Polyphony Digital Sponsor “Gran Turismo Rev Limiter Zone” at Laguna Seca

August 14th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The focus of the automotive world will be on Monterey, California this weekend for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and accompanying historic races at Laguna Seca, with the Shelby Cobra as this year’s featured marque.

As announced on the raceway’s website, Polyphony Digital is sponsoring the “Gran Turismo Rev Limiter Zone”.

It’s a special viewing area offering “unparalleled access and fence-free viewing for optimal photographing as the cars accelerate by” the start/finish line. Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster for $25 and offers full pit access.

Kazunori Yamauchi will also once again be attending the Concours d’Elegance to award the Gran Turismo Trophy.

Previous winners of the award include the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Bertoni Prototype and the 1962 Alfa Romeo TZ2, both of which were prominently featured in Gran Turismo 5.

GT5 Photomode image by cphbullet.

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  1. Aug. 22, 3:29pm

    It was a fun 4 days. The tarmac was hot, but up in the bleachers and hillsides there was a cool breeze. I video taped the starting lap of the Cobra races. I believe I counted something like 37 cars even though there were reported to be 45 competitors there. They were not all on the track for the same races it seems.

    The most original Cobras there will ever be seen in the same area, must have been over 75 originals there. The number of kit cars was staggering. I didn’t even bother to photograph them :-D

    The Ford display had 10 to 12 of the original historic cars on display. It will take me month’s to convert all the photos from RAW to jpg to show here ;-)

  2. Aug. 17, 4:42am

    I’ll be there but Laguna

  3. Aug. 16, 8:32pm

    I’ll be there!

  4. Aug. 16, 12:50am

    And many people only know Carroll Shelby for the Shelby Cobra and maybe a couple other things. Take the time to learn about his influence on the automotive world, and in my opinion the battles with Ferrari were the most amazing, and that 1965 FIA World Sportscar Championship.

  5. Aug. 16, 12:46am

    Me personally, the car show I’ll be attending this weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise. Woodward Ave. is a street running from Detroit into the suburbs, and if I’m correct it was also the first paved road in the U.S. Anyways, it’s all historic cars, mainly the American Muscle Car. Its quite an event, HUGE in scale because it’s all the way up and down the road. Google it or something, quite a cool event! And since it’s a whole road it isn’t a pay to go to event, just a car cruise.

  6. Aug. 15, 3:50pm

    Sponsoring events….. That’s one way to get your hand on rare cars ;) wonder what will win this time

  7. Aug. 15, 5:41am

    AC Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe FTW! Come on Kaz, theme is Shelby, do it in honor of Carroll Shelby. Plus it’s just a really nice car!

    • Aug. 15, 9:53am
      Pit Crew

      225 with No Draft at Daytona SSW Power to Weight ratio is so brutal if your setup is even a little off your in the sand, or trees, water. I heard 1 went in a pool in real life lol.

    • Aug. 15, 9:55am
      Pit Crew

      Oh yeah Shelby Cobra 1 of the few that can still be wheelied post 2.0 Update.

    • Aug. 15, 12:03pm

      It would be a true driver’s car, thats why it’s deffinently one of my top 5 cars to add :)

  8. Aug. 15, 5:21am

    I really like 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Bertoni Prototype and the 1962 Alfa Romeo TZ2! One of my favorites in GT5! Hope PD will continue to add award cars in future!

  9. Aug. 15, 2:47am

    nice…just got me tuned gtr academy car :)

  10. Aug. 15, 12:48am

    Wow, that’s so similar to my Photo, except I managed to get the Shelby suits and helmet in there and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Sign too… I’ll be in the Rev Limiter Zone on the 17th if I can get a ticket and I’ll be wearing a GT t-shirt and a Lotus Cap… say Hi if you see me!


  11. Aug. 15, 12:45am

    Right in my backyard, sa-weeet.

  12. Aug. 15, 12:22am

    It should be, RIP Carrol Shelby

  13. Aug. 14, 11:58pm

    Image with the Shelbys? Saved. : )

  14. Aug. 14, 11:42pm
    Pit Crew

    Lets hope he sees a concourse de elegance car for GT6 while he’s there.

    • Aug. 15, 5:42am

      We will, last years winner is already confirmed for GT6. It was a 1960 Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster!

    • Aug. 15, 8:30am
      flink racquet

      That Plymouth looks horrible! The Lambo and Alfa are both beautiful cars, hopefully the Plymouth has full damage modelling so I can smash off some doors! Or just run it against barriers to stretch the bumpers strangely… :-/

    • Aug. 16, 12:41am

      Lol, honestly plink racquet it totally depends on the angle you look at it from. Google image it a look 1 picture at a time. I was doing that and at some pictures I’m like “that’s not a bad looking car, kind’a sharp” and I’d get excited for it, then in the next picture I will go “ugh, that’s not to attractive” and be disappointed.

  15. Aug. 14, 11:01pm

    I wish Kaz was at Gamescom making any announcement.

  16. Aug. 14, 10:59pm

    In honor of the Shelby Cobra being the feature car, GT5 will be getting a new Nissan GT-R DLC shortly

    • Aug. 14, 11:26pm


    • Aug. 14, 11:57pm


    • Aug. 15, 1:41am
      e30 freek

      :D lol

  17. Aug. 14, 10:56pm

    Kaz sure does keep busy. I’m am a big fan!

  18. Aug. 14, 10:11pm

    Forget this PD! Focus on GT5/GT6!

    • Aug. 14, 11:27pm

      I know. They can’t give us DLC but they can make stupid GT academy mini games and do stuff like this. It’s so annoying. They’re producing content for GT6 anyways, there’s no reason it can’t be put into GT5.

    • Aug. 14, 11:40pm
      Pit Crew

      @TomBrady I was thinking that also but wasnt sure of somethings so I left it alone.

    • Aug. 15, 2:36am

      It isn’t the whole studio going, just the head. There’s likely a vice president of PD managing the company’s development of GT6 and/or GT5.

    • Aug. 15, 5:30am

      Okay, NISSAN GT Academy, emphasize on Nissan, is a promotional thing. They have a deal, they have to do it. And there is a very good reason why they can’t put all the GT6 content in GT5 and it’s that there would then be ZERO reason to by GT6. And why can’t they go to Concours d’Elegance? They give out an award there every year, then they add the car to the GT franchise. And even if they werent adding a car that’s fine to. If the man wants to go to Concours d’Elegance the man can go to Concours d’Elegance! You can’t seriously expect him to do nothing but make game content, geez people. And there hasn’t been a DLC yet because then the different brands of cars would take away from the focus on the NISSAN, emphasis on Nissan, GT Academy. So unless you want to buy a DLC full of more Nissan’s then you’ll wait. If you do then your getting GT Academy cars! Plus they did just give us Motegi not to long ago and they said he is scheduling a trip to Shanghi to look at getting Shanghi Circuit in GT5! Now that all that is put back in your heads what is there to complain about?

    • Aug. 15, 7:49am

      @Amac500 +1000

    • Aug. 15, 10:17am
      Pit Crew

      Kaz gives away the trophy there which gives him opportunities to look at all the contestants, just out of curiosity , giving some respect at least to the other cars global heritage, and equal considerations for a GT6 car list final cut.

      I was curious as to why PD couldnt use maybe 4 cars from the GT6 car data they may have already and just create a DLC pack for GT5 not all of it, and probably any 2010- 2011s at that. I wasnt pushing the idea though but was more keyed in on how I wasnt quite alone in that idea.

      I personally expect nothing more than an update, the remaining GTAcademy cars, maybe something free after race season (If PD follows last season pattern in like the Infamous X1 freebie) or upcoming holiday.

      If NISSAN got that much influence in PD then the future of this franchise could be at risk. (Opinion)

    • Aug. 15, 12:01pm

      Well it’s not that Nissan has too much influence, it’s that to release something over top of GT Academy would be cross marketing. But by the amount of Nissan cars to get it’s probably safe to say they have a bigger hand then other manufacturers.

      I wish they pit the Gran Turismo Award cars in GT5, but they are understandably viewed a bit differently by PD so I can’t blame them for waiting. But Kaz did say GT5 still had content coming and I believe we will see it.

  19. Aug. 14, 8:36pm

    Why call it the “Rec limiter Zone” if it is a viewing area? Are they planning on limiting the spectators revs? That sounds painful.

    • Aug. 14, 8:42pm


  20. Aug. 14, 8:21pm

    PD’s shout for airfares…hurry,the toss is an aussie

  21. Aug. 14, 8:18pm

    Lol, I almost thought about asking for weather change at Laguna Seca until I remembered it never rains in California.

    Concours d’Elegance is a really cool event though. I hope one of these years the incredibly attractive D-Type Jag wins the Gran Turismo award. I want that car in the GT franchise! And hey, if they are looking for some more content for GT5, D-Type Jag please Kaz!

    • Aug. 14, 8:22pm

      D for Datsun..

    • Aug. 14, 8:32pm

      Datsun +1

    • Aug. 14, 10:05pm

      Well it gets cloudy, and does rain, and NIGHT happens about once a day.

    • Aug. 15, 2:37am

      California gets PLENTY of rain… So does most of the west coast of the U.S….

    • Aug. 15, 5:31am

      Not Southern Cali, dry dry dry out there

  22. Aug. 14, 8:02pm

    Is it just my display or is that skeletor standing next to Kaz?

    • Aug. 14, 8:24pm

      it looks like the michelin man thats lost the top half of his costume….i stole the top part to make myself more attractive to potential perfect matches……me dog still wont jump up me leg :(

  23. Aug. 14, 7:21pm

    Awesom track… been there a couple times for MOTOGP races. I love the cork-screw they go so fast there and alot of elevation changes on the track.

    • Aug. 14, 8:25pm

      ben spies crashed mis moto gp bike at the corkscrew just 2 weeks ago roughly…lucky he didnt hit anything

  24. Aug. 14, 7:03pm

    Wow, I’m in Canada though. :(

    • Aug. 15, 7:01pm

      Rest in peace Carrol Shelby and most recently Sergio Pinninfarina.

  25. Aug. 14, 7:02pm

    Nice!! I’m not a massive fan of the SEMA cars, but a huge fan of the Pebble Beach cars. Very unique!

    …but I do also feel SEMA cars earn their place in the game.

  26. Aug. 14, 6:52pm

    I wish I could come, but I’m in a state opposite from Cali. :/

  27. Aug. 14, 6:47pm
    e30 freek

    He should give it to the old 250 gto this time and then add it into gt5

    • Aug. 15, 1:46am

      100% agree! I wish the 250 GTO and Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe were in GT5 the most. I can’t believe PD has Ferrari license and didn’t add anymore classic Ferrari’s in the game. 250 Testarossa, 375MM, 250Gt California, 750 Monza! Biggest disappointment in the game for me. All the classic race cars in the game and they don’t add anymore than the 330P4? They should at least do a DLC. I would pay happily for some cool classic Ferraris.

    • Aug. 15, 5:33am

      A 250 GTO would please me! Historic race cars are my favorites at this event though. Being a Shelby theme why not that first Shelby car to race at Le Mans? What year was it, 1965?

  28. Aug. 14, 6:44pm

    I hope a nice car wins the Gran Turismo trophy, so we can get it. :

    • Aug. 15, 2:39am

      I wonder what happens if it’s a Porsche…? They’ll probably give it’s brand out as the tuner’s name instead…

  29. Aug. 14, 6:43pm

    Nice. That’s pretty cool. I would think some regulars from GTP will be going.

  30. Aug. 14, 6:19pm

    ….pff…. now that he said they are full force on GT6, its a question of as to why i still come to site about news….. COME TO ROAD ATLANTA, PETITE LE MANS IS GETTING OLD!!!!!

    • Aug. 14, 6:36pm

      I think you forgot to say “First!” purely based on your tone o_O

    • Aug. 14, 7:19pm

      Le Mans never gets old!

    • Aug. 14, 7:56pm
      Pit Crew

      Petite Lemans is run on Atlanta SSW Road Course lol easy mistake.

    • Aug. 14, 10:08pm

      SMS… I know.. I actually thought but I wanted to get something more important out

    • Aug. 14, 11:29pm

      Road Atlanta is awesome!!!!

      The version in forza 4 is absolutely terrible. It’s totally inaccurate. I learned it in iracing, which is accurate down to every centimeter and it’s totally different. They need to get with the times and start being accurate.

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