Project CARS 2’s Photo Mode is Massively Improved Over Original’s

Project CARS 2 19 August 9, 2017 by

The original Project CARS didn’t exactly have a great photo mode. Those interested in capturing the beauty of the game were left with limited options, especially compared to competitors. A recent video uploaded to YouTube gives us a good look at what to expect from the sequel’s photo mode.

Snap Happy

Uploaded by GameRiot, the gameplay shows the various tools players will have to work with. Those who felt short-changed from the original title will see a more familiar set of features in the sequel.

GameRiot gives a good run-through of the mode, showing a much stronger photography offering in Project CARS 2. Filters, saturation and other common attributes are tweakable mid-race. Given the title’s utmost focus on the racing, its still encouraging to see attention paid to a popular feature within the genre.

Graphics have always been a core selling point for racing titles. Games like Driveclub have thrived from having an in-depth photo mode thanks to its stunning visuals. Often casual players are intrigued by titles through player-taken snaps, so a better photo mode can only benefit Project CARS 2. Combining the stunning trailers and fan shared screenshots, the game should earn some good publicity. With the level of visual fidelity Slightly Mad Studios is achieving, it would be a shame to confine it to a sub-standard photo mode.

GT Sport still appears to be the runaway leader for in-game photography. The over a thousand locations offered by Scapes is simply near impossible to compete with. Gran Turismo has always given extra focus to the photography aspects of the series, so this is no surprise. Even still, we look forward to going hands on with Project CARS 2‘s offering this September.

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