New “World Compact Car” GT5 Seasonal Events & More

July 28th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

After nearly a month-long hiatus, GT5‘s Seasonal Event updates have returned. The “World Compact Car” series is now available, open to cars with less than 450pp and less than 4200mm in length. Races take place at the following circuits:

  • Rome City (5 laps, 356,100 Cr.)
  • Grand Valley East Reverse (5 laps, 384,000 Cr.)
  • Cape Ring Outside (3 laps, 403,200 Cr.)
  • Tokyo Route 246 (3 laps, 395,100 Cr.)
  • Tokyo bay (Kart) 107A (5 laps, 406,800 Cr.)

In addition, new Time Trial events at SSR5 and Suzuka East are now available, along with new Drift Trials at Trial Mountain and Rome Reverse. The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with a curious selection of “classics”.

As always, head on over to our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion. Thanks to RACECAR for the early tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Moglet.

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  1. Jul. 31, 12:02am

    1. The PS3 has a video edit and YouTube upload feature, so would be happy for GT5 to write to HDD in MPEG4 to upload subsequently out of game.

    2. Starting to tune or setup a car while a track is loading doesn’t imply you can’t carry on tuning after the track has loaded. It merely gives you something useful to do instead of watching a loading screen for 20 to 30 seconds before being given access to tune or setup.

  2. Jul. 29, 2:28pm

    I did all the events with my PD Kart :)

    • Jul. 29, 3:04pm

      I heard something about people doing that! I’m going to go try it. Is it hard?

  3. Jul. 29, 1:25pm

    To anyone who thinks this seasonal isn’t competitive… it’s called down tuning. And if your not willing to do that, go somewhere else. Enjoy the seasonal! :)

  4. Jul. 29, 10:45am

    I enjoyed doing some of these in my ‘compact’ Prowler.

  5. Jul. 29, 6:52am
    Yes, we need DLC!

    For crying out loud, where’s the bloody DLC? I mean Dirt 3 came out months after GT5 and it has tons of DLC already, just really gutted to know that we might not even get any sort of DLC for the PS3.

  6. Jul. 29, 5:23am

    I did in a fully suped Renault Clio V6 Sport, and then just set the power limiter to 450PP, in total giving you a reasonable 280bhp. Just a little tip for you guys. :)

  7. Jul. 29, 4:29am


    Indeed, the OCD looks so boring now, omg.
    And i want more competitive race car seasonals (LMP / Group C cars). It`s a racing game not an old man`s game.

  8. Jul. 29, 12:36am

    Wow! Bad Car choices for the Online Dealership…..

  9. Jul. 28, 8:38pm

    all these seasonal events are well and good but when are they going to give us some DLC?????? some new tracks and some new cars? like c’mon polyphony give us some DLC!

  10. Jul. 28, 6:30pm

    (Awesome picture btw :) )

  11. Jul. 28, 6:26pm

    A month long wait for a pathetic “compact car” event (?) PD please stop milking ideas that were very unpopular first time round. Give us a ‘Le Mans’ race with LM cars only, or a ‘Concept Car’ race, themes that are new, instead of this childish garbage. ‘Compact Car’…..*pfft*.

    • Jul. 29, 9:35am

      Shut up

  12. Jul. 28, 4:34pm

    Wow, thanks for using my photo again Jordan!

    Regarding the image, it was created by taking 3 separate shots from the same angle and merging them in Photoshop. I then added the reflection in the rear bumper of the black car to make it more realistic.

    Sadly I had to get rid of my real 500 but at least I still have GT5 ;)

  13. Jul. 28, 1:48pm

    Ok seasonals, but the OCD… fail…

  14. Jul. 28, 1:31pm

    @Slick. Thumbs up. We waited a PSNs outage amount of time to get these seasonals, be glad you have them. I waited, we all waited, we got in the end.

  15. Jul. 28, 12:40pm

    All I can say is about damn time.

    • Jul. 28, 12:50pm

      All I can say is patience is a virtue you seem lacking in.

  16. Jul. 28, 12:06pm

    Kind of lame update

  17. Jul. 28, 11:49am

    Nice seasonal and great to see these but it’s a pity they expire as I’m only just getting stuck into the main A-Spec endurance events.

    GT5 patch update next please! GT5 Spec II.

    * Tune / parts config / set up while loading track.
    * Fix jaggy shadows and low-rez smoke / dirt / spray.
    * Endurance race saves (from pit lane will do).
    * Time Trial for every track (dry, sunny) + car combo.
    * FWD and RWD in replays.
    * Save replays to MPEG4 format (480p & YouTube compat).

    Follow this with premium / paid for DLC:-
    * Weather & dynamic time of day to other existing tracks.
    * More tracks…
    * More premium cars…

    Keep trying & don’t give up! :-)

    • Jul. 28, 12:52pm

      You aren’t going to see saves that are YouTube compatible, they take to long to render. They are Flash, not MPEG btw. They tried and couldn’t get them to a reasonable time. Look at Shift 2. You can upload to YouTube, but its only 10 second segments because it takes to long to render an entire race.

    • Jul. 28, 7:14pm

      Why not fix the crappy online first, duh?

    • Jul. 29, 9:34am

      @LordVonPS3… “set up while loading track” – wtf? How long does it take for you to load a track? You can’t tune a car in like 10 seconds….

    • Jul. 29, 10:02am

      What about multiple set-ups for each car like in Prologue? At the moment i’ve got to get the pen and paper out to write down all my settings every time I want to change tracks using the same car.

  18. Jul. 28, 11:36am

    The blue one is IDENTICAL to mine! I mean the paint/rims/rideheight is all the same. Wierd

  19. Jul. 28, 9:20am
    Bien Cien

    Is it just me or should they have included new a Fiat 500 Abarth car in the new dealership to go with this new exciting seasonal event? Yes yes I know blah blah blah you can tune a 500 to Abarth specifications blah blah blah. That’s not the point. I like the Abarth styling.

  20. Jul. 28, 9:12am

    all with 0-k’s too

  21. Jul. 28, 9:09am

    oh oh oh ,didnt see other updates…oh oh oh

  22. Jul. 28, 8:38am

    Best news on GTP EVER!

  23. Jul. 28, 8:37am

    Finally an update :D

  24. Jul. 28, 6:43am

    so that was fun for 40 min our les, to bad the season event brings nothing new just more helmets and suits, bye the way what is going on with that in arcade mode the driver has team clothing why dont whe get those instead of the grapy looking suits and helmets we have now. beter idea make a shop where you can buy those silly things.

    and is there any possibility that we get a answer to the question if we will get cockpitview for a the cars. fotr that will be the best update ever.

  25. Jul. 28, 5:46am

    There seems to be a bug in the cars allowed for the “compact car” championship. The current list of legal cars includes: Range Stormer Concept, SSR ’03, F-150 Lightning, Charger Super Bee, CL 600, VW Bus….

    Someone with fat fingers typed in the “4200” instead of “3200” perhaps? Or something of the sort?

    Also, I notice that someone has found a way to cut corners on the NASCAR Suzuka Time Trial, there is currently one time 25 seconds better than most of the other times. Count on that one being taken down tomorrow.

  26. Jul. 28, 5:44am
    Super T

    Have been checking before going to work the last couple of days to see if they’ve been updated… Wish I hadn’t now, a) nearly made me late this morning and b) I now have to wait until I finish work to get stuck in. :-(

  27. Jul. 28, 5:36am

    i got 2 different helmetys for finishing first at toyko bay,,,deep black paint for 3rd,gunna try again now

    • Jul. 28, 5:44am

      horns for 3rd…grrr

  28. Jul. 28, 5:14am

    awesome… I was beginning to think they’d forgotten about us for a second

  29. Jul. 28, 4:19am

    the whole picture i mean :)

  30. Jul. 28, 3:57am

    I think it is photoshop because I think you can create reflections on photoshop using the right type of brush :)

    • Jul. 28, 4:19am

      although it looks really hard to do!

    • Jul. 28, 11:49am

      Yup you are correct! It’s just a very creative pshop image.

    • Jul. 29, 5:38am

      Moglet would have just cut around the red car, resized and then placed the red reflection on the chrome bumper. It’s not *that* difficult to get a similar result

    • Jul. 29, 12:34pm

      Like Klaus said, it’s not hard to do it. You just cut it out, resize and flip it and then blur it a little!

  31. Jul. 28, 3:31am

    Those are real cars :) duh!

  32. Jul. 28, 3:16am

    That’s photo mode….. Not ran online session. Come on.. we need answers

    • Jul. 28, 3:21am

      Argh!! ANSWERS!! Pleaseeeeeeeee!

  33. Jul. 28, 3:16am

    It’s not PhotoShop because you can see the orange 500 in the black 500’s bumper.

    • Jul. 28, 1:30pm

      Who says you can’t be good at photoshop?

    • Jul. 28, 10:37pm

      HAHA!! you’d be surprised sunshine!! sortov the point when you want to make the picture look ‘legit’…

    • Jul. 29, 5:36am

      You’d be surprised what some people do in their spare time :D

    • Jul. 29, 12:38pm

      I studied Graphic Design for 3 years to get my degree, by being in that environment for a while you tend to get into the habit of paying a LOT of attention to the details! ;)

      Details are very important if you want an image to be believable or stand out from the crowd. It seems to have worked as it got picked up on by several members despite being a very easy edit to carry out!

  34. Jul. 28, 3:14am
    Mr. Herp Derp


  35. Jul. 28, 3:11am

    3 people online maybe?

  36. Jul. 28, 3:06am

    With an answer not another question lol

  37. Jul. 28, 3:00am

    PhotoShop ?

  38. Jul. 28, 2:55am

    how can you have 3 cars in one picture?

    • Jul. 28, 3:01am


    • Jul. 28, 3:05am

      Please answer this fellow’s question

    • Jul. 28, 3:23am

      @Rcrcool9: Moglet did many decent Photoshopping, so yes.

    • Jul. 28, 3:41am

      The post from Moglet states “500 montage!” … so I would say good photoshop skills.

    • Jul. 28, 7:26am

      Look at the filename of the picture: it’s called “montage” so yes, it’s photoshop or equivalent.

    • Jul. 28, 12:52pm

      Actually very simple. You don’t even need Photoshop; it can be done in MS Paint.

    • Jul. 29, 1:50am

      Drive them all in really fast before GT5 notices! XD

    • Jul. 29, 5:35am

      What you can’t do in MS paint however (or it would be extremely difficult), is the reflection of the red car on the bumper of the black car. That’s attention to detail ;)

    • Jul. 29, 9:45am

      Great picture Moglet, what would’ve been really clever is if the cars were in green, white, and red (from right to left), to match the colours of the Italian flag.

  39. Jul. 28, 2:53am


    • Jul. 29, 9:25am

      Definitely gonna rock these races with my fiat panda!

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