Paint Your Wagon With This Week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

Gran Turismo Sport 16 June 5, 2018 by

It’s another colorful week in the world of GT Sport‘s Mileage Exchange.

Just as expected, it’s another minor update this week, keeping the Special Vehicles from last week but sprucing up everywhere else.

For the most part, we reached the end of the selection quite a while back. The decals, helmets and poses continue to shuffle through their relatively small selection. The game’s wheel choices are somewhat longer, but they too cycle through items we’ve seen previously. There’s an array of interesting choices this week, including some from very early on in the game’s life. You’ll also find a rare BBS centerlock wheel, which is always good for the racing look on a road car. Hopefully it fits the FIAT 500

We’re still a very, very long way from running out of paints though. Both of the manufacturer paints this week are repeats — a pair of yellow from the Mustang and Camaro pony cars — along with the neat holographic PZW Colorshift. The rest of the palette is new, unusually including a second colorshift, and a smattering of greens and blues.

These items will remain available until 0859 UTC on June 12. The Exchange will then refresh entirely, including the cars — which we anticipate will change to the Ford Mustang Gr.3 Road Car and Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car.

If you still need to pick up some Mi points for the Exchange’s items, check out our tips and tricks on how to get quick Mi points via the Achievements.

GT Sport Mileage Exchange – June 5–June 12

Special Cars

  • BMW M4 Safety Car – Gr.X – 4000 Mi
  • Subaru WRX Gr.B Road Car – N500 – 2500 Mi


  • RAYS GT-C (Gold, silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS GT-C (Gunmetal) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS GT-C (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS 57Gainer (Black, silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS 57Gainer (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS 57Gainer (Black, blue rim) – 100 Mi
  • WORK EMOTION CR Kiwami (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • WORK EMOTION CR Kiwami (Bronze) – 100 Mi
  • WORK EMOTION CR Kiwami (Black) – 100 Mi
  • WORK EMOTION CR Kiwami (White) – 100 Mi
  • WORK EMOTION CR Kiwami (Chrome) – 100 Mi
  • ENKEI PFM1 (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ENKEI RE130 (Black) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Envy 5H (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Envy 4H (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RE CL (Silver) – 100 Mi


  • Kill Switch 02 – 100 Mi
  • Extinguisher Switch 02 – 100 Mi
  • TOW 04 – 100 Mi


  • Arai GP-6 Metallic GT – 2000 Mi
  • Arai GP-6 Metallic – 2000 Mi

Profile Poses

  • Driver Pose 6 – 500 Mi
  • Driver Pose 7 – 500 Mi

Special Colors

  • Bright Yellow – 500 Mi
  • Triple Yellow – 500 Mi
  • PZW Colorshift – 500 Mi
  • G2 Chrome (Green) – 1000 Mi
  • G3 Dark Candy Met. (Green) – 500 Mi
  • GGB2 Colorshift – 500 Mi
  • Y1 Matte Metallic (Orange) – 500 Mi
  • Y2 Matte Fluorescent (Yellow) – 500 Mi
  • B2 Candy Met. (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B4 Dark Flakes S (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B5 Aluminum Met. (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B6 Matte Metallic (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B6 Matte Fluorescent (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • P2 Candy Met. (Purple) – 500 Mi

Feature image courtesy of kornGT.

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