Project CARS Pagani Edition Launches Today on Steam (For Free)

The Huayra BC made its sim-racing debut in Project CARS earlier this year. Now, you can try it for free.

Today seems to be full of surprises. The unusual Porsche avatars on Xbox are one thing, but a free edition of an existing game is something different altogether. Hot on the heels of the news that the game has sold two million copies, Project CARS – Pagani Edition launches today, exclusively on Steam.

This cut-down version of Slightly Mad Studios’ 2015 sim racer features all five of the Pagani models found in the existing game (Zonda Cinque Roadster, Zonda R, Zonda Revolucion, Huayra, and Huayra BC). “I’ve always been thrilled by videogames, and Project CARS sums all the things that I love about cars: the passion and the experience.” says the company founder himself, Horacio Pagani. “I’m proud and honored to see the Project CARS – Pagani Edition, and I hope all our fans all over the world enjoy the possibility to drive our creations, especially the new Pagani Huayra BC.”

Those fans will get the opportunity to tame Horacio’s creations at three locations: the full Nürburgring 24H layout, the Monza Grand Prix circuit, and the scenic Azure Coast. In addition, the game has been designed to function with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets, with support for displays up to and including 4K.

PC players looking to get in on the action can head to the Project CARS – Pagani Edition Steam page to grab the game now, and swing by our Project CARS forums to join in the discussion.

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  1. ALB123

    I installed it. I drove one lap at Monza with a Hyuara. I figured I could really ascertain if I liked it because I have the same car & track in Assetto Corsa. Unfortunately, I hit the race track with default settings. There was a lot of resistance in turning my wheel. It actually reminded me of GT6 when it first came out and then an update came and mt wheel lightened considerably in GT6. I hated it at first, but learned to love it.

    So, this was a little unnerving feeling it again, this time in pCars Pagani Edition. I need to get recommended wheel settings for a DFGT because the stock settings give me no force feedback at all. Zero. I was literally intentionally driving off the track onto bumpy surfaces…intentionally hitting sausage curbs and more. I received absolutely no feeling in my wheel.

    I’m not criticizing FFB in pCars. I have no question that this is due to me not having the settings properly set for my DFGT. I’ll probably get some FFB settings from a reputable source in the next couple of days and give it another try. It is absolutely insane how many settings there are in the FFB section. First of all, my wheel, and the majority of sim racing wheels are not exactly sophisticated. I can’t even imagine why there are so many settings. The only conclusion I can come to is that FFB in pCars is completely artificial. Again, that’s not necessarily a criticism. It might be the best feeling FFB in the world, however, it clearly isn’t exactly “natural” like the way Assetto Corsa implements their FFB, which is just simply passing physics data from the car to the wheel in an unmolested state. No canned effects at all. You can amplify a few things that is technically unnatural, but the FFB code itself is very minor.

    I hope that I enjoy pCars Pagani Edition. I would love to have multiple PC Sim Racing games on my laptop. However, I am not going to purchase them just to have them. I need to be convinced they are worth my time. There are many people who have thousands of GT6 hours and are perfectly content staying with GT6. That’s cool! If you find something you like that much, I envy you. So far, I think Assetto Corsa is my muse, but I’ve only been playing one year.

    1. palqo

      I have both AC and PC. I didn’t like PC at first either because of the FFB and default physics behavior. However after a few months of investigating the PC FFB setup and tweaking, it’s the same as AC (months, because didn’t do it every day and the below guides didn’t exist yet). Also, you cannot set up PC with some recommended settings and expect it to work, as this game has to be set up to your wheel’s FFB curve that is unique to each wheel. You need to start with wheelchecker and FFB calculator to calculate some wheel specific settings
      and then check out some general FFB setup guidelines here:
      Even AC might help you with some wheel specific setup

  2. sgohsixthree

    If pit stops are even available in this version, would be pretty jacked if they fixed the pit bug on N24 for the free version.

    1. Johnnypenso

      A few cars all from Pagani, three tracks, all free. Sounds like a hell of a deal, gets more people into sim racing if they were on the fence about trying it. Gets people to try a, hopefully polished, mini-version of the game. It’s a win/win all around.

    2. Furinkazen

      A polished version of a game which was never even fixed or finish? You need to re-evaluate your definition of polished.

    3. GrumpyGrumps

      If someone already owns PCars then they aren’t going to download this. So how is someone who tries this going to know how ‘fixed’ or ‘finished’ the full version ever was? This is a flyer, a shiny poster on the street saying ‘Come check this out and see if you like it. If you do, we’ve got something you’ll love.’

      PCars is a great game and from a console standpoint it makes GT6 look like a joke. Is it RaceRoom or iRacing? From what I understand as a console player, no. But how much do other sims give away for free in the same vein as what SMS is doing here?

      Additionally, we know full well that in this day and age of instant gratification there isn’t going to be a racing sim that may ever be released again that doesn’t get immediately and endlessly blasted for not being perfect, no matter how amazing it is. GT Sport, for example, may be a great game, but it’s like Apple or Windows releasing a new operating system. The most vocal group will always be the most negative, because those with positive takes on it are more likely to be using it instead of complaining about it.

    4. Imari

      It seems hard to legitimately complain about a free taster of a product so that people can try it to see if they like it. Regardless of quality, it’s a pro-consumer move.

    5. Johnnypenso

      Exactly Grumps and Imari. It’s a brilliant move on SMS’s part. I’m not aware of anyone doing anything like this before in the sim world. A sort of demo after the game is released and in it’s twilight is a great idea IMO and I hope it works in their favour. If I didn’t have the game already I’d be taking a look at it for sure.

    6. NLxAROSA

      True, but FM6 Apex came out on a platform that FM was never released on. It was new for many users. I am also wondering if SMS will release this for consoles too in the future.

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