Nurburgring, Gallardo, McLaren Videos from CES

Yesterday, I made a handy list of different subjects us die-hard Gran Turismo fans really wanted to see from CES, and our friends at GameSpot have covered each request (thanks, guys!). There’s quite a few clips, so just click through below to see each one – they’re also available on GTPlanet’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to cicohipe for digging these up!

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  1. alucard0712

    Frezza Says:
    January 9th, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    alucard0712 Says:
    January 9th, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Why rear wing of Mclaren F1 is not animated?

    You’re kidding right???

    NO I’M NOT KIDDING: (at 7:09)

  2. quietkid

    The sound improvement is awesome, but the visuals look watered down compared to even gt5p much like the time trial demo looks. Hopefully because its a demo. Not representitive of the final product.

  3. Forenza

    Yea i’ve got an original ps3, no issues with ps2 stuff. Not to mention the new ps3 is uglier and they cheaped out on things like the touch sensitive buttons on the console…=)

  4. Sam__ NY


    It’s probably because it’s only a demo, and because they have a lot of GT newbees up at the booth playing the it. Or maybe PD didn’t want to give away too many cars.

  5. RAugie

    @ depe01

    you can play ps2 games on a ps3, as long as you have the original ps3. its a software compatability thing.

    the slim one doesnt have backward compatability.

  6. Phil

    Please delete my last failed comment.

    @Larsjuh33: Yes, I do play with the behind-car view, and so do the majority of GT players (although perhaps not the majority on this site). And in the Academy demo, and these videos, the behind-car view is the stiffest, most difficult, most unnatural looking thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. depe01

    @Forenza: It’s a shame my PS2 can’t play GT4 properly any more (it freezes).
    I hope that there will be a ps2 patch for PS3 eventualy, so that it will become compatible for those old games. Then again, when GT5 ships, who will care about GT4 any more? For that matter, I will still care about GT3. That game I played 100% (incl. TimeTrail 10 The Complex String (one of the hardest things, at the loneliest places, one can ever do))…

    And o yeah,
    @Mr. Polyphony Digital: Please don’t bring back the Complex String…

  8. depe01

    Citta Di Aria in GT5 with new physics and damage will be a real challenge with all aids of (including ABS ;o).

    I will not ride it very offten though. Cause it will make me sick also.

  9. Khlad

    Will there be updates in gt5 ? I mean, if e.g. there is a new car in the market, like a new Ferrari or something, will PD make the car into the game even the game is out ?
    – Cos im hoping Kepler Motion will be in the game, in 2011, even the game comes out 2010.

  10. Forenza


    You suck…now i want to dig out gt4 just to play citta di aria lol…other than nordschleife, it was my favorite track (faster is not always better there)

    And to you ppl complaining about speed sensation…run citta di aria a few times.

  11. depe01


    It must be very easy to cheat speed, to please the ones that prefere a more arcade approach of ingame speed-sensation, even for Polyphony Digital. Did you ever driven the mulsanne straight in GT4 in a LMP? (one insanely fast slide show of tree’s ;o).

    By the way PD is calling GT “The Real Driving Simulator”. IMO GT5P/Demo and FM3 both give a realistic feel of speed. Lets keep de Driving sensation as realistic as possible, I say. However, I don’t mind spicing it up a bit by adding narrow tracks like Citta di Aria (GT4 ;o)).

  12. Bernd

    Although a driver can’t put too much attention on spectators and what’s happening around the Ring during a 24h race, I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed seeing there are NO spectators or tents – absolutely nothing. In real life there are some 250.00 around the Nürburgring every year, having a good time with steaks, sausages and beer, fires at night. Would have been fine, to see a bit of that scenery in our beloved game – sigh !

  13. depe01

    @sam: About your statements “nail in x360’s coffin” and “wii will be finished too”; So you think there will be Forza 4 and Mario Kart on your PS3 in the nearby future?
    Didn’t knew that there is a War going on (then I’m not a real fanboys, I quess;).

  14. GhostChild

    The gallardo sound is much better in games like Test drive Unlimited I must say. Even without the sounds mods for it in Pc version.
    Anyway I think the final game wont differ too much from what we are seeing here. However it is the best racing game in terms of graphics I ever seen. For those who think Daytona track graphics is downgraded for the time trial, I think the track is nice done. The point is that the track in real life is simple as in the game, with no elements unless the asphalt,grass and the sky reflected in the cars.Thats why it looks more simple but it is more real.Anyway Im buying this for sure.

  15. Big Ron

    It is very hard to fake up the real sensation of speed. Did you play GTR-Evo any time? Try the GTPro-Corvette on Melbourne.
    you get the feeling, you are faster than a formula 1 car. So, there are only few games with a good sensation of speed.
    And it is always a good way to get a compromise between playability and real feeling of speed.

    Maybe, GT was never the idol of sensation of speed, but it did a big improvement from 4 to now 5.

  16. Squozen

    @Concerned: have you driven on a racetrack before? I have, and it DOES feel like you’re driving at 60 when you’re at 150. The track is so flat and wide, and there are no close obstacles to give you a real sensation of speed. I think GT is spot on.

  17. sam

    GT5 = end of console war in europe
    PS3 might have already won europe but i think GT5 will be the final nail in x360’s coffin in europe. wii will be finished too
    SONY = company that has the hghest brand equity and definitely the winner of this gen
    console war ends MARCH :)

  18. AengerdX

    If we don´t get the game at the same time or really really close to eachother i´ll be importing, as i´ve had so many games spoiled by the interweb for games where releases have been far apart, can´t avoid it for so long periods of time heh

  19. Martin

    I really don’t mean to teach you guys, but the racing track you’re so much in love with is called “Nürburgring Nordschleife”. I know you Englishmen are having trouble with the German umlauts, but it’s just kind of hurting my feelings. ;)
    Try to put an extra “e” after the first “u”, that method is commonly used if you’re not having a German keyboard: “Nuerburgring Nordschleife”.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on Gran Turismo 5.
    Our whole community is putting so much aspiration into this game, I just hope we won’t be disappointed.

    And one annotation to the sound issue: All we got here is an external recorded SD-video presented by a low-quality Flash-video player. Do you actually think that this is what you’re about to hear when sitting right in front of the telly? Definitely not.

    Greetings from a snowy Germany

  20. noname

    @jBat17 im with you man. They should release it in Europe first, as they will probably get most copies sold there.

  21. jBat17

    @Js321 this is not flopza wth max of 8 cars. probably AI cars will be the same as before, if not more because of nascar. it has been confirmed that gt5 has 16 player online.

    if the release date is Q3 of 2010 then i’m importing the japanese version.. who’s with me?

  22. Js321

    Looks like PD decreased number of AI cars on the track in order to have all those improvements. Great move IMO.

  23. hojo

    By the way, the spoiler on the McLaren F1 only deploys when braking hard from very high speeds. I think under normal braking it doesn’t deploy. Hopefully in the game it will deploy towards the end of long straights on tracks.

  24. hojo

    Wow, Polyphony must be listening to what the fans want because I distinctly hear a improvement in sound outside of the cars in all of the replay videos! Inside the car, they still have some work to do but sound-wise the game is moving forward. I may be speculating, but in the OPM article (the magazine is widely available now, what are you waiting for, grab it so you can put up the free GT5 poster!) Kaz says that eventually we will peak in terms of graphics so they will have to focus on other elements of gameplay. Kaz, let’s put the focus squarely on SOUND for GT6! And please start with the cockpit, maybe give the users an option to roll down the windows to varying degrees so we can drive through tunnels at slow speeds or near walls in our favorite super cars. :) Then, after you achieve that, focus on sounds outside the car (specifically Ferrari). Simply use your own ears as a baseline whenever you drive a Ferrari off in the distance and hear all of the varying tones.

  25. David


    You do make a good point and covering GT at CES properly whether it be due to gtplanet or not is great for us at the end of the day. It just would have been nice to mention gtp or give a nod somehow if indeed they did all those videos in responce to Jordan’s requests.


  26. Concerned About The Important Things In Racing

    Please edit out the ”Going high speeds” in the last paragraph of my comment, mods. I didnt mean to put that twice.

  27. Concerned About The Important Things In Racing

    Unless and until the GT franchise can portray the trackside environment passing by at, for example, 150 mph speeds, in a way that doesn’t look similar to what 60 mph does in real life, then I have to be honest with myself and say that despite all of the praise over graphics and physics (which indeed are inarguably superior to Forza), the game will not be as fun in the long run. Going high speeds and having the world passing by at a rate that looks much slower than what it would in real life if one were driving the same speed is not a recipe for success in a game that calls itself a racing simulation, no matter how good it looks or sounds while doing it.

    No matter how good the game looks, sounds, or handles (which I again stress is, in my opinion, already more than adequate and superior to Turn 10’s offering), I have to say that in comparison to the way everything looks on Forza 3 at 150 mph, GT has a lot of room for improvement.

    Its hard to make a judgment on how Polyphony has progressed so far in this respect after viewing these videos, since most of the footage is culled from 30 frame-per-second replays.

    Going high speeds and having the world passing by at a rate that looks much slower than what it would in real life if one were driving the same speed is not a recipe for success in a game that calls itself a racing simulation, no matter how good it looks or sounds while doing it. My final verdict is still out, since these videos gave nothing in the way of showing in car driving at high speeds. I’m not giving even a thought to skidmarks or rolling starts being included, because those things take a backseat to what I have already gone over. I am holding my breath, because I don’t think the time trial was representative of the final game.

  28. Luke

    Now the only thing i still miss is the Radical SR3 Turbo. If PD gives me that car i seriously will buy 2 copies of the game, always carying the second copy with me, so everybody can see what i`m a GTler.

  29. Frezza

    alucard0712 Says:
    January 9th, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Why rear wing of Mclaren F1 is not animated?

    You’re kidding right???

  30. jaspeire

    Didn’t anyone notice that this isn’t a lamborghini gallardo LP550-2 valentino balboni?
    It’s a lamborghini gallardo LP560-4..

  31. GTracerRens

    Everything is getting better and better! :D The grass at Fuji Speedway looks much more realistic than in the Prologue, the sound is very good, but I think the Gallardo is not the real sound :( (as it should be..) I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen so far. It’s time for the release guys! ;)

  32. KamyKaze

    There is one thing really terrifying me.
    Are the rolling starts in a single line the only starts we will get??
    I hope not. It’s so unrealistic.

  33. tlongman

    can anyone identify the scene thats in the background of the menu screen? It looks like a ware house or a hanger. Perhaps the Top gear hanger?

  34. Big Ron

    I know, how the Nordschleife looks at the 24h event. But I think, PD didn´t take the 24h event as idol for the design (which maybe is a fault).

    I think, they took the all day look for their ingame design. And this is, what I see in the game.

  35. Vivian

    in which country is this site?? and town? (because the time is different and I’m curious). this is an excellent site for a beautiful sim. NICE DONE GTPLANET!

  36. Big Ron

    I was on the Nordschleife this year and it does not differ from the shown video very much. Maybe at some points there are a bit more buildings or stuff like that.

    I was at an VLN event with much visitors, but it didn´t look like at 24h events.

  37. Paulo

    One thing Jordan should have added to that list of what to do’s for journalists, is to disable replay music, it’s annoying trying to focus in on the car sounds when that crappy music is playing, no offense to those who actually like the music.

  38. jerone

    yo sam, its the little bits that makes the difference between a good game and an excellent game. PD please make sure the back fire and hot brake effects are in the final game

  39. Johnny

    One question.
    Why there is no lag in some games at GT5 Prologue and in others yes? I mean. What’s the reason for the lag on GT5P? is there a method to avoid or reduce it when playing.

  40. John

    OMG this is so amazing and beautiful I almost want to cry. I am so excited for this game, it continues to achieve far beyond what I can even dream it will be like. The two main things I noted from these videos are how amazing the lighting and modeling is, and the significantly improved car sounds. This game will go down in history. Hell, they might as well start now on replacing the word “epic” in the dictionary with “GT5.”

  41. spawinte

    Now you need to ask them for the same again but with the muic turned down :) Anybody know what the music tracks were btw?

  42. Sam__NY

    No matter how excellent this game is, there will always be those who just can’t stop complaining about those little tidbits parts that no one cares about.

  43. Dan_

    Very nice footage, thanks to Jordan. The Gallardo seems just phenomenal, and what was the sound of the lancer? It seems feral, it feels rageful, the sounds now have some taste.

  44. blademask

    I feel severely lame.. but its 9am.. just woke up.. first thing I did was rush to GT planet… saw the news… and literally said “YEAH!” and did a slight tiger woods fist pump.. lol…

    I love GT planet.

  45. soLid

    In the menu video did anyone else notice that above the car image there were classes? I saw 5 different ones: 1)concept car class
    2)tuned car class
    3)GT racing car class
    4)super car class
    5)rally/touring car class
    How many do you think there will be in the actual game?

  46. Adam

    Seems like the car sounds have been improved even with the low quality videos and backgroud music playing. It seems the car sounds a lot meaner. Which is awesome since this is been a big problem in the past with all the GT series. I hope the keep improving the car sounds and make it sound really powerful, like a race car should sound. And please fix the annoying tire squeel. I don’t think it sounds like that in real life when watching a race.

    PD if you hear us. Please do whatever you can to make all the car engines sound better. It has improved but I know you guys are perfectos and can do even more. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I really hear a difference in these clips with the cars. Just wish it was higher quality so we’d all be able to tell.

  47. juhozZz

    @ David

    Ehm..? Actually if they figured what would be important to show on their own wouldn’t that be a great compliment on their journalistic abilities?

    So either way GS deserves to be thanked.

  48. Larsjuh33

    Ppl imagine = a 5km long eiger nordwand, with 3D trees, grass and spectators, going trough snowy mountains. Hoe awsome would that be with the sls amg

  49. Dan

    I am cautious about the sound. It was obviously distorting when the volume reached a certain level which gave the cars a very throaty, raspy exhaust note. I’m not saying sound hasn’t been improved, but I believe the effect maybe exaggerated because of the poor sound quality.

    I agree with others, Fuji looks much improved but I can’t put a finger on it.

  50. jerone

    soz ment brakes lol. and i think Nurburgring Nordschleife looks the same as gt4 2. surely more could have bin done to add realism. maybe when elemental effects are added, it might impress more. wondering how night racing will work on this track aswel. the cars look far better than the track atm though :-s

  51. David

    Does it say anywhere that Gamespot did this specifically in responce to GTPlanet asking those requests? Because they may have just fulfiled these points as a fluke and not said anything about taking pointers from GTPlanet, if so they shouldnt really be thanked.

  52. Gar

    That indy track looks so much better than the one from TT. Where are all the articles that said that GT5 looked like crap based off the TT demo?

  53. Koyo2k

    i think the sound of the tires is exagerated, i don’t believe a lamborghini does that sound when turning, as in the academy demo, the standard car tires sound too high, it’s ridiculous
    i’ve driven a porsche 911 in a circuit and it barery made tire sounds. even on small cars it’s not real!!

  54. Flagmo-T

    well first of all, this is a Demo , the end result could still be more detailed ASO, But Thank you for these Orsm clips..

    Fuji speedway, doesn’t look like it does today, and that’s a little bit off for me, But hell, I’ll take it anyway..:)

    regarding the Nurburgring Nordschleife, there is so many Great race games, that has this track worked on, over and over again, so PD should deliver the best version ever, But Hmm will they ?

    anyways. I will love everything in the end, hehe, but my hope is up there for screaming out!! GT5 did it….

    My Love goes to PD and my Money goes to SONY.. :O)

  55. fisterolfert

    The replay sounds are fantastic:) Really can`t wait to drive the GTR:) and the HKS Evo:) and the ………………………………………………

  56. GTP_Davey07-O37

    Things like this make the waiting even harder..Great stuff here, and many thanks for the vids…;-))…

  57. Soulfighter

    It feels like GT5 release is getting closer. How unlikely it may seem, I wish it’s released by next month or mach in Europe, but that’s only wishfull thinking on my part.
    The one thing I really hope is that we have as much freedom as we had in GT3 to play around with the cars. Sometimes when I didn’t feel like racing I would just take a tuned car and go for a spin, go drifting, doughnuts, or just do a standing burnout just for the hell of it. It was a disappointment in GT4 not being able to do a proper doughnut or burnouts. Not realistic. The physics in the TT is promising, but not quite there yet. Too unforgiving.

  58. Khlad

    Looks soo good man cant wait til its out, gonna play all day, and make ma girlfriend mad becos of the game Hehe ;D

    Now waiting for all those nice skylines, more = better ;D

  59. S3 Racer

    THNAK YOU JORDAN (AND GAMESPOT) finally the ring on gt5 quality. It would be huge if this demo get’s release maybe too huge so we never gonna see it on psn!

    Can’t wait for the game. Please release it. hope gamespot is soooo wrong with q4 2010. Fingers cross for march!!!!

  60. sam

    @mike…oh please dont compare GT5 to a crap game like Flopza3 which flopped in sales and look very underwhelming even with 8 cars on track.fm3 didnt even sell 1m ww LOL and has just 400 cars LOL

    GT5 is the biggest game of 2010 followed by FF13, SC3 and God of war 3
    halo reach looks like a ps2 game and i dont think x360 would remain in the market this year

  61. Mad Mike

    Engine sounds are great but the tires sound still no changes its like “iiiiiii iiiiii iiiii” the sound of tires has not changed from the first part of the GT.I like sound from Forza,but that don’t mean I will not buy GT5;-) of course I do.

    Polyphony please please change these tires sound,this sound is too high.

  62. juhozZz

    Wow! Some have said that GT5 is missing on “sense of speed”. Well, that’s a pile of bullshit, if you asked me. Just look at the Nurburgring clip! Awesome. Plus, when you take into account the recent revelations of weather effects and night racing (lighting makes a HUGE difference in any game, and good and varied lightning is vital for a high speed racer) … quite a package indeed!

  63. Obli

    @Big Ron. The whole scene will never be rendered. Just what you can see. Even then, distant details will have lower resolution textures and lower details. It shouldn’t matter how long the track is.

  64. Big Ron

    I think, there are no grass details cause the track is 25 km long and it would kill the frame rate, if you put grass polygons on 25 km of grass shoulder…double sided.

    But there are more track details, better texture resolution, more polygons of all object and a great lightning system with real time shadows of all track object.

    In camparison to GT4-Nordschleife (which was great), is has much improved and looks awesome

  65. Shiro

    Seriously, the nurburgring doesn’t look any different from the GT4 version to me, maybe higher resolution of textures.. why isn’t there any grass? The tracks looks a bit like a letdown for me :/ But everything else is PERFECT! (just if they keep the Time Trial physics in the full game)

  66. Obli

    Thank to GameSpot for listening and providing some great vids :)

    The sounds do seem much improved, although I was disappointed by the Gallardo in-car.

    This game is mouth-watering!

  67. Vivian

    tyre squeal are realistic, if you don´t… I will recommend videos of road cars on norschleife.

    are polyfony digital forcing us to get the camera `on hood` or `behind the wheel` because the camera `behind car` is not joyable.

    sorry for my crappy englisch

  68. walsall fc


    go to to download videos from youtube onto your phone, cos mine dont have flash either…btw, some good news again

  69. deviln3

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the F1!
    This is the only way I’ll ever be able to drive my fav car in the world.

  70. Zenith

    +New Cars
    +Finally some good sounds. Thank god, they finally captured the raw power of a racecar’s exhaust.
    -Tire squeal X[

  71. daniel

    so…………………………. I’m surprised no one has named all the cars in all the vids,

    love those sounds

  72. DaveTheStalker

    Thanks Jordan for posting them. I wish Sony/PD would stop being cruel and put this demo in the PSN Stores.

  73. F1P1

    The menu screen video gave me chills. Same feeling I’ve experienced starting the newest version of Gran Turismo for the first time. Looking forward ➠

  74. skillcoil

    The Fuji replay looks so realistic IMO! Does anyone else agree with me ?

    Oh also the gallardo v10 sounds … like this ><

  75. TheDrummingKING

    does anyone know how long it normally takes a game to be rated? becausethats all weneed before gt5 is released!

  76. BlackDog87

    Jeeez too bad I’m at work, and my phone’s YouTube sucks without wifi that I’m counting down until I get home and am able to watch these. This is exciting stuff! From the reactions on the comments, I’m assuming this is a great showcase of GT5. Keep the videos coming so there is a big backlog when I get home!!!

  77. Kilborn230

    Damn that Fuji Speedway replay vid gives me bloody goosebumps!!! I’ve already watched roughly 15 times. The sound oh the sound of those cars, can’t wait to get some cockpit footage of them!!!

    The sense of speed seems even better with cars on the track at Indy eh?

  78. John Marine

    Forza… who? :) The sounds of these cars (lots of us will agree) is worlds better than what past Gran Turismo titles have shown. I’m just not sure where to start. It is great to see the McLaren F1 (besides the BMW McLaren from GT4) make its debut into Gran Turismo. The sounds are incredible for the cars featured. Even as much as I’ve defended Gran Turismo games in the past, I still think the sounds have been greatly disappointing until this batch of videos for GT5. Unless you’re just a straight-up hater, it’s tough to really hate anything about these videos (unless you want to rag on the game drivers). That’s awesome stuff.

    As I have indicated in my blog, ever since seeing many more big-name sports car companies, there just seems to be a different shift in car philosophy for the Gran Turismo series. Maybe it’s the Top Gear collab deal, maybe PD’s able to get bigger-name car companies. Whatever it is, this may be the greatest lineup of cars in Gran Turismo history.

    Great stuff. REALLY great stuff.

  79. alucard0712

    Looks like they turn down the saturation in this and in TT Demo!!! (look at Fuji)
    I hope it’s just an option…or maybe on TV screen (i prefer more GT5P “perfect” look)
    Again Maclaren F1 rear wing not animated :((( strange…

  80. Whatbrown

    Overall, the sounds are much improved. However, the tire screeching is still as annoying as ever and the Gallardo sounds like doo doo.

  81. RacingFreak

    Damn nice videos!! Thanks to whoever was able to get those. Most of the cars sound pretty good, despite the bad quality of the sounds in the video, but i’m not going to get picky right now…except the Gallardo….until i hear the outside and the exhaust on the car, i’ll reserve too much judgement but on the interior, i’m quite disappointed with the sound of this car. Still don’t understand why some cars can sound amazing and others are just off by a lot. That’s really my only complaint, everything else is fantastic!!!

  82. p37mac

    On the Gallardo video did anyone notice the a.i corvette completly loose control on TARMAC? I can’t remember a.i behavour being so ‘human’ in prolouge. They normaly held it together in the other GT’s even if they found themselves on the grass. This is good. Cheers for telling ’em what we want Jordan.

  83. michael

    OMG the lancer OMG OMG the sound is amazing i have wet my pants 4 times already
    wait there is a video showing the menus?? OH CRAP amm i just wet my pants again sori guys
    be right back

  84. Imari

    Looks good despite the somewhat low res on the videos. The one thing that sticks out to me is the 2d armco barriers. Minor complaint, but with the rest of the tracks and cars looking so good it really sticks out.

  85. DaveTheStalker

    Are these up on the GTPlanet YouTube channel yet? Many mobile phones can’t watch embedded videos or Flash :(

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