PS3 Wheels May Be Compatible With Gran Turismo Sport


Quality steering wheel support is a prerequisite to a complete and pleasant experience for modern driving sims. Nowadays it is almost impossible to expect significant sale results from driving simulators unless they support plenty of accessories that the market clearly demands.

Logitech’s G27: Will it be compatible with GT Sport?

Polyphony Digital has already confirmed it will continue to support this aspect of modern gaming with GT Sport as we got the chance to inspect what could possibly be the official GT Sport steering wheel by Thrustmaster. However, the question on the minds of many players is whether GT Sport will support all the nice PS3 steering wheels we’ve used previously. During the interview with Chinese news outlet Sina, Kazunori Yamauchi stated:

“We plan to continue supporting PS3 wheels, but we also launched new wheels and we hope you’ll buy them.”

Needles to say, steering wheels are expensive, and are becoming more so as technology continues to improve. Requiring another investment on peripherals could be quite inconvenient for average buyers. Some wheel manufacturers are working on expanding their compatibility lists, while certain products have yet to be added. Nevertheless, the official compatibility list of steering wheels for GT Sport hasn’t been published yet, but according to Polyphony Digital, players with older peripherals still have hope.

GTPlanet will have more updates regarding steering wheel compatibility as it comes. Make sure to check our What wheel will you be using? thread in the GT Sport section for further discussion.

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  1. austint30

    For the love of God please be compatible with the Driving Force GT! If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

  2. Szuper

    No matter if this is true, because DFGT and G25/27 works fine on PS4.
    The magic word: GIMX :)

  3. thorfynn

    A while ago i bought a nice and new Logitech DrivingForcePro. As the PS$ was announced, i read the shocking news that this console will not support “older” steering wheels.

    It´s all about fuc%%g marketing…
    I bought a PS4 a few weeks ago in a bundle with Uncharted 4 for 250Euros (by the way a really really nice game ;-) )…. So the next game is evetually GT Sport. And if there is no wonder happening, this game will cost me about 300 Euros – come on, this is %&”&$!$&.

    As i mentioned it before – it´s all about the money. The user counts nothing….. I hate this philosophy…..

    So i pray to all gods above us, that PD makes it happen that my goold old DFPro will work with GT Sport….. It would make me very, very happy ;-))

  4. Griffith500

    I think it’s fair to expect any wheel that worked in the PS3 games to work on PS4 in GTS.

    USB is USB, the controller boards on the wheels haven’t changed since we bought them. Since they’ll have rewritten their FFB code to work in the new IO environment, then it’s possible some of it gets dropped or deliberately commented out; so it depends on how much the cross-selling means to Sony and wheel manufacturers.

    Whether there’s official support, or any official statement, is another thing, just as it was on PS3.

    My advice: wait for reports after release.

  5. ShaiKhulud

    Since my G27 wheel works perfectly with GIMX adapter, I assume GT:S can emulate necessary drivers inside the game’s hardware sandox.

    The only reason why G25/27 are unsupported on PS4 without adapters is Logitech’s greed. G29 is basically the same wheel and GIMX uses exact the same G29 driver to emulate G27 on PS4, so I guess IN THEORY PD could do it without problems inside their game. Also when we’re talking about Gran Turismo in general, bear in mind that PD desires has a lot more weight in the eyes of perephials manufacturers – it’s the biggest wheel seller on a console. So i guess PD can really lay some pressure on Logi to include legacy G25/G27 support in Sport.

    Anyway if you own G27 I strongly suggest you to Google GIMX DIY Adapter, it’s a very cheap and easy way to get G27 FULLY SUPPORT the PS4 right now without any input-lags, with FFB and even with the gear-indicators support almost out of the box. It’s also the cheapest way.

  6. Cobra2245

    At this point, GTS is looking like a repeat of GT6. Even with this announcement, it makes the game no better.
    They’re still keeping the atrociously broken P2P servers (for regular lobbies) even though it’s 2016. I’m definitely out of this, especially seeing the state of GT6.

    1. Die_Birdy_Die

      With this announcement and as a G27 owner, This makes me happy and willing to buy GTS it is what has kept me away from P car and has kept me away from buying A PS4.

      At this time I have no need for a PS4 as none of the games interest me. but this does but GTS on my list!

  7. OptiMystik

    I don’t care today.. I’ve replaced my DFGT with T300 already and don’t regret B-)

  8. Donnced

    T80,T100,T150, T300, T500 from trusthmaster are wheels that works on PS3 and PS4

    From logitech i only think that the G29 will be supported on GTS,cause the G25/G27 and DFGT are already outdated and very difficult to find still a new one.

    Hopefully GTS supports some fanatec wheels.

    This news can be very easy to be a bad interpretation of kaz words… I realy think that only some trusthmaster wheels like the T500 will work on GTS like it does on Pcars and probably assetto corsa…

  9. Dragonwhisky

    With the current state of play I was unhappily going to sit out the current generation of consoles and games. While I’m still going to wait to find out if my G27 Will be fully supported, it doesn’t bode well for my bank account.

  10. Szuper

    I hope this is true!! Thrustmaster wheels rate is over 15% return and over 20% fix problems for here finland :D

  11. skazz

    Thrustmaster already listen GTS support for the T500 on their site… That alone would be enough to make this whole comment valid ;)

  12. ALB123

    What does Kaz mean “WE launched new wheels”? Since when did PDI get involved in the steering wheel business?

    I really hope that legacy wheels can be used with GTSport for the sake of all those DFGT, G25/27 and T500 owners. Considering how much GTSport has changed from the typical Gran Turismo formula — buy cars, race cars, earn $$, buy better car parts, tune cars, buy more cars, repeat, repeat, repeat — there will obviously be a lot of people who don’t really know if the new GTSport is their type of game or not.

    Spending $60 on the game isn’t a huge loss if you end up not liking the new way of doing things in Gran Turismo land. But, having to also drop $300-$500 just to try out that new Gran Turismo is going to make a lot of people balk. That’s probably not the smartest move considering the already shrinking interest in Gran Turismo releases.

    1. Leggacy

      T500 will work with GTS. it’s the previous generation of Logitech g25/27, DFGT, etc that are being left behind currently. I hope they are supported. Maybe Logitech didn’t think their wheels would last this long and it’s them holding back the older gen so they can sell you a new one?

  13. Isho

    It’d be nice if we could get a straight up answer for once since this matters alot. Im honestly not looking forward to buying a G29 which is exactly the same as the G27 but $300. Not to mention buying a T300 and a 3 pedal set + shifter.

  14. TRLWNC7396

    This was stated as a possibility from the beginning. How about a yes or no? :(

    Oh, well. We shall see.

  15. Whitestar

    Here we go again with the “may” and “mights”. Why is it so hard to produce a straight answer?

    1. letdown427

      Because the straight answer would be “the G27 won’t work” and that would upset people.

      They’re too scared to tell the truth, and so just always say ‘may’ and then hope that when it comes out the graphics are so shiny that everyone forgets about all the mays that didn’t happen.

  16. gigio79

    Somebody should be so kind to explain how can be possible that a logitech G27 not working with PS4, can be supported and used with GT Sport. Respect people.

  17. FrzGT

    ONLY for Gran Turismo Sport? Somewhat im kind of doubt it on hardware level. But hopefully if its true its not just for GTS, but for PS4as a whole.

  18. Sick Cylinder

    Have Polyphony Digital just discovered something? If not, then why didn’t they make this announcement a year ago? It is good news (if it comes true) but I feel sorry for any friends who have already bought new wheels which they didn’t need (if it comes true).

  19. Imari

    Mixed messaging. They’ve said in the past that they’ll only support officially PS4 supported wheels, and how they’re saying this.

    I R confuzzled.

  20. TomBrady

    I’ve always said that if anybody can get the PS3 wheels working on PS4, it’s PD. They’re the only ones with any real power and sway with Sony and they have a history of supporting old wheels.

    If this is true, good on them although I’ve already moved onto the vastly superior T300. Sorry G27, you’re old news and inferior.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      a) Do you just TRY to find the negative in every GT news story? Is that how much you hate it now?

      b) If you hate it so much, why the hell even bother to comment?

      c) What are they doing if they’re not keeping us up-to-date with the possibility that old wheels may be supported in GTS? If anything I think it’s nice that they’re letting us know that this is something they’re working on, even if it doesn’t turn out in the end.

    2. Johnnypenso

      A. It’s not against the AUP. Play the ball not the man.
      B. See above.
      C. They’ve been vague and wishy washy in the past and it’s coming back to bite them where it hurts. Perfectly understandable consumer reaction.

    3. Johnnypenso

      A. I dont think “play the ball nor the man” means what you think it means.
      B. See above.
      C. Didn’t say it wasn’t. But the only one wigging out about someone’s opinion here is you.

    4. TeamCZRRacing

      a) Sure I do. Could I have been a little less snappy about the way I expressed my opinion? Sure. But for a GT fan like myself, it’s extremely tiring to see people continue to try to drag down the stuff you love. There’s a reason you don’t see me commenting in pCARS news posts or hanging in the forum: because like Magic Ayrotn with GT, I have nothing positive to say about that game at all. I know I said it was a good game once a few years ago, but no… after giving it another shot, it’s pure trash and I frankly wish I hadn’t blown my money on it. Yet I’d never consider frequenting the pCARS section because I realize that constant negativity only /takes away/ from a community; it makes it /worse./ It doesn’t add to it. You know that too.

      b) See above. (Don’t know why b) is always “see above,” but there you go)

      c) From the way you act towards me, that’s just false. Do you want to know why I don’t frequent the GT sections anymore? You. And a few others, to be fair, but mostly you. For the past year plus, it seems you’ve actively sought me out whenever I’ve posted an opinion about anything related to GT and constantly disagreed with me just to be a miser, and frankly, I’m BEYOND tired of it. I’ve said time and again, I can handle other opinions. What I cannot handle, however, is people making a point of bombarding me with relentless disagreements every time they see a post with me expressing my opinion. This has been going on for over a year now. It’s time to stop.

      So please, add me to your ignore list already and just ignore whatever I say in the news section.

    5. Isho

      a) You’re literally complaining about someone expressing his opinion on PD’s choices and assume hes somehow trying to find the negative in every GT news story, which is false FYI. And in this case I could totally understand his frustrations since this constant stalling of a straight up answer from PD is getting annoying and pretty worrying since these claims are quite crucial to alot of people who are planning on buying a new wheel.
      b) I dont know, for the same reason you’re replying to his comment maybe?
      c) You stated “I can handle other opinions”, but you complaining about people disagreeing with yours proves that statement is false.

      My point is, dont reply to someones negative comment without expecting any disagreements.

    6. TeamCZRRacing

      a) I’m not complaining about his opinion. I’m complaining about how much Magic sounds like a broken record and expressing frustration at the fact that he’s a broken record who says the same stuff over and over again ad infinitum.

      b) That was a joke meant to lighten the mood a bit.

      c) It’s one thing when someone replies with a differing opinion once or twice or even 10 times. It’s another thing entirely when they continuously do it for /over a year,/ to the point where you’re afraid to voice your opinion on something that’s near and dear to you. Which is what Johnny is doing. Every time – EVERY! Time! – I voice an opinion about GT or the community, he has to come and throw salt at me. It’s like, “I ****ing get it. You disagree. Again. Now leave me alone and stop hounding me.”

      Do you understand my perspective now?

    7. Isho

      a) His opinion is what you refer to as being a broken record, which means you are complaining about it. Alot of sense you made there.
      b) Based on “Do you just TRY to find the negative in every GT news story? Is that how much you hate it now?”, “If you hate it so much, why the hell even bother to comment” does not sound as a joke at all and does the opposite of what you wanted.
      c) If you’re afraid of voicing your opinion, wouldnt you think the others you reply to would feel the same way when you constantly do it aswell? Instead of constantly bickering about feeling attacked by him, why not come up with stronger arguments against his, because it seems to me that he provided valid points there whereas you just seem like a hopeless case?

    8. TeamCZRRacing

      a) It just annoys me when people continue to say the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and o… you get it.

      b) The joke was directed at Johnnypenso, but fair point considering that the rest of this conversation is pretty serious.

      c) No because I don’t target specific users, which is what I feel Johnny is doing to me, despite the fact that he’s claimed otherwise.

    9. TeamCZRRacing

      Oh, and a better response to c): I would provide counterpoints if I’d not been so tired of his constant hounding me. This has been going on for years, and frankly I find it no longer possible to dignify such behavior with an actual response. All I’m able to do is to plead him to stop.

    10. Obelisk

      This guy is ALWAYS bashing on the GT franchise. He also stalked my YouTube channel for a few days (Yeah, I can see you on there Ayrton) after I trashed one of his comments. Magic Ayrton also hasn’t contributed anything positive to the forums since March 5, 2014 (Yes, I checked.).

      So, he isn’t exactly a good example for the community…But as I have learned from my last encounter:

      1) The most miseducated/ignorant people are the ones with the most confidence in their opinions.
      2) Never pick a fight with an idiot – they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    11. Johnnypenso

      “Oh, and a better response to c): I would provide counterpoints if I’d not been so tired of his constant hounding me. This has been going on for years, and frankly I find it no longer possible to dignify such behavior with an actual response. All I’m able to do is to plead him to stop.”

      Translation: ” I would provide counterpoints if I had any, but I don’t, so I won’t.” You apparently have enough energy to whine about stuff, perhaps redirect that energy into making coherent arguments for your positions.

    12. TeamCZRRacing

      Johnnypenso, if I were discussing the matter with anyone but you, I would. But I have zero patience left for you, so I’m not going to dignify you with any response. Good day, and do not talk to me again.

  21. murch

    I’ve held off on a new gen console simply because of their lack of support for my G27. If PD manages to include support for the G27 in Sport, I’m all in.

  22. potvinsuks

    Wow this is BIG news!

    However, as mentioned by some below already, PDI oughta make haste and let us know asap.

  23. GTP_federsch

    And what about those racing games that I not bought because this PS4/G27 incompatibility?… For sure G27 will be GT Sport compatible wheel and I think it is a kind of dirty business move by SONY and PD. GTS will not be in my catalogue if this is the case and for sure PS4 is my last console ever from this brand. I own a G27 and a G29.

  24. Blood*Specter

    I’m not too sure what’s going on. But Logitech has a ton of G27’s they could sell off if this is turns out to be true. It has the potential of pulling in a lot of disgruntled racers who otherwise might have left GT for PCars and Assetto permanently.

    There is a chance for PD, and Logitech to make some money here. So how will getting the G27 to work with PS4 Project Cars work? And will Kunos follow suit? Stay tuned……………….

  25. GTR325

    I thought the issue with the older wheels like the G27 was hardware and not software. Are they going to start selling something to make the wheel with with the PS4 or just do a software update?

    PD needs to clarify this soon as I am planning to sell my G27 soon, as it hasn’t been supported on the PS4 so far.

    1. TomBrady

      No no no. It’s always been software and it’s Logitech’s fault. They didn’t want Sony to support their old wheels because they had the G29 coming out but it has always been possible.

      There’s nothing about the hardware that would ever prevent those wheels from working.

  26. FMW

    This is interesting…Right now I use a FANATEC CWS V2 for GT-6 as it has a PS MODE. All that basically does is mimic a Logitech G25/7, which works amazingly. So if they support older Logitech wheels, there could be hope for GT-sport and us Fanatec users until Fanatec releases a try PS wheel for their V2 base. =)

    1. jimantonic

      PzR, surely you meant ‘this is really FANATECtastic news’…

      Ok, I’ll get my coat…

  27. scooterlord

    How can the wheels be compatible with the game since the PS3 wheels are not compatible with the PS4 due to hardware limitations?

    1. Johnnypenso

      Because they are compatible you just need drivers. The only shortfall of legacy wheels like the T500 is you will need a controller to access the PS menus.

    2. Leggacy

      That’s true, the T500 doesn’t work on the PS4 dash. But that’s no problem, You can use the TV remote or a wireless keyboard or mouse to select stuff in the menus.

    3. panjandrum

      I’m confused as to why people think the old PS3 wheels are incompatible due to hardware. Unless Sony did something unbelievably idiotic with their USB ports then the only incompatibility HAS to be software. USB is a standard (actually several standards, but that’s not the point); anything USB absolutely should work with anything else USB; the only exception being software (drivers). If a USB device has an actual hardware incompatibility with another device then one of the two devices does not properly adhere to the USB standards, and is therefore defective.

    4. Leggacy

      There was talk of some sort of a security chip, but I think that was BS. The old Logitech wheels apparently work in games with but with no feedback. I’ve seen adaptors that claim to work but I think they just add centre spring and vibration.

    1. Leggacy

      Oo, not seen that before (just googled it). I think thrustmaster have something similar with the jog wheel around the outside of the Dpad.

  28. Martin DS

    I use a g29 now, but I still have my old g25, witch I can give to my brother or sell it. So that’s really good news.

  29. Johnnypenso

    Too vague an answer to bank on. The T300/500 are both “PS3” wheels and their support would make the statement true. Anyone with a G27 like myself shouldn’t get their hopes up quite yet, IMO.

  30. ribloGT

    I will wait and judge…
    Too many promises never fullfilled by PDI to believe them right now…
    Time will tell…

  31. TeamCZRRacing

    Watch someone try to spin this into something negative. As for me, I don’t use my G25 anymore but it’s good to see that those who don’t have enough money to keep up with the latest and greatest wheels will still be able to play the way they prefer.

    1. Isho

      The possibility of having the g27 compatible with the PS4 is nice, though they didnt confirm it yet as they usually do with their “may”, “might” or “planning”. I wouldnt want to wait for long to get an answer since PS4 wheels are bound to go up in prices when GTS is about to be released as they did with pCARS.

  32. ToyGTone

    Hopefully it means that I can save some money by buying a G27 instead of spending at the price of a console.


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