New GT5 Video Shows off Toyota FT-86 Concept

October 6th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

You probably remember the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia video that Polyphony Digital put together for the company. Now, they’re doing it again for Toyota’s new concept car: the FT-86. This time, we actually get to hear some engine and improved tire noise, along with what appears to be a new track at…dusk? It’s fun to speculate, but we probably shouldn’t read too far into the sounds or time of day just yet. Regardless, take a look and enjoy! I’ll update this post when I get my hands on a better [HD] version of the trailer.

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  1. Oct. 7, 8:46pm

    Good to see Toyota’s and Subaru’s collaborative project in the metal. Looks kinda like the FT-HS concept that was supposed to be the successor to the Supra, but from the sounds of the name it’s actually supposed to be the successor to the legendary Sprinter Trueno/AE86 Corolla. But with a Boxer engine? Interesting.

  2. Oct. 7, 8:11pm



  3. Oct. 7, 6:46pm


  4. Oct. 7, 4:17pm

    I didn’t see any new tracks… looked like Eigar, London and Fuji to me

  5. Oct. 7, 12:47pm

    Hm people, I think I saw FUJI Speedway on dusk…

  6. Oct. 7, 12:39pm

    Does look a lot like Stelvio!

  7. Oct. 7, 11:33am


    It’s probably the driver customization they had one in Tourist Trophy. There’s a street suit and there’s a racing suit.

  8. Oct. 7, 10:10am

    Maybe i´m wrong but the road looks like the stelviopass !!! If that would be true…. holy **** have a look in youtube for stelvio

  9. Oct. 7, 8:32am

    I hope pikes peak track is in GT5 night race suzuki escudo 1000hp

  10. Oct. 7, 7:59am
    Big Ron

    Yeah, the concept car looks good, but we need a lot of Youngtimer, Oldtimer and classic race cars to be saticfied.

    I don´t want to race with concept cars all the time. I am a fan of GT Legends and I want to see some good old rae cars…..ther must be something in between 1000 cars.

  11. Oct. 7, 7:51am
    Sam__ NY


    my bad.

  12. Oct. 7, 6:26am

    I’m hoping PD will also add the Toyota FT-HC Concept the replacement of the SUPRA!!!! WooHooo!!!! :P

  13. Oct. 7, 6:13am

    jeej the hideous looking old Corolla is back :D

  14. Oct. 7, 5:54am

    In the E3 07 trailer there is a city at night.
    It’s probably seen in the hidden trailer PD hasn’t published.

    “We also saw a Ferrari with a big city in the background.”
    -Interview with K.Yamauchi

  15. Oct. 7, 5:13am

    I already just adore that new track, with those huge brick walls, forests and sharp turns…. hope there will be a lot of great non racing circuits and point to point beautiful tracks, with great views….

  16. Oct. 7, 4:49am

    I agree with Maurice in terms of the trailer. It was kinda weird how the driver had no race gear on but in the race/drift scene he did. could that possibly be photo mode? or driver customisation? i hope for the latter, either way, tis cool.

  17. Oct. 7, 3:04am

    Compared to the Ferrari 458 it’s actually not a very stylish trailer… I mean come on, this is Polyphony unworthy, uninspired music(a track that actually has been around in GT games for some time I believe), very strange engine/tyre noise which seems not to be in-game(aside of the fact Polyphony normally never has sounds in their video’s).

    As for the car, it actually looks pretty much like a Nissan GT-R in almost like Ferrari red, it doesn’t look bad but I can’t really get too excited by it either.

    As for the Ferrari 458 trailer, I was blown away by that :D

  18. Oct. 7, 2:05am

    I’ve been waiting for the new car from the Toyota/Subaru partnership!!

  19. Oct. 7, 1:22am

    Great vid!
    Still no skidmarks,sigh…

  20. Oct. 7, 12:33am

    Wow! that is a nice car, Tak would be proud. FR Boxer engine!? F*#@in’ sweet!
    Would ya’ll be for having a custom character for each ride? Maybe after the game is released we could DL a program, imagine; your face in your favorite car, The Hoff in a ’82 Trans-am, your wife and kids in the minivan, it would probably get old quick and only be useful in photo mode, but I would still buy it.

  21. Oct. 6, 11:30pm

    tangee Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 2:54 pm
    i hope you can actually change the face of the driver and replace it with our own face.
    dumbest idea ever? If they actually took development time away from other areas of the game so people could put their face on a driver, a driver that you will never see the front of, would be the dumbest thing possible. Good video, nice screetching tire sounds.

  22. Oct. 6, 10:44pm


    Zune is definitely not owned by Sony haha. It’s definitely a Microsoft product. They’re trying to compete head to head with Apple’s ipod. It is what Microsoft always do. They dare go head to head with the top trends and product, just like how it is with Bing (competition to google/yahoo), Xbox (competition to Sony/Nintendo), or even Forza (GT’s rival it seems).

  23. Oct. 6, 10:16pm
    Sam__ NY

    This is off the subject but the forza wedsite announced they are giving away a free Audi A4 Tuned (not sure what the real name is) anyway, oddly the Audi was customized with ZUNE as the sponsor. BUT ZUNE IS OWNED BY SONY!!???

  24. Oct. 6, 9:23pm

    Less concept. more old school please.

    To be honest I’ve realised as I follow these threads that my tastes have changed from living and breathing GT to something more akin to MotorStorm II (shudder I know). I think that happened around the second kid mark, and the loss of 5+ years GT4 savegame – I could have cried.
    Now something more arcade that I can pick and play with a controller for fifteen minutes is more what I seem to be doing.
    Perhaps GT5 can rekindle my love, but then it’ll need to not have 35 types of skyline (fail then) and weird concept cars and a myriad of slow cars that I’ll have to buy to race but never use again.
    Oh well.

  25. Oct. 6, 8:38pm

    still can’t access the forums.

  26. Oct. 6, 8:30pm

    Too sick!

  27. Oct. 6, 8:16pm
    Trial the Echidna

    Great video…at the beginning the stone wall after the tunnel looked liked a lot Grand Valley, in dusk, like G.V. on GT3.

    btw, the car is nice…

  28. Oct. 6, 8:15pm

    I’m pretty sure Eiger and Grandvalley isn’t there. It’s probably one of the new tracks, just like the other desert track from italia tribute.

    Hope the complex string is back though.

  29. Oct. 6, 8:03pm

    Oh thats great, they tell us GT5 isnt out for another half a year at least then shove another trailer in our face to rub it in for good measure, for all the people saying theres an update for GT5P tell us where ur getting this info from?, PD already said they were finished with prologue and were concentrating on GT5

  30. Oct. 6, 7:56pm

    huh… dusk… i wonder what track it was…

    and the tire squeal is different, plus there’s SMOKE! if that’s new…

  31. Oct. 6, 7:45pm

    i believe there going to be a update for GT5p. nice video

  32. Oct. 6, 7:31pm

    Sweet… please bring this to Prologue

  33. Oct. 6, 6:53pm

    The new tire sound is great. The engine sound has improved but is not that good. Still, nice that they both improved. At least on some of the cars as far as we know.

  34. Oct. 6, 6:52pm

    Thanks, guys, I’ve updated the video in the original post with a better quality version from GTPlanet’s YouTube Channel.

  35. Oct. 6, 6:14pm

    Heres a photo of the actual IRL from GT5 game!!!! :P×768/wallpaper_02.htm

  36. Oct. 6, 6:08pm

    oh man!!!! I saw this car in Car and Driver also Motortrend and auto week wow!!!!!!! :P

  37. Oct. 6, 5:45pm

    that outside track in the beginning of the video seems very attractive … doesn’t look like any i know of from gt4. stuff like this rises my longing for gt5 more and more!

  38. Oct. 6, 5:39pm

    1:22 Trial Mountain?? Or just Eigar extension?
    1:08 Grand Valley Speedway?
    Also shows London track and Fuji Speedway

  39. Oct. 6, 5:26pm

    Just to be clear on the subject, there were mentions about longer versions for both London and Eiger. I know for sure.

    But yeah, nice to see some drifting action. Woot. Here’s hoping we’ll have point to point tracks for road as well, and not just rally!

  40. Oct. 6, 5:09pm

    i expect gt5p update very soon !! spec 4

  41. Oct. 6, 4:45pm

    Anyone else unable to get into teh forums?

  42. Oct. 6, 4:40pm

    Bigbadwill> Unfortunatelly there are no SKIDMARKS on track….its sad that such ‘perfect’ game has those arcadish smoke and no skidmarks….seems that they should have made at least some progress in that department from PS1 days.Unfortunately – not. :/

  43. Oct. 6, 4:38pm

    Btw, the new track this shows looks like the Saint Gotthard Pass. It has the same railing at the edge of the road, and the background look like swiss alps.

    And if it is, than it would be fantastic :D

  44. Oct. 6, 4:28pm

    It would be fantastic if these sounds are ingame. But i guess PD just dubbed it again for the trailer.

  45. Oct. 6, 4:27pm

    If those tire noises aren’t dubbed then I am dumbfounded! Everything in that video looks and sounds real!

  46. Oct. 6, 3:59pm
    5gran turismo5

    if u ask me i think theres going to be spec 4 including this toyota then ferrari and something else we need to see

  47. Oct. 6, 3:51pm

    Normally I don’t like the design of the newer Toyotas… but this is a masterpiece!
    And again a wonderful trailer from GT5. Why do we have to wait 6 months to play this? XD

  48. Oct. 6, 3:32pm
    Aaron Jaggan (pranl)


    yes u know how long i waited? lol
    I love the celica and the 86..this video made my day :)

  49. Oct. 6, 3:29pm

    if Toyota would build it at a reasonable price it would be my first car

  50. Oct. 6, 3:25pm

    When the FT-86 is lowered off the truck – could this be how we acquire new cars when we buy or win them? Cool if it was! And I believe that the track seen at the beginning is new to GT5. Need a HD version :)

  51. Oct. 6, 3:21pm
    Martin Bigg

    HD video now available guys:

  52. Oct. 6, 3:17pm

    Like the E3 ’09 trailer the driver wasn’t in race overalls or a helmet, driver customisation isnt important to be anyway :’)

  53. Oct. 6, 3:17pm

    “I’ll update this post when I get my hands on a better [HD] version of the trailer.”

    update time, here’s the original (clean) HD version :)

  54. Oct. 6, 3:09pm

    I bet after they saw Forza’s skidmarks they decided not to put it in ;D lol

  55. Oct. 6, 3:03pm
    Bank Alexander


  56. Oct. 6, 2:57pm
    Big Ron

    I am a little bid sad, that there are still no skidmarks on the track and when the car is drifting :(

    That is one of the first things, when I am thinking of racing.

  57. Oct. 6, 2:54pm

    i hope you can actually change the face of the driver and replace it with our own face.

  58. Oct. 6, 2:49pm

    GT5 Prologue spec 4 anyone?!? :)

  59. Oct. 6, 2:37pm

    Wow…very nice! I have no doubt that showing the motor in this clip…is a hint of whats to come! Great vid!

  60. Oct. 6, 2:26pm

    A new sports car form Toyota? YAY! this is a good day. they still need to work on putting the FT-HS into production. (the concept from a few years ago, remember?)

  61. Oct. 6, 2:23pm

    very nice, i would love to customise a driver

  62. Oct. 6, 2:18pm
    Jeffrey Miller

    The dusk track kind of looked like Grindelwald from GT2.
    And was that a Toyota sprinter trueno (white car) racing the new concept?

  63. Oct. 6, 2:09pm

    Toyota, please build this, we’re fed up of crappy bland FWD saloons!

  64. Oct. 6, 2:07pm

    The driver is what has caught my attention.

    Customizable drivers? Say it ain’t so!!

  65. Oct. 6, 2:04pm
    At 1ness

    YES!!! The Hachi is back!!! and with a Boxer engine!!!

  66. Oct. 6, 1:55pm
    knight spirit

    front looks like a 370z

  67. Oct. 6, 1:40pm

    It has a 6 spd trans. with 4 cylinder engine on a RWD platform developed by Subaru and Toyota and should be out by late 2011.

  68. Oct. 6, 1:35pm

    Yeah i think deep forest as well

  69. Oct. 6, 1:32pm

    Skillcoil: it is not supra, this is new hachiroku ;) old AE86 is compared to the new one…

  70. Oct. 6, 1:31pm

    Omg Hachi-Roku and its new generation.

    Altough I prefer the good old 86 the new one is nice too.

  71. Oct. 6, 1:25pm

    @crispy, i think that’s for the london track. i remember hearing somewhere that the london track in GT5 will be 5 times longer than the one in Prologue

  72. Oct. 6, 1:25pm

    Something tells me that you will be able to map your face with the playstation eye put it on the driver’s head.That would be aaawesome!

  73. Oct. 6, 1:22pm

    @ Crispy:
    Exactly my thought. I thought I read somewhere on the forums about longer versions of Eiger and London.

    Let’s hope for some point to point Alpine courses … “yummie”…

  74. Oct. 6, 1:10pm

    The track looks like possibly a long version of Eiger, I think I heard somewhere that there was a longer version than the one on GT5P!!

  75. Oct. 6, 1:08pm

    The 1st bit looks like a few tracks put together but also like a mountain pass or maybe a tarred version of the pike peak climb,which would be so awesome to race on.
    To Toyota,nice car

  76. Oct. 6, 1:07pm

    This is that project Toyota and Subaru are working on, sweet.

  77. Oct. 6, 1:07pm

    It looks a lot like grand valley too.

  78. Oct. 6, 1:02pm

    Did i notice tire marks on the ground? Also, i think there will be cockpit view fo all vehicules, but most of the cars won’t have fully modeled interior and viewable damages from the interior.

  79. Oct. 6, 1:01pm

    I noticed the guy or girl driving wasnt using a helmet
    in all other cases theyre in racing uniform with gloves, helmet, etc

  80. Oct. 6, 12:58pm
    GT P.I.M.P

    Does the track in the mountains resemble Grindelwald from GT2 to anyone else?

  81. Oct. 6, 12:58pm
    Sam__ NY

    That lighted tunnel it went through was the same tunnel we saw in the E3 07 concept trailer.

  82. Oct. 6, 12:54pm

    OOooooo welcome back Supra /hug

  83. Oct. 6, 12:48pm


  84. Oct. 6, 12:47pm

    the tunnel could be or grand valley or deep forest…

  85. Oct. 6, 12:46pm

    Nice video, the drivers face was interesting with no crash helmet. The tracks looked like ones we have seen before, it just looked like Eiger then London then Fuji although I admit Eiger looks a little different in places to Prologue.

  86. Oct. 6, 12:44pm

    its shigeno version like always… nothing new…

  87. Oct. 6, 12:40pm

    the other car is that the car from Initial D? And i think there is drift race

  88. Oct. 6, 12:38pm

    Important thigs form the video:
    1)Eiger(it seems) has a new design
    2)new tire’s scretching sound
    3)racing at dusk..well not sure about that,but this could be an hint for day/night cycle
    4)cockpit view for this concept car and maybe for all the concepts
    Nice video btw :)

  89. Oct. 6, 12:28pm

    StogyBear@ I think there is a man behind the wheel.Pause at 1:11.beard? So nice video!

  90. Oct. 6, 12:22pm

    Looks a bit like the Grand Valley tunnel, then the dusk scenery reminds me of Grindelwald from GT2. Probably not that though.

  91. Oct. 6, 12:09pm
    Big Ron

    What I noticed…in the video, there was a new sound of speaking tires, which sounds really great and realistic and not so annoying like in older GT games

  92. Oct. 6, 12:06pm

    no one notice the driver face…
    there’s always somebody different in the PD’s trailer…
    for me, the driver is fully customizable at 100%

  93. Oct. 6, 11:54am

    Toyota: Please build this!

  94. Oct. 6, 11:54am

    Anyone else notice it was a WOMAN driving?? And that beginning track looked a lot like Eiger.

  95. Oct. 6, 11:45am

    A sneak peek at the engine… pornography. Hoping that’s a feature of the game and viewable on all cars

  96. Oct. 6, 11:43am
    Big Ron

    Wow, the new track locations are really great…looks a bit like the serpentines of Japan or something.

    I hope, there are a lot of new tracks and not only recycled known GT tracks

  97. Oct. 6, 11:40am

    Spelling mistake on the heading, it should say Toyota, without the A ;).

    Great find Jordan, thanks.

  98. Oct. 6, 11:38am

    does this mean lorries are confirmed? :-P

  99. Oct. 6, 11:37am

    Definitely seems like dubbed sounds… interesting though, thanks J

  100. Oct. 6, 11:37am

    new celica?

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