New Hues to Choose in This Week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

Gran Turismo Sport 27 June 19, 2018 by

As is now tradition, Tuesday is the day GT Sport‘s painters celebrate.

Polyphony Digital has updated the Mileage Exchange on cue, bringing a largely rejuvenated palette. It’s a minor update this week, so the Exchange keeps hold of the Special Vehicles from last week, but refreshing the rest of the items.

There’s nothing entirely new up in the decal, helmet and pose selections. These carry on cycling through the few options they’ve had since the game’s launch. Those who’ve already collected all of the game’s wheels will also find nothing brand new, but this week’s varied spread is a good chance for late-adopters to pick up anything they missed first time around.

The list of paints has not yet reached an end though. As usual, both of the manufacturer paints this week are repeats, with Porsche and Volkswagen colors. There’s a repeat red, but otherwise the selection is new. It’s hardly a full rainbow, with several new green options and some pink/purple, along with a green-purple color shift paint.

These items will remain available until 0859 UTC on June 26. The Exchange will then refresh entirely, including the cars, which should bring back the Mazda Atenza Gr.3 Road Car and BMW M4 Safety Car.

If you still need to pick up some Mi points for the Exchange’s items, check out our tips and tricks on how to get quick Mi points via the Achievements.

GT Sport Mileage Exchange – June 19–June 26

Special Cars

  • Mercedes-AMG GT – Gr.X – 4000 Mi
  • Ford Mustang Gr.3 Road Car – N500 – 2500 Mi


  • BBS RI-S (Chrome) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-S (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-S (Black, silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing TCIII (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing TCIII (Black) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS GTS (Black, silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS GTS (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS GTS (Chrome) – 100 Mi
  • ENKEI RS05RR (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ENKEI RS05RR (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • WORK Meister S1R (Black, silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • WORK Meister S1R (Bronze) – 100 Mi
  • WORK Meister S1R (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • WORK Meister S1R (Chrome) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Torino (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Torino (Black) – 100 Mi


  • Kill Switch 02 – 100 Mi
  • Extinguisher Switch 02 – 100 Mi
  • TOW 06 – 100 Mi


  • Arai GP-6 Metallic GT – 2000 Mi
  • Arai GP-6 Metallic – 2000 Mi

Profile Poses

  • Driver Pose 4 – 500 Mi
  • Driver Pose 5 – 500 Mi

Special Colors

  • Uranus Grey – 500 Mi
  • Lava Orange – 500 Mi
  • G6 Chrome (Green) – 1000 Mi
  • GPY Colorshift – 500 Mi
  • R1 Small Flakes (Red) – 500 Mi
  • G1 Aluminum Met (Green) – 500 Mi
  • G2 Matte Fluorescent (Green) – 500 Mi
  • G5 Matte Fluorescent (Green) – 500 Mi
  • G8 Half Matte (Green) – 500 Mi
  • B2 Large Flakes (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B3 Matte Metallic (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • P4 Fluorescent (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • P5 Fluorescent (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • P6 Liquid Met. (Purple) – 500 Mi

Feature image courtesy of DatNoiseV12.

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