New B-Spec Races in Latest GT5 Seasonal Events

February 1st, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The latest Seasonal Events have just gone live in Gran Turismo 5, and they’ll be putting your fastest B-Spec drivers to work! Here’s a closer look at the new races:

  • 400PP Circuito de Madrid – Mini / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.117,500  2nd: Cr.71,500  3rd: Cr.62,800
  • 500PP Fuji Speedway F / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.200,000  2nd: Cr.121,800  3rd: Cr.107,000
  • 650PP Nürburgring 24H / 2 Laps
    1st: Cr.420,000  2nd: Cr.255,700  3rd: Cr.224,600

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been refreshed; you can find a complete list of the new selection of vehicles right here. Thanks to Joe_Ald for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Leicht.

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  1. Feb. 18, 3:49am

    B spec is retarded & I hope they get rid of it in the next Gran Turismo whenever that made? I guess in another 6 years or so… lol -___-

  2. Feb. 4, 11:33am

    I like Bspec as much as Aspec. I often spend time swapping between the two just because I can! Sometimes I want to race,other times I just want to sit back and tell Bob what to do. Personally I think it’s good to be able to choose what version I want to play. Add me to help build up my drivers levels! Psn ID gavhr1978

  3. Feb. 4, 8:48am

    But i dont need money!!! I need A-SPEC points!!!!!!!

  4. Feb. 4, 2:47am

    new update on 7/2 2012

  5. Feb. 3, 11:19pm

    I don’t hate b spec, I just don’t enjoy it nearly as much as driving. I got this game to drive, not to remind bob the point of a race is to win. This is also why the concept of making money without playing doesn’t make it more appealing. Just give us an a spec race too.

    • Feb. 4, 3:34am

      I don’t either, but I think I went over board with it though. X(

  6. Feb. 3, 8:27pm

    I see the b spec hateers arising. Look, some of us need money because we have jobs, school, or other things. Plus my bob an drive my future drag cars 200 miles in bout three hours. I would die first. Also if you dont like em, dont do em. I love getting money when i text and eat or if im out with friends.

    • Feb. 3, 10:28pm

      I agree

  7. Feb. 3, 5:28pm
    Andy Voong

    I think it will be a great idea, if they implement a system where players can pick their difficulty depending on their skill (I.E. From causal to hardcore) at any future A and B-Spec events with a new patch. I was recently, playing GRID and they use this feature very well. Playing on Extreme, the A.I. gave me a great challenge from starting from the back and fighting my way to pole position. Also, the A.I. may have a chance of making mistake and it keeps the gameplay fresh and dynamic.

  8. Feb. 3, 5:06pm

    Yay another boring seasonal event!! cmon why cant we get more races and championship events in both A and Bspec events?? I’ve been lvl 40 on both sides for the past 6 months or so i have every car in the game!! why stop at lvl 40 why not 99?? how about adding some more tracks and cars with championship series races that have a good amount of laps and are 10 races long like the ones back in GT 3 days!

  9. Feb. 3, 2:18pm

    Yay! B-Spec! Well, I finished all of them in one go, then went to the OCD. Turned out I have all the cars except the GTO and the S2000. Got them both. The S2000 is amazing.

  10. Feb. 3, 11:16am
    i have a flat

    I would love B-spec more if I could create my own drivers name…..

  11. Feb. 3, 10:36am

    With the 200% login bonus B-Spec is strictly a money maker (grinder) endeavor. I did find the Le Mans race somewhat fun. But that is mainly because of the 6 Million payoff if you win. I do however agree that more has to be done to generate interest for A-Spec racing and serious on-line racing in general.

    1. Car classifications: Why no LM class? Only allows LMP selection. Why is BMW Touring Car not classified as a Touring Car?

    2. Race AI: Should be more challenging without starting you at the rear of the pack. AI, should put up more of a fight and take advantage of your driving mistakes.

    3. Tracks: More real world and key legacy tracks from GT1 thru GT4. Example “Special Stage Route 11” “Twin Ring Motegi”.

    5. Tuning: Fine tune filters so that more control is given to what type of modifications are allowed for “Street or Tuner” cars during an on-line race. Just add intake/exhaust, turbo/SC, suspension type, LSD, ECU to the selections.

    6. Resolve tire ware model, and handling issues with comfort soft tires. Would go so far as to display a warning “You’re about to do something really dumb” when you put “bicycle tires on a $250,000.00 machine. Makes no since to install comfort soft tires on an Aventador does it?…….Really?

    4. Car Liveries and Race Mods: Add “GT” series racing and the ability to race mode cars already in the game. Example: BMW Z4, Aston Martin, SLS, 458 Italia

    The game is still wonderful, but can become “slow” without a better A-Spec, tracks and cars. Still I respect the quality and level of work put into the product. Been a player since GT1, and totally appreciate Kaz’s dream.

  12. Feb. 3, 10:05am

    If only the other AI could drive fast like Bob…

  13. Feb. 3, 9:56am

    My Bob completed it first time on all three. These events are starting to look like the ones on prologue with not much thought being put into them to make it more challenging ie AI need to be more smart and challenging us for the lead instead of us chasing. I like being chased lol

  14. Feb. 3, 9:32am

    I used a powerlimited Scirocco for the 4oopp race. A Honda CR-Z TC for the 500pp race and a Chapparal 2J (just set default turbo and add ballast until it gets to 650pp) They all rape the opposition =o)

  15. Feb. 3, 8:59am

    Okay granted, Some people will enjoy this seasonal and that’s fine but the majority will find it at best a little boring and at worst tedious. It is not catering to the larger demographic. not to sound to cliche but ‘ the needs of the many outlay the needs of the few’, it just seems to be like another poor decision by Polyphony for keeping people interested in the game. My level is B-SPECl 40 and I did not enjoy one bit of it. Now I know that is subjective but I am part of the majority and I do hope this issue gets addressed for GT6 because this game has unbelievable potential. My 2 cents!

  16. Feb. 3, 8:31am

    boring events….

  17. Feb. 3, 7:38am

    I think the game is awesome as it is and i play both b-spec and a-spec. but i wish there was more races to choose from on both sides. i really like that we got seasonal events and i let my bob run spa 4.000.000 mill credit race about 30 times. best b-spec race so far =) (when it comes to effort vs credits). lets hope we get dlc we can pick what cars we want to buy as premium and i hope we get both upgrades of standard cars and new premium cars. (pd check top gear’s car list of cars that did the fastest time around top gear track) and make those cars in premium models =)

    • Feb. 3, 2:26pm

      I agree 100% with you on the whole standard and premium thing I think it’s stuped they need to make every car have the cockpit view and have the older cars in better quality like forza I mean I know GT has a lot more cars but start upgrading them everytime you have a game update you know but if no its still the best game ever=>

  18. Feb. 3, 5:34am

    I don’t play b-spec. I’m not interested in management type gaming.
    But I would like to see how many percent of people who bought the game are playing with b-spec. If it is a minority I think they should remove it from the future game (and use the people who work on it on the main development). Or it should be a separate product or dlc.
    Is there a poll about how many people are playing b-spec from the gtplanet users ?

    • Feb. 3, 1:09pm

      I use B-Spec to grind for money and collect cars. I could do without it, but it lets me enjoy the other aspects of the game without having to sit in front of the TV for days and days to earn money for better cars and upgrades.

  19. Feb. 3, 5:09am

    Bobs fun,my 2 bobs have the same name as my father and grandfather

  20. Feb. 3, 2:36am

    @MyFavoriteGame lol, you remind me of myself.

  21. Feb. 3, 1:11am

    I love b-spec! If you don’t like it, then don’t play it. It’s that simple. I like having my BOBs race while I’m out doing other things

  22. Feb. 2, 11:53pm

    B Spec sucks! I’m bored with B Spec. I would rather RACE!!

  23. Feb. 2, 10:59pm

    i dunno guys what u patch but please patch it back i cant play online now every room is error [768]

  24. Feb. 2, 9:48pm

    I don’t mind these. I’m doing homework while Bob is racing n getting $$ for me :)

    • Feb. 2, 10:37pm

      So money IS so important for you in that game. When I need money in Gran Turismo I simply take a car and RACE. This is what I like.

    • Feb. 3, 2:12am

      Oh yeah?!…well you go ahead with your 400,000 cr. races while I make 4,000,000 cr. at SPA while taking a dump ;)

    • Feb. 3, 2:41am

      O yeahh, This is what B-Spec really deserves – A DUMP

  25. Feb. 2, 9:40pm

    Really hate b-spec I don’t see why it’s part of gt life :( it should be in the arcade part of the game

    • Feb. 3, 2:03am

      For all you guys hating on b-spec, just don’t play it….and for those of you who somehow don’t understand why its even part of the game, think about it….GT5 has always been about great visuals, stunning car models and environments, now they added weather and day/night cycles…for me B-spec allows me to enjoy the beauty of the game even more!….because lets be honest, how much of the environmental detail would the average human being even notice during a race, and how often can someone watch their own replays?

    • Feb. 19, 6:22pm

      so if I went to a arcade found gt5 put my pound coin in I then watch bob race I could of got some 150 paints with that pound

  26. Feb. 2, 7:10pm

    Plain and simple, there should be more a-spec then b-spec (and there is for the most) and if there is a b-spec race, then there should be an equal to a-spec race.

  27. Feb. 2, 6:33pm

    Been lookin forwad to new seasonal and u give us B spec….b spec isnt driving. Cant see the fun in watching the ps3 drive.

  28. Feb. 2, 3:54pm

    Beautiful color! whats the name of it?

  29. Feb. 2, 3:22pm

    Kazanori San, please get this B-spec out of GT series, or make it part of the Arcade mode, GT mode should be all about simulation driving, not bot operating!

    • Feb. 2, 3:52pm

      so don’t play it.

    • Feb. 2, 11:13pm

      I really doubt that they really bothered working with B-Spec, because what we’re really doing is just working with AI drivers just like the ones that we race against, its like doing a developing stage AI, but i do agree its a bit useless unless they make a patch that’ll intergrate the A and B Spec Enduros together so you can do the 24 hours with Bots…or at least with online friends

    • Feb. 3, 2:05am

      Stop complaining!!…B-spec does not take away from your enjoyment of the game, but i can guarantee it adds enjoyment for someones else. Don’t be so selfish!…

  30. Feb. 2, 3:07pm

    Now I can’t connect to GT server in the game, Maybe Kaz listened to us, felt bad, and decided to give us something to race? Naw- prolly not.

  31. Feb. 2, 2:31pm

    Turned on PS3, looked at new seasonal, turned off PS3.

    Wont bother with that.

  32. Feb. 2, 1:24pm

    Yes, enough with the b-spec seasonals already!! Yes the cars do look lovely going round, but I really don’t want to see b-spec bob smashing my cars up with his beyond incompetent driving skills!!

    • Feb. 2, 2:02pm

      “I really don’t want to see b-spec bob smashing my cars up with his beyond incompetent driving skills!!”

      Don’t know why but I always laugh at that part.

  33. Feb. 2, 12:41pm


  34. Feb. 2, 10:31am

    Haters be hating.

    Bring on the B-spec challenges. Losers complain, while winners win.

    • Feb. 2, 12:01pm

      I make CR. with no effort and haters don’t! :)

  35. Feb. 2, 10:24am

    I hate B – Spec tbh.

  36. Feb. 2, 9:37am

    skyline black edition won the envent for me. the money is more important that any thing.

  37. Feb. 2, 8:53am
    Red bull

    B-Spec is awesome.

    • Feb. 2, 9:51pm

      Agreed! It’s exhilirating! It’s like watching a race really

  38. Feb. 2, 8:32am

    +1000 to every negative comment. I would have been happy if PD would have just took the B-specs from Spa & Sarthe and given them to us as A-spec this week. So tired of so many great cars and no races for them. Does any one have any theories as to why PD thinks we like B-spec? So very few people seem to like it.

    • Feb. 2, 9:38am
      GT5 X1

      I dont think ”so very few people seem to like it.” is true. I think there are more likers than haters on this!

    • Feb. 2, 9:39am

      Agree. The B-spec Spa & Sarthe in A-spec with the same payouts would be awesome. Especially for those who are trying the final effort to get to lvl 40.

    • Feb. 2, 10:46am

      That one I must say was the best payout, ever. You should do it again PD. ;)

    • Feb. 2, 3:49pm

      @cbarbosa i got to b-spec 40 from them. I’m still stuck in a-spec 39 with no grinding races with high payouts other than the endurances races

  39. Feb. 2, 8:04am


  40. Feb. 2, 7:49am

    Dear PD
    You will never win

  41. Feb. 2, 7:07am

    I, for one, love b-spec mode. Not because I like pressing “Pace up” every three minutes, but because the cars in GT5 are REALLY pretty.

  42. Feb. 2, 7:03am

    Whats the point of B spec? Driving simulator but Bob is driving instead of you???

    • Feb. 2, 12:42pm

      So you can tell him to “pace up” 50 times per race…. because, you know, it’s not like you could just tell a human being to “drive fast this entire 5 lap race” and expect him to be able to accomplish that….. right?

      Clearly we would all need to be told to ‘go faster’ by our crew chiefs about every 20 seconds.

      : /

    • Feb. 2, 1:04pm

      lol, researchALLwars has a point. It’s like PD is teaching you how it’s like to be a pit chief. The “other” game that has it totally plays by itself, which is “in my book” is very sad and boring. In GT5 you could see how your driver will change from cool to hot, or hot to cool, or in between, keeping him undercontrol and focused. B-spec is a wonderful meaning to the GT series, and proves how real well they use it.

      I should had thinked twice from what I’d said and had taken it back already like I said. And many people seem to really like it so we can’t take that away from them. I wish I can race with my B-spec drivers, to see how great they’ve became. :)

  43. Feb. 2, 6:50am
    250 GTO

    YAY! I finally got the Toms X540 Chaser. I have been looking for that car ever since I got the game (at release). I’ve never seen it in the UCD, so bless the OCD :)

    • Feb. 2, 7:56am

      Sucks for you, I’ve gotten it twice and the third time I didn’t bother.

  44. Feb. 2, 5:46am

    so we got three lots of b spec in seasonal now? b spec in main game is ok as you win different cars than in a spec but b spec seasonals really annoy me as I can’t race then myself, all seasonals should be available as both a and b spec.

  45. Feb. 2, 4:41am
    GT HP Nut

    Unlike most of the people, I quite liked B-Spec and its rewards (because of its super huge reward and that I’m a lazy guy lol)

  46. Feb. 2, 4:20am

    I’m more blown away by the realism of that photo, stunning!

  47. Feb. 2, 3:10am

    Well, not much of a B-spec fan (at least not at the cost of A-spec) but I really like the OCD update!

  48. Feb. 2, 2:53am

    I was really hoping for more A-spec races. I hope in GT6 the b-spec will be removed, don’t find it interesting anymore. :( We need the GT Classic Track Pack for march dlc Kaz and PD. PLEEEEEASE….

    • Feb. 2, 3:03am

      Sorry for complaining but was really hoping for more A-spec races. Grr, don’t want b-spec races….X_x

    • Feb. 2, 3:07am

      For me it depends on how they’ll do it.
      I liked the fact that B-spec in GT4 could drive stints for you in endurance races. Made it a little more realistic too.
      This GT5 completely seperate B-spec thing is not my cup of tea though. Bit boring.

    • Feb. 2, 3:14am

      Oh yeaaah. :) Thank you for reminding me about that. PD should make it like that again I hope. Basically like the old GTs with new content in it. ;) Especially the old tracks.

    • Feb. 2, 8:35am
      Scuderia Paul

      I too was hoping for some tough A-Spec races. Also, saying you hope B-Spec is removed for GT6 as it no longer interests you is just stupid. Plenty of people, myself very much included, still enjoy it.

    • Feb. 2, 10:34am

      ^ Yeah, sorry bout that. I felt sad it was only b-spec that came by itself. :P But if people seem to like it, then theres noting I could do. But aleast you get reward for winning all events for cars, unlike most games that you’ll only win money… :) PD should fuse B-spec with A-spec again like @iLex told me from GT4. I take back what I said though…

  49. Feb. 2, 1:54am

    A maintenance notice has been posted on GT5’s website for Feb 6, 22:00 – 23:00 EST…

  50. Feb. 2, 1:33am

    Bad decision by PD to post more B Spec in lieu of A Spec. I’m lvl 40 in everything and don’t need any cash, but more races or even the return of the ones we had up until the holidays would be welcome.

    • Feb. 2, 3:38am

      Just because you don’t need the points and cash doesnt mean other are at the same point in the game as you.
      Yes I am level 40 in b spec and dong need cash but others out there do

    • Feb. 2, 10:21am

      Dgm2146 Your dong needs cash? Why, can’t it use a credit card? :p

  51. Feb. 2, 1:32am

    Bring Back Time Trials!!

    • Feb. 2, 4:38am
      GT HP Nut

      The Time Trials will be updated next thursday, I’m quite sure.

  52. Feb. 2, 1:17am

    Yawwwwwwwwn no more b spec bring back my a spec events please getting bored now

  53. Feb. 2, 12:39am

    I miss those 7 figure payouts.

    • Feb. 2, 3:09am

      Indeed. I think PD thought the community liked the B-spec races, while most people really only liked the payout :D

  54. Feb. 2, 12:36am

    Enough with the crappy B-Spec races!!! I bought the game to race, not watch my PS3 race!!! Please gives us back the seasonals you took away and focus on new A-Spec races!!!

  55. Feb. 2, 12:13am

    What the heck?!! No A-Spec AGAIN? What happened to the ”Driver’s Club” coming soon Kaz? There’s nothing to do in GT5.. no new races. You have a way to get more A-Spec races into GT5, Kaz you said yourself that A-Spec was too short in GT5, and you do nothing to fix it. DLC A-Spec anyone? Why do I buy these DLC car packs? I keep thinking Kaz will wake up and reward our loyalty with some good DLC races. Guess not. Guess I won’t be buying anymore DLC cars, there’s nothing to do with them.

    • Feb. 2, 9:57am

      Agree with BWX, GT5 is getting boring with this all too short a-spec. :\

  56. Feb. 1, 11:57pm

    I hate B-Spec. All AI was better in GT4, and it’s somehow got soooooooooo much worse.

  57. Feb. 1, 11:54pm


    Okay, lets see whats in the Online Dealership…

    • Feb. 2, 12:34am

      B-spec = boring !

  58. Feb. 1, 11:32pm

    Please stop this useless B-Spec.
    Drivers dont play it.
    Kids DO for money grinding.
    Replace B-Spec with A-Spec
    I would like to race 10-20 laps on Spa Fra for worth reward and XP and competition

    • Feb. 1, 11:58pm

      What about me I have every car and am level 40 A spec *yawn* , I need these B spec races to hit 40 B spec.

  59. Feb. 1, 11:14pm

    A-Spec Seasonals. More.

    Stop pissing about with B-Spec.

    Hang in, here’s a thought – Have both. WTF?

    • Feb. 2, 5:25am

      B-spec is ok, but they could add B-spec AND A-spec :) so both sides would be happy.. anyway going to put my bob’s to drive it while I choose some new music for GT5 on PC….

  60. Feb. 1, 11:08pm

    400 pp: suzuki bike car thing… The gsxr or what ever
    500 pp: shelby series one supercharged
    650 pp: zonda lm ( not zonda r )

    • Feb. 1, 11:13pm

      GSXR-4. :D

    • Feb. 2, 2:01am
      Madman Apex

      they were easy!! i used a tuned G35 Sedan for the 400 & 500 pp races and a detuned C60 Judd for the 650pp race and won em first time around… next

  61. Feb. 1, 11:03pm

    hmmmm, I guess I can finally test my online drivers…. :D

  62. Feb. 1, 10:57pm

    OH~~~~~~~~Burburg 24H in B-spec~

  63. Feb. 1, 10:56pm

    hmmm, not the biggest fan of B spec…

    • Feb. 1, 11:06pm

      B-spec can go DIAF

  64. Feb. 1, 10:56pm

    Wow nice event, its been a while from the last time i used my lazy B-Spec driver lol

  65. Feb. 1, 10:55pm

    Just beat Nurburg with the R390 Race CAr :)

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