Project CARS Hits 2 Million Copies Sold

The flame-spitting Bentley Continental GT3, courtesy of Ak1504.

The men and women over at Slightly Mad Studios had cause for celebration this week, as their 2015 multi-platform sim racer hit another sales threshold. Project CARS first crossed the seven-figure mark shortly after launch in June 2015, and has now doubled that amount to two million.

Posting the news to the company blog, Slightly Mad Studios attributes the continued success of its product to a few of its unique features. The game’s crowd-funded “World of Mass Development” approach — something the team will continue with the sequel — is listed first and foremost, but credit is also due to the dynamic time-and-weather system, which is still largely unique to the genre on the current generation of systems.

Project CAR’s continued eSports usage is an important factor as well. Next month, the game will play host to a new online tournament sponsored by Ginetta, which will act as a springboard for sim racers looking to get started in the world of auto racing.

Getting feedback and support from real-world racers is an increasingly-common necessity for a title touting itself as a simulator. Project CARS is no different, counting talent like Nic Hamilton amongst its ranks. If you haven’t already, check out his inspiring story here.

JohnScoonsBeard gets moody with the 300SL and that dynamic time and weather.

As VR headsets continue to penetrate the mainstream, Project CARS has been ideally positioned as one of the first simulation racing titles to offer full support for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (on PC). With an eye on the future, Game Director Stephen Viljoen had this to say:

“We’re really proud of what we have created with Project CARS. Two million sales shows that there will always be a place for games made with passion and craftsmanship. This gives all of us working hard every day on the Project CARS franchise an adrenaline boost as we strive to keep creating the games and features our fans want.”

Congratulations to the Slightly Mad Studios team! Now, about Project CARS 2…

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Comments (26)

  1. Scuderia Paul

    PCars had many issues, several of which remain shamefully, but it is a fantastic package. It does a lot of stuff brilliantly, such as dynamic time and weather, and offers massive content.

    I enjoy it thoroughly and have put a sinful amount of time into racing at Circuit de la Sarthe in LMP cars. PCars2 is bound to build on what is a very solid foundation and I suspect it will be a fantastic sim.

  2. earlybraker

    Game was junk. Mine never worked properly, blue screened, saved game progress when it felt like it,losing ffb settings all the time . Their never getting my money again.

  3. 05XR8

    It was a fun and challenging game to play. When it wouldn’t save my progress any longer, that was a shame. Didn’t tarnish my experience though. Awesome game.

  4. sgohsixthree

    This boones very well for future sim racers, especially GTS. Curious what Assetto Corsa’s numbers will be comparatively.

    I’m still dumping TONS of time into this game, as it’s the only reasonably decent multiplayer racing sim available. All that said, there are still far too many things that were never addressed or fixed for me to really even consider PCars2. If they didn’t take time to fix the nagging issues of the game and listen to the community instead of attacking them, I won’t take the time to support them.

  5. RodolphoPNeto

    Really happy for this. Contrarily to some comments, have been playing it without a single bug until this day, enjoying some weekend LMP endurance under the sun, moon, rain, fog, facing mechanical failures… the lot. Basically the best racing game i’ve ever played, but no where near GT’s nostalgic value, of course. Keep it up!

    1. Johnnypenso

      Why would Forza Horizon say hi to MrWaflz? He’s obviously expressing his personal preference and, on top of that, they are two completely different types of games.

    2. ImaRobot

      It’s also not a multi-platform either, so I’m not sure why FH3 would be saying Hi. Is it lost and confused?

  6. gigio79

    To be honest PC is a nice game, long career, many cars, many tracks, a lot of races and events. There are also some bugs that need to be fixed, but the game is nice. It seems that the second version will be ready in few months, I hope they make the steering wheel setting and feedback easier than actual version, but if I have to give a vote to the game is 8.

  7. Blood*Specter

    And PCars get’s the nod over all others due to the time change capability.

    I do love Assetto Corsa, but they can’t go from day to night and back to day.
    And racing at the ring for lets say a 45 minute time frame is really enhanced with time/weather changes. Pity GT-7/Sport saw fit to remove this feature, and Assetto Corsa has never had it.

    1. skazz

      The year of DLC and patches ended a while back, now the wait begins for pCARS 2.

      If you look on the official crowdfunding site you can see what SMS is aiming for with pCARS 2, but as a backer I can tell you that they are very much still in the development process, there’s certainly no imminent release.

      As for content, well it’s not for sharing yet, but let’s just say you can expect more tracks, some big name additions to the car roster, and in addition to tarmac we will also get all kinds of other surfaces: gravel, dirt, mud, ice, snow. And expect tracks and cars to take advance of the new “loose surface physics” which is a headline item.

    1. Szuper

      Very easily, all other games looking tail lights!!

      Imo. This need only better triple monitor system and more cars and trcks… Really like this game! :)

  8. Johnnypenso

    That’s incredible considering all the issues on both consoles at launch. I can understand the quick million at launch with all the hype and anticipation that happens prior to release but to add another million on top of that is remarkable. It shows there really is a market on console for the more “hardcore” simulation games. Great for them and I hope it provides the funding necessary to get PCARS2 out of the gate firing on all 12 cylinders. Looking forward to it!

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