Official GT5 “Racing Pods” On Sale for $9,500 in Dubai

October 10th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

If you’ve been watching the evolution of GT5 at various game shows and events over the past few years, you probably noticed these circular “racing pods” used to show off the game. Made of steel and glass, they’re certainly impressive looking and are now being sold to the public.

According to Middle Eastern gaming site MEGamers, the pods are available for 35,000 Dirhams (or approximately $9,529.24 at current exchange rates) at Jumbo Electronics stores in Dubai – and a few units have already been sold. For that price, you get the pod itself, the racing seat, a Logitech DFGT, a PlayStation 3 250GB console, a copy of GT5 (when it’s released), and a 40” Sony Bravia 3D TV.

One of GTPlanet’s own users, super_fla, actually won one of these pods back in August of 2008 in the GT5 Prologue Middle East Challenge. Don’t miss these pictures of his modified rig – complete with a Logitech G25 wheel upgrade and custom inverted pedals.

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  1. Oct. 11, 9:56pm

    cant do it.
    especially after seeing a 93 RX-7 for 10k at a local dealership .

  2. Oct. 11, 5:41pm

    Are they sold without any of the electronic hardware? Say, no PS3, no TV, no wheel and no game?

  3. Oct. 11, 2:36pm

    Honestly I prefer playing GT5 using my setup with a 1080p projector and a big screen + 7.1 sound + G25

    So i have a better setup to play GT5 and it cost me less money…but well, the market is : Gulf Countries = easy oil money, it is understandable, it is crazy what easy money makes you wanna buy…

    If those guys worked hard to get their money, a la Bill gates, or steve jobs…they wont even think to buy those things for them or for their children…

  4. Oct. 11, 12:27pm

    Things like this justify my 150quid purchase of GT5,this is crazy i love it.

  5. Oct. 11, 11:34am

    I’d rather have a Force dynamics motion simulator (best motion simulator) if I’m spending that kind of cash.

  6. Oct. 11, 5:24am

    Im sorry but 9k for a giant glass wheel that you sit in? No thanks.

    • Oct. 11, 1:05pm

      ^ ^ ^

      .. and a racing seat, a Logitech DFGT, a PS3 250GB console, a copy of GT5 and a Sony Bravia 40″ 3D TV.

  7. Oct. 11, 1:02am

    What a bargain! :D

  8. Oct. 11, 12:08am

    Go to home depot or lowes, buy some wood nails and sand paper, make a frame, make a stand for the wheel/shifter, buy some sort of seat, stich the whole thing in leather and you got a nice cockpit for 100 dollars or less….

  9. Oct. 10, 10:40pm

    I could build one that would blow that thing in the weeds. Are you kidding me 10K for that thing ….. lol

  10. Oct. 10, 9:46pm

    GT5 Racing Pod is only for those who NEVER played a PS3, owned an HDTV and played GT5P before .. IMO!

    Calculate how much you payed for your PS3+HDTV+Components+A Race cockpit if you have one (I use a simple table which is nice but very light) but you won’t reach 9500 heh

    But I think $9500 worth it. I sit in one of those the seats were much much more comfortable than my RL car but the pedals were too close.

    • Oct. 10, 11:25pm

      Yes, exactly.

      A lot of these negative posts conveniently forget the part where it says that the price includes “the pod itself, the racing seat, a Logitech DFGT, a PlayStation 3 250GB console, a copy of GT5 (when it’s released), and a 40” Sony Bravia 3D TV.”

      The cost of the rig’s chassis alone may *still* seem steep after you subtract the cost of the other compnents, but I think it looks slick. It’s almost like art. Art that you can sit in and go do laps around Nurburgring in.

      super_fla has got a pretty nice set-up.

  11. Oct. 10, 8:49pm

    it better come with a PS3, a TV, and a copy of GT5… and a cupholder

    • Oct. 12, 4:06pm

      and a microwave

  12. Oct. 10, 8:28pm

    Hmmm Im going to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the F1 in a few weeks, wonder how much this would cost me in excess baggage flying ack to Oz…. :)

  13. Oct. 10, 7:38pm

    Impressive equipment for impressive money!

  14. Oct. 10, 7:16pm

    If I had that much money I would buy a real car

    • Oct. 10, 7:40pm

      you dont need that much for a car, you can buy one for 100$ lol, ok it will not be a Aston Martin (maybe some Opel) :) yet still A Car.

    • Oct. 10, 8:36pm

      What car can YOU get for $100?!

    • Oct. 11, 6:27am

      i didnt say it was new!

  15. Oct. 10, 7:05pm


  16. Oct. 10, 7:01pm

    Don’t buy one ! They’re too small for people over 6ft and the shake around all over the place if you give it some on the wheel !

  17. Oct. 10, 6:40pm

    $9,529.24 Some assembly required.

    Also, I could use that money on performance upgrades for my car and have tons more satisfaction. Never thought I’d say this, but “GT…I don’t love you THAT much.”

  18. Oct. 10, 6:00pm

    Whoa, that’s a bargain… [/sarcasm]

    • Oct. 10, 6:16pm

      Yeah only 9,500 i must get 2 of them…!!!

  19. Oct. 10, 5:31pm
    Daniel Learmouth

    My wallet needs a vacuum.

    • Oct. 10, 6:50pm

      OR a bottomless pit! D:

  20. Oct. 10, 5:30pm

    First GT5 CE ($99.99 MSRP) NOW THIS?!?!

    My wallet needs a bottomless pit.

  21. Oct. 10, 5:00pm

    Nice way to keep everything GT-related all nice and tidy, tucked into a corner of a spare room. Doesn’t seem to be information on pricing a bare chassis, unless I’m not looking in the right place. Not like I can scrape up enough change out of my couch to pick one up, though. Still, it’s quite nice.

  22. Oct. 10, 4:59pm

    Only single 25+ year old losers would buy something as silly as this.

    • Oct. 10, 5:02pm

      Agree. +1 for you sir.

    • Oct. 10, 5:18pm

      Being young, single, and able to piss away $9,500 on a whim is being a loser? Shoot–sign me up, but make it a FREX Canopy Screen with accessories, please.

  23. Oct. 10, 4:50pm

    I love Gran Turismo, i really do, but its really not THAT serious. Seriously.

  24. Oct. 10, 4:35pm

    Girlfriend..that’s not a tough choice to make :o
    ppl dont have a value attached to them. im sorry

    • Oct. 10, 4:42pm

      Seeing as most women’s attraction to men is their earning potential; I think they do.

  25. Oct. 10, 4:27pm

    This or girlfriend. Hmmm… tough choices.

  26. Oct. 10, 4:26pm

    what if i build a metal frame around my tv,would that be the no the pods do look the part,maybe a tv at each side perhaps..still cool though but dont think i need one.

  27. Oct. 10, 3:40pm

    I don’t see it on their site, does anyone have the direct link on their page? Search button doesn’t come up with the racing pod.

  28. Oct. 10, 3:13pm

    You could make a much better one for much less money, the only thing you would need is the time to build a great one, I don’t even like the look of that one.

    For much less you could get a nice leather seat and loads of bits to put around the cockpit to make it look great.

    • Oct. 10, 3:31pm

      True, you could certainly build or even buy a better racing rig for the money, but these are commercial units designed to be used at commercial events, or marketed at people with more money than sense.

      Money can buy you a lot of things, but it strangely can’t buy you a sense of taste.

  29. Oct. 10, 3:02pm

    No wonder they are being sold in Dubai though.

    $9,500 is like spare change to the sort of people these are being marketed to out there.

  30. Oct. 10, 2:57pm

    yes, but does it come with the 3D glasses too?

  31. Oct. 10, 2:56pm

    WHAT?! LMAO Too big, too gaugy, NOT necessary. Only millionaires would pay for that. And if had THAT kind of money, Id design something much cooler than those things. With cup holders, lol.

    • Oct. 10, 2:56pm


    • Oct. 10, 3:01pm

      Yeah, If I’m putting that much money forward I would just gut a cheap car and put it in my living room….no, I’m not kidding.
      Remember though, thats only if I were willing to put that much money forward for something like that in the first place.

    • Oct. 10, 8:23pm

      Yeah needs more cup holders and places for snacks.

    • Oct. 11, 11:54pm

      @killer dude you just gave me the most awesome idea ever. get an old car, replace the wheel, gear lever and pedals with g27 ones. stick it in your garage (or similar), and get a projector that projects the track huge on your wall/garage door/whatever quite big, so it looks life like. this way you can use the bumper cam. i am soooo going to do this thank you heaps!!!

    • Oct. 12, 4:05pm

      It can’t even simulate G-forces..

  32. Oct. 10, 2:53pm

    9500 MY GOD it wouldn’t even be worth it because of the amount of space it would take. id rather get the VR3 if i was gonna spend that much money!

    • Oct. 10, 3:26pm

      Look at what it comes with carefully, if you add up the realistic costs of those items separately, you will find that you actually save a fair amount by getting this…

    • Oct. 10, 5:12pm

      yea even if that TVs a “LED” 3D TV it still only costs $3K if that, DFGT is $100, 250gb PS3 is $350, & GT5 is $60 so you’re basically spending $6K on the pod. You could get a great used Maxima for that

    • Oct. 10, 6:17pm

      who cares on the cost…..end of the day you got gaming history in wherever you store it…. and yeah if i had $10,000 i would buy it

  33. Oct. 10, 2:43pm

    Oh wow if only I had the money to spare :o~

    • Oct. 10, 3:10pm
      ferhound psnid

      If I had the space…

    • Oct. 10, 3:27pm

      To the Garage!

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