PlayStation 4 Announcement: Live Stream & Discussion

Live Stream Begins February 20 at 23:00 GMT

The PlayStation 4 is expected to be announced today during “PlayStation Meeting 2013”, a major press event Sony is hosting in New York City.

Watch the event live in the video player above, or check out alternate streams available from Sony, IGN, GameTrailers, or GameSpot if you have any trouble.

For more fun, you should join the discussion here in our community and – just in case – our Gran Turismo 6 forum.

Even if the PlayStation 4 announcement does not bring any Gran Turismo news, it still has major implications for all fans of the series, as we’ll finally learn more about the hardware which will power the next installment of our favorite franchise. Enjoy the show!

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  1. Sharpener

    Sony is a business, first and foremost. People should realize that they specifically do things to earn more profit, so it only makes sense not to allow backwards compatability, however cheap of a money making tactic it is.

  2. PureGTMuzz

    I figure if Drive Club is a release window title and I stress the if, then GT6 is at least a year after PS4 release. I can’t see Sony releasing two exclusive driving titles at the same time.

    1. sangdude82

      Do you reckon GT6 will be right up there against Drive Clubin terms of the graphics, engine noises and car selection? I really hope so.

    1. hemigod

      Good luck Sony, my perfectly original “fatboy” is the last one I buy! It works perfectly, and now it’s useless! Kiss my a$$ if you think you’re getting another red cent!

    2. MeanElf

      It’s only as useless as you let it be. PS2 games are still being made and they only stopped producing the console recently. Yes eventually no more games will come out for the 3…but come on! Are you similarly miffed by film makers not releasing VHS tapes?

  3. GRAFX21

    I enjoyed the show but the show failed to reveal the PlayStation 4 system.

    I at least thought they would of shown not only the controller but the system core itself.

    “Hence PS4 reveal announcement”

    1. Neilson248

      @GRAFX21 seems as though you added “reveal” to the title yourself therefore no wonder you are disappointed… once again many people complaining that they didnt get what they were never promised… incredible

    2. GRAFX21


      its incredible the fact you disagree. I add reveal because they did everything but NOT reveal the PS4. Did you not comprehend what I said before you replied? Don’t act like you didnt want to see the PS4 Revealed. Take a look at the comments before you…Many are disappointed. However why cant we be? Aren’t we the consumer? The point is they left us all thirsty. You included. “Incredible”… pff.

    3. Neilson248

      @GRAFX21… the title of the announcement reads “PlayStation 4 Announcement: Live Stream & Discussion”… where do you see the word “reveal”? The whole point of the live stream was to “ANNOUNCE” the PS4 not to “REVEAL” it. Yes I disagree because they never promised to show you the PS4 only to announce its arrival in stores later on in the year. There is a obviously a strategic reason why they decided not to reveal the console itself, maybe they dont want other companies to copy their design or maybe they are planning on altering the shape who knows… Sometimes its embarrassing being part of the GT / PS community because of how STUPID and childish the majority seems to be… no offence

    4. GRAFX21


      Like I mentioned…I never said THEY said reveal I SAID that and I admitted.

      However a 2 hour announcement…should reveal it to us as they did everything else…IMO. However, they did reveal the PS4 controller didn’t they? Isn’t that part of the system? They REVEALED and introduced the platform specs and engine and also explained how it runs and how they accomplished that. They also revealed the features of the PS4, not all but a few…CEO’s, Developers, Previews and game-play of more then 5+ upcoming games and the season of the PS4 season.

      It is obvious there is a strategy. However if I know the PS4 is coming this winter 2013 its not much of a surprise now isn’t it? So as a consumer, fan, and player I expected it to be revealed. As many like I said before did. Whats does your arrogance of what you claim us ” GT / PS community because of how STUPID and childish majority seems to be” A bit harsh on your end…chill out. No offense…

    5. Youngun

      But still….. They never promised anything & calendared anything.
      Afteral, it was only a playstation event until the day when it became a ps4 event and even then it was on to announce that it existed now not as a rumour but as fact. Shown a few games, new OS and a much im proved controller. No reveal was ever mentioned, promised or said when it will happen. Even now, an e3 reveal is only a rumour.

  4. GTrf

    PS4 the pathetic show on E3 (june 2013), but the actual presentation of the console will be at the “TOKYO GAME SHOW 2013” (september 2013).

  5. Iron

    “As the system learns your likes and dislikes, … you’ll discover content preloaded and ready to go on your console,” said Mark Cerny, lead system architect of PS4. “Our long-term vision is to reduce download times to zero.”

  6. KilzoneStrife

    Drive Club was originally going to be a “spin-off” to Gran Turismo… like Forza Horizon to Forza.
    Kaz hated that idea.
    So, I would expect a GT6 debut trailer at E3. It isnt ready yet, as up and till December 2012, devs were told the PS4 will have 4GB GDDR5.
    Kaz is going to make the best of 8GB GDDR5…
    GT6 will look superior to Drive Club…far far superior, And Drive Club is just beautiful.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      Oh, and by saying Kaz hated the idea, I mean he said HELL NO.
      He wanted GT… to be a brand that remained loyal to us. Thus, Evolution studio renamed it Drive Club.

  7. eugene2023

    We all could see new video from new sony’s ip in racing games – drive club developing for PS4.
    This game is developing by SONY studio – Evolution and simple conclusion can be made. Sony have bought manufacturer’s licenses for that.
    In video there were Koenigsegg Agera, Hennessey, Pagani Huayra and some others cars never seen in GT series.
    That mean those cars can be in GT6 car list. I gues it is quite possible.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Sony will soon have licences for every car which will be great for the Gran Turismo franchise!

      Personally, I want MOST of the Holden (GM Australia) range along with Australian Ford and Chrysler!

    2. sangdude82

      @ ScotteDawg

      Yeah, I agree with you there. Let’s hope that we will get old and new Holden/HSV & Ford/FPV cars on GT6 (especially HSV E3 GTS lol) since PD will have the Bathurst track in the game and not to mention that Nissan is coming back to Australian V8 Supercars this year.

  8. Sharpener

    “PlayStation Meeting 2013″…. ¿ Why they didn’t show the new PS4 ?. I am very disappointed. Day after day waiting for this event and in the end nothing at all. And nothing about GT6..? ? ?. What happens in SONY are improvising ?

  9. Mikathechaos21

    sorry I don’t need someone to help me play, I do everything my way, I don’t need someone commenting my playing and in the end TOTALLY NOT IMPRESSED!!
    PS3 Rules!!!

  10. sniper338

    I’m interested to see if Sony will repeat their pioneering and put a 4k disk reader (I’m assuming Blue Ray) in it. It seemed to be a big hit with the PS3.

  11. HuskyGT

    I hope they eventually remake Skyrim. The PS3 didn’t do justice for Bethesda due to how hard it was to make the game work for it.

  12. KilzoneStrife

    Alot of these games.. were made with the old dev kits..
    Im sure being in Japan, Kaz has the team working on the newest ones. Only the latest dev kits had 8GB GDDR5 ram. Most the NA and EU devs had 4GB GDDR5. Sony really upped the ante with 8GB GDDR5.. every flaw in GT5 was attributed to crappy 250MB XDR and 250DDR3 video ram,
    So.. at E3.. expect GT6 to top Driveclub.

  13. QuikSlvr223

    Okay, who else thought Driveclub was GT6 at first, and was going freaking insane? (I thought the game logo was the dev logo, silly me)

    1. Quakebass

      I saw it and flipped. The level of texture detail is insane. That game is already pushing me to get the PS4 a few months after it’s release. That and the new Bungie game.

    2. Youngun

      Same, detail is unreal….. Actually super real. Forza has nothing on them and its an exclusive to us. Agera R looked like a show car, ok PD needs to respond to that now (NO STANDARDS)

    3. ScotteDawg

      Not me! Sure, it does look good, but I doubt that it will feel better than even GT3!!

      As for the Forza thing on the Xthingy, there is NO way they can compete!

      All PD needs to do is fix the track “glitches” and lose the standard cars!!!

    4. NA


      Might has well be comparing GT6 to Sega GT on on the Dreamcast. Considerring there is practically no solid, confimed information on GT6, much less Forza 5, or even an Xbox unveilling to be seen yet, it’s just silly.

      Ah well, take the victories when one can get them I suppose. Yet to be seen GT6 beats a last gen game…WOOOHOOO!


    1. JeremiahTB

      Agreed…That whole thing was a huge let down. They didn’t even show the dang machine. “It’s coming out later this year, but we have no idea what it’s going to look like yet…but you can share stuff on Facebook.” C’mon, Sony. Get your stuff lined up and then come see us.

    1. steebz

      yes a few people have mentioned this game. i found some comparison videos on youtube and tbh GT5 looks much better

  14. Milouse

    I’ve just had a second look at the Driveclub (bad quality stream) video and i saw some bits of track details popping out of nowhere. This is suprising for a hardware tech show, the studio still have work with the hardware, or could have been over ambitious (time will tell).

  15. HarVee

    Funny how so many people are disappointed. This is Polyphony Digital people. Expecting PD to follow a timeline is like expecting a “doomsday” to happen.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Why will Sony show TWO racing games in the same place, for people to lost their attention for one game and ignore the other game that’s new? Why hasn’t ANYONE think of that yet?

    1. SZRT Ice

      “Due the fact we knew too much
      About the four and five
      Six will hide until it can
      Kevin Butlers’ Jive”

      4 = PS4
      5 = GT5
      6 = GT6
      Kevin Butler’s Jive = Kevin Butler’s Presentation @ E3

    1. ScotteDawg

      I’m sure that the PS4 console doesn’t LOOK much different than the PS3, so why would they bother actually showing it? The ONLY thing that will make any difference to us, the gamers, is the controller! The only information we need about the console is the inner workings of it.

    2. MadmuppGT

      whats been really surprising is hearing people wont be interested until they see what the console looks like… like how the box looks will have any baring on how it performs

  16. Blood*Specter

    One good thing, if the new global racing game can have the cars we saw, there is no reason why Kaz can’t get them too.

  17. stupidstormy36

    Nope. No news from Polyphony, although Kaz did make an appearance earlier in the stream, but wasn’t on stage. However, that’s not the reason I watched this. I was really curious as to what the PS4 had to offer as a whole. I did get some other nice surprises though, such as Blizzard’s and Bungie’s announcements. Club Drive looks like a very good title, and Watch Dogs looks very interesting to say the least. There were some other titles, but I can’t remember what they were. One of the biggest surprises to me was the amount of RAM was indeed confirmed to be 8 GB, and the fact it is also GDDR5!

    1. MadmuppGT

      Good thing we wont be playing on PCs then so even if PCs turn into star trek style holodecks still wont change the fact theyre over priced massive boxes with games PS4 owners wont wish to play

    2. HarVee

      How exactly are they over-priced? I could build a computer that’s roughly 4 times faster than the PS3 for only $800. And have access to all of the bonuses PC games have, such as custom control setups, anti-aliasing, higher-res textures, higher frame rate, thrid-party modifications, etc, etc.

  18. CRXican

    At the beginning of the stream Kaz said playstation 4 was like being given a blank slate to work with. SO with that in mind…. PS4 release holiday 2013, GT6 release November 2018. Just hoping my Fanatec wheel works with PS4.

  19. Blood*Specter

    Wow, Kaz got upstaged by another racing game. He better come strong when it’s his turn to preview.
    The technology is about what I thought it would be. Very much like a hyped up gamer PC. Cool………………..

    Expect a lot more downloading of games vice buying disks. Awesome new gaming platform. I did not see very much GT6.
    I did see what looked like GT5 game play. I’ll have to watch the start again.

  20. Lambob

    I feel sad, almost hurt for Kaz that he wasn’t an honored presenter at this unveiling. Shame on you Sony, for not having PD to talk about next gen, and also shame on you for having Blizzard Entertainment soil your grounds with Diablo 3, a game that is coaster of the millenium. Holy Hell.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Yep, pretty Poor… but that is to be expected from PD. They will lose all their fans one day.. I mean how long have we been messed about.. years and years.

    2. OwensRacing

      They are probably embarrassed by Kaz and PD’s inability to produce anything decent in a timely fashion.

      I love the GT series and will continue to support them. However reality is they are slow and very much out of touch with the car community.

      I look at the DLC for Forza and can’t help but have envy. Fwiw I have never played the XBOX.

    3. BWX

      With how bad and poorly done GT5 was, (“chase the rabbit” ai, no grid starts, short A-Spec, ridiculous B-Spec, etc..) I am surprised Kaz isn’t being pushed out of PD.. I think Kaz was the main problem with GT5, and he’ll probably wreck GT6 as well if things don’t change.

    4. Sele1981

      The best DLC is worth nothing if the gameplay/physics (FM4) sucks. I bought x360 just for forza – 2 years ago and it is like a brand new console, getting dusty on its place. Played a maximum of 20 hrs on that console :/

    5. steebz

      ikr, if microsoft manage to get forza 5 out on the 720 for christmas i fear for GT’s survival as the no.1 driving sim

    6. Quakebass

      Just going to point out that there’s opportunity still at E3… We didn’t see anything from Naughty Dog, did we? And most of what we saw were only first glimpses, and most of those developers hadn’t released a game in 3+ years – Specifically Gorilla games, Sucker Punch, and Bungie.

    7. TokoTurismo

      @Quakebass Agreed, but these guys are still gonna bash Kaz and PD just because GT6 wasn’t shown at this meeting even… You guys are seriously something else and need to start getting over yourselves about expecting EVERYTHING. I honestly don’t understand why you guys even hoped for an announced for GT6 in the first place, my best bet is GT6 could AT LEAST show up at E3 2013 this year.

      You didn’t see God of War or even Uncharted at the meeting now did you? NOOO, so why bash PD JUST because of GT6 is surely beyond me…

    8. OwensRacing

      Nelson, I didn’t say the game was poorly done. I mentioned the slow release. The fact that the cars selection was out of touch. Folks want new cars. They want race cars that can used league races. When your main completion is pumping cars out monthly. It would be a big red flag to at least drop a new car each month. Just one would be great. Consider a few tracks from previous GT’s every three months.

      GT5 as for playing is great. However i do only play online.

      The wait and constant delays was very sad. I suspect this trend to continue as we see a sparse release of DLC.

      I do wish for the best but don’t expect anything to be timely.

    9. BWX

      I said it is.
      “chase the rabbit” Ai is poorly done.
      A-Spec is very very poorly done.. the worst single player of any GT.
      B-Spec is very poorly done. The entire game mode is a complete waste of time.
      Taking out grid starts because you cannot fix outdated and broken Ai is poorly done.
      Not ever trying to to fix broken ai, and just leaving it broken is poorly done.
      The transmission shifting with clutch is extremely poorly done.. (going into -N- for no reason), bad/ nonexistent clutch simulation..
      Dyno sound / vacuum cleaner sounding engines sounds are poorly done. Generic engine sounds for lots of cars is poorly done
      boring and uninspiring seasonals supposedly making up for horrible a-spec is poorly done.

      There are tons of things that suck in GT5 that didn’t in earlier GT editions. Kaz is the one wrecking GT now because he doesn’t care about the actual game, I am convinced of that. Look at his the interview with GTplanet. He obviously doesn’t give much thought the the “game” part of GT anymore.. he gives is very very little thought. That is why the game is broken in so many ways.

    10. MeanElf

      BWX – how is GT5 Kazunori-san’s fault? He is the same guy (relatively speaking) who bought out GT4, 3, 2 and the original.

  21. leeson

    Drive club looks kind of boring to be honest. Race with friends? I don’t have any friends!

    One thing I like about GT is it’s a driving simulator, not just racing. I don’t like racing as much as just tolling around a track. Drive Club looks too serious for me.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Indeed we need the freedom to create in Gran Turismo 6, that means tracks and possible cars.. engine sounds will need to be faithfully accurate.. I know what you mean about friends I have the same issue!!

    2. Both Barrels

      I hear you guys loud and clear. I drive for the joy of driving, racing others online just doesn’t do it for me.


    Nothing about GT6, however a few releases seem to be coming out on PS3 and PS4. I’m hoping this means that potentially GT6 could be a dual release game also, but time will tell.

  23. Magic Ayrton

    Pretty impressive although the streaming was terrible, I Guess I will have to wait for Gran Turismo 6 and whether it is any good.. but you should be able to create cars and tracks in addition to the car engines being faithfully accurate in every way.

  24. TomBrady

    I hope they release a full HD version of this video or at least the killzone part. I need to see that in detail because it looked by far the best graphics we’re going to see for a long time, or at least a few years.

  25. omnibusse

    Sadly no GT6 announcement yet. Won’t come today. As there’s still some time until the PS4 will be released, there’s time for PD to finish it in time, but I think “Drive Club” will be a launch title and PD will spend some more years to reach the possible level of detail. Keeping my fingers crossed, though.

  26. steebz

    I think someone from PD might make an appearance but only to say how excited they are about PS4. As for release dates for GT6 forget it

    1. JeremiahTB

      It does? Because most of the world has no idea what that thing looks like…including the people that attended the event.

  27. SZRT Ice

    Hame looks fun and family friendly, but the people looked funny. Playing with move like a doll in the background.

  28. Joshy195

    If there is no GT6 on release day of the PS4 then DriveClub will be it until it is released! The game looks brilliant with the attention to detail etc.

  29. Amac500

    In a way I feel like its better if Gran Turismo has a release after the PS4 is out for like a year. The biggest pain about the new system releases is that period of being in limbo while everybody transitions from the old system to the new system. I mean when the PS4 comes out you will get those crazy people waiting in line for a week to get one and they will be in high demand and the price tag will certainly reflect that. For the first few months they will be hard to get and after about 6 months it will become easier to get. If we are assuming the PS4 comes out this fall then that 6 month period comes in the spring, and then I would have GT6 coming out 1 year after the PS4 release, to have it out for the holiday season. GT6 I would imagine will probably accompany the PS4 release still, but I think it woild be nice if we avoided that in-limbo time and, although it is less of a concern to me, would hate them to rush Kaz again like they did on GT5.

    1. SZRT Ice

      It’s ready, but Kaz’ doesn’t want leaked details so far from release. Which would give competitors ample time to steal and imitate any innovative ideas contained therein.

    1. UrieHusky

      Drive club? like that game for the Jaguar that was awful?

      *isn’t watching the conference due to indifference*


      No it’s a new game Husky, graphics are amazing, physics could be iffy but it seems to be a Forza Horizon/Test Drive Unlimited type game.

  30. MadmuppGT

    Remember when Microsoft said no one will see or be aware of the PS4 announcement… well tell that to the multiple crashed servers… I cant even get a solid stream on any website

  31. SCER

    This seems really impressive thus far, it’s up to game developers to make the most of the platform’s potential

    *cough* get to work Kaz *cough*

  32. SZRT Ice

    This is all sounding monthly fee/annual subscription’ish. I’m getting a lil sceptical about the whole “free to play” thing. Here’s hoping.

  33. MadmuppGT

    Switch to another language camera, seemed too many people are watching the English one… still doesnt forgive that I was here before them and got kicked off…

  34. MadmuppGT

    Nope gone completely now… great stuff… I suppose they’ll try and tell us that our internet and servers can handle game streaming when they cant even handle video streaming…

    20mb broadband and it cant even do the simplest thing… USELESS

    1. SZRT Ice

      That light bar was presumably a PS move functionality built right into the controller. Oh well, one falsified rumor scratched.

  35. Mulan

    Go to Sony, have no sound here.

    But here we go, its called PS4 simple and nice! And now games…its gonna last couple of hours?

  36. Halcyon925

    I guess that if GT6 is shown, that it will release around Christmas, or a few months after New Year. Maybe it’ll be a PS4 launch title if we’re lucky!

  37. Blood*Specter

    20 Minutes and ticking…………………very qurious now. Also the supposed leaked picture of the controller a few days ago.

    1. JeremiahTB

      That leaked controller looks like I’d break it within the first month. I hope it’s just a prototype and not the final product.

    1. Lambob

      in 30 mins … (Kaz addresses PD)

      ok team! we now finally know what the PS4 is, so we can finally commence coding for GT6! /marks 2015?? on the calendar. closes marker cap.

    2. another_jakhole

      But PD has known about the region in which the PS4’s specs will be for some time now. It was not like that the first time around so that brings me to the conclusion that they’re not going to screw themselves over this time.

  38. pgagoober

    I vote for PS4 & GT6 before the end of this year. Oh and the PS4 will have support for 3x1080p triple screen gaming.

    I can dream, right? ;)

    1. SZRT Ice

      3 PS3’s were capable of 4k resolution.

      “PS4” said to be 4x as powerful as PS3.

      Sounds reasonable, if not unnecessary.

    2. pgagoober

      Of course it’s necessary!!! lol

      I have a triple screen setup for iRacing and it is such a huge leap in immersion that I would love to see that capability without having to buy three PS4s :)

      That, plus the added processing power the PS4 will inevitably have could bring GT closer to a true sim than it has ever been. Don’t get me wrong – I think it is very impressive what PD have accomplished with the PS3 hardware limitations but the PS4 could really be a game-changer and potentially hurt PC game sales.

  39. juelz2009

    Its on as well
    Hopefully Sony Delivers Great stuff
    and a glimpse of GT6
    Hopefully it’s around an hour or so

  40. DSUjoeDirte9

    Anyone know if the sony meeting will be on TV?… for my own reasons i cannot watch the live on the internet.

    1. Quakebass

      There’ll certainly be YouTube videos after the fact, so if you can view those, you’ll probably be fine.

      You’ll have to wait a couple more hours, though.

    2. Yeratel84

      You’ll be able to watch it later on the same site of the live coverage… Sony confirmed the video will be available to those who won’t be able to watch it live…

    1. Quakebass

      This is PSN… Not GT vouchers…

      Unless you mean you’ve bought thousands of DLC’s from hundreds of games, I salute you. You should be getting more than $10…

    1. JeremiahTB

      Did you just make that up? It sounds like you made that up. Unless GT6 comes out before the new PlayStation is released, there is no way it will be a PS3 game.

  41. pasigiri

    GT6 might just arrive quicker than we think. The PS4 is rumored to be a more conventional architecture. This should ease development for GT6. Only thing against this is the fact that it’s also rumored that GT6 will use a lot of stuff from GT5’s engine which is coded for the Cell architecture. How will that transfer to the PS4?

  42. Lambob

    I hope the announcement is that of Sony buying out Nintendo, so I can play SMB and Zelda games on my PS Vita. And if there is no mention of GT6 at this podium, under the spotlight, then I am turning off the internet, except to keep playing GT5 online.

    1. SZRT Ice

      The original Playstation was going to be a joint venture by Sony & Nintendo. Nintendo was in, however they did not want to go the DVD disc route due to emulation and went with the N64 instead. Had they gone through with it, we’d all be playing Wii Station 3’s today.

    1. 2012GT325

      Trolling Much!!! Why are you on this site? Sony hasn’t even announced anything yet and you are already hating!

    1. JeremiahTB

      If they delay GT6 at all, I would expect a Prologue for part 6. Not sure if they will, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    2. JeremiahTB

      Tourist Trophy would be dope on the new PlayStation…unless PD is going to blow our minds and come out with something completely outside the box of their normal genre.

  43. MarcusarilliuS

    Meh, it’ll only be around the spec of a current mid level pc, so in other words it’s out of date before it’s released.

    1. ralph89

      Maybe so, but then, I have a newly built $2000 gaming desktop myself and all the sim racing I have installed can’t even match GT5’s graphics… The closes was Project C, but that has a terrible lighting, IMO.

    2. JeremiahTB

      Good thing PlayStation and Xbox don’t directly compete with gaming rigs. If they did they would lose. $5000+ for a gaming rig and about $500 for a PlayStation. Simple math.

    3. MarcusarilliuS

      Maybe so but GT5 is an more an arcade game than a true sim. I’d take iRacing, rFactor 2 or the upcoming Assetto Corsa any day over GT5’s diluted physics. I’d say Assetto Corsa will look very nice graphics wise.

      Yea different markets. They have to charge a few thousand per console to be able to pack it with enough tech to compete.
      $5000 for a gamin rig is a bit of an exaggeration, unless you are using phase change cooling , quad sli etc. which is a bit overkill :)

    4. pgagoober

      ralph – if you cannot beat GT5’s graphics in iRacing you must be doing something wrong. It can and does look great with the right settings. Feel free to PM me if you like and I can help with your settings.

  44. Droogie

    If anyone attempts to illegally park into the show, ED-209 will take care of them. Seriously, I hate it when people don’t pay and get things they don’t deserve and we pay a lot of money for the things we do.

  45. marktyper

    Yes I am looking forward for GT6 in PS4 but honestly I am looking forward more for the NFS Underground series coming back into PS4. Something that will have the same wheel forcefeedback that we can use our wheels such as G25 or G27.

    1. kekke2000

      NFS Underground and Underground 2 was super awesome! But thats a thing of the past. Star Wars movies can be rereleased in a more modern fashion, NFSU games can’t.

    2. SZRT Ice

      The PS2 NFS’s are cool tho’. Loosen up peeps, we’re discussing PS4 here, not jus’ GT6.

      I don’t see you guys flipping on Terronium-12 when he goes off topic in his Weekly rewinds about cell phones, Koenigseggs, Night Rider, and what not. So why flip on people here? Loosen up & chill out.

    3. Quakebass

      Just going to point out – and I don’t want to discuss this too thoroughly – but NFS: MW was the sequel to U2, and Carbon was the sequel to MW. So there’s opportunity to do it, but considering Criterion and EA have botched the re-makes of the old games, I doubt anything good will come of the series. Unless they make an HD-remake, similar to the Halo series.

      Wait… I just brought up Halo…

  46. Flagmo-T

    Maybe they would show us a little GT6 teaser of what to expect, like they did with the PS3 announcement in 2005, showing GT5, It was exiting to watch at that time, and we all spend lots of money on Race setups and hey, but sadly it was a scam/Joke from the beginning LOL, because it was never released as announced on that show, that being PS3 and GT5 :P

    Anyway – It’s exiting to see what’s going on, and what to expect in the nearest future..

  47. Nicky_loves_GT5

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP WITH THE “SOUND PROBLEMS” I DONT CARE IF MY CAR SOUNDS LIKE A LAWNMOWER I JUST ENYOI THE GAME ….if you really love something you dont stop and look at its bad sides. Been a fan of the series since GT1. never never complained about something. and all of you whiners seriously i wanna kill myself.

    1. leeson

      Yeah, but, those sounds… are just awful, ya know? It’s like having a race between a food processor and a Dirt Devil.

    2. SpeedyishOlly

      Seriously. The sounds really need to be fixed, we have the right to say that. It’s not like they gave us the game for free, without us they wouldn’t of made anything..

    3. HuskyGT

      Sounds need a fix. Period. Just make the cars sound like the engine they are suppose to have and I’ll be happy. The sound effects themselves are already good enough and DON’T need to be louder a la NFS crap. I just don’t want my L6 M3 E46 sounding like it has a V8 or my Lambo Aventador sounding like a V10… just no. They have a bunch of sample already. They just need to rearrange them better. I don’t even care for repeated sound samples as long as V8 sounds like V8 and so on.

      It’s a simple request.

    4. JeremiahTB

      Just because we love something doesn’t mean we need to ignore it’s faults. Looking at everything with rose colored glasses means you never want improvements.

  48. HuskyGT

    HAHA! I thought it was a joke, but I just got a PSN message from Sony gifting me $10 to add to my wallet. Nice move ;)

    1. marktyper

      lol same!!! I got it today as well. At first I thought it’s a spam message but I saw that it was actually from PSN. So I retrieved it yay :D saying I’m a loyal customer (Which I think I am have spent a total of 90 bucks in psn cards) hehe

    2. HuskyGT

      I think that’s the case. I don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent in the PSN in the past years XD

      Smart move on Sony maybe. They just want to give an incentive to potential PS4 buyers now that they will announce it.

  49. lancashirelad

    I wonder if pd sample Hoover’s again for gt 6 or attempt to get beefy realistic engine sounds? That’s what stopped me playing gt5.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Well one thing is for sure, if the sound is not perfect on PS4 it never will be.. doubt if I will be investing all that wedge on the same old nonsense.

  50. kalakanto

    Got to admit, this is right now more exiting than launch of GT5. New console, maybe some news of new GT, can’t ask for more… MAKE IT RAIN KAZ, MAKE IT RAIN! (if he even is in NY lol)

  51. KilzoneStrife

    Hey guys, did Kaz tweet he is in NYC? All the major devs landed in NYC yesterday..

    The internet will EXPLODE if we see a GT6 tech demo on PS3!!
    Lights dim..
    Kaz appears on stage…
    New DS4 in hand…..
    and Moon Over Castle starts to play :D !!!!!!

    Then hit the showreel.. and get the paramedics… lots of people are going to need to be revived if GT6 gets shown!
    Im also looking foward to Battlefield 4 being shown.

    1. JeremiahTB

      Considering it comes out in September, I think it will die quickly if the PS4 is released for the 2013 Christmas season.

    2. Quakebass

      Or… It could come out on both generations…? Or maybe the PS4 (and next-gen Xbox) will have a release date near that time…?

      I haven’t heard of a game being released before a piece of hardware that supports it is released, but I guess there can be a first time for anything…

    3. leeson

      Yea that’s a good question. Kind of weird to launch such a huge title right before a new console is released. Now would be a good time to release it, let the PS3 go out with a bang.

    4. SZRT Ice

      It will do just fine because massive amounts of people in the world already own current gen systems and merely a fraction of those people will own next gen systems upon its initial release. Some will switch immideiately, whilst some are completely happy with current gen as of now and may not pick it up until well after or when a price drop/alternate/improved model is announced.

    1. TomBrady

      Did you not see the specs? It’s a hell of a lot more than just more RAM. It’s about 10 times more powerful if not more, not just RAM lol

    1. TomBrady

      Who the hell says xbox’s service is better? Online servers are run by the game developers, not XBL or PS3, and for less money you can get PS Plus, and you get tons of free games every year, you pay more for XBL and they give you nothing so how is that better service?

    2. MadmuppGT

      Christ I was wondering how long it would be until someone mentioned that nearly decade old line… the sad fact is PSN and XBL are really similar…

      Real question should be is XBL 60 times better? because that what it costs

    3. Quakebass

      He’s talking about features, not connectivity.

      You get cross-game chatting with friends, voice messaging, and with the Kinect, I believe even video messaging. It’s sup easy to back up all of your data – you can recover an account from any 360 (save files included) just by typing in your name and password and security question. It only took my friend about 5 minutes to get his account and save files to play Borderlands 2 at a friend’s house. And DLC is ported to every profile on the console, but won’t be stolen if you do a profile transfer back to another system. So, yes, XBL services are quite a bit better than PSN.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Rumour has it that PS, PS2 AND PS3 game will be able to be plated on the PS4!

      Like the original idea for the PS3, the PS4 is to be FULLY backwards compatible…

    2. Quakebass

      I could maybe see compatibility with (interestingly) PS1 and 2 disks, but not PS3 disks. The PS3 had complex hardware (cell-precessor, as stated), and might not function on the more conventional PC set-up this time around.

      It’d be weird, I admit.

  52. photonrider

    Looks like it is going to be heavily weighted in favour of Internet play/Social Media networking, and I guess that is going to be the wave of the future. I’m hoping it’s going to be backward compatible.

  53. KilzoneStrife

    Rumor: some social media features will require subscription BUT.. That is STILL a part of Playstation Plus. It will be rebranded and renamed. Gaikai may be included to sweeten the deal. If social networking, cross platform play (between PS4/Cellphone/tablet) is not your thing, if Gaikai, movie rentals arent for you, dont worry, Thats what the subscription based services are.

    Online gaming should still be free.

  54. Hentis

    Why don’t we all wait until they announce it? All this rumour crap is tbh doing my head in. No one knows exactly what’s going to be in it apart from Sony execs. In 16 hours we can all deliberate till our Hearts content!

  55. AKps3

    off topic:
    look at your PSN mailbox maybe you got 10$ from sony(US)
    “Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of PSN. As a token of appreciation, we’ve sent you $10…”

    1. HarVee

      Eh, I didn’t get nothing. But after all these times I’ve criticized their products, I can see why I’m not a “loyal customer”. lol

  56. MadmuppGT

    Ive heard the ps4 will operate on an Xbox style standard and premium subscription, with you ‘needing’ the premium service to access most of the online features…

    This is somewhat worrying news…

    1. Chinese_Drifter

      I’m going to say this is very unlikely and most likely a rumor. If anything, the PS4 will reintegrate the PS+ but with potentially more features (this could mean new features we have not yet been exposed to). I would say that the PS4 will likely have a “free” multiplayer just like the PS3 but would unlikely require a “standard” subscription just for online.

    2. MadmuppGT

      I’m hoping it is just a rumour or like you say be a new bigger version of PS+… would stink if you had to pay to play GT5 online…

      Fingers crossed eh?

    3. Quakebass

      I’m hoping they run PSN just like it was on PS3, just with added similarities to XBL like cross-game chats and voice and video messaging. It would make things a lot simpler to do, and make it easier to stay in contact with your friends. The the PS+ features could (again) expand on what the PS3 had – better store deals, early access to new features in both games and PSN services, etc.

      Considering Sony lost money on the PS3 for years after it’s release and STILL had free online service, I have a feeling that the PS4’s PSN will be free as well. The PS4’s hardware will be much cheaper to manufacture, and the price is rumored to be VERY reasonable for a new piece of hardware. I’m hoping that this is true.

    4. Scuderia Paul

      Sony has repeatedly said it will never charge to play games online.

      Any subscription to PlayStation World will be for PlayStation Plus style content and possibly different levels of access to it’s Gaikai streaming service. This last part is me speculatimy.

    5. MadmuppGT

      I just read the rumours and had a very worried chill run down my spine, like both of you have mentioned I really hope the Premium subscription is just a revamped PS+, I think cross game chat is going to be a given… only question is will Sony consider this a premium feature?

    1. ScotteDawg

      No “pay for play”, that’s a Microsoft money grabbing tactic because they are newer to the ganing business than Sony and are greedy capitalist pigs!

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