment line” is impossible.

  11. Mar. 2, 8:06pm

    B-Spec seasonals suck if there’s no A-Spec with them. Kaz, quit being so STINGY with the A-Spec seasonals!!!!

    • Mar. 2, 8:08pm

      I don’t want to hear fanboyism crying TokoTurismo, etc.

    • Mar. 2, 8:43pm

      No BWX. You’re right. But I disagree with the “fanboy part”, but you’re right about the B-spec seasonals. Everyone does have the right to complain, just not to ruff. It could help the game improve more also, and I like that. :tup:

      But I find it funny how you targeted me though? Putting my name in your sentence. Guess I’m a star again. :D

    • Mar. 2, 8:51pm

      Troll much?

    • Mar. 2, 8:59pm

      Don’t be silly BWX. :) I’m a star because I get attention and have name be put into others posts. Cool huh?

    • Mar. 3, 11:10am


    • Mar. 3, 11:44am

      Oooo somebodies jealous. Hahaha.

    • Mar. 5, 7:14pm

      BWX proved my point. Some of you just LOOOOVE to say fanboys/trolls, which are against the AUP. If you didn’t mention it, nothing would have been wrong with YOU, BWX. Really despicable. Truly pathetic.

  12. Mar. 2, 5:33pm

    my god ppl accept it or defer to forza. Just shut up and enjoy that this company loves there game so much to keep improving it this long into it. nuff said keep it up pd we love ya

    • Mar. 2, 5:34pm


    • Mar. 2, 5:59pm

      That’s a little extreme isn’t it…I love Gran Turismo as much as the other guy but I think people have the right to complain. I love my country, but complain about it sometimes, that doesn’t mean I’m just gonna get up and move to England!….I love my wife, but I know shes not perfect….I think there’s a lot in GT5 that warrants criticism….not the trolling you find here sometimes, but some people have some really genuine things to say about this game….not because you love everything about GT5 means that everyone does.

    • Mar. 2, 6:45pm

      ^ Very true

    • Mar. 2, 7:52pm

      @kub29: People have every right to complain about how bland these seasonals are, thank you very much. It’s a perfectly legitimate issue that PD can easily fix.

    • Mar. 3, 4:44am
      mister dog

      Improving it is one thing, but keeping the formula original and getting the best out of it is another, and there PD fail bigtime lately.

    • Mar. 3, 12:31pm

      To be honest a lot of the time I turn on GT5 I do one of two things…

      1- Race online against my friends
      2- Arcade Mode; Single Race; A Difficulty; All assists off; Sport/Hard Tires; 5 laps or so of wherever (mostly Nurb).
      This my friend, is A-Spec in a nutshell. Also Sport/Hard tires really makes the AI a force to be reckoned with. Try it, its awesome.

      Yes there’s a lot that needs improving, but seriously guys, its like finding a pot of Gold and complaining about the 3 or 4 silver peaces inside…..

      @mister dog – what you said is very interesting , I recently went back and played GT3 for a few hrs with some friends, just trying to understand what made it so much fun to us 10 yrs ago…and its really weird but we just could not figure it out. The graphics are no longer “wowing” , the physics isn’t really the best and its still fun (most of which I attribute to nostalgia)

      but “the formula” you speak of….that’s the tricky part, it needs to change while someone feel the same to longtime GT fans. I think PD are really scratching their heads on this one. A lot of people seem like they would’ve been happier with PD re-releasing GT4 with better graphics , more cars, online and a few more game modes…but I just don’t know how that would translate to this new generation of gaming…..very tricky situation.

    • Mar. 3, 7:37pm
      mister dog

      Not that hard if you think of it, just making an effort in giving us punters descent seasonals is a start. If it would be up to me (but it isn’t haha) let’s start of with bringing back the supercar championship; 5 races francorchamps, le mans, nur, suzuka, and trial mountain with changing weather at spa, night time conditions at le mans and a morning race at nur with the sun coming up over a dry track.

      The possibilities are there because it all exists already ingame, all you need to do is put the events in… But no let’s ignore that one never do it and go for the simple A spec B spec PP limit formula.

      Wasted oppurtunities on the verge of ignorance.

  13. Mar. 2, 3:29pm

    Where’s the Chaperral 2J

    • Mar. 3, 6:07pm

      In GT5 lol… GT5 has a 2J, good luck finding it

  14. Mar. 2, 2:11pm

    Somebody get the bottle, the babies are whining again.

  15. Mar. 2, 1:43pm

    My biggest wishes for GT5 right now:
    2012 BMW M5
    Ferrari F12berlinetta
    Get rid of the “next lap invalidated” thing if u cut a corner because theresno point ot it and it gets SO ANNOYING!!

    thanks in advance PD :)

    • Mar. 2, 10:25pm

      There’s a point to it. If they took that out, they can intentionally shortcut beforehand and ruin the leaderboard (ex. Circuit de Spa).

    • Mar. 3, 7:21pm

      +1 williams

  16. Mar. 2, 9:54am

    I don’t mind doing b-spec events on seasonal. What I do mind now is how low the rewards are since that 200% bonus. I miss that Ferrari seasonal the most of them all really. My fluorescent blue enzo was always dominate lol. Heres a short list of the stuff GT5 needs or should bring back…

    1. All standards upgraded fully to premium. its lame the 2J has a fairly detailed interior now but the needles dont move haha
    2. An update that’ll add more a-spec/B-spec races to the actual GT mode.
    3. More rewards for seasonal races. And it’ll be better still if the 200% bonus stays along with that. Some people still need the 20 million dollar cars lol
    4. After a certain amount of days of consecutive log ins, you should get a reward… like a free car ticket or something.
    5. No museum thing. BTW IF ANYONE WANTS ANY OR ALL OF MY CARDS PLEASE ADD ME ON PS3 chucksstuntman :)
    6. Bring back the old timey cars I loved trying to race in GT4… like the 1888 carriages lol or even the 2020 (?) Nike car
    7. Free DLC at least for a short time. that track was just not worth the price i dont think. neither were the cars.

  17. Mar. 2, 4:34am

    F12, M5 f10 and Ultima GTR

    • Mar. 2, 7:57am

      The M5 F10 is my biggest wish 2, but we can wish now and PD will deliver 6 month later… or probably never.

      Look at Turn10 PD, monthly DLC´s. Forza even gets the BMW 850 this month.

  18. Mar. 2, 12:44am

    Errrrr PD if you’re reading this can we have the New BMW M5 in the next big update please please please?????lol

  19. Mar. 1, 11:59pm

    Agggh, does anyone have a chrysler 300c that want to trade? It t5 takes forever to get one pns id carrisos

    • Mar. 2, 4:26am

      I do and i give it for free if you want. (^_^)

  20. Mar. 1, 11:56pm

    Jordan needs to get Polyphony to have a special GTP weekly / monthly Event as voted by GTP members or chosen in some way by someone from GTP.

    Then we would see events that are exciting and challenging… the community would get some recognition and Polyphony would get some work done for free!

    • Mar. 3, 1:47am

      ok thanks psn id carrisos

    • Mar. 3, 11:09pm

      Ok :) my psn id carrisos, what do you want in exchange? Lol

  21. Mar. 1, 11:44pm

    If there is a dlc coming then I want the latest ferraris because this game need more ferraris

  22. Mar. 1, 8:52pm

    These races were fun, but after my Toyota 86 GT 400 and 500pp tune they are too easy. I used to hate it but now I almost miss what car I will end up choosing.

  23. Mar. 1, 5:40pm

    I didnt play GT5 since November(or october) 2011, i got a lot of work to do and i love it

  24. Mar. 1, 4:57pm

    I hope this “March Update and DLC” isn’t coming out between March 14th and March 25th… I’ll be in Ireland with my school’s marching band, and I’ll miss it!

    • Mar. 1, 5:23pm

      Where, in this news update, does it even remotely mention the word “DLC”…


    • Mar. 1, 7:00pm

      @theotherspongey, i believe the guy above you did, because it might be DLC time soon so quit moaning….seriously…

    • Mar. 2, 12:47am

      Im not sure whats more sad, you not being home for the new update and dlc or that you’re in a marching band :)

    • Mar. 3, 1:59am

      Nowhere. Does it matter? Its a comment. People don’t really talk in the older news articles, so I commented in this one. I’ve seen people talking about NFS Shift 2, and THAT isn’t mentioned in the article…

      Our marching band isn’t really that bad… I enjoy it. What I think you’d find more sad is the uniform. Search “Shorecrest Marching Band” on google. We have to wear THAT in THREE parades going through Ireland… and really any other event. :P

  25. Mar. 1, 4:47pm

    Wow…people nagging.

  26. Mar. 1, 3:29pm

    Yea, B-Spec is pretty lame. The only challenge is to find a competitive car for the win.

    Did the race only because you can win a NEW TICKET, lvl 7. ㋛

  27. Mar. 1, 3:06pm

    I meant Seasonals lol

  28. Mar. 1, 3:05pm

    I hate the Seasonsl time trials! I want them to be everyone gets the same car, same tires, and no assist!

    • Mar. 3, 12:35am

      why? I like how it gets me to try out cars i wouldn’t normally try and then I realize just how good/fun other cars are

  29. Mar. 1, 2:29pm

    I was hoping for more A Spec seasonals. The ones we have are ok, but we need more PP variety. So far it’s only 400 to 500 for street cars. Need something for the below 400 and above 500 range.

    I guess I’ll have to start doing B Spec for now, though my bob is still at 0.

  30. Mar. 1, 1:46pm

    agree with karelpipa, let’s have some real aspec racing for different cars and pp values. Need more cars eligible for Racing Modifications, more variety in aspec online racing. Thanks

    • Mar. 1, 4:07pm

      thanks :-) I could write a loong list with some relatively minor changes and imprevements when the game would be 100% better.. (i’m sure anyone could do that too :-)

  31. Mar. 1, 12:59pm

    Bring back the Spa and Sarthe endurance races!!!!!!! those were the best times I’ve had on b-spec

    • Mar. 1, 2:01pm

      same for me! :)

  32. Mar. 1, 12:20pm
    HKS racer

    Poliphony Digital, March the 1st, level of lameness reached 34.534.533.453, year 2012, Solar System.

  33. Mar. 1, 11:43am

    again boring Aspec/Bspec race from last to first…please not do that again

  34. Mar. 1, 11:29am

    i always use a nsx type r ’02 for the lower pp races ;) works good for me.

  35. Mar. 1, 10:26am

    Ok Sonys network is undergoing maintenance just now apparently… so in the meantime ill do these races. id like to overtake all the cars in each event if possible. so far i did the 650PP event easily with the 2J ’70 car. i overtook everyone in lap three out of ten and i won it just now. what car, though, should i use for the 400 PP and 500 PP races? something that my BOB or myself can use to overtake anyone easily?

    • Mar. 1, 10:44am

      whoops i guess i wont be doing these till the servers are up, huh? haha. still would like to know whats the fastest cars for 400PP and 500PP

    • Mar. 1, 12:19pm

      Honda NSX Type R ’02 works well at 500pp. Also the Honda HSC ’03 if you have one but they only appear in the UCD every once in a while, not everybody has one, there’s the Acura HSC Concept too (same car different name) They’re all fast at 500pp. As for 400pp I’m not too sure what’s best, I used a Citroen C4 VTS and powerlimited a little, there are probably faster cars at 400pp but mine won fairly easily anyway. A lotus Elise 111R or a Suzuki GSXR/4 would most probably win easily too.

    • Mar. 1, 1:50pm

      thank you very much. i got told to try out the NSX type-R ’02 for the 500PP race, and it worked very well. i used an accord for the 400 PP race. and i already tried the 2J and it worked very well as well. so theyre all done. i got an amuse S2000 street version as my reward.

  36. Mar. 1, 10:23am

    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

    • Mar. 1, 4:41pm

      This would be the best dlc car in the history of gt5.

    • Mar. 2, 2:08am

      I AGREE, F12berlinetta and new M5 I want I want I want!!!

  37. Mar. 1, 9:45am

    Ohhh B-spec again?? Don’t get me wrong, I can still see that the game keeps enlarging since I bought it, but I just never fancied being Frank Williams or Penske, and I don’t really see the point of it taking such a big role in the game
    I think I just enjoy the driving too much

  38. Mar. 1, 9:11am

    What’s really messed up is we used to have a decent variety of seasonal events before they were mysteriously removed. And now PD replaced them with this stupid pattern where we only get these generic A-spec events every few weeks. What on earth is PD thinking?

    • Mar. 1, 9:26am

      I agree with u man. Also, we used to make a lot more money until the seasonal events disappeared and that stupid money boost percentage thing came in.

    • Mar. 1, 9:38am

      I agree too. I liked the ferrari events

    • Mar. 1, 11:00am


  39. Mar. 1, 9:07am

    I haven’t completed a single Seasonal since the maintenance outage of 3 months ago. I don’t touch the B-Spec Seasonals, but I do love the game for Nordschleife Racing Online, there are so many varied races one can do there. Don’t be upset if Seasonals are lackluster, go online, or drive undriven cars, it’s always fun.

    I suspect Kaz is giving these newbie seasonals task to his new employees, while the veterans are hard at work to release a major A-Spec update, and I am confident we will hear about this soon, in the coming weeks.

    • Mar. 1, 10:41pm

      I really hope they do something big! it would make the game a little more intresting.

    • Mar. 2, 6:09pm

      I second that!….350 PP at Nordschliefe FTW!

    • Mar. 2, 8:16pm

      Yeah this lame pattern is horrible. B-Spec seasonals as much as A-Spec seasonals? The real DRIVING simulator? More like the real babysit idiotic computer AI driver simulator.

  40. Mar. 1, 9:05am

    The only B Spec I enjoyed was the Lemans/SPA a few months ago. There was strategy involved, and those are the type of cars I like to drive/manage. And the $$ was cool.

    I understand some really like it so I won’t hate. But drifting really is no fun for me.
    And neither are the rest of the B Spec offerings. They bore me. But that’s fine.

    I do want more chance to race “REAL” tracks, and against a AI that will beat me if I don’t drive well. And of course against an AI that will make a mistake now and then. Those 10 lap races that involve pit stops are what I really like.

    How about a 12 lap race at the 24hr Ring simulating day to night and weather using the 24 hr touring cars already in the game? Or a 12 lap race at SPA with pit stops. Hell that would be cool in either A or B Spec.

    Something needs to change with the cars and tracks too. We need more. And I do still appreciate the DLC and updates, but I am starting to get bored with the current cars/tracks and race AI. I wont even go into customizing cars and race mods.

    • Mar. 1, 4:39pm

      I’d also like a class system for endurance races where you can get an over all position, and a class position. I wouldn’t mind if PD put in 4 classes of 3-4 for now, since the AI limit is 16. I totally agree – I want some longer races, but not insanely long races on short tracks. (like the 4hr and 9hr tsukuba). I’d like to get at least 1-3 pitstops in a race.

    • Mar. 1, 4:40pm

      Agree! I would also like to see a race at Cape Ring with touring car style race cars. 10-15 laps, however many laps that would require atleast a pit stop.

  41. Mar. 1, 8:19am

    I’m only playing to the credits & points otherwise it’s just plan boring.

    • Mar. 1, 8:26am

      Me two, they should release spec 4.0 now. lol

    • Mar. 1, 4:40pm

      But they haven’t released Spec 3.0 yet…

  42. Mar. 1, 7:31am
    Mac K

    I’d prefer something else other than B Spec.. Is it that hard to say? Not sure why you all have to be Internet tough guys to get your point across.

  43. Mar. 1, 7:09am

    This B spec seasonal racing has had it’s run now. I wont even bother with it, lets have proper racing please Kaz, with decent rewards, not level 1 tickets!!!

  44. Mar. 1, 6:53am

    This flip between A & B spec races is boring abd redundant!
    Give us back all the great Seasonals from before! There isn’t even any offline possibility of racing Ferrari F1’s.

    Just increase the Remote Racing payouts and let HUMANS play the game!

  45. Mar. 1, 6:02am

    Hmmm Boring Seasonal and Boring Car Dealership, needs something new now, is very repeatative. Doesnt the academy start this month??

  46. Mar. 1, 5:46am

    Yes, I finally got an EX Lancer. Thank you PD!!!

  47. Mar. 1, 5:41am

    who cares. this is getting boring now kaz. time to come up with something new.. this game takes 2 steps forward then 3 steps back

  48. Mar. 1, 5:38am
    Magic Ayrton

    @brian UK, I also just got shift 2 for £12 on ebay (pc version) updated it, added ptmu mod, and downloaded legends dlc pack, this game is pretty good, also features Porsche. Still love GT5, bit of progress needed but still much better in terms of physics.. shift 2 is good fun though.

    • Mar. 1, 6:05am

      Hey magic ayrton. I also picked up shift 2 on ebay but for £13 instead on ps3. Its pretty good to be fare and I love helmit cam but for me gt will always be number 1 in terms of graffics, phyx, gameplay and durability.

    • Mar. 1, 1:16pm

      Of course Shift 2 has Porsche; EA has exclusive rights on it! I really can’t stand Shift 2, and I have PLENTY of reasons why… You can read them in a few posts down… you can’t miss it. ;)

  49. Mar. 1, 5:37am

    B SPEC 0% FUN 50% Stupid 50% Frustrating

    • Mar. 1, 2:35pm

      I like shift 2 cos its fun. Something for a laugh ya know. Its more like a cheesy arcade racer then a real driving game like gt is. If im in a serious mood then I play gt or maybe forza but if im in a not so serious mood then I play shift 2 or something like that. I tend not to stick to the same game all the time to much or I get boared of it.

  50. Mar. 1, 4:47am
    i love gt5

    I never play these stupid A-B spec races. And the OCD is boring. I’m so lucky that I’m getting NFS shift 2.

    • Mar. 1, 4:56am

      ???? then what are you doing here ???? go play that instead…

    • Mar. 1, 5:11am

      I got shift 2 and its ok but it dont come close to gt5. At least with gt5 your still getting updates,dlc and so on. EA gave up on shift 2 donkeys ago and come to think about it they give up after about a week or two after release on all there games. Once they got your money they dont care. Unlike PD. Keep up the good work guys.

    • Mar. 1, 5:19am

      ^ I agree. Have fun playing online and getting those online trophies, which is probably dead by now hahaha. lol

    • Mar. 1, 6:24am

      Hei beseiden,

      Everybody has right to their opinion, so keep those type of comments to yourself…
      I agree with i love gt5, the game is starting to get boring, hugh b-spec payouts and xp and a-spec is forgotten…
      Nowadays everybody is almost at LvL40 in B-spec thanks to grinding widget…

      I think PD is loosing their imagination…

    • Mar. 1, 1:12pm

      I can’t STAND Shift 2. I’ve counted the button press delay time; (the time it takes between a press of a button on the controller to the action in the game) It was BETWEEN 0.5 and 0.7 seconds. You can look behind, and release the button by the time the game actually looks back. The AI ALWAYS chooses cars that are within or ABOVE your performance range, and cam become impossibly hard at some times to complete races, even on easy difficulty. I got a Toyota Supra for the “Retro” events, and the AI was a little faster. I gave it some performance upgrades, and then the AI were in even FASTER cars that were harder to beat. I ended up getting an old VW Golf (the slowest car in the game) and I was fine… until I got to the “Boss race”. There were 6 other Golfs with livery, and then a race-modded BMW M-1. NONE of the “Balanced AI” or me could catch up to it, and we were all lapped. I then go to rage about the custom livery editor. You have an option to choose what part of the car you want a vinyl or some sort of artwork. The camera is then limited to that section, along with the vinyl. If its on the side, it can’t wrap around the car to the bumper, hood, or the roof. If it’s on the “Top” it can’t go all the way down to the front bumper or rear bumper; which is quite annoying when you want to have a stripe go all the way down the car from front to back. Then arises another issue: the camera. When you move the camera, it doesn’t stay in place; you need to hold it in place with one analog stick while trying to place a vinyl with the other. This is REALY hard when trying to accurately place a vinyl on the hood. There’s also an issue with the sensitivity of the placement; you’ll always move the vinyl too far, and spend a minute or two just overshooting the correct placement. Now, after you’ve placed the vinyls, you want to paint them, right? Wrong. I’d have to say MORE than 50-65% of the vinyls can’t be painted. This includes EVERY stripe vinyl. You can only use stripes in what color they come in; black, white or red, plus a few combinations of those. You also can’t stretch vinyls as much as you’d like; the main double-stripe (which only comes in black) can only be stretched to about half of a car length, so you need to place two, which becomes MUCH more difficult if they’re placed on one side of the car, and in you’ve changed the width. Now to gameplay. I will say that the sense of speed is pretty good. But its ruined sometimes by the “disorientation” effect. I was going around a high speed corner, and accidentally bumped a car SLIGHTLY; this caused the screen to go all blurry and monochrome, and when it went away, I had gone off the track and rolled over. There is also a strange magnetism to objects in this game; especially to rival cars. You can pull right up next to someone, and make body contact, but can’t pull away due to a sort of magnetism. I know that this happens in real life due to air flow, but this is unreasonable. I can slam on the brakes, (which, by the way, go red hot EVRY TIME YOU DO, because EA is obsessed with that) which pulls the other car with me, too. It will also screw both cars up in a corner. While racing, you may notice that there are floating objects. do you think its some birds? Nope, is some of the scenery floating in a random part of the map. I have NO IDEA why this happens; I was in an RX-7 in the Nurburgring GP, and the crowd had “moved” from the stands to right over the back straight. Now EA’s TERRIBLY drawn, 2D floating “crowd” was out for all to see. Another thing; it is REALLY hard to win cash in that game, and many cars are over 1,000,000 dollars. I’d have to say that Shift 2 is the second worse simulator that I’ve played, and the worst was NFS Pro Street. Now remember; this is my OPINION on Shift 2. I don’t really care what other people think of it; I hate it. Go and enjoy it, I won’t play it. I could say more, but I’m sure that your tired of reading this post. Now have a nice day.

    • Mar. 1, 2:28pm

      ^OMG THAT WAS LOONNNNGGG! but informative :D! I love Shift 2, but mostly for the Drifting. I actually would not consider it a sim, but eh. apples n oranges. I don’t use my wheel for Shift 2, just my DS3…Doesn’t feel quite right with the wheel.

      GT5 is not boring to me at all….I hoped straight off of GT4 into GT5….literally, I was playing GT4 while GT5 was being installed (Imagine the excitement and anticipation) :)….I really believe that this new generation of gamers are all but impossible to please.

    • Mar. 1, 4:48pm


      Yeah, I just can’t stand Shift 2 because GT5 spoiled me… I don’t really like drifting in Shift 2… it just seem unrealistic to me. I’m just angry with EA and the NFS series… it started dying from between Underground and Carbon… NFS was never made to be a simulator, and has no relation at all to what made it so fun back in the day. Physics really do matter in racing games… And those started to get poor in Most Wanted and Carbon. Then they stole porsche from GT5 and Forza… The keep going downhill.

    • Mar. 2, 12:09am

      NFS Most Wanted = Best soundtrack EVER!!

    • Mar. 2, 8:50pm

      MyFavoriteGame- ”new generation of gamers are all but impossible to please.”??? Really? I’m almost 40 yrs old and started GT with GT1. B-Spec is asinine without A-Spec to actually DRIVE and use my steering wheel once in a while, while playing GT5… These seasonals are as boring as watching paint dry lately. GT4’s A-Spec was a lot better than GT5’s A-Spec too, a lot better. Kaz and PD treating B-Spec seasonals the same as A-Spec seasonals is absolutely ridiculous. Telling an amnesiatic AI to speed up 47 times during a 10 lap race is not what GT5 is supposed to be. Tell me how B-Spec has ANYTHING to do with a game called ”The Real Driving Simulator”. Do you know what a farce is? because that’s what GT5 B-Spec is.

    • Mar. 3, 1:52am


      I think the Burnout franchise had the best sound track for a game. Paradise was a little bland, and I don’t include Burnout Crash. NFS: MW DID have a great soundtrack; Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold songs being my favorites in there… Good times, good times. :)

    • Mar. 3, 12:11pm

      @BWX lol…I understand you’re frustration, but you are borderline trolling sir.I wasn’t implying that older gamers don’t have qualms, just not as much as the 11 yr old gamers who’s first GT game was 5. I’m 25, Gran Turismo 2 was the very first one I played, and I really love it, so much so my username “MyFavoriteGame” on this site and many others, was the opening song to GT2….PD does seem to have strayed a little bit from their “vision” and B-Spec does feel like a JRPG, A-spec is somewhat unfulfilling, but unlike previous GT games we have online, which i think compensates for a lot of the shortcomings. I have 7 friends who I race with almost everyday….and coming from my uncle and I playing split-screen on the nurb in GT4, that is just simply amazing to me.

      But then again…you can’t really take my word for it…this is a guy who still has fun playing Tetris. Its a crazy world out there

    • Mar. 3, 1:09pm


      I would agree with that; I used to only be into the crashy-arcady racing games, (I still am) but then I saw that GT5 was getting a damage system, I decided to get it. I was a little disappointed with it, but then I just kept enjoying the game for how much content it DID have. It’s now my favorite game, and I’ve learned SO MUCH more about cars and racing; which I’ve been obsessed with since I was 2 years old. I know how older games can still be fun even though the graphics are behind, such as the original FlatOut and NFS Hot Pursuit 2, but GT5 will always be remembered by me. I still haven’t played the old GTs, but I understand how people can miss features from older games when they’re gone in the next game. I think GT5 was very well made despite the development issues, and has SO MUCH more content and replay-ability than most people realize. You just need to search for the sweet spots in the game, and you should find them if you look hard enough. If you can’t find it, then go ahead and play a different game; I won’t get mad, whoever can’t find the fun in a game won’t have fun playing it.

  51. Mar. 1, 4:08am

    Jesus Christ, I’d quite happily give up all these crappy seasonal events for stronger online servers. The last 2 updates were supposed to improve things and as far as I can see, things are a lot worse, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been disconnected mid race and as for the mic’s, complete hit and miss wether people can hear each other. I remember commenting when the game first came out on how strong the servers were, not now, they’re crap…..

    • Mar. 1, 4:33pm

      uh… have you noticed now the A.L will spin out or crash unlike before were i could go 300mph hit someone going 100mph and i spin out they’re going about 200mph and brake as if they were going 10mph and going round the corner actually going about 150 and the corner was the first hairpin at fuji speedway.

  52. Mar. 1, 4:08am

    That’s a pretty steep hit in credit awards per win. I hope this means that they have finally stopped putting cheater-mobiles halfway around the track when the flag drops!

  53. Mar. 1, 3:55am
    mister dog

    I’m also getting tired of these A spec B spec events all the time now, never play B spec ok the money is incredible but because of the PP limit it’s either 150HP, 250HP, or racecars in the 600HP range and nothing else, so your choices are limited if you wanna have a race.

    My supercars are gathering dust and i dont feel like downgrading or upgrading them just so i can compete in the A spec events.

    Supercar festival, classic championship, musle cars, ferrari festival that’s the kind of events i need…

  54. Mar. 1, 2:13am

    A-B spec, same for me, new seasonal event is everytime good. :D

  55. Mar. 1, 1:21am

    This won’t be so bad, love the picture btw. :) My driver is eager to get behind the wheel and race in my fast cars he enjoys in. :D

    • Mar. 1, 4:55am

      You’re…..a bit odd aren’t you?

    • Mar. 1, 4:59am


  56. Mar. 1, 1:19am

    How about some more interesting seasonals?

    We got an OCD update, might be nice use some of those Japanese 80’s classics and on some of the lesser featured tracks?
    Eiger Short track was refrehsing change for the latest time trial (Just no more Tsukuba please…..)

    Any chance of bringing some old tracks back?

  57. Mar. 1, 1:16am

    I Play b spec and A Spec seasonals

  58. Mar. 1, 1:10am
    oohhh yeah

    Do people actually play b-spec seasonals? Why?

    • Mar. 1, 1:13am

      Is that your business?

    • Mar. 1, 2:54am

      Bobs gonna earn money too like me. All six of them. And I like coaching them in these type seasonals cause it’s not set it and forget it. It’s actually quite challenging with evenly matched cars, and I like that plus the credit and leveling and I learn new tricks from Bob a lot.

    • Mar. 1, 6:09am

      I play it for Car tickets, money and Music in my background so I got 3 reasons… :)

    • Mar. 1, 4:37pm

      @tvensky what about leveling up me and my friend did like 120 remote races we both stopped lvl35 and now im about 15away from lvl40

  59. Mar. 1, 1:04am

    I might be one of the few who likes B-spec seasonals.
    I only have time to play A-spec at night, so during the day I just put Bob to work. He gets me good money to buy all those expensive cars I can try later at night.

    • Mar. 1, 1:10am

      Yes, very true…I’m running dangerously low on Creds.

    • Mar. 1, 4:52pm

      Thats what I do while I’m busy doing homework or chores or while I’m at school… once I had four of my Bobs do FIVE 24hrs in a row… I almost feel sorry for them…

  60. Mar. 1, 12:45am

    YAWN @ BSpec

  61. Mar. 1, 12:27am

    Are there forums that recommend cars for seasonal events? just wondering :)

    • Mar. 1, 12:29am

      Yes. Check the link to GTP’s Seasonal Events forum in the blog post above.

  62. Mar. 1, 12:26am

    b spec? c’mon!!

    • Mar. 1, 12:30am


    • Mar. 1, 12:35am

      Sorry, but he’s right I bought the game for me, not for Bob, quality and quantity of A-Spec Seasonals has been dissmal.

    • Mar. 1, 12:49am

      @kitchenboy3 – i’ve had the game since the second it came out. never used to have bspec seasonals until a couple of months ago…the seasonals actually used to be good but now all that’s left is online which is….pretty realistic. before i read, ‘hater’, i love gt5 n gt series but things are getting boring and everso glitchy. with all the cash they’ve made off the recently released DLC’s, you’d think the game would improve rather then go backwards.

    • Mar. 1, 1:43am

      Not including the seasonal events, I do believe that there is more B-Spec gameplay than A-Spec, Special events and License tests included. Most B-Spec races are twice or MORE than the A-Spec race counterpart, and give you LESS XP and cash for B-Spec, even though the two different level sections have the same XP level caps per level. The cash bit doesn’t really bother me, it makes sense because you do less work as a pit chief, but the XP reduction is unnecessary, for you are “gaining skills” as a pit chief. Also, because of the AI, the races can become unbearable and annoying – it can be like watching James May from Top Gear. If the “Bob” as he is sometimes called flies off of a corner at an insanely unreasonable speed (which happens A LOT to me on Spa, Rome, and La Sarthe) right in front of the opposition, he’ll drive to the edge of the track, and WAIT FOR THE CARS TO PASS BY. Then he waits a second or two, and drives off in no particular hurry to win the race. This forces me to use insanely over-powered and unfair cars for the standard B-Spec events just to be able to win them. The FGT championship was nearly impossible and REALLY long, I just got lucky because the AI would start with race tires in the rain, gaining me two laps… which the opposition would win back by the end of the race. The AI is a little better since I used the standard B-Spec last, but the Spa B-spec race was unreasonably hard due to my IDIOTIC Bobs.

      In order for B-Spec to be more exciting, the AI needs to be more realistic and BETTER AT DRIVING, and more balanced for close races; theres always a few cars spread out in the back, a clump in the middle, and one or two cars in the lead. There should also be multiple camera views per section on a track for more viewing pleasure. With this, add a “shuffle” feature for races, where you hit a button, and the game selects random cars to follow for a certain amount of time, (which can be set to specific time values or random time values) and automatically follow a car that just crashed or spun, if possible. Then, for even MORE fun, add a function where you can set up your own B-Spec races (or just random AI) with whatever opponents and cars you want. (cars from your garage or favorites or something) You’ll then be able to set up brand wars, or even just exciting races to watch with friends on a weekend or something; you could create free racing entertainment for yourself. This wouldn’t necessarily have to be B-Spec, just a whole new feature all together.

      All in all, I found B-Spec useful, although quite annoying at times. I could have the B-Spec driver money and XP grind races for me while doing homework or chores, (I’m in high school, its what I do) and even do the longer endurance races while I’m asleep or at school, or while I spend the night at a friends house. It won me plenty of cash and decent cars for A-Spec, (I probably wouldn’t have EVER won the “Like the Wind” event without the Mazda Furai) and gave some funny… …ish moments in GT5. One such event involved a 5+ car pile-up in the entrance to the pit lane on on Suzuka in the wet in the FGT championship. That was along sentence. I enjoyed B-Spec while it lasted, I want it to be more interesting now; I want it to make me WANT me to play it for fun, not just to win cars and cash.

    • Mar. 1, 1:48am

      I just realized how many grammatical errors I made in that post… sorry for that, and this double post.

    • Mar. 1, 11:42am

      damn you typed a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mar. 1, 4:53pm

      Yes, in fact I did. I feel like I’m spamming… :(

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