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    I sincerely doubt that PD will have any paid DLC. The furthest they have even thought about going was a half baked (typical PD) micro transaction for credits system. I just don't think they would make it paid, especially considering the amount of backlash it would generate.
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    The farthest they thought about going was GT: HD Classic/Vision Gran Turismo. That ultimately was abandoned (and the entire game cancelled) after immense backlash as well, but the idea itself isn't unprecedented.

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    Given how vocal people are now that we have social networks and going off the backlash of that idea in GT HD, Surely they can't be (at least I hoping they aren't) thinking of something worst.
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    Out of topic, but I am envy.

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    Today I learned that people think PD has been working on cars for the last 3 years and because of that the number of cars released at launch is an indicator of how many cars they will be able to produce in the following year after the game is complete.

    I guess that means the people who are building the cars have been building them from day one before any part of GTS was even started.

    I guess that PD's previous claims that assets can be reused were just outright lies and PD started building all new cars from day 1. I'm guessing at no point were they working on a game or assets before they worked out they needed to start again.

    I guess that after the game is finished only the people who have been making cars up to that point will still be making cars.

    I guess that any content that is worked on after the game is submitted for gold master will be considered as content held back if released close to launch.


    I never realised how attractive Chinese women are until I watched that video yesterday and did a Google image search. I'm not sure if these are all Chinese girls but after the Google image search I found another thing to love about China.
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    Mazda MX-5, Mitsubishi GTO (3000GT), Nissan R32-R34 Skyline etc..
    Many of the Japanese car exterior has the same multiple of grade. But they will also be the subject of welcome is or (that from people who are not interested in the car) criticism.
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    They had paid DLC in GT5. It was fine (paint chips aside), it was new or significantly upgraded content. Some people hate on DLC in general, but if it's offering something new then I don't think it's really a problem to pay for it.

    The issue is potentially paying for something that has already been paid for in GT5 or 6. That's not cool, and gamers in general tend to react violently to it.

    You wish you got to stand next to Kaz? :p
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    So here's the translation of the interview which states that there will be around 400 cars in GT Sport (as I luckily found the interview converted into Traditional Chinese for me to understand :lol:):

    Q: Have you noticed any cars worthy of attention in Shanghai since you got off the plane?

    A: I've seen a lot of cars here, many which have made me look twice. I'm particularly fond of this Lancer Evo X which had a GT Logo printed on it.

    Q: It's been 2 months since the London reveal; what changes and improvements have been made to the current build?

    A: We're hard at work every day, and [the game] keeps improving daily. The progress during the London reveal was at 50%, and now it's around 70%. There are still many aspects which can be further improved.

    Q: GT Academy has brought about various talented racers; there are also many young racers with potential here in China (PRC), so are there any future plans for a GT Academy in China (PRC)?

    A: I really wish for (Mainland) Chinese players to be able to participate in GT Academy, but currently there aren't any confirmed plans.

    Q: How does the digital license relate to a real-life license; can one drive on a racetrack in real-life with a digital license?

    A: We are still currently making arrangements with car manufacturers and racing clubs. Specific details will be announced later.

    Q: Can you reveal the release date of GT Sport in China (PRC)?

    A: We are still vigorously preparing for China (PRC). I'm currently not sure when it will be out. (Note: GT Sport will be out in Taiwan (ROC) and Hong Kong on November 15th, however)

    Q: Does the Gran Turismo series now feel pressure from the competition of other racing games? How does GT maintain its uniqueness?

    A: Since the launch of Gran Turismo in 1997, we've continuously strived to [lead the industry] (literal translation: walking in the front-end of times) . With that as our target, we won't follow the path of other racing games.

    Q: If players of the Mainland China region purchases a Hong Kong version of the game, will they still be able to receive a license from China (PRC) and represent Mainland China in the Nations Cup?

    A: Accounts of other regions won't be able to receive a license from China (PRC) to represent China (PRC) in the Nations Cup, as this is tied to [the player's] PSN account.

    Q: Why is this new work called GT Sport; are there any special meanings within it?

    A: Actually, it wouldn't be too [far-fetched] to call it Gran Turismo 7, as the game's content is very complete; it has everything it should have. On one hand, we wanted the name to have a competitive vibe to it. On the other hand, people often play basketball or football (soccer) on the streets, so we also wanted to make GT Sport into an "amateur sport" of the same kind, and make it into a way of life.

    Q: What VR features will GT Sport have?

    A: All race events will support VR.

    Q: Will there still be the concept of "standard cars" in the game? At launch there will be 140 cars, but how many will be there in the end?

    A: In the end, there will be around 4 to 5 hundred cars. All cars have been re-modeled, and there won't be standard cars.

    Q: Shanghai International Circuit has hosted top-tier international races like F1, so will you add this circuit into the Gran Turismo series?

    A: We've actually wanted to add the Shanghai International Circuit since a while back, and we're currently making arrangements.

    Q: Previously we've seen locations such as Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur demonstrated in the game. Will you add any sceneries from China (PRC)?

    A: Everyone, please tell me which locations from China (PRC) you want added.

    Q: Will you continue participating in real-life races in the future?

    A: I will continue to participate. Next month I will be participating in the Nurburgring race.

    Q: Will the companion app for GT Sport be released in China (PRC)?

    A: The app's release is still being discussed at this moment.

    Q: Asides from playing Gran Turismo, what else would you recommend to players who wish to become professional racing drivers?

    A: Asides from playing games, one must consider various different situations while driving [in real-life]. If you want to become a racing driver, you must have strong resilience and be quick to react and make judgments, which all needs to be trained professionally.

    Q: Will PS3 wheels continue to work in GT Sport?

    A: We plan to continue supporting PS3 wheels , but we also launched new wheels, and hope you'll buy them.

    Q: During development, are you biased towards your preferred car makes and models?

    A: Of course there's a bit of bias. (note: That explains the Skylines...)

    Q: Who's your favorite F1 driver?

    A: I like Ferrari's Vettel. His mind is very clear.

    Q: Lots of Mainland Chinese players use Hong Kong's [PS] services, and there are also lots of students studying abroad. Considering these circumstances, is it possible to makes adjustments on the restrictions of digital licenses and the Nation's Cup?

    A: I'm very sorry, but there aren't any plans to make adjustments at the moment.

    Here you go!

    Also, PlayStation is holding a "festival" in Taiwan from August 3rd to August 5th, in which GT Sport will be present. Unfortunately I'm not living in Taiwan at the moment, but I'll try to get a friend to attend and record new gameplay (though I suspect it'll be an old build anyways).

    I'll let you guys know if there are any new info :tup:
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    Greetings, I'm Jelly :p

    But yeah, the feeling's mutual :lol:

    If that actually is true and it happens, Kaz has just saved me a lot of money :cheers:
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    400 cars that sounds great !
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    Thanks :tup: @Yui-san
    "In the end"-That is what I thought he meant, so he means his goal is to release 400 cars and keep this as a service i.e GT7 until the next release. So within the first year maybe 100-150 could be released which is more realistic. My guess is a season pass of some sort with tracks and cars. Whether he charges a small fee for this- we will have to wait and see.:gtpflag:
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    Wow.. that would be incredible! Im just hoping it isnt via one or more season passes..
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    400+ cars in a few years? Damn, that is one tall order. Let's see if Kaz is not all talk and no walk this time.
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    So, 400 cars is not a rumor. And will be added in the full cycle. End of mystery.
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    I don't know, still not buying the 400 cars thing. Even if they could do another 250 cars (and they can't if they don't outsource, which they won't do) it still means that a proper GT7 would not have much more cars than GT sport.

    This seems like another one of those kaz things where he hints at something at a random interview and the community hypes it up but it never actually happens.
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    In one interview or another since copperbox, I definitely remember Kaz explaining how "dlc was already being prepared for after release" in response to a question about dlc. Could it be that, as some people have suggested, entire classes of car are added. So a new group = 20/30 new vehicles per group/class.
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    For me it's clear indication of reusing old premium cars, Turn 10 style.
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    Another Article from A9VG

    - Currently how was the development for "GT Sport" VR version ?
    Kaz : I can only say that the game VR version is in the making, but now there is not much depth of things can be said.

    - "GT6" is based on the PS3 platform, and "GT Sport" development platform had changed to PS4, does PD encountered any difficulties because of this changes?

    Kaz: If you compared PS4 and PS3 side by side, PS4 is a very good development environment for the development of GTS, some of the restrictions we encountered last gen had disappear, we could literally do whatever we like during the development.

    - We know that GTS will be implementing the new SPORT mode, will there be a situation where players are too obsessed to raise their skill level in the SPORT mode thus forgetting the real pleasure of driving in the game?

    Kazi: Playing the Sport mode, our driving skills will slowly improved as long as we enjoy the game till the fullest. After a dozen games, the players' driving skills will be different, the system will then segregate the players into different classes and levels so you would be competing with the player with same level of classification as you. When you reach the Sport mode final event, we will have a real judge to determine the player's driving behavior, we are also planning to hire a real F1 driver to coach you how to drive should you be the lucky one.

    - From the current point of view, "GT Sport" is a E-sports oriented games, which will train the players step by step to become a racing driver, then how GTS gonna attract casual gamers to have a go ?

    Kaz : We had prepare different game modes like arcade mode, and driving challenge, these challenges are very rich and can be played offline, the Sport mode is just a small part of the game, casual gamers still can had their funs like the previous GT.

    - "GT Sport" as the latest of "GT Racing" series and does not use serial numbers as the title, instead of using the "Sport" of the title, will the upcoming GT series separated into 2 variant, Number-named title/ Sport Series title? ( Basically he meant does GT separate into 2 title like GT5,GT6, GT7 then for sport there are GT sport, GT sport2)

    Kaz: GTS is the sequel of the GT series , "GT Sport" had rich game content, We could had call it "GT7". However, because Sport mode is a great new innovation, thus we decided to called it "GT Sport", You could call it GT7 Sport and that is more suitable. LOL

    - Can you tell us the FIA digital license usage and registration as in CHINA ( PRC)

    Kaz: I'm sorry, regarding this up i'm would prefer not to reveal too much information now, please stay tune for more news from us.
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    nope i dont recalled seeing any 400 cars rumors in any of the article from A9VG. i trust A9VG as a creditable source only because the person who interviewed kaz was from A9VG. not sure how other source interpret their interview and adding spices into the mix.
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    I believe 400 cars, in best scenario, means that the premiums from GT5/6 will be polished further into Super Premiums. It'll be in queue as times go on, presumably by monthly updates. Whatever the cars will be paid or not we just hope is not. But for now, "Innocent until proven guilty".

    Worst case scenario would be Kaz babbling again.
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    It seems no one ever give this question to Kaz: "How to earn in-game credits in GTS?"
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    Polyphony Digital Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) scheduled at November 15 worldwide simultaneous launch of PS4 racing racing game "Gran Turismo racing (Gran Turismo Sport)", producer Kazunori Yamauchi was invited to Hong Kong by Sony Interactive Entertainment ( SIEH) to attend the ACG Hong Kong to personally promote and explained GTS to the Hong Kong players

    Kazunori Yamauchi said, "Gran Turismo Sport" is the most innovative and create GT title after the first Gran Turismo game, the biggest change is that its the first time that a virtual racing car video game obtain the authorization from (FIA). Leading the Virtual Racing Community into a new era.

    Kazunori san proud to say that many people will ask him, what the different between"Gran Turismo" series with other racing racing game, it is always "quality (Quality)"! The game will contains 140 brand new remodeled super premium vehicles, including VGT future concept cars with some real world cars. With "SPORT" mode,cars performance is divided into four levels, from the ultimate dream machine GR.1 to everyday civilians ride GR.N. All vehicles will be showing a tremendous amount of details from the exterior to the interior, and even for the paint you see different coatings body painting are through physical simulation. After launched, GTS will be scheduled to continue adding a new vehicle through DLC.

    Games included 15 locations with 27 tracks for players to race, including the famous Japanese "Tokyo Expressway (commonly known as the SHUTOKOU)," pure racing "Northern Isle Motor Speedway," scenic "Brands Hatch GP Speedway "racing church " Nurburgring Nordschleife and Willow springs, and also the different driving sensation Dirt track will be in. Yamauchi added, Dirt track will be very interesting , we had prepare different types of mud track.

    In the single-player mode, there are two main mode. Arcade mode is the most basic stand-alone mode, divided into "single player race", "time trial" "drift trial" and "2P Split Screen" .Campaign Mode will include "school for beginners", "Driving challenge", " track experience," and "racing etiquette", etc., there are hundreds of single-player event.

    In order to let players to understand car culture, GTS "dealership" will be expanded into "Brand Centre" mode to set automobile brand to distinguish between information theme zones, including "showrooms" to show the game included brand vehicles , deliver the brand message with the newly released movie "channel", and link vehicle development history and cultural history of the "museum", etc.,Through the museum, players can learn about the process of car culture, historical events. Like the 1893 Mercedes-Benz offers a classic Victorian two-seat car, the same year the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch also created a classic "Scream."

    "SPORT" mode is pinnacle of GTS, in cooperation with International Automobile Federation (FIA), players will be able to participate "Nations CUP" to represent their country or represent their favorite manufacturer. GTS is currently the only FIA official certification of virtual racing, the winner will receive recognition at the annual FIA ceremony.

    Yamauchi said in the past, organizing "GT Academy" campaign,the team noted that many players lost interest should they failed to qualify, and therefore in "Gran Turismo Sport", particular events are planned to direct players to have a commitment, such as the national Cup is based on the country / region with a sense of belonging, and the manufacturer Cup is based on the love of a particular brand of player. So that player will find themselves more at home and have more commitment to the racing series that they will be participating and create a sense of belonging

    Yamauchi stressed that the word "Sports (Sport)," every one will think of a specialized professional sports, in fact, a sport has been able to flourish is through the support of amateur participation, such as baseball, football, etc. . But for racing, we had limitation like equipment, track, funds, and various safety considerations, the general public is difficult to participate. He therefore hoped that through "Gran Turismo Sport" general public will be able to change the motorsport industry, turning a not so popular sport into what something everybody can play, all players can enjoy car which, and not need to worry about the constraint, just connect your PS4 to the internet and you could run FIA certification race.

    In view of the previous "Gran Turismo 6" some unscrupulous players drive like maniac just to win, and cause other players unhappy, so this game except in accordance with the player's strength made by the rating, but also for the players of "sportsmanship" to determine the rating, if a player often do some dirty means, such as taking a shortcut on track deliberately pushed or hit other vehicles, will reduce the "sportsmanship points", and this point will affect the pairing the result, dirty drivers will only be to race with dirty dirty driver. And the FIA even will take into consideration the sportmanship point of a player, if someone who doesnt meet the requirement, he couldn't even enter the race.

    In addition to cooperation with FIA events, the game can get FIA approved digital license. Yamauchi said that the digital license has the same status as other real-world FIA official certification license. Previous FIA license in different regions have their own conditions and quite complicated. He hoped that GT digital licenses can simplify the process of obtaining FIA license, so that all car fans can easily get your license.

    The game offers further enhanced community features, players can set their own virtual avatar , and as such to participate in various events. Like a Facebook timeline to allow players to follow the current events / messages, and friends dynamic. The community features also linked via a dedicated phone App, or a standard web browser to access.

    GTS is the first GT game to had the livery editor.

    The game offers new camera mode called "Scapes". Collection of more than 1000 kinds of attractions around the real world , players can freely put any amount of cars inside the scapes as long as there is space will be able to put into the vehicles. All true photographic parameters such as focus, shutter speed, exposure, focal length, etc., can be freely adjusted, you can also add a sense of speed full motion blur and other effects. Supports up to 4K resolution output images can be shared freely with friends.

    In response to questions from players, Yamauchi revealed that, in fact, the progress of Vision Gran Turismo plan is currently reaches only half completion, there will be more partners in the future to showoff their virtual design concept cars, and these cars in the future will continue to be added to the game so stay tuned.

    After the event, Yamauchi interviewed by the media, said the information about the game's development path and VR support.

    Although when the game launched it would support PS VR, but did not disclose any specific information, exactly how the current progress of the development, which Yamauchi said, in fact, "Gran Turismo Sport," the VR support is ready .By launched players will be able to use PS VR to play. The reason is not particularly be published or displayed for this part, because in fact, VR is supported so it can be used VR to play, which will had no impact on the game progression so i would rather not specifically talked about this.

    As for the PS4 development difficulties, Kazunori said, PS4 is an excellent development platform, has excellent specifications and performance, many of the limitations previously encountered in the development of the PS4 PS3 are to be lifted, he felt rather pleasant.
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    Girls are top on this planet everywhere
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    Omg, please, I still hope this can mean free DLCs ála gt6 (with real cars now ;))
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    It still sounds like science fiction.
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    In fact,it's a united interview by SINA,A9VG, G-CORES and VGTIME. They interviewed Kaz together, but record and edit the interview in different methods.
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    So we can see out of the 400, some vintage cars making it in. Possibly racing variants of those as well. Gr.N, Gr.B and Gr.4 KPGC Skylines. Mini 1.3, Mazda Demio, maybe even the SilEighty or the famous Midget(nothing 'Sport' about it but, maybe something comes of it).

    We may even get the Super GT cars in both classes. Those are good for another 50+ cars.
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    "Campaign Mode will include "school for beginners", "Driving challenge", " track experience," and "racing etiquette", etc., there are hundreds of single-player event"
    Hundreds of single player events?
    So there will be more than 115 events?