Penalty System Changes Are On The Way to GT Sport This Week

Gran Turismo Sport 235 July 10, 2018 by

Those of you familiar with GT Sport know that there is a weekly scheduled server maintenance period. Every Wednesday, at 0500 UTC, Polyphony Digital flips the switch to turn the server off, turning it back on again two hours later.

This week though, the server maintenance is bringing a little extra with it. It’s not the July update that Polyphony is teasing us with, but if you race online it might be the next best thing.

According to a notice posted on the official website, GT Sport‘s penalty system is getting a tickle too.

The notice includes three major changes. The first, affecting all players, is that light contacts between cars will no longer result in a penalty. This rather leaves what forms “light” to the imagination, but for those who believe rubbing is racing this will be good news.

More important for serious GT Sport players is the change to the imbalance of the penalty system. The new rules will no longer penalize players with high Driver Ratings more harshly, with A and A+ drivers reverting to the same criteria as drivers with lower DR. That will resolve an issue where lower-ranked drivers could make deliberate contact and receive a lesser (or no) penalty.

Third on the list is a global reduction in the size of time penalties. It’s not clear if this applies to all offenses, including track limits, or whether it’s specific to collisions, though the latter seems more likely.

The new rules will go live at the end of the scheduled server maintenance period on July 11.

The penalty judgement algorithm for car collision during the online races of ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ will be updated to new rules following the scheduled maintenance planned for Wednesday 11 July.
The details of the update are as follow:
Affected Modes
・ ‘Sport’ mode (including Daily Races) and Lobby.
・ Players with Driver Rating (DR) ‘A’ or higher will no longer be judged under stricter collision criteria, but will be judged under the same criteria as for players with DR ratings lower than ‘A’;
・ Light contacts between cars will no longer result in penalties;
・ The amount of seconds issued for a Time Penalty will be lowered.

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