Nissan Silvia Featured in Latest Special GT5 Seasonal Event

July 20th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

A series of special GT5 Seasonal Events kicked off last week, featuring the GT Academy 2012 prize cars.

First up was the Nissan Leaf, and now, it’s the Nissan Silvia’s turn in the spotlight. Here’s a closer look at the new A-Spec race and time trial, available only to players who earned the Silvia Spec-R Aero(GT Academy) ’02 in the GT Academy 2012 mini-game:

  • Trial Mountain Circuit / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/07/19 23:00 – 2012/07/26 23:00
    1st: Cr.367,000  2nd: Cr.201,850  3rd: Cr.146,800
  • 433PP Toscana 207A Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/07/19 23:00 – 2012/07/26 23:00
    Gold: Cr.300,000  Silver: Cr.200,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum and our GT Academy 2012 forum for more analysis and discussion. Thanks to Uriehusky for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Des Foley.

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  1. Aug. 5, 1:57am

    i love the silvia s15, it is so good in gt5, except for the bodykits, why wouldnt they make it have a rear bumber ? it looks so stipuid

  2. Jul. 25, 10:14pm

    1 feature i think would help is drive terraine conversion kits so i i fest like drifting in a skyline i could do that. I own forza and gt5 and i do have to admit that even with the things gt5 doesnt have that forza does gt5 is better but those features would blow away frza if they added them. Oh and the standered car crap needs to go all premium cars would make me stop playing forza all together. We need more cars (premium) and more tracks the physics and lighting effects are amazing and detail too. I thing another thing that would be nice is to open doors and hoods in photo mode there is so much detail in that game that you cant see without a glitchof some sort. There are little things that would make gt5 blow away any racing game that tried to compete. I think having body kits to put on your import tuner cars would be a cool feature and a cool thing they should do is by doing races and winning 1st place your can earn sponsorships for extra xp or money and then you can place sponsor stickers on you car i think that would make it alot fun. Even if they dont do this in an update in gt5 they shuld do it for Gran Turismo 6 and that would get my vote for the best racing game of all time.

    • Jul. 28, 8:00am

      Sponsors… good call but need the real company to approve etc, Body Kits are good as long as there not over the top, ie a wide bodied corsa or polo…. no but more improved airflow with vents and openings …yes (showing intercooler etc too). Going back to ur drifting point, drifter dont use top of the range cars so no GTRs around, there all GTTs or older GT-STs which are rear wheel drive then beef them up. btw Opening doors in photo mode brings me back to Underground 2 magazine cover shoots lol

  3. Jul. 24, 8:34am

    i really think this game is dieing , if not dead already. nothing as of yet, not even a decent update let alone dlc (scion doesnt count as its just a rebadged gt 86). I just say, let this be a lesson and learn from your mistakes. let it go and make gt6 3x better and crush forza. do away with useless things like paint chips, standard cars, suits/helmets, crappy wheels, horns, museum cards (why these, every one has wikipedia, why should i earn history info….). Just do an auto store/paint store/parts store where you can buy those things at different prices, just like in REAL LIFE as its a simulator, Im not asking for hydralics or stupid body kits that increase drag or chavvy neon lights but just the good stuff (maybe even manufacturer kits like veilside, re-amimya, amuse, Top secret etc) and theres more carbon parts than a hood, theres doors, boot, bonnet bumpers, fenders, seats, spoilers so let us use them for rear racing conversions, engine swaps – ive seen v12s in golfs, superchargered v10 in a focus, rb26dett in a rx7, the list is endless and not impractical to add on. would make gt6 have endless combinations (even uses brands to increase it more Blitz, greddy, hks all make similar parts but in some way different to each other).

    • Jul. 25, 11:58am

      Not for me. V12 in a golf? I suppose this would be bright orange with racing soft tyres. how childish.

    • Jul. 25, 3:31pm

      They do make a V12 golf. Was on top gear. They need to do a lot more with GT6 but that won’t be for a long time.

    • Jul. 25, 10:17pm

      I think you have a good point but i think the body kits would be a good idea it would make it authentic racing and for drifting it would make it feel more authentic. In d1 and some racing corperations you see body kits on the cars for aerodynamics and such.

  4. Jul. 22, 9:13pm

    These are pretty hard! the AI drive so much faster.

  5. Jul. 22, 11:20am

    I really think they should have more rim selection because some of them are boring,maybe a premium dodge charger R/T,a mustang with a cockpit view that the driver actually shift gears.and get rid of some these standard cars that are a wastes of space,has anyone seen the soccer mom VOLVO that’s what i mean who the hell is the going use that lol except a a..hole they need to do a lil better than that.

    • Jul. 22, 1:14pm
      Pit Crew

      The Mustang GT Premium was most likely scanned as an Automatic version of said car

    • Jul. 22, 1:23pm

      @ danger23

      You just realized that you call A LOT of people a-holes? Not cool, man.

      @ Pit Crew

      It was. I took a pic of the interior and it is indeed an auto. IT’s too bad that it shifts like a manual, and it’s strange also considering that there are a couple of automatics that do shift like so. Like the SL55.

    • Jul. 22, 3:22pm

      Sorry didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers but it was a joke,i’m just saying it’s a stupid car to me,kidda makes me mad, i still love the game but some thing on there just doesn’t make sense.castrol supra super gt no premium supra street car that to me is one of the iconic cars of the game,”a volvo c’mon” it’s a waste “trucks for what” more premiums.A premium volkwegen bug being part of a DLC lol,a thousand gtr’s,i just want a lil mix.then you have the leaf,don’t get me wrong it’s good technology for the future,but i don’t think the air in gt5 is contaminated.nobody is intrested in racing those cars,and all these old fart cars that go barely go 60 mph some of these dealerships have 1or2 cars in the lot the,mine’s dealership is the same since the last five gt games. to me that space and memory that wasted when they could have been petient in producing this GOOD TO GT6 HOPE GETS BETTER BUT.But i’m still a big fan of the game.

    • Jul. 22, 5:20pm
      Pit Crew

      I agree Husky weirdness personafied lol. I fear a number of Standard models are also like this. For example , The Holden Monaro 04 and the 04 Goat, which has 815 HP to the Holdens 700 plus, yet the Holden does 218 on Daytona SSW and the GTO accomplishes only 214.999, with same tune. WEIRD.

    • Jul. 23, 3:09am

      @ danger23

      No problem, man. I didn’t take it serious. And your frustration is understandable. I mean, just look at some manufacturers and realize how many of their best models were left out as standards. The supra RZ is one of the biggest examples. Probably the most iconic Toyota, yet it was left behind.

      BMW, for example, has only the M5 and M3 as its most powerful street cars, and although they are amazing, they left behind the M3 CSL.

      The story repeats with others.

    • Jul. 23, 8:43am

      @huskygt, that’s true i forgot about those.

    • Jul. 23, 8:41pm
      Pit Crew

      Agreed Husky and lets not forget the BMW 850i and the 6 series Coupe

    • Jul. 24, 8:31pm
      e30 freek

      @husky you forgot about the z4m which is quick and the new 1m which is like a all new version of the e30 m3

  6. Jul. 22, 6:50am

    Trial mountain wihtout any changes/tuning is finally a bit challenging…
    1st try: 0,2 seconds behind winner
    2nd try: 2 seconds lead victory

    • Jul. 22, 1:12pm


  7. Jul. 21, 7:41pm

    Still no news about the coming DLC? I wait and wait, but I’m not used to being practically done with the game yet.

    • Jul. 21, 11:32pm
      e30 freek

      Dlc info should be released even if it is a month away or two or whatever

    • Jul. 21, 11:58pm

      So that basically means that every day that goes by without news, the 1 to 2 months countdown is restarted…

      Frustraiting, if you think of it that way.

    • Jul. 22, 5:06am

      I would expect the next round of DLC will be made available only after the GT Academy Car delivery & Special events are finished with.

      There more than likely working on the next stages of DLC but at the endof the day this does take time so im afraid you will just have to be a tad patient.

    • Jul. 22, 6:49am
      e30 freek

      @Husky i didnt mean they give us a date just information on the dlc like what price and content

    • Jul. 22, 9:28am

      I should have done GTA, I’m missing out on a lot of stuff.
      I understand that they probably won’t release any info until after August, but we know they’re working on it, so they should give us a hint or something.

    • Jul. 22, 1:18pm
      Pit Crew

      Well gamerdog they kinda hinted at future DLC with the news we will be getting more eventually. Lets hope the content is beng scanned and coded as we speak.

  8. Jul. 21, 12:09pm

    Did both events stock and I must say, the first one stock was pretty hard. Got the leading S15 at the final chicane! I feal really accomplished!

  9. Jul. 21, 7:13am

    new user , had to sign to post about new gta silvia tt , last time checked leaderboards amo-racing was 1st place , now for the problem , has anyone viewed his replay , 3 times all 4 wheels were off the track , on the 3rd gear crest he runs off & hits the tree with the back end of car , clearly heard , pd needs to stop the use of steering assist on these tt’s

    • Jul. 21, 10:49am

      correction of above post , i believe yinato went ahead of him earlier but hes now back on top , the tree incident has now gone but still has whole car off the track twice that i noticed

    • Jul. 21, 12:27pm

      That’s very sad. It’s strange that they don’t get penalized for going off-track. Also, I agree. Every assist for beginners should be banned from the trails.

    • Jul. 21, 1:12pm

      thanks husky for the support , really thought i was going to be destroyed for saying that & pleased to meet u , my biggest moan is that these guys could all post decent times without the use of assists ,

    • Jul. 21, 1:38pm

      Some of these guys are legit. They spent hours literally, studying every single braking point, corner, speed of exit, until they manage these times. But there’s always going to be cheaters.

      I don’t know if you remember the Lancer Evolution Time Trail Seasonal. That event had to be taken down since people were driving through the pit lane to reduce their lap times.

      And pleased to meet you to. Welcome to GTPlanet.

    • Jul. 21, 1:58pm

      point taken on time spent behind the wheel so to say , but credit only where its due , for example a regular top 10 appearance in tt’s is the japanese guy/girl lbshooter, never uses assists … that i’ve seen .

    • Jul. 21, 3:32pm

      When I watch a replay of top ten, I pic the one who uses no assists (except ABS), and a 900 degree wheel (or a stick if no one has 900 degree wheel in top ten) …

      If they are in 5th or 7th place, they are the real winners to me.

    • Jul. 21, 4:14pm

      same here bwx , abs 1 & 900 wheel , currently sitting 540th , true that lower placed drivers r the winners , u still around the 120 mark ?

  10. Jul. 21, 6:34am

    every time, the silvia’s wheels seem really narrow and thin and looks wrong, even after a rim change. how is this fixed and how does it look right in this pic.

    • Jul. 21, 11:33am

      you can adjust offest or wheel width so no your gonna have to rock the skinnes bro.. its super annoying cause this car is always flush in real life

    • Jul. 21, 12:36pm

      I’ve figured that the Rays VR.G2 in black is the only wheel that hides the horrible design flaw. But they have to be in black. I never bought the Silvia because of that(and because it’s not my type of car), but now I tried it again, I bought the Rays, and the car doesn’t look half bad.

  11. Jul. 21, 4:58am

    I sure hope the next dlc and update is out this during early to mid August.

  12. Jul. 21, 3:18am

    I enter this page just to see something that says “dlc next week” or at least saying its in august! LOL anyways i ask too much, i got a silvia event now

  13. Jul. 20, 6:44pm

    Cant see people whining that the Time Trial is too easy,where do you rank?
    Last count i was 150th

    • Jul. 20, 9:17pm

      My first lap I was 120th. Then I was done..

  14. Jul. 20, 4:18pm

    You just need to drop the transmission down to 180kph (lowest setting) and adjust the final gear to 200Kph and you can get ahead by the end of the tunnel straight on last lap.

    The TT track seemed well designed for this car though – plenty of follow-through corners. A fun run.

    • Jul. 20, 4:59pm

      I got the leader before, right on the Monkey S bend that leads to the second tunnel, using the stock transmission. I feel it grips better although it sacrifices acceleration. The 6th gear is useless, though.

  15. Jul. 20, 2:28pm

    Well, I’m an average GT player, but I found these events not to be as difficult as some were saying. I have to agree that the whole chase the rabbit thing has gone rediculous though.

    I used my Silvia stock with only Weight Reduction 1, and although I was shocked to see that the leader was 31 seconds in front of me, I did won with a reasonable 6 second advantage in the last lap. Even though it might not look like, Trail Mountain is a really easy track, and it lets you push your car to the limit without any problems.

    However the Time Trial was not that easy. Usually in regular time trail seasonals you can get gold in the first try without even forcing yourself to do so. This one took me four laps, and although I managed to get gold, I had to “cheat” buy using hood view minstead of cockpit, turning on the track map and HUD.

  16. Jul. 20, 2:23pm

    No DLC ??? lol

  17. Jul. 20, 2:02pm

    won in the stock car by .323 wasnt that hard though just kept a clean line thru the hole thing without hitting anyone

  18. Jul. 20, 12:21pm

    Every news post has the same people posting the same comments criticizing PD and GT. please stop. They don’t read comments on gtplanet so it’s pointless and annoying to us readers. Either enjoy the game or just stop playing it and get a life!

    • Jul. 20, 12:45pm
      Pit Crew

      how can you say with any certainty, that Kaz & PD dont read posts on GTPlanet?

    • Jul. 20, 1:12pm

      +1 FGD

    • Jul. 20, 2:03pm

      he said it here gt5 players have no life lol…

    • Jul. 20, 2:11pm

      Same losers complaining every time; just ignore them like life has.

    • Jul. 20, 2:34pm

      No, I honestly think that the criticism IS necessary. However, it has to be constructive and not just a random ranting and uneducated babbling that ends up in a nonsese wishlist.

      We are Gran Turismo fans, and we need to help PD to continue being the leaders. If no one tells them in what aspects they are failing, then the story will repeat itself in future titles.

    • Jul. 20, 6:36pm

      I highly agree with you HuskyGT. But sadly there won’t be no way or anyway to get some positive complaints from our comments to be spoken, due to SOME people not understanding that us GT fans who write up positive complaints just wants to help improve the game.

      But hey, at least we’re trying to get the GT series to become gold again with modern times, other than keeping it stuck in the past… I just don’t see why some fans would start complaining about compainers complaining about a game that could need some improving for the future, and than saying the complainers should get a life, which in fact they’ll need to get a life as well.

      Oh well. I guess the GT series will forever be stuck to being the same old GT while other games are improving 24/7 which is inspiring. GT’s seasonsl events being a game of chase the rabbit till GT6 comes which may end up with chase rabbit AGAIN if we don’t say something.

      But look at the bright side. varmintx said they’ll just be ingoring us, so we can say anything whatever we want to get Kaz and PD’s attention perfectly, since they’ll not type up anything about our comments being BLAH BLAH BLAH. :) YES!!!

    • Jul. 20, 8:03pm

      Really sad that people feel the need to insult others when something as silly as a video game is criticized.

    • Jul. 20, 9:15pm

      FakeGangstaDIE – LOL! You read my criticism of the ai in GT5 and feel the urgent need to complain about me complaining!

      At least I have something constructive to say. I love Gran Turismo, I just want it to be better. You just want to try to make yourself feel better by putting other people down.

      People like that are the ones with low self esteem. Who needs to ”get a life” now?

    • Jul. 20, 10:14pm
      Pit Crew

      @BWX LOL you got a point bro. the ones who sweat our “complaints” never have a constructive idea, or justifiable bit of gt info, bt they sure get antsy when we speak our peace bout some GT5 shortcomings. Yet in their personal lives they prob complain bout everything negative they experienced that day.

    • Jul. 21, 4:54am

      write me an essay toko.

    • Jul. 21, 7:01am

      Haha. Fight me

    • Jul. 21, 10:40am

      BWX wins.

      FakeGangsta: still has mom do his laundry while he watches sucker-free sunday to get his idea of what reality is from MTV.

    • Jul. 21, 3:25pm

      LOL great stuff.

      ”Dear BWX, You have received a new private message at GTPlanet Forums from FakeGangstaDIE, entitled “Ok”.

      He loses an argument so then he resorts to name calling and insults in PM. I just sent him a PM explaining how he lost again and then put him on my ignore list.

  19. Jul. 20, 10:56am

    Trial Mountain just crashes whenever i win the race

    • Jul. 20, 12:46pm

      Yeah. They deffinetly don’t.

  20. Jul. 20, 10:34am

    Finally, something that I can win…

  21. Jul. 20, 8:22am

    LOL it’s easy when you fully tuned out you car. Why on earth did you tune it then? It’s pretty challenging and a lot of fun actually if you leave the car stock, starting at 428pp, the carPP gets up with every mile anyway. If you reached 431 you should be able to catch the rabbit. No tuning needed.

    • Jul. 20, 9:06am
      Pit Crew

      break in miles only add bout 25 or so extra pp, not enuff to make cars performance over the top.

      tuning the trans is most essential tune so if nothing else buy the FC transmission and or the adjustable suspension. they wont affect pp or hp.

  22. Jul. 20, 8:20am

    It would be much more exciting if tuning was not allowed and it was a grid start, or even if it had the current format but with the Performance Difference Adjustment so there is an incentive to do it with as little tuning as possible

    • Jul. 20, 8:23am

      +1 wish we had qualifyings back :(

  23. Jul. 20, 7:09am

    This one’s easy. After 3 laps you’re first with a fully tuned car.

  24. Jul. 20, 6:57am
    e30 freek

    Il do this after mosque and then on saturday im fasting for a whole month yay :/

    • Jul. 20, 8:27am

      does at mean you dont play videogames during ramadan?

    • Jul. 20, 9:12am
      Pit Crew

      @Flaco13 Not cool, couldn’t you just have inquired, whether or not he would still be gaming?

    • Jul. 20, 9:36am
      e30 freek

      No i can still play

    • Jul. 20, 12:23pm
      e30 freek

      Thanks pit crew ;)

    • Jul. 20, 6:43pm

      i like to play

    • Jul. 22, 11:10am

      with ones self

  25. Jul. 20, 3:35am

    For any body complaining about AI pd dropped rubber banding in everything past 3, and yes the AI in other games “races” well actually it doesn’t. If your doing good its doing better and it cheats you, if your doing bad.. they go normal pace and when you do catch up there hot on your tail again. Because they get a speed boost, but heck there aggressiveness is hardly realistic, real race car drivers are like clock work. PD needs to make them so they overtake more. and there general speed is faster.

    • Jul. 20, 4:27am

      I’d much rather have GT2’s rubber band AI, than have the current AI. Why? Because The rubber band AI made the races much more challenging, and gave you great feeling of satisfaction after completing the race. It also made the races more exciting too.

    • Jul. 20, 8:37am

      I think you misspelled “they’re”. They’re is a contraction of they are. “There” means “in or at that place”

    • Jul. 20, 8:45am
      Pit Crew

      i never really noticed rubberbanding a.i. in gt series, but if it was, it’s nowhere as bad as nfs series, which had the worst implementation of competitive a.i ever,imo.

    • Jul. 20, 10:36am

      The AI situation is a very strange one. I noticed it in a big way whilst watching back the replay of the 500pp FR events, during the Tokyo R246 race the AI driven Shelby in first place managed to run a first lap that was a clear ten seconds faster than any subsequent lap time. This time also got even slower the further through the field I got, and fell to around fifteen seconds slower after I had passed it.
      Something’s not quite right there.

    • Jul. 20, 11:08am
      mike 5927

      @Smuttysy, Don’t forget that the leading AI car is already miles down the road by the time the timer starts on his first lap.

    • Jul. 20, 9:06pm

      Maybe TheeFrogmanlego, but at least that pace can be controlled by a slider, and what you end up with is a real race that is fun, not a ”chase the rabbit” BORING experience like GT5 ai.

      And since when do we defend GT5’s poor ai by pointing to other games ai? GT5 should be miles ahead, not years behind. GT5 doesn’t really even have ai at all.. That’s the problem with all GT5 off-line racing.

  26. Jul. 20, 3:19am


  27. Jul. 20, 3:17am

    More races, yay!

    I try not to think on how little rewarding and awefully repeititive these events are, but at least it gives me a reason to fire up GT5.

    • Jul. 21, 2:19am

      alright, that hurts a little bit there. Ouch!

  28. Jul. 20, 2:41am

    My fully modded Silvia at trial mountain won the race in my 5-6th try and the time trial in my 2nd was easier then the leafs seasonal event

    • Jul. 20, 3:43am

      Thank god for that. Mine is fully tuned too, wasn’t sure if I’d be able to use it.

  29. Jul. 20, 2:37am

    No you cannot change wheels and they are small.

  30. Jul. 20, 2:28am

    Did they change the pizza cutter wheel size on the S15 yet?

  31. Jul. 20, 2:24am

    More ”follow the rabbit” BS AI.

    Why oh why is PD stuck in this horrible Ai rut?

    Why did they just throw their hands up and totally give up on the Ai/ aka RACING in GT5?

    At one time there was grid starts and Ai that PD were were working on, then after one patch they just said ”we don’t need no stinking Ai in GT5”… You get rolling roadblocks and a rabbit Ai from now to eternity.

    Look at Dirt3 Ai, look at F1 2010 ai.. Actual real ai that try to race. GT5 has no Ai, therefore no off-line ”racing”- just hot-lapping with rolling roadblocks.

    Why PD.

    • Jul. 20, 2:39am

      Here, have a tissue

    • Jul. 20, 3:18am

      You’re right, BWX. It feels like PD is not interested anymore.

    • Jul. 20, 9:00pm

      Here krioto, have some intellect..

    • Jul. 20, 11:07pm

      People don’t seem to accept that GT5 is not a racing game…. it’s a driving simulator

    • Jul. 21, 10:34am

      a driving simulator that you climb through, complete, and beat by racing. Who in the f* wants to just drive? We can all go do that very easily in RL. PD calling gran turismo a “driving” simulator is an utter cop-out.

    • Jul. 21, 3:34pm

      Yeah and I think Kaz would agree they need to work on Ai, in fact I’ve heard him say that. I just wish they’d at least try something new.

  32. Jul. 20, 2:20am

    Is there a special prize for getting gold in both, like the level 0 ticket in the last one?

    • Jul. 20, 2:42am

      Level 4 ticket :)

  33. Jul. 20, 2:03am

    It took my 8 tries just to get up to 6th in the trial mountain race. This ones gonna be alot harder than the Leaf.

    • Jul. 20, 2:43am

      It’s not that as bad ya think… can tune it including adding parts! So yep increase that HP! lol

    • Jul. 20, 7:20am

      I thought that GT Academy cars weren’t tunable. Maybe thats just the Leaf.

    • Jul. 20, 8:51am

      …Because the leaf is electric

    • Jul. 20, 8:54am
      Pit Crew

      yup only the leaf is untunable though u can add FC suspension to it.

  34. Jul. 20, 1:48am


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