Gran Turismo Time Trial Rankings Reset, Track Modified to Curb Cheating

Just as it doesn’t take long for crafty gamers to find exploits, it doesn’t take Polyphony Digital long to slam the door shut again.

Less than 24 hours after we reported widespread cheating on the new Time Trial mode of GT Sport, PD has sprung into action to level the playing field once again.

The cheat centered on leaving the confines of the circuit in such a manner that neither the penalty system nor the off-track reset would cotton on until it was too late. Players would exit the track to the outfield, scythe across to the infield, and then hit the finish line side-on before the reset activated. It was similar to a cheat we saw at Goodwood Circuit a few weeks back.

In solving the issue, PD has taken similar action too. As you can see above, there’s new immovable barriers across both the outfield and infield sections of the shortcut, preventing players from taking this path any more. Although they look a little rudimentary in places, they’re quite effective.

Such was the widespread nature of the exploit — the highest-placed valid lap we were able find was in 118th place — that PD has reset the entire leaderboard. While galling for players who’d spent time perfecting their set-ups, which this Time Trial permits, and setting competitive laptimes, it’s about as equitable solution as there can be.

We’re yet to find out if there are any rewards for Time Trial placement, or why the game refers to them as “qualifiers”. Hopefully we’ll have more information by August 14, when the current round closes.

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